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  1. Cervelo P3C 2010?

    Price dropped to $1500.00 ONO
  2. Cervelo P3C 2010?

    Thanks, I really didn't have a clue
  3. Cervelo P3C 2010?

    For sale is the above including Zipp 404s, original wheels and a Zipp bike bag. $2500 ONO. Not used for a couple of years. Health issues force sale. Located on Brisbane northside. Can send pics if required
  4. Short man syndrome.

  5. Short man syndrome.

    Seriously thinking that someone's height has anything with temperament.
  6. Short man syndrome.

    Same as blondes are dumb, redheads are angry, asians are greedy, blacks are stupid. You're a fool
  7. Short man syndrome.

    Depends, does being a female, left handed, black, Muslim, red headed or gay make a difference?
  8. ageing- from serious stick insect to mammil

    Or 60.....
  9. Drug & Alcohol Tests

    I worked with Queensland police, they have a comprehensive testing regime Most other state police forces have the same.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Prolly with the Minister for Spending
  11. So after multi MRIs, X-rays, ultrasounds etc the specialist recommended a cortisone injection into the hips. first day in ages with little pain but no running. Looks like teams for me, now who want's to race with me?
  12. Drug & Alcohol Tests

    Running a tap or background music sometimes helps those with a shy bladder
  13. Bladerunner 2049

    I saw it yesterday as well, it was definitely a BR sequel, scenery, music etc but I don't think i'd watch it again. It was too long and every 10 minutes someone had tears in their eyes (eyeroll here).