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  1. What a shock! Is it really true? Really feel for Ally and all the family.
  2. Diane

    Is this Paul Every

    Maybe, if Waldo shaved his legs...
  3. Thanks guys. Very much appreciated. Flanny, it was great to see you out there, but we missed having you on the finish line
  4. Hi guys, Paul left his wetsuit in Port Macquarie and we are now back in Sydney. Just wondering if there might be some kind soul who is still holidaying and travelling to Sydney later that could pick it up and bring it back with them? Fingers crossed!
  5. "Paul Every - He used to have a plywood bike case" ..... still does,
  6. I'm with you Steno! I reckon he'd be interested.
  7. Diane

    IM Tattoos

    You're such a name dropper Brick! Here 'tis C2K Tatt (We had nothiing to do to influence this decision whatsoever)
  8. Diane

    IM Withdrawal

    Is your accommodation now free?
  9. Diane

    Cyclone Yasi

    Hey Skel, I'm sure you're going to be fine. Keep a level head and be methodical about your preparations and your decisions. Don't know if you intent to stay or go, but if staying, a major clean up of the yard. Get lots of water, fill up the bath tub and all the containers you can find. Get the bathroom decked out with mattresses and blankets etc to ride out the storm. Tape up the windows and get some plywood ready to seal up the windows in the bathroom. Get batteries, candles, extra gas bottle for the BBQ, plenty of food and medical supplies. I'm not sure where you live, but this is a suggestion from a former resident : The safest structures if within 60km of the coast will be the steel framed, concrete clad structures such as modern motels and apartments that meet strict cyclone building standards, preferably on the 1st or 2nd floor of a 3 or 4 storey structure. Stay well away from windows and external doors, turn off the power at the mains. As the cyclone may track in different arcs as it heads to the coast leaving an evacuation to the north or south on the Bruce or Captain Cook Highways will be far too perilious once the system nears land. Need to basically head as far inland as possible if not planning to stay and do that many hours soon!! The roads heading west out of Cairns via Kuranda or Tablelands are very slow and winding as they go up over the range. Will only take one or two accidents to create a jam. Mt Isa could be a good spot to retreat. Also, consult with your local emergency services regarding advice on local emergency refuge locations, and look at the council storm surge maps online. Stay safe
  10. I'm with you FatPom. Not sure exactly who is being lobbied for by Sputnik, but do find Mark Davis and Jacqueline Maley account on August 3, 2010 in the Melbourne Age interesting reading (to me anyway). Considering we are all heading to the polls Saturday to cast our vote, I do like to know who my vote goes to in the Senate and what they stand for. I have to admit, I was not impressed with having to fill out that god-awful tablecloth in 1999 (I think) and know who came up with the idea. I've copied and pasted part of Mark& Jacqueline's article here for anyone who's inclined to read it.
  11. As Will said. It was the called the Trans Australia Foot Race (Perth-Adelaide-Melbourne-Eden-Canberra). Started in Perth on 5th January 2001 and the finish line was Canberra on 12th March 2001. There were 24 starters from across the globe. There were 14 finishers, Paul came 9th overall (2nd Australian) Both Paul and Bobby Brown ran extra bits to ensure they ran from coast to coast (Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean). Bobby made a dvd of the event. Even with the large distance covered, stages were very competitive and runners certainly did not just 'shuffle'. The winner Kruglikov averaged 14km/hr over the entire event. This is the longest distance I have ever crewed for.
  12. I'll out Paul. The furthest he has run in competition is 4500 km over 65 days. His marathon pb is 2:49
  13. I suspect Animal is just a muppet...
  14. Diane

    fezza update

    Wow! Fezza, what an amazing challenge. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you. None of us ever really know how we'd react to the kind of news you've had. Your attitude is inspirational. Have no regrets and never give up Diane & Paul
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