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  1. Just putting this out there in case there is anyone else is so desperate for acomm at husky you rush into it and don't do proper due diligence and like me get stung in a scam If you have booked accom for husky via stayz at aqua shores or anywhere else and made a payment overseas you may have been had. I booked just before Christmas and thought I had done enough to make sure it was legit ( googled the property and the agent , reviews etc and all seemed real) turned out it wasn't enough and stayz recommend you don't make overseas payments, but in my rush to secure something I skipped the small print. Hope no one else was as gullible as me on this !
  2. MS1

    Western Sydney 70.3

    Good point. Are they also likely to still close transition at 5.45, or will those with a later start be allowed access closer to their start time ? Would be a PITA to stand around for an hour waiting to start
  3. Even brailsford has said that he is not so sure Froome could have kept up with nibali in his current form, maybe why they were so upset when no one came to test any teams during the the Tenerife block
  4. Beat me to it !
  5. Deja vu - expressionless climbing then accelerating away without even trying. Reckon he could have put even more into them and could go again tonight but will hold back for fear of making it too obvious....
  6. Am currently using a version of this every day as i recover from knee suregry, to date progress has been very good, which may or may not be due to electrical stimaulation. Was loaned to me by my physio so will get his opinion on daily rehab use when i return it, although it has helped me keep some muscle mass which wastes very quickly after surgery.
  7. MS1

    Giro d'Italia 2014

    Unless it is atraight up a mountain Columbians dont win time trials - claims his specialised bike almost goes on it's own...they also had 3 in the top ten last night - This stinks. They will cook Cadel in the mountains - would love to know how much out of competition testing they do in Columbia, and how rigourious it is.
  8. This is the same for any Aus owned business up there - If she had of stopped in the spot wehere it happened (i know it well) there is a strong possibility she would have been beaten to death / kidnapped / raped and possibly all three. She would have been only too aware of this and if she had her own kids in the car would not have wanted them to witness that, ot had payback carried out against her own kids. PNG can be a hard, brutal and volatile place where violence escalates rapidly and life is cheap. Not pleasant to hear but having witnessed it first hand I would have done the same. Believe me when i say she will be torn up about has happened and this will haunt her, hopefully the little girl pulls through, and her family will be well compensated It is a harsh reality of operating in PNG and expats are well compensated for taking the risk. 99% of the time it is all rosy, however when the shit hits the fan there it can hit pretty hard, then you realise where you are and you have to act quickly and decisively.
  9. MS1

    Torn Meniscus - Surgery ?

    Hi guys, thanks for the input, some very varied results. Saw the physio again and spoke about getting a 2nd opinion, given the surgeon (Dr David Parker) i saw was classed as conservative and often sent people back to physio she was of the opinion another surgeon would say operate. I have started the pre op strengthening regime and hope to get as much as possible out of this, even i if decide not to proceed. Seeing my normal physio who specialises in knees next week and will use him as my 2nd opinion and if i decide to go ahead.
  10. Am after some opinion / advice on surgery to repair a torn meniscus. I have been diagnosed with a tear at the free edge of the medial meniscus with a small flap. I also have early chondral wear in the medial compartment. Saw a surgeon who has given me the option of an op where he will trim off the broken 15-20% of the affected meniscus, which I am leaning towards, The rationale being that this part of the meniscus cannot heal itself and the tear is across the grain / through the fibres meaning that it is no longer providing any support anyway. He did however advise that it could settle down on its own but there is a likelihood that the flap will cause me pain when it flares up again, which is likely to happen. Had it for 5 weeks now and is causing me pain, absolutely no way i could run but riding no real issues. I was not expecting to lose part of my knee joint at 40 but the op seems like a no brainer.... or is it ? Has anyone had a similar op and if so what was your actual recovery time to ride / run again ? And did you notice anything diff with your knee / ability afterwards or on an ongoing basis ? To stop the chondral wear i will work on my mechanics as i do roll the affected knee in when i run, so will look to strengthen the glutes / hammies to better control this Any physio's care to chuck in their 2c ?
  11. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/republic-of-ireland/cyclist-left-with-7week-erection-after-accident-29915512.html
  12. MS1

    no mention ?

    Can atheists use OMG !
  13. But what if we had a PM who was a cyclist ? Maybe a political will then ?
  14. Each person has a diff coloured cap in the lane and counters at the end of each lane, you get a tap on the head when you have 2 laps to go - most of my early (80's) tris were in a 25m pool ! Guessing this wont attract a massive crowd so 6 lanes times 8-10 people per wave. Self seeded in the lanes. It can work.
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