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  1. skel

    Ipad - which one to buy

    I have both a mini, wifi only (personal) and the next size up for work (cellular). Had both for four years. No problems for either. I prefer the mini for transporting, lighter, and does everything I need. Took many photos through Europe. Use mainly for photos, spotify, email and Facebook. Hope this helps. 😁
  2. skel

    What training did you do today...

    Exciting......back running seriously again so can rejoin this thread....’may’ have entered my first stand alone marathon next April. Whipped put a solid 10.52km in 57.17min. Much faster than I thought I would be.
  3. skel

    Busso 2018

    Taken, Tuesday 13 November, 11.30am. 😁
  4. skel

    The Mental Health thread

    Hey FFF. Nothing to add to above. Only, just spent a week over in WA traveling in a camper van from Perth to Freo, Busso, Margaret a River, Augusta, to Cape Leeuwin-Naturaliste and (nearly) every dirt road leading to the coast. First time there, pretty special. We even ran the length of the Busso pier, nice and early in the morning, the head wind back was fun......lol. As someone who has done a few, and been a BOP, enjoy the day for what is. My advice, smile, have fun and smile a bit more. PS.....a photo I took....
  5. skel

    Busso 2018

    I swim with 5 metres crocs, sharks don't scare me!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, very sad to hear about another shark attack in the Whitsunday's overnight.
  6. skel

    Busso 2018

    I am going to that part of the world on Thursday for a week driving around in a campervan! Will be dropping into Busso. Never been there before.
  7. skel

    Missing person - Work Colleague

    Just catching up. So sorry to hear this news Kieran. Heart breaking for everyone. 😥
  8. https://www.cairnsmarathon.com.au/ Pacers are needed for both the half and full..... 3 days, 5 distances.
  9. skel

    The Mental Health thread

    No change. Grandad still in hospital. Tonight, he kept the knife from his dinner and threatened a staff member..... 😢 Trying to get the power of attorney’s (my uncle and Aunty) to give consent to the hospital so I can contact, access info and talk with social work.
  10. skel

    The Mental Health thread

    My grandad recently moved into aged care, around two months ago. We did a dash to Melb to see him at the time when he just moved in. He slowly started eating, socialising etc. Over the past few weeks he has been experiencing increasing periods of paranoia. Baracading his room, yelling at staff, lying on the floor hiding. This week, he was saying people were tying to poison him with acid and the government was out to get him. Ringing everyone mltiple times and at all hours. Today, my mum rings, he was escorted by police to hospital after assaulting two staff. He had a small growth in his brain, MRI about four months ago. But this was told nothing to worry about. Now we are all wondering. No one seems to share information. He is currently at the ED and has been sedated. Had an initial reaction of severely decreasing HR, BP. Everyone is exhausted. A DNR has been agreed on. A 91 year old should not be waiting for a bed in a psych ward....or whether the first bed is. My mum is a few hours away from my grandad. One brother and sister and within 20 min. My mum had shoulder surgery a few years ago and found out yesterday afternoon that has another full tear in the same shoulder. Surgery is recommended....which she is dead against. After she got home, she had a fall off the step. She lives alone. I then rang my dad. He tells me that my sister rang him (which she very seldom does, and only when she wants something). She wanted him to travel to Melb, from BNE to talk to my niece as she is now seeing ghost and my sisters dead house. My dad is quite incapacitated, but my sister couldn’t care less. My niece had one round of in ward psych treatment last year, ice related and apparently a one off. My sister / niece don’t even know about my grandad....they both live within one hour away and hasn’t visited. Just another day....
  11. Me have no pets, just borrow everyone else’s. Meet Zuri, a very cute smoochy Burmese. She comes for holidays every few months. And then meet Bella, our complex Labrador. We walk her a few times a week.
  12. skel

    Petrol Prices

    WHAT - where do you live............that is more like Thursday Island prices.
  13. skel

    Petrol Prices

    Wow, also 1.69 in Cairns (1.55 at the cheaper place, which always has a queue out on the road). That's why I started to ride to work (and I only have a 22km roundtrip). Will let you know what Cooktown is tomorrow......
  14. skel

    What training did you do today...

    Rode 11km to work - and didn't fall off! 7km on bike path and then 4km on road with traffic.....certainly not setting any speed records but after 6 years it felt good. I noticed that cars give more space now than when I last rode.