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  1. AVAGO

    Neck Flexibility

    how can you say you've had a good fit when you're not able to hold the position for any more than 15 min. that position may be the most desirable or most aero, but it certainly isn't the best for YOU and YOUR neck. also, the most likely culprit is not lack of flexibility, but lack of neck muscle strength. see posts above about helmet wearing etc. also, spend as much time as possible in the aero position, down for 10 min, short break, another 10 min etc. btw, a good bike fit will normally result in the ability to hold the aero position that is most suitable for you for the entire length of the event that you're planning. IM = 6 hr +/-
  2. The wheelset is a Syncros RP2.0 and this is the spec from the Syncos website Actually, I had no idea what the axle width is, matters not to me any more, phat ph_ck on a roadie riding to work... the wheel turns freely, the brakes work perfectly. as a wheelset they're <1500 grams which is plenty light enough Rim Alloy Clincher Disc Rim, 23mm width, ETRTO 622x18mm, 24h Nipples DT Swiss Aluminium, Pro Lock Spokes DT Swiss Aerolite/Aerocomp Straight Pull Rear Hub CNC machined Syncros Hubshell, DT Swiss internals, 11-Speed Body, 12x142mm Axle, Centerlock Accessories Tubeless ready rimtape and valve, 6-Bolt Disc Adapter, Nipple tool, 10-speed spacer, Wheelbag, Manual Weight 890gr
  3. in May of this year the most lovely Mrs Avago realised that I was riding my 13 year old Teschner to the city & back each day so she got me a Scott Solace 10 , ok, it was my selection, she just used our joint credit card to pay for it... disc equipped, as others have said, after decades on mountain bike, its finally a reality on road bikes. The biggest plus for me though is the Solace frame is stiff where it counts and forgiving enough in the set stays to be comfortable, plus the 28mm tyres are sweet. Perfect braking, doesn't even need to be mentioned. this is a web pic, of mine
  4. no car park at the corporate offices at Hunter Street nor our ops office at Wharf 3, Circular Quay. if not a bike service specialist, then any recommended cbd bike shops for service would be great. Thanks.
  5. Hello to all, Earlier this year I had a change in my employment situation and even though I'm still technically a contractor, I'm on a longer term contract which sees me at Balmain occasionally but more often in Sydney CBD, at either our corporate offices at Hunter Street or the Operational offices at Circular Quay. So for the past 6 months or so. I've been commuting, as often as possible from Narrabeen to the either the city or Balmain on my new bike ( yes, Mrs Avago really loves me), and now I'm looking for a good bike service place in the CBD, and would if possible prefer a service shop rather than a retail bike shop with a side of service. Any recommendations?
  6. What do you mean they don't pay rego.... In that case, they should be banned for life!
  7. AVAGO

    Sky v Discovery

    regardless of PEDs that Lance used ( note, he only need one name) his worldwide impact upon cycling for the masses is immeasurable. He may have been a douche, but there's millions of cyclist on the roads today, because, it's not about the bike. Lance was a false fairy-tale, but a fairy-tale nonetheless, whilst Froom ( does he have a first name?) is just another one of many procyclist, tremendously talented, but has no PR cut through with the general public.
  8. it's no the braking power that sets disc apart, its the reliability in all weather and the incredible modulation and feel. but you're 100% correct, they're not needed 99% of the time, but it's the last 1% that they cover. btw, my P3 and Teschner have rim brakes and they're fine. even better than fine my new roadie has discs an they're superb, which is just so much better than fine. btw, TdF stage 2 was won on a Specialized Venge with discs, that even needed a wheel change enroute due to a puncture. so they certainly didn't slow that pro down that day. a dude called Cavendish I think..
  9. Just had a chat to Pushys and they have the Fly6 $179 Fly 12 @ $399 which I don't need thw whole shebang, and there's a stand alone Shimano camera for $269 but only 2 hr battery time when the Fly12 has 10 hrs battery time stuff it, I'd rather just get the gear that'll work without me having to think about it. so fly 6&12 it shall be. thanks for the advice . would be cheaper to just make up a jersey with front & back " KGB - We're still watching YOU"
  10. excuse my stoooopidiy here. there is a Fly 6 for the front and the back? I suppose that's better than just having a helmet cam. yes? spoke about this to my LBS and they only have Garmin brand cameras, which wasn't what I wanted and they spoke of the fly6 but they can't get them. so is it best to get them via Wiggle or similar?
  11. Hi all, retrieving an old thread as I had an incident yesterday afternoon, where I was cut off in a roundabout at Manly, then the dude accelerated then rapid braked just behind me, so I then remonstrated, waved an arm and maybe my language may have been a little bit blue. at that, he accelerated again, braked violently just tapping my back wheel.... things got very blue at that point... anyway, in hindsight, I realise I should have 1/ not sworn and remained civil ( "but your honour, the dude could have killed me" ) 2/ pulled out my phone an taken a pic of his numberplate. Shortly after, a commuter rider who was 100 m or so behind caught up to me and we talked about it. he said that that's why he got a camera, which in his case is attached to the side of his helmet so he can record wherever he is looking. so, now in 2017, what's the go re bike cameras for commuters, and realising that I'm priceless, I still don't want to spend silly amounts of money. BTW, I was undeterred and finished my ride home with good legs and in a good mood, plus I've ridden in again this morning. appreciate your thoughts and thanks in advance.
  12. AVAGO

    Bike Insurance

    velosure 1+ when I got to Kona in '14, my P3 had a broken seat stay. I immediately notified Velosure, and the Aust team mechanic did a great temporary repair to participate I the event and as soon s I got back to Sydney, no worries, frame replaced. all the bikes I use are Velosured... peace of mind, a bit like any insurance actually
  13. AVAGO

    Cross bike

    Dazmuzza, thank you for the info re bike requirements in A Grade and other levels. At almost 60 and 20 years + past my prime, and certainly 20 kg above my prime, the though of even racing in C Grade is enough to give me heart irregularities, and chest pains.. :-) Good luck to all CXers and yes, whichever brakes the bike that you're riding has, you can be certain that they're plenty good enough.
  14. AVAGO

    Cross bike

    As with the rest of us who have ridden for the past many decades, I thought that there was really no way to improve the braking from current designed dual pivot brake callipers, and then at he start of this century, I started riding mountain bikes, with hydro brakes... wow, now that's what I call braking.... it has taken since then for me to get a roadie with disc brakes, and I'm not switching back in a hurry. if I ever feel the need to road race, the Teschner with DA brakes will get an airing. ( what am I thinking, that's not ever likely to happen ) But it really won't be that long till road racing for the masses allows discs. back to the OP, I've been wondering if my Scott Solace ( endurance geometry ) bike with fatter tyres, maybe 32mm, would be CX suitable, in a newbie/mupty sort of way. If not, what else do newbies ride? mountain bike is my only other option.
  15. AVAGO

    Cross bike

    the emphasis I've added is the words " TOP CX PROS" I mean really, what do the TOP PROS of the world and a CX newbie have in common? not bloody much! disc brakes, disc brakes, disc brakes.... even on a new roadie, if you're not racing for sheep stations, disc brakes.
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