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  1. Eastbay. Best as shipping is good price
  2. When I consume too much protein the next day I feel sluggish because I not consumed enough carbohydrate. Carbohydrate should be the focus when training and protein when recovering. If you train during the day consume mainly carbohyrate with some protein and then recovery in your evening meal with protein from animal sources mainly if not vegtarian.
  3. Have been anaemic before. Had blood tests done every 2 weeks for 2 months. Went on liquid iron. Ate Kangaroo for Iron. Fodd combining is important too. Eat Red Meat with orange juice. Avoid eating any cheese or dairy when consuming high iron foods as calcium effects the absorption of iron. Breakfast eat strawberries with your cereal. Hope this helps
  4. Did anyone else not receive their race pack in the mail? I am doing my 7th Marathon for the year
  5. Anyone seen the latest footage/pictures of Chris McCormack? He is looking lean and mean for Kona. Possibly the leanest I have seen him for the world champs. Apparently has used short races in his preparation this year. SO this could be the year we see the Macca/Crowie showdown on the run.
  6. Double Runs are great. Try this one AM - Do long run 90mins to 2hrs PM - 30mins as 10mins Easy then 30sec Hard/30secs Easy 60sec Hard/60sec Easy 90secs Hard/90secs easy 60sec Hard/60sec Easy 30sec Hard/30secs Easy Cool Down to bring up 30mins This teaches you get your legs turning over when tired/fatigued
  7. I would like to say to anyone out who whinges about things that are trivial try doing what Shane Crawford just did (run from Adelaide to Melbourne) not for himself but to aid the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. I commend him on his effort. To put yourself through both the physical and pychological pain that he suffered is an inspiration to me and I would to propose to trannies/fitness addicts to dontate to the cause. Well Done Shane, have a well earned rest
  8. garwood3000

    Orca 226

  9. I would like to congratulate Joe Gambles on his victory at Ironman Wisconsin, his first Ironman. Time: 8:39 with a 2:54 marathon Great Effort from a guy from a small country town in Tasmania. Great to see him doing so well.
  10. Any Trannies would like to do the UPSTREAM CHALLENGE on November 13. It is a 50km Run/Walk from Docklands to Donvale raising money for a charity of your choice (from the charities listed) Individual and Team Events options I am aiming to complete it as a run as an Individual. Anyone keen to join me?
  11. Yes have had and found that doing the following helped with it. DOUBLE LEG CURL ON WAY UP - THEN SINGLE LEG ON THE DOWN USING A REASONABLY HEAVY WEIGHT. The theory behind this is the downward motion of control the weight helps stretch out the hamstring near the buttock, plus also increase stability and strength to what is a weak area. Walking lunges is also another way of strengthening the area. Myofascial release on the foam roller also assists with loosening up the area
  12. A 1kg drum cost 99.50 and free delivery. If you send me a message I can email a code for @ 20% discount to be used by October. My email address is garwood3000@yahoo.com.au, just send your name and your trannies name
  13. Ascend Sport Protein Recovey is great for after tough workouts, can mix with water or milk. I mix it in my porridge after morning sessions.
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