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  1. russ

    Hell of West Room Available

    Have a motel room available at Goondiwindi next weekend for your choice of Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights. It's right in town at the Gunsynd Motel, three blocks from race transition. Although it's a quad room, double and 2x bunks, probably suited to only 3x adults. Message if you are interested, and I'll transfer the booking to your name.
  2. russ

    Specialized Sitero Saddle - Nose knicked

    Have sent a PM. Will take it if still available.
  3. russ

    Gundi Motel Room Available

    Room taken
  4. russ

    Gundi Motel Room Available

    Due to a bike accident, have one queen room available for Hell of the West this weekend. Your choice of Fri/Sat/Sun nights. Get in touch ASAP if interested... Border Motel in the main drag about 4 blocks from transition.
  5. russ

    HOTW accomodation available

    James, I am keen on whatever you have. Currently have 11 rooms at the Border Motel, but need a few more if available
  6. russ

    Triathlons in the Coffs Harbour area

    Coffs race approximately every second week, depending on other regional events. Enticer and sprint distance. Non members welcome, but need to register online prior to midday on Saturday in order to streamline the process on Sunday morning and ensure prompt start. Usually between 80-140 starters of all abilities... fastest around the sprint course 55-56min, slowest 1hr50. Handicap start system implemented, with newcomers off scratch until they establish a baseline time. Newcomers get two races as a "suck it and see" but are then asked to join up if they wish to continue. Pay $20 for each of those trial events, with $10 to the club and $10 as a day licence. If you join thereafter, $20 deducted from total price. Can give you my contact phone number if your cousin wants to get in touch... just PM. Club has upward of 300 members.
  7. russ

    Accom in gundi?

    Message me mate... I have a room surplus to needs at the Border motel. We booked 10 and only filled 9 of them after a couple of withdrawals. What nights?
  8. russ

    Kona spots at HIMs?

    I don't disagree with the argument that it is commercial decisions being behind the 70.3 events offering slots to Kona. However, I agree with Jimmy C in that a lot of age groupers who get to Kona are cooked on the start line from trying to juggle work/family/training for 9-10 months of the year, rather than the 3-4 leading into October. Myself, and a few others from my training group, made the conscious decision 10 months ago to target Honu as a qualifier, and then put the majority of the training effort into being ready for Kona in October. In short, we have prepared well for a half in a few weeks time, taking advantage of the current qualifying requirements. If all goes well, will them amp it up into the main event in October without being fatigued by qualifying via a full distance race. Personally, I have been to Kona 3 times (passed on 3 others), and have never done myself justice. Hopefully a different approach this year will yield different results. Additionally would like to add that it is not looking for an "easy" option, rather an "alternate" approach. With 18-20 full IM and more than 50 half distance events under my belt, I don't feel as though I am taking any shortcuts. WTC may have commercial gain as it's primary motivator, but not all athletes see themselves as unworthy of a start in the full by qualifying through a half.
  9. russ

    SOLD - blueseventy PZ3TX Sleeveless Swimskin Size M

    Will take it. Have sent you PM
  10. russ

    WTB: Softride frame

    I have two almost complete Softrides sitting in the garage, a small and a medium. You are welcome to them both, as they were going to a bike recycler. But they are in Coffs Harbour. Can send you pics if you like.
  11. russ

    Wtb: time trial frame

    Got a nice Softride sitting in the shed, might suit. PM if interested.
  12. russ

    FS: Argon18 Krypton Size M

    Check your PMs. What is chainring size and crank length?
  13. russ

    183cm tall - what size shiv??

    170mm 6'1
  14. russ

    Racing at altitude - Any tips.

    Currently training at Lake Tahoe, and have done a fair bit on the bike course, as well as a lot of swim sets both pool and open water. This will be a tough race. Have been here for almost 5 weeks (one more week to go), and still find the swim efforts taxing aerobically. Week one it was difficult to maintain bilateral breathing for 200 metres, now can settle into a sustained bilateral rhythm but at a reduced effort level. Three of the guys I have here with me have all adapted slightly differently, but all have felt the altitude effect most in the water. Bike is the least affected, but you will still notice your breathing being quicker on any inclines, especially the back climb on Brockway on the IM course which tops out at 7200 feet and is done on two occasions on race day. Running feels a little more difficult at speed, but if you stick to heart rate it is OK and your breathing feels in control after the first 4-5 days. In short, suggest getting here ASAP before the race, taking it out easy in the swim and reverting to single side breathing if necessary, respecting the Brockway climb on the bike course so that you get to the run in decent shape. Put your time goals aside and listen to how YOUR body feels at 2000m. Definitely plan on additional fluid intake, as the dehydration rate is magnified at this height. There is no doubt this is a beautiful place, however IM Lake Tahoe will not be a fast course for the average age grouper. If you want any specifics on the course let me know, will be riding a loop tomorrow, and here for another week after that. Oh, be prepared for cold water, currently about 13 degrees in the lake but slowly warming from the 11 we experienced on our first swim there on arrival (accustomed to winter ocean temps of about 16 at Coffs Harbour).
  15. russ

    Port 70.3 - who's in?

    Real concern for the later waves is the congestion they will have to deal with right from the outset. The males 18-29, 45+ and 30-34 will have to be ultra careful on the bike course with the 12m rule... will be passing long lines of slower riders for the majority of the 90km. Then you hit the narrow sections of the run course: minimal room to pass walking/slower competitors, especially on the break wall with two-way traffic. Yes, it is the best they could come up with, but certainly changes the pre-race plans of a lot of the pointy end age groupers who will give the majority of the field a head start.