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  1. If Busso is commercially viable with a domestic field, why wouldn't it go ahead? They could even cut costs by not having a witches hat or a marshal at the run turnaround. Not like any of the local athletes would venture that far.
  2. Just received email to vollies confirming
  3. Paul Every


    I'm saying Melbourne. Was founded by John Batman. 🤔
  4. Anyone have some stats on the state-by-state distribution of IM competitors in Port, Carins and Busso last year? Unfortunately the results on IM race website only list competitors by nationality. I'm curious to know which events could attract viable fields with extended border closures.
  5. Is the inference that they're still planning for Sunny Coast and Sydney to be held at age group races?
  6. Sri Chinmoy Races (21/10/5km) this Sunday at Dolls Point in Sydney scuppered. "Plans for races scheduled for this Sunday have been suspended, due to the Council Permit being rescinded this morning at the direction of NSW Health, following concerns surrounding ongoing developments in Victoria." Pendulum is swinging. Becoming more difficult again for event organisers to proceed with any certainty. It's way easier for smaller events to cancel close to the date or to resurrect races on short time frame following a suspension of events. Larger logistically complex events like IM require greater certainty and lead-in times.
  7. According to the Port Macq News article from 12 days ago, IM was to reassess within two weeks.
  8. This is the shitshow that the US voted for 2016. Anyone care to guess when we'll next see a US election that isn't contested by at least one cashed-up, narcissistic, clueless, celebrity attention whore?* Idiocracy has become a documentary. * Note: Attention whore is used in a politically correct, non-binary and gender inclusive manner.
  9. Paul Every


    Tell your wife you'll be out until midnight tonight. She'll give clarification. Your confusion will be resolved promptly.
  10. Paul Every


    But I saw it stated as fact that it was only 25 people! Are you doubting my sources?
  11. Paul Every


    There's numerous countries that are in a similar or even better position than us. I'm sure many will continue to join the cohort. Australia vs the rest of the world is a false dichotomy.
  12. Paul Every


    So which would you prefer? Where would you rather be? If Australia is getting so wrong, which countries do you feel have handled it best?
  13. Paul Every


    Exponential growth. Put two grains of rice on chessboard, then four. Keep going.
  14. Paul Every


    This seems to asked frequently here. I'll have a go at answering it. Not too sure why is this still such a big mystery. Government objectives: "Flatten the curve" of new covid cases. Progressive selective rolling back of restrictions in a manner and to minimise ongoing spread, particularly community transmission. If clusters of cases re-emerge, selectively tighten restrictions as appropriate. We've now seen this enacted all over Australia. If you wonder how it will (hopefully) work for your state, just look at states or territories which have had a little more success. State governments have had their "roadmaps" outlining the phased lifting of restrictions online for a while. It's not covert. We have a reasonable idea which suppression measures work most effectively, we only have to look around the world, though admittedly there are some minor variations due to cultural differences. We've seen isolation work if done properly and effectively. From many of our incoming travelers, to countries like Spain which were hit hard but succeeded with a strict and extensive lockdown. And we've seen what happens when isolation procedures are fvcked up; NSW cruise ship and Vic security guards. We know "Go hard. Go early" is easier than trying to manage than trying to suppress an extensive outbreak. What's so hard to comprehend?
  15. Not so sure. It may also divide Trump's poorly educated base.
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