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    Amazon. What the?

    Of course you do.
  2. oldave

    Work stuff ups.

    I did furniture removals for a bit. I got a job moving a fridge, turns out is was for a lady belonging to a bikies club. The fridge wouldn't go up the stair with the door on, as I unbolted the door I heard the inner bolts drop in the inside with no way to get at the. Told the moll I was going to get specialist tools to put the door back on. She knew I was shady but I was shit scared she was going a few of the boys to give me an incentive to get door back on.
  3. oldave

    Work stuff ups.

    I dropped a $6000 musical organ off a forklift in the early 70s. I panicked and hid the crushed crate behind a bunch of others. Never got found out.
  4. oldave

    Australian Music

    Someone will emerge, I was a teen in the late 60s and never thought anyone would replace the Twilights, Loved Ones, Groop etc or the TV shows like the Go Show, Kommotion (Molly Meldrum was a go go dancer dancing to the overseas hits), Bandstand etc.
  5. oldave

    The Politics Thread

    Makes me sick to my stomach, I don't know what's worse, BJ's statement on if he's the father or the press for publishing the story. I mean how low and slimy is this going to get?
  6. I've ignored the hype, never watched the shows, couldn't care less. But when I open the news all I see is about one of them is loosing his dick. Seriously, is this a first world issue? And as for the big arsed females, why are they considered attractive? I like my women proportionate ,not with an arse the size of Sydney.
  7. oldave

    Big computer monitor split screen

    Check this out: https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2018/02/chrome-os-canary-delivers-split-screen-goodness/
  8. oldave

    hong kong - stuff to do

    You can buy a genuine Rolex on every street corner fro a very nice man
  9. oldave

    Cervelo P3C 2010?

    For sale is the above including Zipp 404s, original wheels and a Zipp bike bag. $2500 ONO. Not used for a couple of years. Health issues force sale. Located on Brisbane northside. Can send pics if required
  10. oldave

    Cervelo P3C 2010?

    Price dropped to $1500.00 ONO
  11. oldave

    Cervelo P3C 2010?

    Thanks, I really didn't have a clue
  12. oldave

    Short man syndrome.

    Seriously thinking that someone's height has anything with temperament.
  13. oldave

    Short man syndrome.

    Same as blondes are dumb, redheads are angry, asians are greedy, blacks are stupid. You're a fool
  14. oldave

    Short man syndrome.

    Depends, does being a female, left handed, black, Muslim, red headed or gay make a difference?
  15. oldave

    Drug & Alcohol Tests

    I worked with Queensland police, they have a comprehensive testing regime Most other state police forces have the same.
  16. oldave

    The Politics Thread

    Prolly with the Minister for Spending
  17. So the source of my pain has been identified to the above. No triathlon for me for a while I guess. Anyone had this? On another note I've discover opiates for pain relief
  18. So after multi MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds etc the specialist recommended a cortisone injection into the hips. first day in ages with little pain but no running. Looks like teams for me, now who want's to race with me?
  19. oldave

    Drug & Alcohol Tests

    Running a tap or background music sometimes helps those with a shy bladder
  20. oldave

    Bladerunner 2049

    I saw it yesterday as well, it was definitely a BR sequel, scenery, music etc but I don't think i'd watch it again. It was too long and every 10 minutes someone had tears in their eyes (eyeroll here).
  21. oldave

    there's something wrong with me

    So I've just started running again after an 18 month layoff. I've got a right ITB issue so i warm up/down to avoid further injury. Bugger me but my right quad is now giving me all sorts of pain, bad enough to keep me awake at night. So I wents to the sports doctor who sent me for x-rays, ultrasounds and mris, nada. Next step is an injection to see if the pain subsides. I'm currently taking oxycodone which scares me to death as I've seen so many get addicted to the stuff. Got it from my regular GP, I didn't realise how easy it was to get. I'm also taking panadine during the day. The wife works in addictions so she's keeping an eye on me addict wise. Anyone got any suggestions, the sports doc honestly hasn't a clue what's causing it and is thinking second opinion. I can't get the injection for a fortnight and don't wants to wait in pain that long. So what would doctors know, an informed forum like this surely knows the answer.