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  1. Sorry but no good news don't know where I got $250 from Anyways they are $400 but nothing available to order not even a back order, so I guess that means they have stopped making them atm All the others are available for $200 Straight, Ski Ends short and long and S Bends He said maybe some American companies may have some ???
  2. Hey MackaEvo2 I was looking at this last week and from memory I was looking at approx $250 I decided that I will just buy the S Bends as they are like $80 cheaper Can confirm a price for you tomorrow from my LBS
  3. EDO

    Taupo 70.3

    To old and to broken 😂
  4. EDO

    Taupo 70.3

    I will be there spectating, can't wait, love Taupo
  5. EDO

    IM Oz Vs IM Nz

    Have done a few at both locations and anyone who asks the question you have asked gets this answer NEW ZEALAND
  6. Just came across this guys https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fhawaiianair.custhelp.com%2Fapp%2Fanswers%2Fdetail%2Fa_id%2F60%2F~%2Fbicycles&h=AT3AE5sDFkuKlZoekceOeTTVBj68ghrMAUT53Nm2ksT5bXEClDfek-Vlz8vjiwfEc1DfPALEnQUqzjZqyg90N9kdjRmSsyPcWrbZKH9pULspOjV8YcS4WPFco6gbxH-r-fuHVFCfvaX01v8m3w
  7. EDO

    IMNZ 2018

    Well done everyone, finished with a 12.42, happy to get it done, was great conditions this year, wife got sick on the bike but managed to get through 23km on run before a dnf
  8. I trialled a few adamo saddles and was using the Road version, when I came across the Dash saddles I trialled them and was very happy with the way it felt, the biggest advantage in trialling the saddles is if your not happy with it you can just return it and no real money lost. At the end of the day if you buy 2-3 saddles and not happy with them, you have spent $600 plus. As I like them so much if the leather wears out or I damage it I can send it back to be recovered so it a long term investment and not a throw away saddle as it is built on a carbon shell. Note: not sure if that option is on the stock saddles, but would check with Weston There was only one option when I bought mine, if they had the Stock version I would have only bought that, being half the price and all. I would trial them, at the end of the day if it suits you thats great, if not you loose a few bucks If you didn't notice at the bottom of there page there is a fit guide which may help
  9. I have been using the Stage 9 for the past 4yrs I started out with the Standard width as back then they never made a narrow one, about 12 months on they brought out the narrow width I trialled that and found it worked better for me, prior to that I used a Fizik Arione, so I like a narrow seat. If you go into the Stock Stage you can organise a trial saddle, sound like the Standard width will suit you better? Any problems send Weston an email I have found him to be very helpful, I have just finished dealing with him again as I purchased another saddle Any questions fire away.
  10. I have a strip of vinyl under mine, the cheapest option would be from your local carpet supplier and get an off cut left over from a job
  11. I use a neutral shoe, as the orthotic is doing all the correction, if you use a supporting shoe you will over correct the issue, I have also found that some neutral shoes feel terrible with orthotics as I think it depends on how they arch the sole or something and the orthotic would push up into my arch. I also find that they keep changing them all the time, so what works now might not work in 6 or 12 months time. I am using Asic DS Trainer and Saucony Kinvara atm
  12. EDO

    Trisports sale

    Has anyone from Australia actually ordered anything? Everything I put in the shopping basket couldn't be sent to Australia. Maybe only selling to US customers, no international???
  13. EDO

    BHG6 Road bike

    Early bird gets the worm
  14. EDO


    Well done Truck
  15. EDO

    IMNZ 2018

    Awesome, we will be there again next year, catch up then
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