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  1. Scheduling strength training

    Sorry I snuck into your thread..... Learning together.
  2. Scheduling strength training

    I have been running with my coaches kids once a week for for the past 2 weeks. Planks, various (high, low, side) are done at most sessions I think. I just need to do more at home. I have ‘just good strength’ and flexibility, so think I need to add in lunge walks (slow), leg extensions, calf raises and hammy and glut strengthing (have itinerary of stretches and exercises for this, just need to do it)....not looking to smash out heavy set such squats.
  3. Scheduling strength training

    I have been pondering the same thing. I only run - coach had 5 sessions per week but I have asked for 4, given that it would allow me to do strength work in between and recover. Just never sure when to schedule it, either nearer long run or after hard speed work.
  4. Are you a meal prepper?

    Yes, prefer to over cook every 3 to 4 meals, then it does lunches and dinner. Tonight whipped up a nice saffron and mango chicken slow cooked in the clay targine.. Layered on sweet and normal potato and a tin of chick peas. Six pieces three meals. Last night was turkey mince bolognese, same deal. Two dinners and two single service lunches.
  5. Microsoft Excel help

    Sometimes the obvious is the answer - thank you everyone for your help. I now really do understand how to do VLOOKUP and ensuring documents are the right size. And I know the service is also super delighted with update and snazzy version! It will make it so much easier to track incoming referrals and actually run report on the volume of request!
  6. Microsoft Excel help

    Checked all the others aspects above. Nothing as listed. Have redone the clear all other cells and it has gone to 20MB - so getting a big better.
  7. Microsoft Excel help

    One more slight problem - the document size has now grown to 40MB. I have googled and worked through the options suggested, like clearing all the remaining cells in each worksheet (which reduced it from 128MB). There are only 5 worksheets, 3 with data (about 600 lines each, 30 columns) and the other two are data list only (very minimal). Only one of the worksheets has working formulas and is only set up for 500 rows. Would the VLOOKUP formula have added that much? There are two others formula in play - one for calculating age and start date for Prep.
  8. Microsoft Excel help

    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone! :-) Feeling pretty chuffed with myself......I just needed to remove the titles suburb / school
  9. Microsoft Excel help

    Thanks everyone!!! So I think I understand that I need to have suburb and school in a separate worksheet - this then links to "suburb" when entered in on the main spreadsheet..... For the purpose for this spreadsheet, simple suburb / school will work as feeder concept will be too complex (as many suburbs could go to one school). So.....this still didn't compute (but think I am getting closer) =VLOOKUP(I2,Sheet2!A1:B10,2,[FALSE]) (sheet 1) Column I = Suburb (as entered by the admin) on the main tracking spreadsheet (sheet 1) Column AD - where I want the school name to be populate (sheet 2) Suburb / school - column A/B (as per picture below) Do I have the first value wrong?
  10. Microsoft Excel help

    No - think I am missing something simple and just can't work it out. Amazingly, there is no one in our regional office who can help either.... I did change one thing in that it would 21 columns from column F where the data goes.....(column AD) Enjoying my first day back....lol. This is how it is set up at the moment, so if Mossman was typed in as the suburb, Mossman SS would be the catchment school. Are my list set up wrong?
  11. Microsoft Excel help

    That what I am now thinking. So if was to go back to my original idea, just aligning a generally suburb to school - will it work if I have Redlynch College and the suburb is just Redlynch. Thanks for your patience _ am googling and You Tubing at the same time too..... This is what I tried initially, but is comes up with an error =VLOOKUP(I2,Sheet3!F2:F140,30,[FALSE]) Being: i2 - suburb manually entered sheet 3 F2:F140 - is the lookup list 30 - column number where to enter outcomes FALSE as want an 'exact match'
  12. Microsoft Excel help

    Yes - but not that specific (just suburbs and a list of schools) - not sure how to set up a list that would be that specific to be incorporated into a formula That type of list be much better as various suburbs do feed into one school!
  13. Microsoft Excel help

    Okay - have been googling and playing around (as really do want to learn how to enter formulas) and come up with the following - but it is saying it is either too short or something with symbols. I am wondering if this is due to the suburb not matching the school exactly - suburb would be just Redlynch or Freshwater - but school will actually be Redlynch College or Freshwater Primary School....... =VLOOKUP(I2,Sheet3!F2:F140,30,[FALSE]) I2 - suburb sheet 3 F2:F140 - is the lookup list 30 - column number where to enter outcomes FALSE as EXACT
  14. Microsoft Excel help

    Back into work for 2018. Excel question – I have set up a spreadsheet for an early development service and I need to make another small change for the new school year. In the main worksheet there are multiple columns – including proposed school (the list of schools is a drop down option with this list of school names in a hidden another worksheet – so admin just scroll through the drop down list and select). We want to keep this the same. The change I need to make is to add in another column ‘catchment school’ – however we would like this to automatically fill in with the school name that aligns to suburb name (main worksheet) where the family lives. So when admin fill in suburb (column I) catchment school (column AD) auto populates from the list on a second worksheet (column F rows 2 to 140) So, if child lives in Redlynch, how can I set a formula to scan the existing list of 130 schools and auto populate with Redlynch College Thanks in advance
  15. 2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Running.....Some carry over from 2017. 1) 5km in 19.59. Started 2017 at 22.07 and ended the year, well October, at 20.51 2) 1500m in under PB time.....did one race in 2017 in 5.48 and loved it. 3) Smash a 1km pb, currently 3.53 3) 10km in under 45....got to 45.41 in 2017 Work.... 1) Keep making a difference in little people’s lives by getting schools and early years services to work better together. 2) Finish my essay and hopefully achieve a distinction......and not lose it again. Consider using this credit to enrol in my Masters. Other... 1) Keep growing veggies 2) Remember to use a keep coffee cup, if needing take away, otherwise dine in. 3) Finish my craft project I started in 2017. And with Cat Lady, get back to my knitting. 4) Connect with some long lost friends.....well...make proper contact not FB contact. That will do.