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  1. Paul, I also remember your mum well from those early days of racing. Danielle and I send our condolences and love. Take care of yourself mate and love to Di.
  2. I was a volunteer as well. In Doping Control. I will leave it to others to comment on that 🙂 Went to many events as well using my accreditation. Basically spent the whole 2 weeks at different events, either working or spectating. The highlight was 'that night' at the stadium. It was not just Cathy's race, but a lot of others that night. It was just an electric night. I have never heard noise like that when Cathy won and also for the men's 10,000 mtrs. Like Flanman, I had some run ins with some famous athletes. I told a couple of gold medal winners if they didn't get back to the IOC
  3. But you can exercise for 2 hours. For cyclists that must be fun to go around the suburb for 2 hours. Good luck down there. Keep positive.
  4. No. Just trying to keep relatively fit.
  5. Head up Pete. We are getting there. I saw Firthy at the swimming pool last week. He sends his regards.
  6. OK. What is community transmission?Community transmission is where there are large numbers of local transmissions occurring and a direct source of exposure cannot be identified. This differs to local transmission, where a person acquires COVID-19 locally, and a direct source may or may not be identifiable. It seems I have got that wrong. There is a difference between a 'community transmission' and a 'local transmission'. Apologies.
  7. That's a new one. When did you decide that was the definition? For us a community transmission is when someone catches the virus from another person who is from the community. That is, someone not from your family. For example, if I go to the gym and catch the virus then that is a community transmission. Even if they knew who was the source of that transmission.
  8. Wrong, she said: 'If they were to have 28 days of no community transmission - that’s the current definition to open the border - then that would occur' If that is the level then I expect we will be good to go in about 2023. See you then.
  9. Agreed. The whole point of the restrictions for overseas travelers returning is the states abilities to run the hotel quarantine programs safely. With Victoria out of the picture, the other states have demanded a limit on numbers. If Wong really cared about these people then she would approach her own state premier and the QLD/WA premiers and ask them to increase that limit. At the moment NSW is taking most of the returning travelers. It would be nice to see other states show a bit more compassion for their fellow Australians.
  10. Not sure it was a brilliant piece of strategy. Yes, it was in the rules at the time, but they changed the rules very quickly afterwards. I am sure if you ask the two Chappell brothers, involved they wish they hadn't done it. Anyway, let's be positive. I do agree with the America's Cup and the Sydney Olympics. For the first one I do know someone who got sacked for not going to work that day. She was an IT contractor working at TNT in Sydney. She loves to tell that story. For Cathy's race on 'that night' was a real highlight. I was working as a volunteer in Doping Control that nig
  11. Exactly. I bet in 1938, 96% of Germans approved of what Hitler was doing. Being popular does not make it right.
  12. Thank you Richard. Hey Foz, you should mention this to Travis. It would be interesting to see their definition of 'good looking'. In this modern day aren't we all good looking 🙂 ?
  13. I enjoyed Cinderalla Man. I think Russell has a pretty good resume. A friend of mine is a big Souths supporter and wrote the 'Book of Feuds' with Russell's input. He said he is a pretty good guy as well.
  14. Shrek, good luck to the better half. I did mine and used a surgeon called Dr Andrew Wines. I recommend him if you need a name.
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