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  1. Have to agree Mick,i do about 90% of my rides on the M7.Like Charlesn said just do 1 or 2 laps and smash yourself,i think the M7 is good prep for Port.Just sayin!
  2. Nice story with a happy ending!
  3. Great watch,pretty impressive athlete as well
  4. Jesus Ratty no wonder the snake was having a go,you keep belting it with the camera!!!!!
  5. powdo

    OT saving lives

    Gave some plasma after ironman,first time for a long time too.Pretty hard to find a spare hour sometimes
  6. I'm in for no.3 thanks to no.2 son
  7. Me to Turtle,bought a new wettie a week before and had no probs during the race.Cheers Powdo
  8. Yes it is for Port guy's,but have decided to get a new Wettie anyway.(a little b'day pressie from the family)But i'll try and get it repaired just the same.Thanks again everyone
  9. Thanks tortoise and yarraga will check them out.Cheers Powdo
  10. Hi everyone tore a hole in the arm of my wettie last night while taking it off and need to get it repaired quick smart,can someone point me in the right direction. Or if i can't get it repaired if you can tell me where i can get a new one.(at reasonable price that is)Thanks in advance.Cheers Powdo
  11. powdo

    Husky Roll Call 2013

    I'm out knee is farked,hopefully it comes good by May
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