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  1. chris

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    Paul hope you like the 28c today sorry but the rain is here now
  2. chris

    Perth. Racing, training, etc?

    Is it really 3 years since you were at kewdale racing vets
  3. chris

    PerfproStudio anyone?

    You can do that with a Garmin Also I think
  4. chris

    What's Perth or WA like to Live in general?

    Hey paul been here 12 years now. No going back. Commuting on the bike is easy and pretty safe lots of psp. The coast is siowe close and ocean swim no issues. If if you don't like sharks go to sorento beach it has a big shark net if your working at the zoo it's close to the bike path on the river ps I too live north and rarely go over the narrows
  5. 11,090 kms on the bike thats all
  6. chris

    Your 'hardest' race?

    I have to say right. Ow Sunday's etape would be up the 202km with 4000 metres of climbing
  7. chris

    End of the financial year today

    Yep was at lunch most of The afternoon, now time for accountant's holidays . july is our quietest time of the year
  8. chris

    2017 Tour de France

    Off on Thursday , etape on the 16th. excited
  9. who cares who does the commentary. I have to listen to it in french. Will be there as normal
  10. chris

    Garmin, kickr & trainer road

    you can either connect the Garmin to the Kickr or sync your trainer road software to Garmin connect, That's what i do
  11. chris

    Front Light - How many lumens

    Just bought some 1500 lumens for 180 bucks, serfas excellent value
  12. chris

    Housing Bubble thread.

    yes there is a high proportion of ownership in AU
  13. chris

    TV Shows

    best show on TV right now. Also get on to Power
  14. chris

    Tour Down Under

    Just rode up to lofty. Cracking morning
  15. 11,800km cycling. just short of 12k