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  1. I have a vip breakfast at the start in Nîmes tomorrow
  2. I am here now been to 2 stages one in Toulouse and th other went past our hotel, We are at the base of the Tourmalet, it still watched on tv if you like long long days it ok, we just come to ride our bikes and enjoy France
  3. They interviewed his team on veloclub in French tv, they have no idea
  4. chris

    TV Shows

    Just watched the first episode of the loudest voice. Russell Crowe is intense
  5. chris

    Pro-Cycling Chat

    Do what I do to avoid the late nights, go there is anyone one heading to the tour this year. I am going over on the 10th
  6. Are you talking about dr sing who ducked up cycling in Perth
  7. chris

    Froome GONE

    Cool will be there on the 11th
  8. chris

    Froome GONE

    wiggins i think you may mean GT, wiggo is a little over weight now to ride the tour, he may be on the eurosport sofa though
  9. chris

    Israel Folau

    He will finish up in French rugby, Toulon is my prediction
  10. I only fly business class now at 50 I figure why not
  11. The phone calls will stop in 2 days
  12. It’s pretty common to not pay sg, all you can hope for is an sg audit and that way you will get a voucher for unpaid contributions that you can give to your fund. Make a complaint to ato however if it sends your employer to the wall the. You may have no job and then no one really wins
  13. More than just a few with dr Singh lots of c graders became very lean a graders very quickly 😎🚴‍♂️
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