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  1. It’s pretty common to not pay sg, all you can hope for is an sg audit and that way you will get a voucher for unpaid contributions that you can give to your fund. Make a complaint to ato however if it sends your employer to the wall the. You may have no job and then no one really wins
  2. More than just a few with dr Singh lots of c graders became very lean a graders very quickly 😎🚴‍♂️
  3. chris

    Formula One 2019

    Who turns right on an international flight these days 😎
  4. I fly business class 👍 we get 40kg never an issue with weight
  5. I hired a Scott road bike back in 2007 from a car hire joint near the train station was ok for a few days. I always take my own now. Make sure you ride to eze and across to Monte Carlo
  6. chris

    Awesome Sports doco

    Just saw the interview with lance, he called it a scary movie
  7. Is this the david kerish memorial race
  8. chris

    L’Etape 2018

    The real one not until July is it, 😎
  9. I just bought and Giant XTC advanced - its a 29er goes ok I think the RRP is less than 3k AUD
  10. chris

    c02 on planes?

    We took them on last year to Adelaide. Just show them at checkin it's now all good. we got an email from Qantas in January before the tdu
  11. Someone was watching billions
  12. Paul hope you like the 28c today sorry but the rain is here now
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