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  1. skel

    Froomey banned from tour

  2. skel

    Microsoft Excel help

    Hello......my six monthly check in..... I am trying to gather together data for two sunsets of schools, 8 in one group and 9 in the other. The senior leadership want baseline data for each group. Some data is simply just adding and divding, as I can access raw number. Some data sets are in percentages for that school. Simple if it was just a single school. But one school may have 100 students, another 50. Is there a formula to work backwards to go from a percentage to a number. Once I have the raw numbers I can work out totals and graphs. So, 78% of 215, then 82% of 67 etc etc.
  3. skel


    Oh dear.......
  4. skel


    Gosh - it was a strange happening......
  5. skel

    Plastic bag ban.....

    Have done all three....and we live in an apartment. Compost in a twin tumbler, soft plastics to Coles and we have started newspaper wrapping this week. We also reuse glass wrap, as long as it has not been wrapped aronund meat. Not hard, just have to have a few more bins inside. Normal rubbish is far more reduced. Left over soap is soaked and becomes a bigger bar, and recently discovered shampoo and conditioner natural soap bars. Only had to use one take away coffee cup so far this year. Can be done, just a small change in thinking. 🤔😀
  6. skel

    What training did you do today?

    Last night session with the kids. !m warm up / 10 x 45 sec hill repeats / 1km back to oval / 1km FAST / 1km cool down. Hills just suck and those little kids are like goats......managed a 4.03min for 1km - better than I thought.
  7. skel

    What training did you do today?

    Hill repeats. 2km warm up / 5 x 45 sec / 5 x 30 secs / 5 x 15 secs / 2 km cool down
  8. skel

    Data and Running Shoes

    Good timing for me. I have been a long term Asics Kayano wear. Not sure why, but had always found them comfortable and maybe given my long distance history they suited. The never wore out (in term of the actual shoe) and I would change over every three months or so, and would alternate between two. The last two (both 24's) have been horrible. The material (upper) has change and wears out much quick (hole from toe). The whole feel of the shoe is different, it feels hard and less giving. Most disappointed as they cost a lot - was hoping it was just a one off, but the second par has confirmed it feels the same. Now I am moving into "sprint specialisation" (he he he) I am looking for another another option. Something light to race in and something reasonable to train in (running around 35km a week)...... So neve had to deal with changing shoe.....any advice much appreciated.
  9. skel

    What training did you do today?

    A lovely 12km, some parts, watching the sugar cane being cut. Living the dream. 😊🏃‍♂️
  10. skel

    What training did you do today?

    I ran 10.4km to work. Found it a bit chilly and leg muscles felt it today.
  11. skel

    The Mental Health thread

    Hey Roxii, just checking to see that both YOU and your son are doing okay today? Awful event for all involved. ❤️
  12. skel

    What training did you do today?

    Just for the record - that it cold!!!! (this was Monday, and Tuesday / Wednesday weren't much warmer!)
  13. skel

    Cairns 2018

    I know I am talking to those with common sense here....but....... We drove back from Cape Tribulation today. Saw around a dozen riders on the road from Palm Cove to Port D, all around midday to 1pm Please, please, please do not ride this section. Full size trucks, camper vans and caravans of all sizes do not work with bikes on such a narrow and busy road.
  14. skel

    The Mental Health thread

    Got the marshmallows I hope.......😁
  15. skel

    Greetings from Portugal

    Greetings from Japan, Saitama. Our own personal restaurant. 😀