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  1. You beat me to it. And Eric Abetz was high 60's for the yes too.
  2. road id - really should wear it

    Always wear mine running and sometimes during the day, probably a good idea when I do long work drives. Love that it fits little wrists, looks nice and is pink.
  3. How u ever volunteered at an IM

    Me too. Was not long after my motor bike accident and was asked to help out. Was longest day ever......and I have run a 16hr IM race. Was the only one in the women's tent trying to warm up people, pack bags, bike and run transitions, food, send people to medical. Did everything, just about. Agree, that the vols saved that day big time.
  4. Short man syndrome.

    Don't underestimate a "small women"........ If that doors needs to be opened, I will open it. Small does not equal weak........yep and better watch those nuts.....ankles.....knees.....
  5. The Mental Health thread

    Katz.....your inbox is full.
  6. Kona race day thread

    My mate Adnrew is due in the HC class in around 25 minutes. Second fasted HC spilt of the day.
  7. The Mental Health thread

    Welcome back Katz. Was wondering how your were going. Am happy to help anyway with your uni, can help to read over assignments for you (not sure what you are studying.....lol) and be a 'mentor'.
  8. Kona race day thread

  9. Kona race day thread

    Sing out to my mate Andrew Jamieson, racing the para category. Andrew has guts and determination. Did the swim in 1:47. Number 149 https://www.tropicnow.com.au/2017/september/27/iron-will-puts-cairns-para-athlete-on-track-to-tackle-kona-event.html
  10. Your best concert memorabilia........

    OMG.....I had such a crush on him during my teen years (yes, I am that old). Seen him a few times on to over the past years. I wonder what was I thinking.......he hasn't changed.
  11. Compression Leggings

    Got both. Skins (200 version, not the 400) a little thinner. 2XU thinker, and I prefer these for recovery.
  12. Your best concert memorabilia........

    Plus a few others, but can't tell you what exactly!!!!
  13. Picked this up last night. Signed, limited edition - all monies to save the reef. $50. Measures about 60 X 40cm. Will look awesome framed!!! Plus also managed to get a song list from the sound guy...... Great night.
  14. What training did you do today?

    Lol.......No love my trophy. Just my run time. But I have been reflecting to afternoon and remember that it is a privilege for me to be still running and everything I do is a blessing. Just love achieving that next level of better.