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  1. Smoothie

    Saddles for sale

    Hi Turts, any chance you have the Adamo peak still available?
  2. Just keep your current bike and ride around the pot holes ð
  3. Checkout Geelong MTB website for their events and it also has link to MTBV events
  4. I'm a recent convert to mountain biking and after some advice on what saddle to use. My current road bike has a Fizik Arione which I don't like much and the TT bike has an ISM Adamo that I love. I mainly ride single track and a few intermediate rock gardens around the local ranges. What are you guys using??
  5. Smoothie

    Hoka one one info

    Running Fit 170 queens St, Melbourne
  6. What is the number of competitors this year?
  7. Even I'd be a machine on the good gear ;-) Ok maybe not :-(
  8. Who would want to watch a 50+ year old Lance Armstrong race Kona? Not me
  9. Smoothie

    Baw Baw

    TC is sounding a lot like the Grinch ;-) Pete just GoPro the ride for all to see.
  10. Hope all turns out well for you Steno! Take care
  11. Should I start the Challenge Melbourne drafting thread now or wait a couple of weeks? 8-)
  12. Smoothie


    Your seats too high :-)
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