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  1. Kylee 150 balloons, good luck with that Darryn
  2. Out in the country

    Tri Bars

    They say you can
  3. Yeah will it was a bit tough, but at least I have started again, have entered for Port next year and plan to be back down to the late 9's early 10's by then. I am going to Cairns for a fun time not a fast time, everything going okay I may go a fair bit quicker than that but no pressure on myself.
  4. Lots of us going up for a go round, what's your estimated time Swim 1:05 Bike 6:45 Run 4:15 Total 12:05 I am so fat and unfit at the moment I think that may be a big challenge. Everyone else? Including Halves OITC
  5. That really is an interesting question, is it because they can then be called "ironmen", a mate and I was talking about this last night, I have done 7 ironman's (including Kona) and he has done 6, I am doing Cairns in a couple of weeks and he said something along the lines of you will then be two ahead of me, I said no I wont, but now that I think of it why wont I? OITC
  6. No doubt but after the last time I had a run in the middle of a swim, which was an olympic distance race in Adelaide, I can remember getting out of the water, running up the beach back to the water and in the time I got out and got back for some reason I had forgotten how to swim, I just couldnt feel my arms, I guess scientifically all the blood runs away from your arms to your legs but it was just so weird. Also whilst it says its only 90 metres if it is going where I think it is going it up out of the boat ramp over a little sandy mound isnt it Skel? Not a big hill but it will get the legs working for sure OITC
  7. I love that there is a 90m run between swim laps, oh starting that second 1.9k isnt going to be fun
  8. Yeah sorry, should have said all that, Seems to do it early on in a session but towards the end (when I am sweating like a fat old man) oh hang on thats cause I am, it comes right. Sometimes
  9. As per heading, my HR tends to give erratic readings, often in the 220 - 240 range and I am willing to try anything. Does anyone use Electrode Gel? OITC
  10. Keep driving up and do this one the next day as well Coffs Swim OITC
  11. cant believe you got away with saying you had a small hole in your bike shorts
  12. Only thing wrong with redders he had a habit of having a brawl in the swim of ironman events.... Other than that great guy and still giving back to the sport as far as I know+ OITC
  13. Craig Redman was pretty darn good in his day OITC
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