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  1. ricky

    Free cycling kit

    Mate I'd love any of the xl stuff if still available. Cheers
  2. ricky

    3 day race in 2017

    Any suggestions where to stay in Jervis Bay?
  3. ricky

    3 day race in 2017

    I have read about a race later in the year which is over three days with a swim one day, ride the next and run. Each discipline is over ironman length - anyone have a link to it? Cheers
  4. I think the deal is that when we all started ironman many years ago the costs were more affordable. Race entry pushing the best part of 1k. I think it makes people think especially if they have to justify that in relation to other costs. This isnt a critiscm of the cost of ironman as I know they have costs that have increased as well. Look at golf - how many people don't do that any more?
  5. Is ironman losing its interest with punters? While i love the race it's a large financial committment - IMWA for example - will cost me the same as a trip to Europe. It's a choice you have to make - holiday or race? On top of that the training takes you away from family for a long time.
  6. Forster 93, 94, 94, 96, 97, 98 Busso 07, 08, 09, 10 Port 08, 09 10
  7. Looking to buy some bar end shifters to put on a new set up for my son. Anybody have something they want to sell? Cheers
  8. thanks - silly question but in which sector are transition times included i.e when does bike time actually start stop in results? Is the swim/run transition included in bike time?
  9. Anyone know where I could find results online for Busselton Ironman 2008?
  10. My young fella (14 and a half) has just started running and gets some severe stitch. He's a fit young bloke and swims, mountain bikes, plays basketball with no such problems. I'm thinking that he needs to get some more specificity of training and it will stop. Any thoughts from those more knowledge than me?
  11. ricky

    WTB Wetsuit

    looking to buy a wetsuit for my son who is keen to start doing some tri's. He is 14 weighs 68 kgs and is 6 foot 1 and a half. Anyone have something they would be wiling to sell?
  12. Looking for a 29er mountain bike frame. My 13 year old wants to build a bike for a school project. He is currently sidelined with a dislocation/fracture of AC joint and he needs a project to keep him busy until he can ride again.
  13. Mate ill still take both PM me for details
  14. Mate if see are either 10.5 or 11 us size ill buy both. Let me know. Cheers
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