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  1. It was so clear at Frankston yesterday, a nice surprise! No dolphins though
  2. Garmin 735, it's great!
  3. My swim buddy bailed on me yesterday, luckily I have another swim buddy who's always up for it. And this one actually did 2km happily ☺ - less chitchat at the poles means it takes longer to feel the cold
  4. With our pools opening (sort of) next week, it's going to become harder mentally to keep swimming in the bay. But on a day like today, I'm looking forward to it ☀️
  5. https://7news.com.au/news/car-accidents/beaumaris-hit-run-man-arrested-after-female-cyclist-60-killed--c-1056518
  6. Powderfinger are doing it right now 😍
  7. -H-


    My firm registered intent because the first few weeks were completely dead - I reduced my hours to 3 days per week and it looked like I would have to drop some more. Then bam, we're now flat out and obviously don't qualify.
  8. Olivers Hill mainly, sometimes at Mornington or Mt Martha
  9. Don't tell me that! I swam again today, only 1km but that was because it was a bit rough, not because of the cold. Plus, work haha
  10. -H-

    Mortgage questions

    I compared rates online a few months ago then rang my bank and they matched the best comparable one. The bloke said it was because he could see I've been a loyal customer for over 40 years, I almost told him to stick it based on that alone 😂
  11. I've been swimming in the bay regularly, but really noticed the temperature drop in the last couple of weeks. My face hurts for the first little bit but after about 30 seconds it's fine. We even stop for a chat at each pole, if I was truly cold I would just keep swimming. I'm just wearing my Roka race wettie, double cap and ear plugs. I've been looking at getting a thermal cap, gloves and booties but haven't needed them so far. I just want to swim until the Winter Solstice, then I'll sit on the couch until the pools open again haha
  12. It's about 14.5 in the bay in Melbourne - it's pretty cold getting in but once you're swimming it's fine. I've only been swimming up to 30 minutes but that's because my training buddy is soft. I would love to go further but don't want to be out there on my own. I am carrying an extra couple of kilos compared to summer as well, which definitely helps
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