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  1. You're rushing it and trying to be a hero. I was on 40mg Targin initially because I needed it for the pain but have gradually reduced (under the doc) to 10s; seeing my doc tomorrow to reduce to 5s and then off altogether. So what if you crash in the arvo, it won't kill you. I never had any side effects until I started to reduce with aches and pains but nothing two panadol didn't remedy. I had poor mobility initially; crutches, poor sleeping and sitting positions but improved over time. Bowels are great now. Being a great triathlete is knowing when to rest when fatigued or injured, this is no different. Stop being a workaholic and pushing what can't be pushed. Take your meds as prescribed, listen to your wife and medical professionals and do when and what's expected of you. You have a really poor attitude to treatment and recovery, I wouldn't want to be in any team with you.
  2. Bit of an update; about 4 months out from the op and other than the scar I wouldn't know i had a hip replacement, full mobility ( haven't tried running and not about to) . I've been gradually reducing the Targin over the past few months and about to drop off completely. A few aches and pains with that, I can understand why heroin addicts find it so hard to quit. Bowels are better for it as well.
  3. Do they eat gels like us?
  4. Hi Roxie, Eight weeks since the op and going very well. Had it a public hospital, the quality of everything was 100%. The second day was a challenge; the first 24 I was still under the effects of the anaesthetic but after that I felt really low, pain was kept mostly at bay by the short term opioids. Out of hospital after 3 days. Pain and stiffness was my companion for the next few weeks but I've gradually returned to full mobility, no pain meds except Targin and slowly reducing from that. Now I don't know what I was whinging about. Re triathlons I've signed up to do a small team one at Bribie, I'll do the swim and bike and a mate will do the run. I just couldn't accept that I'd never do one again, training for a race keeps me sane. Any questions just holler.
  5. The positive was 2 days before he acted as a guide?
  6. Doping in a sprint race yet still came second, he can't even dope properly, what a tool.
  7. I'm going to have hip replacement surgery next Thursday and most of the docs I've spoken to do not recommend running afterwards. I don't like the idea of not being able to run again as I love running (and triathlon), been doing it most of my life (I'm 65). Anyone had the surgery and still runs? The main argument against running seems to be that I'll wear out the replacement prematurely and need another op. That doesn't worry me.
  8. The average woman's waist is 26" around, the average man's arm is 26" long.
  9. I had a problem with the grog, gave it up completely at 34 (30+ years ago). It cost me almost everything.
  10. That's what you got out of my post? Of course I would
  11. My two girls got cars as soon as they could. Why, the oldest one (17 at the time) and her then boyfriend got attacked by four dark skinned girls at a Brisbane public train station, no way I was going to let them catch public transport again. They got mobiles for safety reasons as well. The poor boyfriend had been brought up not to hit women so froze not knowing what to do even when the daughter was wrestling on the platform close to the edge with a train coming. True story.
  12. All they want to do is sell you their product to get commission. Talked to one lately just wanting basic advice and he wanted to sign me up for over 3 grand for stuff I don't need.
  13. I did furniture removals for a bit. I got a job moving a fridge, turns out is was for a lady belonging to a bikies club. The fridge wouldn't go up the stair with the door on, as I unbolted the door I heard the inner bolts drop in the inside with no way to get at the. Told the moll I was going to get specialist tools to put the door back on. She knew I was shady but I was shit scared she was going a few of the boys to give me an incentive to get door back on.
  14. I dropped a $6000 musical organ off a forklift in the early 70s. I panicked and hid the crushed crate behind a bunch of others. Never got found out.
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