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  1. What training did you do today?

    Today was 3 x1km (goal 4:10) and 5 x 200m. Ran (in order) 4:10, 3:59, 3:52 --> (a new PB for 1km - previous was 3:55). Felt like road runner today - meep meep
  2. Run coaching groups. The new "thing" ?

    I have been with a run coach for just under two years. Currently running five times a week, mostly around 35-42km a week. Last year was getting to Bruny ultra, 64km. Smashed it out in just under 7 hours. This year the focus is purely on 5 and 10km. Programs are tweaked according to what my goals are, so not a stock standard running program given to a group. Her kids running group are smashing it out, with teens running at Australian, State and International level. Even adults, mums, achieving things they never thought they would. Jill is super is aporachable, fun, makes you believe and 'stretches' you to achieve. Then when you achieve, she stretches you a bit more. Most training session I am in awe of what I have run, esp given my age. I am running better and smarter than ever, some niggles but nothing that is stopping me. I am better with drills / warm up and stretching / recovery. I have been hitting PB's most of this year in 5km (now down to 20.51) and 10km (45:41). Running sprints, hills, longish (up to 15km) and only one just run it session. My longer runs are now around the 5min or just over per km pace. I used to run most mid to longer sessions at 5:45. 5:30 would have been an effort. Most of my 500m sprints were under 2 min on Tuesday. Today, it was an 11km, with 4:30 pace for kms 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10. Hit the mark and 10km in 48.12. Got a 10km race my weekend and then hoping to get back to Parkrun to give the PB another crack. I have enough programs to do it on my own, but I love coming home after a awesome session and sharing it with her. Just my two cents.
  3. One tough chick

    Hard core - hope she recovers well.
  4. What training did you do today?

    First rains in Cairns is such a long time. Nice chance for a wet cool session. 2km warm up and 2km cool down. Main set was 2x(4 X 500m). Goal was 2:05 to 2:10. Six under 2min and two just over, range 7 seconds.
  5. Tea

    Daintree. Grown and processed onsite up in Daintree. A lovely tea. Not bitter or too strong.
  6. What training did you do today?

    12km in 1.00.24. Training run. Pretty chuffed. Been struggling a little since Townsville 10km. Preparing for 10km race a 3 weeks.
  7. Learning another language online/app

    If you are a member of your local library (if not go join up), you can access the Mango languages app with 71 languages (including pirate) ready to learn. All free. Far better than apps for single languages that you download but have to pay for the more advanced levels. You can access the app through I-tunes, but membership gives you the access into the program. http://info.mangolanguages.com/public-library
  8. In the news thread.

    Watched it too. Very scary. Hard for me to watch Grenfell Towers footage. I had a third cousin who passed away. She lived in in the 14th floor. Her coronial inquest opened a few weeks ago, and like so many others, her 'DNA' was located on the 23rd floor. There were three victims whose inquests also opened on the same day, all located on the 23rd floor. I cannot fathom that absolute horror for those huddled together and being in that situation. I have been so nervous when staying very, very high rise accomodation in BNE over the past month.
  9. Delly Carr

    Far out........that is heart breaking news to hear. Delly, wishing you a most speedy and full recovery.
  10. Riding in Port Douglas - reasonable?

    No go at that time of the year. Maybe north instead. The road will still be busy but not as much as PD to Cairns. Also The roads north are straight. About 15km to Mossman and again to Daintree, but you can also go off the main road to Wonga Beach and Cooya Beach. Still roads, but much quieter 😊
  11. Uber v Cabbies

    Use taxis through work. Arrived in BNE on Monday, three of us, two locations (within half block of each other)......driver had absolutely no idea where Albert street, or any other street was in the CBD. Not real good.....
  12. Ironman in Victoria

    Lol....I was there too.. That was an 'interesting' race. As a vol, I was just interested in getting the athletes to have the best experience in a bad situation.
  13. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Something to for me aim for then........lol.
  14. What training did you do today?

    Brag time...... Ran in the 10km at Townsville yesterday. Was not happy with time and course always seems to be long (clicked over 280m beyond 10km, and was consistent amongst others too). Was personally unhappy with my effort, ran 46:57 (45:40 at my 10km mark which would have been 1 sec pb). Pacing was awful and felt cooked from 7km mark. Hammy was giving me some problems as I felt a lose of power when attempting to pick up pace. Blah blah blah........ Though I had come 8th in age group so didn't hang around. HOWEVER Finally found online link to result this morning, and I came 2nd in 40-49 age group. 8th female overall. 41st overall out of 597. Okay, feels a little better now.
  15. Running Shorts

    My partner loves their products. He bought another new pair on weekend, lycra lining with running short on top. new version is lighter material on outer, which is better for warmer climates. Women's lulu stuff - not overly fussed with. Tops are too big for me (being a smaller frame). Under Armour for top / skins or 2XU for shorts for me.