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  1. skel


    I agree. How people live their lives is their choice. More......I am not "sensitbe" but a little kindness and less judgement could go along way at the moment. Imagine if that was your relative then being tarred and feathered by the public for their choice in x, y or.
  2. I am flying on Qatar next year. It was far cheaper to book the international leg separately from Syd to Kilamanjaro. Someone mentioned that you can connect the flights once you book the domestic flights. I have looked on their web page and searched the net. Does anyone have knowledge if this is possible? 🙄😁
  3. I sent an Express Post parcel from Cairns on Tuesday at 9.45am. It arrived in Ballarat on my mum's door step at 12 noon today, Wednesday. 😳😳 Normally express post takes 3 days. 🤣
  4. skel

    Busso 2019

    Sorry not laughing at your day.......just the sub 8 and 9. Have fun at the beer mile.
  5. skel

    Busso 2019

    Well done Katz. Any finish is super well deserved. ❤❤❤❤❤
  6. Hey G. You have really had me thinking for a few days on this question (in a good way). I don't know TBH. I think I have put up with it for so long it just felt normal. I was very surprised by the severity as per the MRI. While we were away we walked 5 to 12 km a day for 56 days and it was feeling aggrevated towards the end. So a 'head on 'impact with my knee (and face) didn't help. So lucky my front teeth didn't get knocked out. I never realised that the motor bike accident in 2002 altered my lower leg gait. Then I had nerve surgey on the same knee in 2007, also needed as a consequence of the accident. That was life changing......as I then did a few more IMs, ultra and really great last 3 years with my fabulous coach who had me running faster than ever ....so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I see it is something many of us a grappling with. In context of a bigger picture, it isn't so bad. It will take time to redefine myself from Mel the runner. I have started the work. I will add a time to time update in what training did you do today.....
  7. Had some bad news today....long story short. Had a fall in Singapore. Passed out while vomiting. Hit my knee and face. My face was the initial focus. Knee was getting worse. Bad time for long term physio's to leave town. So had MRI on Sunday. Many issues. But main one is that I have Grade 4 chondromalacia at the lateral patellar facet. In short have no cartridge left. There are many issues......impact from initial motor bike accident in 2002 which altered my lower leg and the way I ran. I have also had surgery on the right peroneal nerve at the knee leave. Knee cap has overtime shift right and upper. So, no space in between. Then the fall has impacted this by pushing it up and making it worse. 😪😪😪 Feeling very flat. It can recoup, but running is off the card for a while....if maybe never again. Lots of isues with very poor muscle tones etc. Have strict rehab to start working on Having to balance between walking in 15 years.....
  8. Hobbling around. Had a fall four weeks in Singapore. Decided to pass out and hit my right knee and face. Face was the initial focus. Have had physio and getting gp referral for MRI. Knee cap must have got a terrible whack and has pushed backward. The other 56 days away were brilliant. Walked between 5km and 12km a day. Was looking forward to coming back to start some running. Feeling annoyed, as this is my bad knee from my motor bike accident many years ago.
  9. Over the past 5 months, I had been quietly training for my first stand alone marathon. Have done 4 IM and 3 ultras, but never a stand-alone. So lots of seriously wet “wet season” running, dark starts (with support from Nick as my security), and many lonely hours. Three weeks ago I had to make the decision to pull back to the half marathon, as my hammy didn’t want to play the game. That decision was hard enough. With my physio and coach we reset, with a goal of a substantial PB (currently 1:45:29 from 2011). Today started perfectly, on track for 11km. Then the wheels fell off....massively. Hammy lost power, tummy was ugh. I am most shattered and disappointed about today. At the moment the effort just doesn’t seem worth it. And we finally had a break in the rain, but it decided to rain in and off, so high humidity to add to the fun. Ended up with 1.54.33.....not acceptable.
  10. 32km run in Ballarat, round and round the lake. A smidge over 3hrs. Just a little bit chillier than Cairns. 😁
  11. Was due to run 28km. Got to 26.2km and pulled the pin. Couldn’t even manage the walk / run thing. Was so hot and very humid when I left at 5.40am. Haven’t never felt so disheartened. Have struggled over the past few weeks. Working hard on good recovery, stretching, food, sleep. Just not hitting the mark in half the sessions. Not sure whether to persevere, only 6 weeks to go, or drop back to half marathon. Think I am too old for long stuff. 😞
  12. X100 Please talk with someone K. ❤️
  13. I have collected and exchanged 3500 bottles / cans since around mid December from our complex (for the 10c bottles for change). We are a 56 unit complex but I am collecting only from around 5-7 units currently - I am slightly surprised at how many cartoons are consumed. A few units are contributing a cartoon every few days. The biggest week was 19 cartons. And this does not include wine bottles. I look like an alcoholic when I take in between 12 and 19 cartons each week......... Note......all funds are being used for our unit community gardens and I contribute maybe 30c a week! 🙂
  14. I did 15.15hr in 2002......seems so long ago. 🥺
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