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  1. Thanks, Jeff. I just sent them a booking request.
  2. JeffS, If still available I may take it. Let me know. Thanks Mark
  3. Be prepared for a long wait in the terminal with GO - or no-GO as we locals call them. Many a daily flight get cancelled. Good luck. May be quicker to paddle to Kona.
  4. From IM Live: "2:14 Craig Alexander must have either flatted or got a penalty - he's now 8:42 behind the race lead. A tough break for the two-time 70.3 world champion."
  5. Crowie is back in 25th...about 2+mins...Kienle is fast approaching to lead the bike.
  6. Parkside is right - Turtle Bay Resort (older hotel, but new condo options too) is nice. North Shore. Dining options will require a drive, assuming you do not wish to eat at the hotel for breakie, lunch and dinner. Maybe less kid-friendly than Ko Olina. Mark
  7. Consider going west young man...Ko Olina. About 40 mins drive west of airport. Seems to satisfy your preferences. www.koolina.com Large resort type development, with lots of hotel and dining options. 4 large protected sea ponds. A place to stay and relax There is also a new Disney hotel in the Ko Olina area - water slide, and kid stuff, if kids will be part of your "companions". Some good restaurants too...Roy's and Monkey Pod (Peter Merriman's) - Hawaii-Pacific cuisine - but not formal dressy (it is hawaii). Does this seem to fit? Let me do a bit more research and i will get back with you. Internet sucks here in Sydney. My elder 2 daughters have used up all of the monthly data, and have to wait for 2 more days until the speed gets back to usual pace.
  8. Hairy Legs

    Trainer Time

    I too am interested in answers to this - for the life of me, of all the time I spend on a trainer, stuffed if I could watch a YouTube clip, let alone a full-length movie. I listen to music (ear phones and iTunes) only. During interval efforts I will be lucky to recall the name of the current song...
  9. Maybe a photo of How about you do the Undies Run...hairy and all...second thoughts, maybe not :-)
  10. That is a pretty accurate summary, in my experience.
  11. Nice. Thanks for posting this.
  12. Peeing on the bike won't warm the Pinarello...but don't do it whilst on your Kick'r :-)
  13. And FYI - Around Oahu Bike Race (renamed Dick Evans Memorial Road Race) is this Sunday, and Waikiki Roughwater swim is the following day - Monday.
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