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  1. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Solid for sure. Would be worth doing brick sessions every day.
  2. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

  3. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    The local ultra scene still has a lot of that, though there certainly has been a few coaches specialising in the long stuff cropping up in recent years. Some very good ones too.
  4. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Talay's running shop in Randwick? Wednesdays, 6:15 pm, 10 miles either south to Maroubra or north to Bondi?
  5. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    You'll love this then: How to take 6 minutes to say "do back-to-back long runs".
  6. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    She also claims to have run 280 mile/450km in 5 days from Virginia Beach to Wrightsville Beach in 2016. Though a few things in this interview make me feel uneasy. Mark: Okay, so 280 miles. How did that look? Like how many miles did you run a day? ‘Cause that seems like a pretty long run. Ashley: So the first day was my easiest day. It was 30 miles, and I ran from the gym, American Sled Dogs to the North Carolina border. And maybe it was a little over 30 miles, but it was amazing, and that forever changed me. And I don’t think that… there was one maybe 2 days where I was running by myself, solo. The other days I would have safety runners or Erin, who is like my best friend. She does… we do business together. She’s my manager now. She ran some of it with me. And then my captain from the Unbroken Foundation, Renee Adams, ran some of it with me as well. But that was probably the toughest thing that I have ever done. Every morning, it got to the point probably day 3, day 4–I ran for 5 days–and like I couldn’t even sleep at night because my body was just in such pain. Mark: Wait, you only ran 5 days? If I divide 280 by 5, I mean that’s more than 50 miles a day. Ashley: Mm-hmm. So there was… maybe it was 6 days. ‘Cause I got in on Saturday. So, yeah, some of my days that I ran were 50 miles straight. One of them was maybe like 55 miles. But the 30 mile run was my shortest run. But it was really hard. My feet swelled to 2 and half shoe sizes bigger, so that was something that I wasn’t planning on that… Thankfully I have Reebok as one of my big sponsors now. And so they were able to get me some more shoes, stat. But I… like my feet swelled, I had a doctor who had to come out and look at me one night because I thought I had like a stress fracture in one of my feet. Which was fine. I remember, I looked at it, and I was like, “Well, is it going to get any worse if I run on it?” And she was like, “I don’t think so. It’s not going to get any worse.” And I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna run. Unless it’s… if it’s not a break I’m fine to run. Anyways, so I put myself, my body through hell. But every moment of it was worth it. We had a goal to raise 15,000 dollars because the shelter down in North Carolina needed a new roof. And we raised… I shouldn’t say “we,” it was you guys–everybody helping me–we raised 18,000 dollars. It was so amazing. And I think I cried everyday, just ’cause. Mark: I bet. That’s so cool. Did you train for this? Or were you confident enough from your functional fitness to just jump into it? Ashley: You know, I don’t personally do training really. Some would probably argue with me on that. But I think it gets to a point where it’s not really about training anymore physically. It’s about training your mind. And knowing that no matter what, you know… and I kept thinking that it doesn’t matter the pain that I’m about to go through. These women and who I’m raising the money for, they have scars that I can’t even compare. I don’t have anything to show for that pain that they have. And so it kept pushing me through to the end.” https://unbeatablemind.com/ashley-horner/ Seriously, who runs 450 km and not know how long it takes them? Especially fairly inexperienced runners who would remember the details well. And apparently she doesn't really train. The difference between running 80 km a day and the 120+km/day claimed for the Haiti run is enormous. With a high online profile and promotion, when a 370km run gets ugly at 2am on an unlit Haitian road, it's easy to imagine the funding needs of the orphanage being of greater precedence than maintaining the integrity of the athletic performance, particularly for an inexperienced and undertrained runner. Over the years, I've seen too many dubious solo charity runners with poor (if any) competitive records not to smell a rat with this.
  7. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    That's if she ran 370 km in 3 days. Just doing a bit of reading on her running, self-promotion appears to take precedence over performance or accountability. From her account of a double crossing of the Grand Canyon: The last 10 miles were the hardest and the final 4 miles we climbed 6,000 feet. I have never in my life felt so ever enduring pain & the truth is that my physical ability ended about mile 38 as my body began to shut down. A lot of you are curious how much training I did for this, the furthest distance I had ran was 15 miles… No training could replicate or prepare me for what I went through out there. that stream of tears that rolled down my cheeks when I reached the final rim was the happiest and greatest feeling of achievement I have felt. Very very special thanks to Quest Nutrition for believing in me, the Ashley Horner Foundation and my entire running crew! We did it and we accomplished something that even less than 1% of Ultra Runners attempt annually. Except the trails out of Grand Canyon don't ascend that steeply. On the North Rim it's about 3000 feet in the last 4.7 miles, and on the South Rim, 4000 feet for the final 4.4 miles of the South Kaibab Trail and about 3000 feet for the last 4.8 miles of the Bright Angel Trail. https://www.rimtorim.org/hike-it/ Training does prepare you for exactly what she went through. That's why you do it. Sure, only a small percentage ultra runners may attempt it each year, but at 67 or 75 km (depending on the route taken) of reasonably well maintained trail, it's achievable by the overwhelming majority of ultra runners.
  8. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    If the 3 day run she did it Haiti was legitimate, 3 days of ironman distance shouldn't be beyond her.
  9. Paul Every

    TriEvents WA

    Is part of the distance is so accessible to newbies is that it is called an Enticer? The primary purpose of the event is to cater for newbies and it's marketed as such. If you called it something like "super sprint" they may feel less comfortable in giving it a go. "No thanks, I'm not a super athlete. That's definitely not for me."
  10. Paul Every

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    What's her triathlon background? Her 370km/3day charity run in Haiti is reasonably impressive, though she doesn't appear to have too much behind her as a competitive ultra runner other than a BOP performance in a 50 miler.
  11. Paul Every

    2018 Hall of Fame Inductees.

    I would have thought that Erin Baker would have received the recognition long before now. She certainly has a superior competitive record to some other athletes on the list, as well as being far more influential in the sport. The inability to obtain entry into the US in the early in career probably cost her one or two Kona titles.
  12. Paul Every

    TriEvents WA

    Maybe they assume you have already raced the shorter distances and not the longer stuff. If so, there is no logic in recommending to you something you've already done.
  13. Paul Every

    Ironman IVs

    I was carried off to the medical tent and put on an IV after finishing at Forster every year for at least the first 9 years I raced. Certainly assists and accelerates recovery.
  14. Paul Every

    Kona qualifier 15+

    It definitely takes longer to mature and peak at the longer distances. It's why cycling has Under 23s at World Champs and a white jersey in the TDF. That's (in part) why Gwen was in the US Olympic team at 24 and not winning Kona. Or why Paula was running in the 5000 metre final at Athens as a 22yo and 10000 metre final at Sydney at 26. Her marathon debut came two years later. Being 24 might be an advantage in IM if you're racing a 50yo, but not if your racing a 30yo with 6 more seasons of training and racing behind them.
  15. Paul Every

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Thank you.