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  1. Paul Every

    The 1% stuff

    Set up with your man cave so you can work from home on your lap top while you're on the trainer, with the footy the big screen and a couple of mates next to you in lounge chairs to pass you beers, while you knock out a quality session with a few watts redirected to jiggling the baby rocker to keep the infant placated and amused while you're developing that special father-child relationship. If you sinking enough beers and generating enough watts through the rocker, there's a good chance you may share the unique bonding experience of throwing up together. All four of you. You guys just aren't trying hard enough. No wonder you're not KQing.
  2. Paul Every

    The 1% stuff

    Especially important for improving your swimming.
  3. You can't see multiple differences between Combet's and Abbott's comments?
  4. Fairfax also owned the Cole Classic Swim at Manly, 7km Sun Run on the Northern Beaches, the Canberra Marathon and its supporting events (aka Australian Running Festival) and more. I have a friend who once worked in Fairfax's event management team. He told me their minimum goal was to make $1 million from each event. While it's claimed City to Surf raises a lot for charity, my understanding is that none of that comes from entry fees or from Fairfax's pockets, but rather from encouraging fundraising by the runners. If Wanda has Fairfax's entire sporting events portfolio, it won't take them too many years to recoup $31 million.
  5. Most runners who have hit Kedumba Walls in a race have a horror story. I have two. One from TNF 100 in 2009 and another from last year's Mt Solitary.
  6. Sarah-Jane's wonderful. Really positive and happy and a terrific person to have supporting you in that situation.
  7. I believe you headed down Kedumba Walls earlier in the race. It's the steep 8km firetrail descent, dropping 650 metres from near the Old Queen Victoria hospital at Wentworth Falls. The original course had you heading up Kedumba to the 90km checkpoint.
  8. Be thankful you no longer have to climb Kedumba Walls late in the race. It's tough enough at the end of Mt Solitary.
  9. Congrats, Turts, on an epic run. BTW, who were your sweeps?
  10. OK. I now understand where you're coming from
  11. Albo is 56. He won't even be 60 by the next election. You talk as if he's as old as Trump or Sanders. Surprisingly, Australia has only had three PMs initially take office after turning 60, and they've all been from the coalition. McEwen for only a few weeks in a caretaker capacity following Holt's death, McMahon and Turnbull.
  12. "Uncleanness"? Plenty of triathletes going to hell for for pissing themselves on the bike.
  13. Given the indiscretions of many players who have been either readmitted to or not dumped from the NRL, it would surprise me if they hold that line indefinitely. While the expectations of players from both society and sporting bodies have definitely changed over the years, it's difficult to view Folau's tweet unfavourably when compared to the behaviour of the likes of Carney, Pearce, et al.
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