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  1. Kona was my longest IM with a 6 hr marathon- walked the entire 42.2 k with a femoral stress fracture. Had an absolute blast and wouldn’t change a thing. Met up with Plugga and walked the final km together over the finish line. Spent a lot of time interacting with the crowd and thanking volunteers - memories that will last a life time. i will add that walking a marathon hurt a lot more than running- and I admire all those competitors that are out on the course up until cut off. Had always wanted to go back and run the Queen K but my racing days are long gone.
  2. RIP Nick..........like others I have fond memories of Yeppoon and Canberra. Nick loved the sport and this was certainly reflected in the events he organized. I'll never forget how every year he would tell us at race brief how the Yeppoon swim is always with the current and guaranteed to be super fast........argh- this was rarely the case !!! I have retired from racing Tri's and will always treasure memories from the races I did with Nick.
  3. Haha- I'm definitely looking at being a BOP ...........and will just be happy being back out there after returning from a bike accident which resulted in a # clavicle, 4 # ribs and a head injury. My 3rd accident in 5 years - absolutely refuse to let anything stop me !!!! Can't wait ð
  4. Physically my injuries are doing well- the surgery to my clavicle was great and it gives me little pain........but my fractured ribs on the other hand are very sore. My greatest issue how ever has been the list of my short term memory- I had a huge gash to my head that was pretty much ignored (had 4 staples to close it) - had a haematoma into of my parietal bone...........it scares me that from one day to the next I barely recollect what I have done. !!!! I find the treatment that the ED at QE2 gave me after my accident really unbelievable and am very grateful that I could at least get this clavicle fixed so quickly in Mackay. Did a half hour set on my trainer yesterday morning to spin my legs- which was nice...........baby steps and I will be back out there again soon ð´ð½ðŽð
  5. Hit a kanagaroo out on Grieve Rd Brisbane last Saturday.......went to QE11- bunch of f*^ckers there............ My clavical was a messy break- which they said just need conservative treatment............Thankfully I have a friend in Mackay who went to a dinner party Saturday night where the Orthopedic surgeon was- he took one look at the photo on her phone and said get her up her and I will operate Tuesday...............Clavicle had 4 pieces of loose bone as well as break- plate a 8 screws later and it is fixed. 6 broken ribs a bit sore..........I also had a nasty gash on my head- which they were going to send home with out looking at it- 5 stables later......plus my concussion hasn't been the best- short term memory is crap......... Hope you are feeling better Fitness Buddy. I am planning to be on the trainer next week !!!
  6. just thought I'd use this thread to fill you all on my journey over the past few years....... As you most know- I was taken out by a drunk driver in 10/2011- 3 fractured ribs/ head injuries/ DNF from Busso and a separation from my husband (amicable split) Moved to Brisbane and met some one with whom I shared a very close relationship- we crossed 2 IM finish lines together (that was also a dream of mine)- things were great and we were about to race NZIM when I had a fall and damaged my hip......torn labrum and insertion tendon meant that my hip was destroyed- had stem cells and surgery but was out of the course for a year, suffering chronic hip pain...........and of course depression. My relationship with Dave suffered to the point that we separated............despite the fact we both loved each other.................I moved out- but close by hoping that we could reconcile again after a break. Got back into racing- qualified for the 70.3WC in Cairns,,,,,,,and travelled to Austria to race the WC (my 50th birthday to myself) ..............returned and raced at the Penrith 70.3 re qualifying fir the WC on the Sunnycoast later this year. Raced HOW a few weeks ago and then whilst training last weekend- hit a kangaroo out on Grieve RD.................. Absolutely smashed- 6 broken ribs, fractured right clavicle which has been surgical repaired (by Michael Cheesman in Mackay)................Pain is horrendous an I am out of running and swimming for 6 weeks- back on trainer next week. I am still very much struggling mentally and emotional- running and riding were all I had to maintain my mental state...........I still see Dave and have very strong feelings in that area. So this is the third major physical injury that I have had over the past 5 years- in the past I have had support and been surrounded by love and care..........this injury doesn't have that same buffer. I struggle terribly- and am very grateful that I have such wonder friends such as Cupcake who talk to me every day. I will get back out there again- one baby step at a time........... So thankyou to CarpeDiem and al those who made such wonderful comments about me..........it certainly lifted my spirit a little xxxxxx
  7. Well- It's been a long time since I have been on trannies ...........my life over the past couple of years has been a bit upside down and I have had many issues to deal with ...............physically, emotionally and mentally. .....Meeting Cassie (CarpeDiem) at Capitol Cycles on Logan Road (the best bike shop in Brisbane !!!) was wonderful- Cassie you have no idea how much you brightened my day and help me feel so much happy.............so thankyou so very very much. Your training for an Ironman is great- the race is just a full catered day with a bunch of friends. I would be happy training with you, but sadly for me that is not possible..................But will always answer any questions you have. As we live so close regular contact would be wonderful...........and it won't be long before I can get back out there riding and running again.
  8. Would love to- 2016 ........if all goes to plan
  9. Did some one say Tim Tams .........and Nutella ?!?! Red wine will help make the night complete .............hip/ back is great. Amazing what a f@cking correct diagnosis and a few stem cells can do. Back to enjoying training buTno IM this year
  10. Wow- thanks heaps Foz I'll wear it in T1 as I 'race' to help all the girls with a speedy transition !!
  11. Heading down on Thursday afternoon to volunteer and cheer on all the Trannies !!! Mooze has kindly offered me a bed for the weekend Can't wait to get down there and catch up with everyone !!!
  12. Today my hip and back started to give me some pain again after a few days of being completely pain free.....................caused following doing CPR on a guy after pulling him from the bottom of my local pool whilst swimming this morning. He is in hospital but stable and will go home to his wife and kids. In the scheme of things today was a good day A lot has happened over the past few months and I am in a different place to the extreme depression I went through last year. I have been planning to put pen to paper and update you all but am now working in a new job with ATSIC health which keeps me very busy. Just wanted to share that as long as we are all breathing and healthy we have a lot to be grateful for
  13. No- train hard race easy Train on a bike with shimano 105, 23 rear cluster Race with SRAM red and a 27 rear cluster
  14. No- train hard race easy Train on a bike with shimano 105, 23 rear cluster Race with SRAM red and a 37 rear cluster
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