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  1. skel

    The Mental Health thread

    Not sure how I am feeling now. Yep, another happy Christmas, not. My partner and I have been together for just over 7 years. It has had it ups and downs, with him cheating on me for a period (with someone I knew….). I made the decision to continue in the relationship. When we travel and or are with family (which is not very often – mine are interstate and his overseas) the times are good and their are lots of laughs. At home, we don’t communicate very well with each other. He has been trying to gain employment for over 18 months (after previously being in Government for 9 years). He drives rideshare, but the money and hour are crap. We have tried everything to get back into Government, he has been shortlist, meritorious on most but never successful. I have encouraged him to look at non-government (but a short stint at an employment agency was awful for him, constantly being abused, sworn at…) or even look at retraining through TAFE. His motivation and confidence are completely gone, and he is stuck that government is the only option (so only applies for 2-3 jobs a month). He is travelling back to see family in March for 3 months, and I got upset on Christmas day as he is travelling before his birthday and won’t be here (but he didn’t tell me before telling the). I know it is petty, but I have no family (or children) and I like spending this time together. My mouth opened before I thought and there went Christmas day. I am finding it a big challenge to keep motivating him, encouraging him and completely covering the house myself (yes is mine and I cover all the bills, but an offer to help when things break would be nice). We keep saying mean things to each other; I admit and say I am sorry, but I can’t stop (and I can admit that – I am not a bad person, I get emotional and he doesn’t like that). He says things as well and then says he didn’t say it or tells me to stop putting words in my mouth. After 7 years, and a decision to not have children by him, now leaves me too old to have children (that makes me sad) and the likelihood of being on my own (that I am not worried about). Yet another fight, and he has gone to the gym. He’ll come home and eat in front on the computer all afternoon, or sleep. We can’t even seem to be at the same table. My granddad is unwell (as I have spoken about on here) and both my mum and dad (not together - struggle to meet day to day living - so I feel that pressure as well, more for my dad at he moment). Just needing to vent a little. I finally have no more tears to cry and I think I have finally run out of puff to even argue anymore. Would like to find some peace in myself so I can better to and for those around me.
  2. skel

    What training did you do today...

    2km warm up / 3 x 1km (was aiming for 4:10 - did 4.01, 4.12 and 4.07) / 2km cool down. Pretty happy as have only been back with Jill's coaching for 5 weeks! Not bad after three months of only sporadic running :-) But check out the weather...........this seems to be the norm at moment. It is so thick in the air. Date/Time EST Temp °C App Temp °C Dew Point °C Rel Hum % Delta-T °C Wind Press QNH hPa Press MSL hPa Rain since 9am mm Dir Spd km/h Gust km/h Spd kts Gust kts 20/06:00am 26.7 32.0 24.9 90 1.3 N 6 7 3 4 1008.6 1008.5 3.2 20/05:30am 26.8 32.8 24.8 89 1.4 WNW 2 9 1 5 1008.2 1008.1 3.2
  3. skel

    Busso 2018

    We only did one visit, but did buy a number of boxes of dark chocolate...... The other one worth visiting is Gabriel, corner Caves and Quininup Road. Some seriously good dark. Just finishing the dark mint. The Vietnamese dark bean was the yummiest.
  4. skel

    Short and to the point.

    I did ‘other things’ after my last IM race in 2011. Never done a tri since. But still run, so sort of relevant. I still hang around here. Been hanging around here since around the year 2001. Don’t have much to offer, but enjoy the discussions and banter.....And have made many life friends. Welcome to the 13+ hour club 😁😁😁😁
  5. skel

    Busso 2018

    You think that's bad - wait til the beer mile
  6. skel

    Busso 2018

    Well done to all! :-) Especially to Sam. Kieran, Katz and Big Rig.
  7. skel

    Paul Sherwen R.I.P

    Super sad.
  8. skel

    What training did you do today...

    Survived the heat....... 🔥 Was the equal hottest days (2 in a row) ever recorded in Cairns..... 43.something. Slightly cooler today - 39!
  9. skel

    Help requested.....to fix my bike brakes

    THANK YOU......it worked. I thought you had to move both, in opposite directions. Anyway, it has freed up and is rideable again. Will try not to do anymore crash landings.......
  10. skel

    Help requested.....to fix my bike brakes

    Middle photo is the jammed side.
  11. Might have had a mini crash landing the other day......(rolling eyes). Bike nufty needs some advice to repair.....too far to ride to bike shop with jammed brake. My front brake jammed in the left side, and had to ride home with it jammed. It is a v brake system (I think that is what it is called). I recentred the wheel. No fix. Googled and found a video on turning the little screws on each side. But it is still on the rim. When I put the brake on the right side moves freely, not the left side. Ta
  12. skel

    Ipad - which one to buy

    I have both a mini, wifi only (personal) and the next size up for work (cellular). Had both for four years. No problems for either. I prefer the mini for transporting, lighter, and does everything I need. Took many photos through Europe. Use mainly for photos, spotify, email and Facebook. Hope this helps. 😁
  13. skel

    What training did you do today...

    Exciting......back running seriously again so can rejoin this thread....’may’ have entered my first stand alone marathon next April. Whipped put a solid 10.52km in 57.17min. Much faster than I thought I would be.
  14. skel

    Busso 2018

    Taken, Tuesday 13 November, 11.30am. 😁
  15. skel

    The Mental Health thread

    Hey FFF. Nothing to add to above. Only, just spent a week over in WA traveling in a camper van from Perth to Freo, Busso, Margaret a River, Augusta, to Cape Leeuwin-Naturaliste and (nearly) every dirt road leading to the coast. First time there, pretty special. We even ran the length of the Busso pier, nice and early in the morning, the head wind back was fun......lol. As someone who has done a few, and been a BOP, enjoy the day for what is. My advice, smile, have fun and smile a bit more. PS.....a photo I took....