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  1. Lostkiwi

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Haven't they stopped doing the mugs? The dude that made them retired or something.
  2. Lostkiwi

    Is the ceepo old news?

    As you were. Delete!
  3. Lostkiwi

    Is the ceepo old news?

    I haven't seen this before. Is this old news?
  4. Lostkiwi

    Rouvy (a Zwift Alternative?)

    Fulgaz now has the full Kona course. Not sure about Rouvy.
  5. Bloody hell, that's a long time ago!
  6. I remember sending you a bike, but I don't remember which one! Was it the felt? I've bought tonnes of stuff based on this site; Infinit, fusion stuff, shoes, bike bits and pieces.
  7. Lostkiwi

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    Interesting! I had always known a round bottle on the down tube was bad, but didn't release how bad. Good food for thought in that article. Cheers Alex.
  8. Lostkiwi

    Anyone used this snorkel? Any good?

    Has anyone got an opinion on these; https://www.powerbreather.com.au/products/ameo-power-breather-lap Before I get slated for using a gimmick in the pool, I should tell you that I'll need to use some kind of snorkel for a while because I broke my C1 and have limited sideways movement in my neck at the moment. So, is this power breather better than a standard snorkel? Cheers
  9. Hi all, When out running, my fenix 3 will not stay on any other screen except for the first one. Fine for most runs, but when doing intervals etc the second screen with lap time etc is most useful. It stays on there for a minute or two then reverts back. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Scrolling is turned off. Cheers.
  10. Lostkiwi

    Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    I had a ten meter cable with repeater that worked fine. Appletv beta is much better though.... So simple.
  11. Lostkiwi

    Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    Got onto the beta. It is sooooooo good. No cables, no fing around. Just start pedaling. Remote works well, graphic quality is good. For me it's the perfect setup. Got a kickr and a stages though, so I guess I'm lucky with the Bluetooth aspect.
  12. Lostkiwi

    AP is selling his house....

    I don't understand how you talking about your own square meter in India is going to be relevant AP???? What the hell are you telling them???
  13. Lostkiwi

    AP is selling his house....

    I haven't been on here for a while, so delete if this has been mentioned, but on page 33 of the courier mail is a big picture of AP and his house. According to the paper 'Australian triathlon coach is selling his Hawaiian inspired fig tree pocket home.' It also goes on to say he is in India on a speaking tour??? Bloody hell, things have changed around the triathlon scene! That's you Saturday news update from Queensland!
  14. Lostkiwi

    IMOZ Race day thread

    So just to confirm, we can't get any tracking? Holy shit ironman is at a new low.
  15. Lostkiwi

    Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    That's why I sold them to you rog. I've had so many different models of hokas and they are the only pair that have done it. Hence moving on to the tracers. No problems with them, just a bit more minimal than the Claytons I think. Super comfy though!