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  1. Sydney Marathon

    Very happy with a 3:18 and 3rd in the 55-59 age group. I thought the conditions were very good. Well done Monkie to get under 3 hours. Always an impressive effort.
  2. Sydney Marathon

    I'm in. For an old bloke I will be happy with a 3:30. Just hoping it will be cooler than today.
  3. Tour of Spain 2017

    and the Olympics.... A Spanish cyclist drug cheat. Surely that does not surprise anyone.
  4. Hamburg and commonwealth games selection

    I just watched the Mixed Relay. Great race and Birtwhistle was outstanding. A great addition for the Olympics to have a Mixed Relay race. I know that GBR will be stronger, but I think the Aussies will be a strong medal prospect.
  5. Boston Marathon

    I ran Boston this year. Had a great time. Definitely recommend it. Have had a few injuries this year but still have a qualifier for next year (just). So may head over again next year. The Expo is unbelievable. I could have spent a thousand in there easily. The atmosphere of the race is amazing. People cheering and screaming for 42kms. As you head through Wellesley college all of the girls come out to get as many kisses as they can from the marathoners. If you have a qualifier do yourself a favour and get there.
  6. Kona Legacy Lottery

    He works in IT. I do as well and I am only at Ironman 20. Next objective is Boston Marathon if my knee comes good. You should have stayed in IT Pete. That is where the money is :-)
  7. On line Hokas

    I did. Mostly 13.5 for men. Nothing in the 10-12 size range.

    Mrs F was shown. At about 42 minutes in. She was just behind Andy Potts. Though Andy was on his last lap and Mrs F was on her first.
  9. Trump is the President

    I don't think so. He came out as I guy who stayed calm but took on Trump behind the scenes. I heard some expert say that he learnt how to deal with the likes of Trump by working for Kerry Packer for many years. He has experience in working with bullies.
  10. On line Hokas

    Definitely RunWest. Good guys.
  11. World Cup Draw

    BB you are dreaming. There are only 3 extra spots for Europe. The big winners are Asia, Africa and Nth America. And New Zealand.
  12. The Politics Thread

    No it wasn't. I was in Dublin last month and asked many people what the SSM referendum was like. They said it was good. A few crazies said some rotten things early on but they got called out. In the end they were surprised how well it was received and that many conservatives came out and supported SSM. Saying it was ugly in Ireland it just Labor lies. They want SSM to be an issue in the next election. They think it will get Bill over the line. They are probably right, but that does not help those gay people that want to get married in the next 2.5 years. Anyone who thinks Labor cares about the rights of gay people just ask themselves why they did not do this when they were in power for 6 years. In fact the last 2 Labor Prime Ministers voted against SSM because they were worried it would lose them votes.
  13. Chris Graham I promise it was all legit :-) I have to say that recently I was watching a movie (chick flick) with my wife and one of the characters name was Mark and he was a 'dick'. I said to my wife, why are all 'Marks' in chick flicks always nasty characters who leave the girl at the alter. I do not like the way us Marks are portrayed in the media. Who can I complain to?
  14. No. Mr (Mark) Flower And I should add that I recently ran a marathon and got a BQ. All legitimate as I ran with the 3:15 pacer for the whole distance.
  15. Busso race day

    Yes Mrs F was a little disappointed but she has bounced back. About to head out to some wineries to allow her to drown her sorrows. It is tough to qualify when there are only 40 spots to spread around all the age groups. We thought there was going to be 2 spots in her age group and the rumour mill on Sunday night was that the lady who came 2nd was not keen to go to Kona (again). So she did have her hopes up, but that was quickly dashed when the announcer at the ceremony said there was just 1 spot as we knew that Michelle Boyes was going to take her spot. Overall she was very happy as it was a 15 minute PB (and that was over Melbourne) and her first time under 11 hours. She beat her time from Port by over 50 minutes. On other age groups there was not many that rolled down. Especially in the woman. I think for the guys the 50-54 did roll down to 6th or 7th. Not sure about the 40-44.