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  1. To add my condolences - Nick was an incredibly kind man. He was particularly good to me in the early '90s, when I was living in Sydney and having work struggles. Geez, he left his mark on triathlon. My very best wishes to Ali, their girls and all Nick's family and friends.
  2. A few comments ... * The reason the women's winner would have been on the front page would have been nothing more than it's easier for deadlines. I might be wrong, but I don't reckon I am. * I reckon if you go back and look at the coverage in the 'Tiser of the Santos Women's Tour compared to the TDU, over the course of the 10 days of so covering the buildup and the races themselves, I'd say there was more overall given to the men * The Crows most certainly would be pushing their women's team on social media - they and the AFL are determined to make the women's league work. It's a very deliberate strategy, I would suggest - start the new league before the men's pre-season, when there's a bit of "dead air" and push it as hard as possible. * Orica-Scott will definitely give their women's team a lot of social media coverage. They're a top-level women's pro team. * Yep, the women are getting more media coverage. They're starting from an incredibly low base. And in terms of athletes such as Amanda Spratt, Annamiek Van Vleuten, Lucy Kennedy, Anna Meares, Sally Pearson, Erin Phillips, Rinny Carfrae, "Angry Bird" Ryf, Daisy Pearce - they deserve it. Anyway, it's a debate worth having.
  3. teaandstuff

    Team Sky

    Jeremy Whittle is a long-time cycling journo with no small cred. An interesting read ... http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/brailsfords-failure-to-convince-only-fuels-further-scepticism/
  4. Peter, was the testing in one city/state? Most interesting ...
  5. I sometimes look at the Trannie posts and shake my head in bemusement and despair. Then you get threads like this and it's a reminder that, for all the dysfunction, it's a great community. Well done, in particular trinube for getting the ball rolling, and many thanks.
  6. This ... http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman/world-championship/nbc-show.aspx#axzz4S2VurC5s
  7. teaandstuff

    Twitch hunt

    "is becoming"???? Bad stuff has been going on for a lot longer than the likes of Julie Miller ...
  8. Ah, that brief moment when the sky is blue, the sun shines and the WIND STOPS BLOWING AT 40KM PER FREAKIN"!!!!???? That moment???
  9. SSSSSsssss ... Sssummmmm .... Sorry, I don't understand, possibly because I live in Melbourne. What is this "s-u-m-m-e-r" of which you speak?????
  10. (this posted at the Bayside community hub on Facebook) Some blue bottles apparently have washed up along suburban Melbourne beaches - Sandringham, Ricketts Point, Mentone, Beaumaris, Aspendale, etc. Hopefully, none made their presence felt at this morning's Elwood Gatorade race. Anyway, a word to the wise. And just as we're getting over our magpie friends ... Geez, it's dangerous being an Australian triathlete. Such first-world problems.
  11. I haven't read Born to Run, but I was given McDougall's latest book Natural Born Heroes as a birthday present and it's a brilliant read, in my humblest opinion. Natural Born Heroes is such a good book, it even references triathlon! And thanks to Natural Born Heroes, one of the random finds in my Dymocks raid yesterday was Dashing For The Post, a collection of letters by Patrick Leigh (Paddy) Fermor. I hadn't heard of Fermor until reading Natural Born Heroes, but what an amazing life. Do yourself a favour or two ...
  12. Dymocks Collins St had a 20 per cent off sale yesterday. Five books later, sweeeeeeeet (not 100 per cent sure my wife agrees, given my large collection of unread tomes).
  13. One and the same. Did Kona last year. Also a former national-level rower. Good bloke.
  14. Just to show how much I need to get out more, these answers come off the top of my grey head ... 1. Gordon Haller and Lyn Lemaire 2. There were two - Julie Moss, with Kathleen McCartney passing her to win, in 1982 (this is the incident that apparently prompted Mark Allen to take up triathlon and is one of the most famous incidents in Hawaiian Ironman history). Also Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham crawling to the finish in '97 or '98. 3. The collapse while leading was Paula Newby Fraser (you might have heard of her AP, she's The Best) in '95 - PNF won her eighth and final title (I think) the following year. Jan Ripple, a lovely lady who was built like a brick s..thouse (great physique for short course, not so good for IM) had a famous crawl to the finish in '87.
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