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  1. One of the guys from Sydney Striders took his life last week. Funeral tomorrow. I was not that close to him to know him well. He always seemed a happy and fun guy. Always taking photos on the Striders runs. Take care people and please reach out if you feel down.
  2. Mr Flower


    Covid-19 cases are going to happen for the next 2 years at least unless we get a vaccine. We have to learn to live with it, control outbreaks and have a good health system that has the necessary capacity. We still get Measles and other dangerous diseases but we don't close the borders every time we get a case in Sydney or Melbourne
  3. He won the World Championship at 22. Not supporting him but let's get our facts right
  4. It was tough at Balmoral this morning. Cool, rainy and a bit choppy. It is going to be long hard winter if pools don't open soon in the North West of Sydney
  5. Mr Flower


    Remember that most of our cases come from overseas. So the age group spread probably reflects the amount of travelling by age group. That is why it is high for 20-35 and then 60-69. That is my theory, not proven science. The key thing to remember is that our number of new cases started to drop as soon as we brought in Quarantine for incoming travelers. Now we have to work out how to allow overseas travel and keep the numbers under control. That will be a challenge.
  6. Hehehe. We are more than happy to have races without Queenslanders. It means the average IQ of all participants will be higher and less cheating. I am joking. You guys are allowed to come here. We are just not allowed up there. This is a serious question. Can a Queenslander in the south east travel across the border to Tweed Heads for a surf or training and just return home without any restrictions?
  7. He announced it in a press conference. I don't think anyone asked him, he just started talking about it. As we indicated above there must be a reason why he is pushing the drug.
  8. Agreed. I would not put up Joseph Stalin as a role model leader. I took this note from Wikipedia: His totalitarian government has been widely condemned for overseeing mass repressions, ethnic cleansing, deportations, hundreds of thousands of executions, and famines that killed millions. Though I am a big fan of FDR and Winston. Be interested to see how Trump goes given he is taking daily doses of hydroxychloroquine. I was reading up on the side effects of that drug: headache, dizziness; nausea, vomiting, stomach pain; loss of appetite, weight loss; feeling nervous or irritable; skin rash or itching; or. hair loss. He could loss his wonderful hair............
  9. Mate sorry to hear that. We wondered where you were this morning.
  10. Mr Flower


    Similar with soccer in NSW. I coach a ladies team. We are not allowed to train yet, but I can go down to the oval with 9 others and kick a soccer ball around as long as we social distance. They did mention something about an AIS Framework has not been adopted by the state government. Maybe it has something to do with insurance. In regards to cycling I will be riding with a few mates tomorrow. No club gear allowed.
  11. Mr Flower


    Jess, it was great to see you a couple of weeks back. Well done on the run. Balmoral has been a lot quieter this week. Though definitely wetsuit temperature now. The beach has never been that busy but the promenade has been. Lots of people out walking. Now that schools are getting back I did notice not a lot of kids around this week, though of course it has been a lot cooler this week. Has anyone else noticed that it feels like winter has started early.
  12. Mr Flower


    Balmoral has been open and busy for the whole period. In and out of the netted area. I saw some kids from Lane Cove squad doing some training. Very impressive. Seeing the kids doing 100 mtr butterfly sets as they flew past the oldies. This week has definitely been wetsuit temperature. Not as busy but still people out there. Good to see people getting their exercise done.
  13. Mr Flower


    You need to double check your facts Pete and then post the Internet link before you state any facts. These are the new rules before you can post 😋
  14. Mr Flower


    Did you join them Paul? With your long hair and young looks you would have fitted right in
  15. Mr Flower


    What do you WA guys think about the AFL not allowing your teams to train because Victorian teams cannot train? It seems a bit rough for me. I reckon that WA community sport will be up and going before the rest of the country.
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