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  1. -H-

    Trannie photos

    This is the new Gi
  2. -H-

    Trannie photos

    I saw she just did the 10km at the Melbourne Marathon (we have mutual friends on facebook)
  3. -H-

    Trannie photos

    You did, Kim 🙂
  4. -H-

    2020 Worlds 70.3

    I swam in the bay today (in a wetsuit) and it was lovely! I must be getting tough in my old age, I used to have a 17 degree minimum
  5. -H-

    Trannie photos

    Here are some oldies but goodies - Bored@, The Antisport, Simone, DaveT, Catcam, Lush and Sunnygirl - and me!
  6. -H-

    Australian Survivor

    He hasn't played the best social game - as someone on the jury said when he was voted off, "See what happens when you're not nice to people." So it's down to the swimmer and the lawyer - I like them both but Shane Gould is one of my heroes. The first thing she said to her hubby tonight was "This is so ****ing hard!" *Edit for bad spelling
  7. -H-

    Australian Survivor

    I've only been watching it every now and then but I'm rooting for Shane Gould, she's awesome. It wasn't looking good a while ago and then I didn't watch for a while, it was nice to see her still there when I turned the telly on last night - final 3
  8. -H-

    Flying with bike bag and the changes

    Hello Noahboy ❤️ I think he wants to go to Hawaii too....
  9. -H-

    Any trannys in Adelaide?

  10. -H-

    Any trannys in Adelaide?

    Thebarton is on that side of town, you could run there from your accommodation (would be less than 5km) or you could go to Henley and swim to Grange and back (2km each way pier to pier)
  11. -H-

    AFL 2019

    The only thing better than Collingwood losing is Collingwood losing the grand final by less than a goal
  12. -H-

    Sun Exposure - Melanoma

    Cranky, I'll be there and only doing the swim for a team, so we can spectate together ❤️
  13. -H-

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I've only done Noosa once (in 1997!) but apparently I'm doing the swim and run for a team this year
  14. Just spotted this on another thread - surprisingly (to me at least), the link still works
  15. Right, I see what you mean