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  1. Paul Every


    Surely you mean "unwell, unwell, unwell..." ?
  2. Paul Every


    Boris Johnson tests positive.
  3. Paul Every


    That and contact tracing.
  4. Paul Every


    As of today, some covid stats for NZ. Days since first case: 28 (Feb 28) Days in lock-down: 2 Identified cases: 368 Recovered: 37 Deaths: 0 Go bro!
  5. Paul Every


    I think the problem for Fiji will be their medical facilities and a supply chain so dependent on other countries. I'm guessing WA may already have missed the opportunity to go hard/go early in terms of eradication. Maybe even Tassie too. I'm hoping one country can really nail it in how they handle the crisis. Set a blue-print for the future in how to handle this kind of crisis, should (when?) it occurs again.
  6. Paul Every


    April 3, 2020. Lock-down Day 4. Haven't had a shower for two weeks now. Not worn pants for three.
  7. Paul Every


    Also needs to be posted in the good news thread, FP. That is both so beautiful and heart-warming. Amidst the adversity, I really hope these months provide you, Mrs FP and the FP-lette some very special moments and memories. Thanks for posting.
  8. Paul Every


    I believe one research vessel returned for the end of the summer season to Hobart only yesterday, though I'm unsure if it was from Antarctica or Macquarie Island.
  9. Paul Every


    Work. I'm very fortunate to still be able to continue working and the measures our management team has taken to reduce contagion between staff appear quite robust. eg. Staggered times for starting, breaks and finishing to limit direct staff interaction, adherence to maximum numbers of staff in indoor areas, minimising staff time spent congregating in office areas. I was even able to cancel the leave I had booked to visit Sydney around Ironman. As this escalates, it will be prudent for work to have a healthy and flexible staff pool available to draw upon to cover all positions.
  10. Paul Every


    No and yes. If they successfully eradicated it, (ie all hospital cases either recovered or dead, no identifiable no new cases/hospital admissions and an extended lock-down to cover the virus incubation period), they could then remove lock-down. Schools, local businesses, etc could then re-open for life to resume. Borders would still have to remain closed until a vaccine is developed and widely available, to prevent the virus being reintroduced to NZ. It's all neat in theory. I've heard some interviews with virologists/epidemiologists who have considered it possible. One considered it a moonshot, another as good as 50/50. At least they did at time of the interviews. Who knows? Either may have changed their opinion of the odds in last couple days, given how quickly things change. It's an exciting idea...........especially if you're a New Zealander.........and presuming sheep can't act as a vector for the virus.
  11. Nepean is just a gentle 50 km roll down the hill. Ideal recovery ride then all good to go again.
  12. Paul Every


    There's some very grim analysis on this week's edition of ABC's Planet America: Fireside Chat.
  13. Paul Every


    If any country has a chance to eradicate it, it will be NZ. They closed their borders and went to lock-down early.
  14. Nepean wont start until about 7am. Later depending on your wave. You've still got it covered.
  15. Club Champs are always on the Saturday. Sydney Marathon will be on Sunday. UTA, Saturday. Nepean, Sunday. These aren't clashes, they're opportunities.
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