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  1. For a sense of scale, Folkestone to Dover as the crow flies is 11.13 km.
  2. Her tracker total now says 200km. Channel is about 33km at the narrowest point.
  3. "Never ask how far you have left to swim. The answer may be 4 km. The next time you ask, the answer may be 6. You just keep swimming. Until you get there. Or until they pull you out of the water."
  4. When a friend of mine swam Cook Strait, he had perfect conditions. Then he hit a tide along the shore. The final 100 metres took him 37 minutes. He had a paddler with him by that stage who suddenly started yelling "Grab that rock! Grab that rock!" He reckons if he missed that moment, he would have been swept out into the Pacific.
  5. Had snow fall as low as Jindabyne in December, and that's at 915 metres. Thredbo is 1365m.
  6. Dot watching is exciting enough. I can't imagine the emotional extremes of being an integral part of such a swim.
  7. Just because she's currently heading " straight for Folkestone", it doesn't mean that's what their aiming for. You're right, it's hard to know what the boat captain is planning exactly. Folkestone, Dover or any suitable landfall. Regardless, the last four dots are looking encouraging.
  8. After setting up camp around 9pm last night, MQ was back on the road around midnight. She just rolled into the town of Boulia, catching 4th place Callum who has been resting there all night. Meredith has closed down 145 km on Callum in the last 32 hours.
  9. By the last two spot signals, it appears the tide may be beginning to turn. Her track is starting to veer toward the English coast.
  10. Now missing the tide. It's looking ugly. https://track.rs/ssthomas4
  11. Anywhere with a shower, mattress and a roof would feel like luxury compared to sleeping rough for few hours in the middle of nowhere.
  12. Su is about 30km from Winton (approx 1700km) and appears to be hanging with English cyclist, Wes, since leaving Townsville. I expect they'll have some comfy beds in town this evening.
  13. Race founder Jesse Carllson has now covered nearly 2900km and has "only" about 800km to go, including the Finke River Gorge detour option which adds another 130 km. It's been an amazing solo ride. He's now about 600km ahead of second place. Second to seventh place are spread over about 300km (2340km to 2015km), and it's been between these riders where most of the action has been taking place since Townsville, (755km). Leaving Townsville in 4th place, Meredith had soon slipped to 7th and by last Friday was 150km behind two cyclists battling for 5th and 6th, including the leading woman Jodi Brown. With Meredith, losing time on all in front of her and with over 300km back to the remainder of the field, it was looking like she was going to have a lonely final 2500km. However, Meredith pulled some big numbers over the weekend and passed Jodi in the early hours of this morning, and has just opened up a 4km gap on another rider to move into 5th place. I'm not sure how much sleep she is having though. It certainly appears much less than any of the other cyclists. According to her spot-tracker, here's her daily "moving time" (hours:minutes): Day 1 - 17:25 (race started at 6:22am, so only 18:38 of possible riding time.) Day 2 - 23:10 Day 3 - 18:55 Day 4 - 23:40 Day 5 - 22:31 Day 6 - 22:52 Day 7 - 22:20 Day 8 - 20:02 Day 9 - 18:57 Day 10 18:14 (at 7:16pm, so only 19:16 of possible elapsed riding time today).
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