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  1. My part time kitty (Zuri) is back. Good timing. With the kitchen ceiling unexpectedly falling down, renos nearing completion I needed some stress release (paints not matching and the contractors said it is as good as it is going to get....😒) And on 4 weeks leave.....cleaning up plaster dust.....sigh. You can't help but feel good when you nanny nap and she cuddles up next to you.
  2. LOL.....a slow leak from upstairs plumbing. Must have been going for some time as the plaster board was quite wet over a wide area, but there had been no evidence of it occurring (I would notice weird marks on the ceiling). We heard a weird dripping sound, and when i turned the light on it was right above the sink (lucky so we could hear it so clearly. Within 10 min it was coming down. My neighbours happen to be a carpenter, plumber and electrician. Lucky they are our approved body corp "go to" people (hence the quick repair action). Anyway, things happen for a reason....new lights can now be installed and I have four weeks leave starting from next week (time to clean....)
  3. Last Monday this happened (photo 1) and yesterday we got to this (photo 2). The funny side is that I did a partial renovation last year but didn't get to do lighting. Guess what.....now I do. 😁
  4. OMG.....so amazing. I have shared full videos on my FB page and now with ABC Far North. Jacob has only just moved into our complex and offered this very kind gesture. Another new resident, I learned today a Vietnman Vet, came out suit and medals. ❤❤❤❤ Of 56 units, I think 3/4 came out. We only promoted over the last few days. Amazing experience. I have been to Gallipoli (x2, non dawn service) and this ranks up with that
  5. Our complex has 56 units. Hope there are around 15 represented. I am marking social distance spots at 5.30..... The second photo made ABC news breakfast this morning.
  6. I am looking to take leave to do similar. No issues with my job, but can't get into the remote communites or actually anywhere outside of Cairns. Doing as much by Skype but schools are pretty busy atm. As much as I can help I would like to, for some local businesses. Just ordered 5kg of green prawns pick up off the boat tomorrow $60. They normally sell overseas but no market at the moment. And buy extra coffee from my local. It doesn't seem much but I am doing what I can where I can. Got some framing sorted today. He just took over the business in Dec from the owners after 18 years (he worked there).
  7. Finding my COVID 19 cooking mojo. Today Torres Strait mud crab pasta. I wore my Nanna's apron. When I spoke to my mum tonight, it would have been her 91st birthday today. A nice touch.
  8. WTF.....did I miss something? I have been here for 20 years when we were OzChat. Still have my hat. 😞
  9. Who is the accomodation in Port D?
  10. Can give you info on both. I think asking him his thoughts is a fab idea. Then if he likes the idea of visiting here, I can give you lots of info or source it for you. Depends what his interest are. 😁
  11. My race....2009 Like I said not professional at all, but look how many of us there were. Being Trannie was respected.
  12. Thanks FP for sharing your 2009 memory. I wanted to share that 2009 was my first race back after my accident in 2002. Just found a video I put on You Tube (definately very amateurish) but wow......so many of these friends are still friends. This is what trannies WAS about....supporting, encouraging and never putting down. People didn't bag you if you walked up that stupid hill and they walked alongside you in the dark. It was a collective of like minded people who enjoyed the crazy world of IM and everyone one wanted each of us to achieve our goal. Giz took some many amazing photos. This is one of my favourites.
  13. Hi Tyno. After further deliberation I found the exact wording for that line and it worked. A few web pages had different wording. The next problem is that my team started selecting too many options in the one cell and it is making filtering complexed and messy. We need to filter in excel but word is much easier for formatting. Sigh.....
  14. skel


    Agree.......100% Katz Can you please seriously just stop this. 😡
  15. I still put my watch (until the battery died yesterday) and earrings on everyday I wear a nice work top I still cut my carrot up for morning tea and pack my afternoo tea in the morning I do take my lunch outside Love having my music on Don't miss the annoying and endless chit chat Do miss the photocopier
  16. Been a while. I need a hand to figure out the VBA code that will allow me to select multiple drop down options in a data validation list. I have worked out this bit (thanks to Google) and it worked, but I don't know the section of coding that will allow me to do this across multiple columns. I have found this on Google but it is not working.......see the larger font. This is what works for one column, not sure what to add for multiple columns. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim rngDV As Range Dim oldVal As String Dim newVal As String Dim strVal As String Dim i As Long Dim lCount As Long Dim Ar As Variant On Error Resume Next Dim lType As Long If Target.Count > 1 Then GoTo exitHandler lType = Target.Validation.Type If lType = 3 Then Application.EnableEvents = False newVal = Target.Value Application.Undo oldval = Target.Value Target.Value = newVal If Target.Column = 3 Then If oldVal = "" Then Else If newVal = "" Then Else On Error Resume Next Ar = Split(oldVal, ", ") strVal = "" For i = LBound(Ar) To UBound(Ar) Debug.Print strVal Debug.Print CStr(Ar(i)) If newVal = CStr(Ar(i)) Then strVal = strVal lCount = 1 Else strVal = strVal & CStr(Ar(i)) & ", " End If Next i If lCount > 0 Then Target.Value = Left(strVal, Len(strVal) - 2) Else Target.Value = strVal & newVal End If End If End If End If End If exitHandler: Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub
  17. skel


    No idea either, as there is so much mixed information. But we all really need to give a little. I live in a unit complex, with 56 units and huge amount of grassed areas. Only around 15 so people ever use the pool. This is my exerise to help my knee recovery. Our pool has been locked down and we can no longer sit outside to have a drink with three people.....we are all being asked up to give up something. If we all did the "it's my right" things could be worse.
  18. skel


    Just saw Chrissie on the ABC news. Still stuck on the Greg Mortimer boat off South America.
  19. skel


    Watching ABC news at 1pm. What is wrong with people. Manly Beach area is rather busy. One dad was 'annoyed' he couldn't take his 2 kids surfing and they had been cooped up all week. Seriously......stay the f@#k home so we can squash the curve to 0. The quicker we ALL do our part.....the quicker we can ALL go f@$king surfing. 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  20. skel


    I am seriously busy at home.....a six hr Skype team planning meeting today was exhausting. But very grateful to have a job and have the ability to be able to work from home. Less idle chit chat. Three people in my unit complex have lost jobs. Three work in QLD Health....they can't work from home.
  21. skel


    Potential nominees for the Darwin awards.... 🙄
  22. skel


    Been watching the numbers on the world meter. I watched it tick over 800,000 around 8.30pm last night and it is now 850,000.....just 11 hours later. 😞
  23. skel

    Kokoda Track

    I feel your pain. I was due to fly to Arusha, Tanzania, in May to finally meet a beautiful young lady I have been sponsoring for 12 years....when she started in grade 1. I was going to watch her graduate from year 12 and meet her family. Three years in planning. 😞
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