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  1. Mr Flower


    They have been interesting matches to watch. Momentum can change very quickly in the games. Be good to see a 3-3 match up for the last game. By the way did you see the press conference with the GM from the Warriors crying about KDs Achilles injury. Seemed a little over the top.
  2. Agreed. I saw there was another death in a US 70.3 on the weekend. Insurance companies will be getting nervous with swim safety in IM races
  3. I have. Hard for me to comment about the old Mrs F. She was very focused on her netball and that includes the admin side of the local association. She seemed to not mind me doing Ironman but took little interest. The new Mrs F liked to run and then decided to get involved in triathlon as she got bored watching me at races. Now I am training hard to keep in front of her (just).
  4. Richard, sounds like you should be training with us over the winter. Lots of hard rides around Bobbo/West Head will get you down to 5:10.
  5. Mr Flower

    Port - Race Day

    Thanks Flanny. No new wetsuit, but we got some glue from John Hill that did the trick. Mrs F was very pleased with her swim so no complaints. She had a great day and is happy to be an Ironman again. As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life, so all good.
  6. Mr Flower

    Port - Race Day

    Hi all, just got back to Sydney. It was great to catch up with so many people over the weekend. Even got to meet Miss Jess for the first time. Had a great time, but a tough race. As others had mentioned the swim was great. I think the way it now works means you get a great slipstream for most of the way if you seed yourself right. That bike course was tough. Tough roads, tough wind and tough hills. The 2nd lap was a bit slow, but I was happy with my effort and willing to push. I suffered on the run, but that was always going to happen after rupturing the Achilles 17 months ago. The last 2 laps were a matter of survival. I ended up with 11:16 and 8th in my age group (55-59). Mrs F was 6th in her age group (45-49) and missed a Hawaii roll down by 1. Oh well, that is Ironman. Thanks for all the support out there. I was in a world of hurt on the run, so I may not have acknowledged it at the time, but I did appreciate the shouts.
  7. Mr Flower

    Port 2019

    Forster used to be in the first weekend of April. In addition they would start everyone at 6:30. Now we have to start after 7:30 with a rolling start. Embrace the glowsticks. Most of us will not have the choice and I still hope to go sub 11.
  8. I heard through the grapevine that a couple of his atheletes were involved in a nasty crash. So I suspect he is a bit busy at the moment. Stay safe out there kids. That is tip No 1 from Mr Flower.
  9. Mr Flower

    Port 2019

    Yes. Mrs F and I are in for the full. What about you?
  10. Mr Flower

    Port 2019

    Just looked at the 14 day weather forecast and it looks like cool, wet day with southerlies. I suspect the water temp will be below 24 by then.
  11. Wong is a Senator. She can't be a leader unless she moves to the lower house. Same with Cormann. Leaders and deputies come from the lower house.
  12. Good one Flanno. Good to see our rock. Must pay it a visit when we are there in May
  13. Dr Anthony Freeman. Based in Randwick. My understanding is that he is a pretty good cyclist. Saw me and after some tests said all is well and I have a big heart
  14. School carnivals on this month. Who knows what is going on in those showers. I normally swim there at lunchtime. Very cruisy then.
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