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  1. It’s very good, did not expect that at all
  2. Maybe it’s not worth insuring as they would pay you the depreciation value so if it’s 10 years old then it’s worth less than the premium I suspect
  3. chris

    WTB XS Mountain bike

    I have on that will be on the market next week, Giant xtc with 27.5 plus and slx gears want around 2800 for it
  4. i am fan of lance again, his podcasts on youtube are very good, and the move with hincappie is 10/10
  5. Mine came today, very compact package will be great to take away on a cycling holiday. used it today for first time, my back feels better for sure,
  6. Mike is a mate of Mine and he was really sick at the time he was seeing the dr. He is doing really well now.
  7. Just ordered one, hope it works
  8. chris


    It’s about a 1 out of 10 3 hrs of my life I will never get back
  9. rob was taking beta blockers they slowed his heart rate down
  10. Wow this brings up memories, rob died not Long after this still miss him
  11. It’s looking looking very nasty out there now, I am 5k from base of climb
  12. I have a vip breakfast at the start in Nîmes tomorrow
  13. I am here now been to 2 stages one in Toulouse and th other went past our hotel, We are at the base of the Tourmalet, it still watched on tv if you like long long days it ok, we just come to ride our bikes and enjoy France
  14. They interviewed his team on veloclub in French tv, they have no idea
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