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  1. Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    I had a ten meter cable with repeater that worked fine. Appletv beta is much better though.... So simple.
  2. Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    Got onto the beta. It is sooooooo good. No cables, no fing around. Just start pedaling. Remote works well, graphic quality is good. For me it's the perfect setup. Got a kickr and a stages though, so I guess I'm lucky with the Bluetooth aspect.
  3. AP is selling his house....

    I don't understand how you talking about your own square meter in India is going to be relevant AP???? What the hell are you telling them???
  4. AP is selling his house....

    I haven't been on here for a while, so delete if this has been mentioned, but on page 33 of the courier mail is a big picture of AP and his house. According to the paper 'Australian triathlon coach is selling his Hawaiian inspired fig tree pocket home.' It also goes on to say he is in India on a speaking tour??? Bloody hell, things have changed around the triathlon scene! That's you Saturday news update from Queensland!
  5. IMOZ Race day thread

    So just to confirm, we can't get any tracking? Holy shit ironman is at a new low.
  6. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    That's why I sold them to you rog. I've had so many different models of hokas and they are the only pair that have done it. Hence moving on to the tracers. No problems with them, just a bit more minimal than the Claytons I think. Super comfy though!
  7. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    That's like comparing apples with oranges. There is nothing mushy about the Clifton 3.
  8. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Replied. I'll give trinube a couple of days. I'm gutted the Claytons didn't work for me. They felt awesome for the first two km before the blisters started! Onto the tracers now which feel bloody speedy as well. Just think I might be pushing the boundaries running a marathon in them. The notion of hokas being a slow shoe are rubbish when you start wearing these models. Maybe the Bondi feels slow, but certainly not the more racey models. Maybe the new Claytons will move the arch back a bees dick and I'll be able to wear them.
  9. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    What size are you? I've got some 9k old Claytons I'd sell pretty cheap. 10.5 US. I've had about twenty pairs of hokas. The Claytons are the only ones ever to give me blisters.
  10. Fenix 5

  11. Fenix 5

    Can someone confirm the size of the 5 with the mapping is the same size as the current 3hr? Cheers
  12. MP3 Players for swimming - recommendations

    It's the ipod shuffle. I've got one as well. Does the trick nicely.
  13. 100 Ironman's in 100 days in Australia

    Do you mean the 3100 Miler? Nearly 100 km daily required for 52 days???
  14. 100 Ironman's in 100 days in Australia

    What would be harder Paul?
  15. IM Cairns bike course for Kickr?

    Hi, Does anyone know an app that has the IM bike course for cairns for the kickr? Would ideally like video. I see there is a couple in kinomap app, but I'm not sure if they are relevant? Thanks for your help!