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  1. Thanks Rimmer, I saw those. Just after standard 0 degree ones at this stage. There must be an option. Surely not everyone that rides a plasma rides them without spacers.
  2. No luck with getting a felt. Giving the Scott a go.
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can get 30mm of armrest risers from for a scott plasma aerobar? I've googled it pretty hard but I can't find anything. Unless it's just the standard profile design risers, which I don't thing it is. This bike;
  4. Is there an easy way to tell if a Wheelset can be converted to XDR for sram 12 speed? Is this conversion easy? Cheers!
  5. Anyone got a felt ia lying around not getting used? I'd prefer just the frameset, but open to a good deal on a full bike👍 Thanks.
  6. Giro Aether. Next generation MIPS. Moves in all directions. Expensive though.
  7. Lostkiwi

    Cervelo P5 2019

    Check tri trade..... Awesome weapon in Brisbane for sale.😁
  8. Sold.BMC TM01 TT weapon. $2800 Size M Short, UCI compliant frame. Ultegra 6800 di2 172.5mm cranks Carbon profile design base bar Full range of spacers for 'stem' and arm rests for ultimate adjustability, Custom H Plus Son training wheels Can throw in the pedals so you can ride away. Between arms bidon holder not included. Located Bunya, Brisbane. Inspections welcome.
  9. I've got one of those. Works well if you can get the earphones to seal properly. Also had the bone conducting ones. They were better, but not sure of their audio book playing prowess. So really just confirming everything above!
  10. Thanks for that. Unfortunately The watch had been removed from garmin connect, so it's not there. Cheers.
  11. That's it! Thanks!!! I went through 52 pages and must have missed it. Legend! 👍
  12. It looks like I'm going to have to factory reset my garmin fenix. It's lost all connection with garmin connect. Problem is I love this watch face and want it back after reset. It is only named as analogue on the watch. Does anyone know what this is called so I can search when I've reset it? Thanks!
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