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  1. I use CycleCover, and $2300 a year - thats more than for my bikes (track, road, tt, mtb and wifes track and road bikes) AND for my house and contents insurance.
  2. Define long run.... I haven't seen anything yet that will promote change fast enough to avoid anything for the next 50 years, at which point the supposed turning point is well past.
  3. I went to high school here in Melbourne with the guy that came up with Funky Trunks... you might want to look into what Funky Trunks does for the community of the world beyond being an Australian Company. http://www.unimelb.edu.au/alumni/profiles/mcleand.html
  4. I remember seeing one that was for a overnight stay or something like that at a cottage in Mt Macedon, Victoria. Then I noticed, "voucher must be used by 31st of July 2011"... It was in May 2011. 300+ sold. Good luck with that.
  5. parawolf


    That and ASADA will ping you for a drug test if you take it.... It has components which are banned in competition.
  6. I use my for gym work almost exclusively as i find regular runners too unstable for doing anything much more than 1x body weight squats. I would do barefoot, however the gym doesn't like that, so 5Fingers work a treat there.
  7. parawolf


    Not sure in regards to long term health implications, but what else did they eat with their 80g+ red meat per day? Also, lets not link what Gary is suggesting to Atkins absolutely. They have large intersecting sets, sure, however from the detail in Gary's books, he doesn't exclude green leafy vegetables such as Broccoli. Also, Atkins does not stress nearly heavily enough the problems with insulin, which is the heart of Gary's hypothesis..
  8. parawolf


    Interestingly, Gary (Sample Size N=1 is a given) has been talking about this and campaigning for this theory/hypothesis to be tested since 2002, and has been eating his diet as such. You would have thought that over 9 years, 'build up' would have shown in his results done this year correct? I would have. Gary is a picture of health according to this blood work and is not at risk of anything. Gary's hypothesis is that Sugar (an all it's forms, even as far as most carbohydrates) are bad for us, due to the affect of insulin within the body. The catch is that eat as much fat as you like, it is never going to make it to 'stored fat' if you don't have an insulin reaction. While this has been proven in some cases (WWII era, and 1970's) it is not given mainstream support because the government and health agencies are stuck on the theory "eat fat makes us fat". Gary isn't fat, according to his blood work he isn't unhealthy or at risk of cardic disease nor is there any proof that he will suffer from anything else. I've got friends on the same diet that have lost bulk weight, performing better than ever, fitter and healthier than they have ever been in their life. His hypothesis from a small sample holds weight, it deserves to be tested.
  9. My favourite resource on this topic... http://www.aboc.com.au/tips-and-hints/how-to-treat-roadrash
  10. eastbay.com do reasonable deals.
  11. It is still a category in the UCI handbook; it's the World Masters Track Championships that have forgone M1 category due to poor participation and/or poor performances. eg: M1 doesn't exist because they are often slower than M2, why? usually people getting into cycling very late in life (eg starting when they are 30). Thus depth and performance takes time to adapt. Therefore those M1's become faster M2, become faster M3's and M4's. I remember watching the M4's scratch race at the Worlds in Sydney a few years ago and it was as fast and as aggressive as any elite open i've raced.... So what you agree with is that M1 shouldn't be there, despite it being in the UCI book, and despite it is a lead in for M2's and M3's for similar situation in regards to life responsabilities. If you don't believe that M1 should exist at a National level, why should it exist at a Club, Metro/Countries, Open and State Level? If the M1's don't get something to aspire to, what is the point at all. There are reasons (participation, cost, etc) that M1's didn't attend the worlds track any more, however it was held in 2009.
  12. Ahhh the 'advantage' of age group racing... State your age group, go get yourself on the track and break the existing Australian Championship, All Comers records and whatever else gplama does in his age group of M1 which as you rightly say is against some very strong potential elite athletes.
  13. So what? Go do 3:27 yourself... People that race M1 and M2 are typically people that got into cycling later and want age specific and condition specific (professional working stiffs).
  14. Get down there to watch Mens 1 for the Individual Pursuit. Team Mate and all round good guy Shane Miller of Team Kosdown will be smacking it stupid and looking to back up his Australian All Comers Record for the 3K pursuit from the Victorian Masters a few weeks ago. The guy is on fire and will smoke it. He was also 2009 and 2010 Australian Masters 1 Road Time Trial Champion.
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