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  1. That's a pretty strict measure of whether an athlete is likely to be clean or otherwise later in their career.
  2. Though you still know how many children you've had and which ones belong to you?
  3. I could list all the ironman distance (or longer) that I've done, though I don't have specific memories that I can assign to every race, especially not for those at Forster and Port Macq where years, times and circumstances become particularly fuzzy. As for shorter tris, no chance. Would be over 300 tris all up. I can't remember every ultra, especially for races that I've done multiple times. Marathons are a bit blurry too when it comes to domestic events.
  4. How conflicted would IJ be if Trump tweeted a massive spoiler?
  5. Peter, unfortunately we're all getting old and forgetting stuff. I've been trawling through some old CR threads to find some race reports that I wrote years ago. I'm finding plenty of content that's been comprehensively obliterated from my memory, from amusing anecdotes and smartarse comments (it's weird laughing at your own jokes), to my own accounts of marathons that I ran as recently as 7 years ago. Seriously, how do you forget running a marathon?
  6. Surely you jest? If not, you really missed something. It was way bigger than Transitions back in the day.
  7. That would have been the first Fatass run in Australia. About 60-odd km for the full distance. Starting from Berowra, taking the trails down to ferry, across the river and up the hill, then along the trail to the ruins of the Calabash Hotel, and return. Then cross Pacific Highway, railway and freeway and pick up the trail to Apple Tree Bay, Bobbin Head, up to the Sphinx and return to finish at Berowra. Phil Huegal (green and white shorts) and the short dude peeping over his shoulder were the first to finish.
  8. Yes. As long as that's the only thong tan photo you post.
  9. I'm just happy these days if I can do Parkrun at a quicker pace than my PB for 100 km. 🐌
  10. Oh, for the days when that was one of the bigger loads of presidential horse shit.
  11. Thanks, Katz. It will definitely be slow. I'm also getting over a URT Infection so I'm quite prepared to bail if need be. Hopefully the 4:30 start and shady course will make much of the run pleasant enough.
  12. Six Inch Track on Sunday.
  13. Rarely would I call myself an early adopter, but I'd done all those by 1992. F*ck, I'm old.
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