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  1. RobB

    IMWA 2016

    More likely it is cheaper after the triathletes have left town. Race is on December 4th this year I think.
  2. Ex I probably have a wheel you can have. I think it cam with my last bike but I have never used it. Will confirm over the weekend as I moved last year so it might have found a new home then. If so I work in the CBD so will bring it in on Monday if you still need one.
  3. Mine does that as well due to the rim flexing under load (out of the saddle) and rubbing the brake pads.
  4. I would rate the bike course 20-30 mins slower than Port. Unlike Port you lose all of your momentum on the downhills due to the turns at the bottom of nearly all of them.
  5. Not sure if you have them in Melbourne but my wife bought one from Clark Rubber up here in Brisbane. No brand on it though.
  6. KAM 1031 - IM virgin and absolutely crapping myself .....but would be STOKED with a 10:xx Tritragic 1396 - Looking to break 13 hours wetspot 21-41 Rebel 211 ---- sub 10...lack of running could come back to bite me Nealo 895 The Race of my life ->1:10/5/5:45/5/4:12 =11:17 , A race I'll accept ->1:15/5/5:59/5/5:06 = 12:30, A race I'll celebrate -> Finish PaperMan 886 Moffat77 711 11:06 last year - no target this year except ride 10 minutes slower and see what happens on the day... JGF 195 - Hoping for Sub 11, but predict 11.07 AP 12-58 --------------------------------- 10.45 Badger77 1139 Powdo 1389 MWP 908 - Just looking to have a fun day. Target <13:00, PB 12:46 Stem 1175 1st one, so NFI. I'll say 12.55 + 4 mins JonoB 157 - 9:59! (one done before in 10:54) Far West 1477 Tri_hard 180 Big Chris 19-86 IronmanFoz 14-106 TenPints 889 - Target: <13:00; PB: <12:52; Ecstatic: <12:30; Pigs are flying: <12:00 iFoz 1338 Nath 869 Goodcatch - 1484 - Going for PB 12:53 after 11 years & number 6 IM Oz Havachat 1041 --- first time just to finish. noosa nerd 574 Blobby 1239 PortRooster 933 - under 10 is goal (close to 9:30 magic) but after IM Franga.....could be a dud! (do I swim an extra lap to make up for IMF?) Sammo - 932 - First IM so anything under 17hrs will be a bonus, but hoping for sub 13 and not to walk the marathon. noelski 477 - 6.5yrs since my last tri. <14hrs. Anything after that is way past my daughters bedtime and she may miss me finish clappers 391 First post, first IM, 12 sleeps to go !!! Coffs Pete 11-276 Will be slow this year! Saving myself for the MCing of the Beer Mile. Have to finish the IM, just to MC the Trannie Beer Mile miners 835 - DNF. Was only planning on walking the run, but twisted my knee last week so even walking's a struggle. will enjoy the swim-bike though coghead 509 - hardly trained, just hoping not to set an IM personal worst time Holmesie 789 - first IM, hoping to be in the vicinity of 12:30-13 all going well Rob B 690 - Hoping to finish in front of iFoz again
  7. RobB

    Ironman Japan

    If you had you would know that it does not give a date for entries. As Niseko has some inside information I thought he may be able to add something further.
  8. RobB

    Ironman Japan

    When are entries likely to open?
  9. Probably in the name of safety. Watches are also banned in many Japanese pools.
  10. PaperMan 479 IronJimbo 449 Ratdog 416 Cupcake 1443 Mr CC 941 IFoz 1074 gregb 337 Shankate 1286 mrando 272 ripas 787 Paul Every 896 (or 24-009) Thomo 1015 Dave T 1150 Tritragic 1132 tex 944 Clownboy 237 TGL 946 Throwing Stones 480 Catcam 1429 The Penthouse Pet 1446 Powdo 1125 Runforestrun 704 Bortho #58 ploddingalong 585 badger77 693 goodcatch 1182 CoinDante 348 Woolly Mammoth Hunter 988 Mango 721 RobB 359
  11. If this ride was as your RPE very hard+ then I would guess that your ftp is not as high as you think it is. 100km is only just longer than a HIM and you should be able to ride a half at ~85% of your ftp and still run to expectations. Your IF was only 0.77 on this ride and you rate it as very hard then your ftp is likely to be south of 290w in turn meaning you rode IMWA way too hard .
  12. Me too. Second in the mail today.
  13. Just noticed that the favourite has withdawn
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