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  1. Wong is a Senator. She can't be a leader unless she moves to the lower house. Same with Cormann. Leaders and deputies come from the lower house.
  2. Good one Flanno. Good to see our rock. Must pay it a visit when we are there in May
  3. Dr Anthony Freeman. Based in Randwick. My understanding is that he is a pretty good cyclist. Saw me and after some tests said all is well and I have a big heart
  4. School carnivals on this month. Who knows what is going on in those showers. I normally swim there at lunchtime. Very cruisy then.
  5. Mate you lived in Mt Colah. No wonder your commute was long. You can live closer to the city. I live in the 'burbs and my cycle to the city is 45 minutes and that includes a ride across the Harbour bridge with views of the Opera House. Plenty of people live within 20 minutes of the CBD.
  6. Ruptured my Achilles last November, just before Busso. Back running now but slowly. Will do Nepean and then see how the leg feels over the early summer. If it is okay then will commit to Port. It will be good to get back there and see everyone. You miss the sport when you can't do it. Thanks for the photos. That one was from one of my better races. Brought back good memories
  7. With CNs photos the first one is me. 10-178. A long time ago. If my recovery continues I hope to be back to Port next year.
  8. Mr Flower

    Nepean 2018

    I am in. First race in 11 months after rupturing my Achilles. The run is going to be slow, but it will be good to be out there.
  9. Let's hope it is better weather than Boston. Have a great run. Enjoy
  10. No wonder I missed you. You changed your outfit on me. Man those conditions were brutal. I am exhausted and cold from just watching. Mrs F got home in 3:37. She was very happy with that. She is now ready for some hot chocolate followed by lots of alcohol. Well done on your effort today. You should be very proud of yourself and I hope you enjoyed it in a perverse way.
  11. I am not sure I can get a lot of photos today from the course. It is pouring rain out there and blowing a gale. It is also freezing. Here is a photo of us just before Mrs F headed for the start line. She took off her plastic bag for the photo.
  12. The subway (or T-way) goes out to Boston College. I am going to park my car out there and then catch the subway into town to see my wife at the finish (or soon after). From there we are meeting up with another running group so she can get a hot shower and get into warm clothes and then it is back on the subway to find the car. A bit of a logistical nightmare with the forecast. It was OK last year, but the weather was sunny and warm. Get a good night sleep. Don't stress and I will see you out there.
  13. We are staying with friends in Concord. It is a historical town about 20 miles from Boston. Our hosts are wonderful and looking after us. We are now trying to make a clear poncho out of plastic bags for my wife so she will not be so wet at the start and in the early part of the race :-) For everyone at home it is currently -1 in Boston. We have had snow flurries during the day. Tomorrow the forecast is for 4-5 all day with over 35 mm of rain. Even I am trying to work out how not to get hypothermia and I will be watching from the sidelines in a big coat. This is going to be a tough old race. As tough as marathons were in the old days.
  14. Brett, I am going to be near Boston College at the top of Heartbreak Hill. I should be able to recognise you now I have seen your photo. We are worried about the wet weather forecast. My wife does not really have wet weather gear. Have a great race. Make sure you smile and enjoy the crowds. I will give you an extra cheer.
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