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  1. snack_ie

    Music to train to

    Listen to GirlTalk - its an american DJ who mixes different songs together. Its really really good music to listen to when training. You can download there albums off their website - google it though. When racing its simple me saying... why do I do this again? why do I do this again? why do I do this again? Over and Over in my head
  2. Happy Birthday Foxy Lady, What mountain bike trails are you riding BTW?
  3. if you can book your flight through the states - it may be longer but is not always more expensive and you get an extra baggage allowance of 2x23kg bags! I flew back from melbourne to dublin via NZ, LA and Heathrow, booked my flight with Air New Zealand, and there partner for the flight from Heathrow to Dublin so I could check my bike and bike (nealy 40kg in total) in Melb straight through to Dublin. When I came over I went with Singapore Airlines via Singapore, and they had a 20kg limit. Did I mention I got bumped up to business class from LA to London. It was sweet.
  4. Is there anywhere on the internet where you can download these???
  5. Hey, I was on exchange from Ireland in Melbourne Uni for a year and it was the best time of my life! Home two weeks now and suffering serious withdrawal symtoms. One bit of advice would be to enjoy yourself. Dont get to obsessed with tri in OZ and remember to enjoy yourself (I am sure I probably dont need to tell you that but I had a friend, another exchange student who did IMWA and didnt really enjoy himself outside of training). I had a great time just mixing up the two. Have so much fun, it will be the best time of your life. Niall
  6. Thanks for a great race guys... and special thanks to anyone who helped organise it!!! My first and only (for now but ill be back) duathlon in Australia... Despite getting massively lost both getting to and from there I had great fun... Cold - really? Like a nice Irish summer... ... its winter and i was still wearing just tri gear... dont come to Ireland to race Thanks
  7. WTSC duathlon on monday... ... and study... boo...
  8. Even I know better than trying to cycle my bike over the WestGate... Wasnt me... I only know two cycles 1. beach road out to mornington 2. dandenongs I dont even know where ringwood is And, yes I am in possession of roo's old stead
  9. thanks for that mxwalker... ill work something out... still time to try pick up a lift out there... I'll just cycle out there is I have to - no problem - can be my warm up - Anyway ill see
  10. Cool, once its dry ill be there either way! Thanks...
  11. Yes I'll be entering... Just a few questions??? As someone not from these parts - Can you enter on the day? (Any idea how much - had a quick look for website but couldnt find anything!) Also, not sure where the hell Altona is (my bad). Anyone travelling from Parkville/Uni Melbourne area want to give me lift (dont have car, poor student). Pretty Please. Ill be there with bells on either way!
  12. no donuts... but still not healthy... Friday - excessive amounts of alcohol and Melb Victory - Juventus game Saturday - Nacho Sunday - Fish n Chips = I do infact feel like sh1t now
  13. Thanks for that, Some good responces there... I am flying back through the states to London so I can bring 2x23kg bags, of which one can be a bike box for no extra charge... I also booked a flight from Heathrow to Dublin with BMI who are in alliance with Air New Zealand so hopefully (please good, cause I have no time in Heathrow), check my bags straight through from Melbourne to Dublin Whether they make it or not is another question... Thanks
  14. Hey, While we are on the subject... I am heading to Europe with my bike shortly and dont plan on using a bike box... I am just going to get my bike packed by a shop in cardboard... Any advice/thoughts on how safe this is? Also flying with Air New Zealand - anyone ever have any experience with them before? Thanks
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