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  1. -H-

    Challenge Melbourne 2019

    Are you dissing the Brighton Alps? My mate James was the last bloke not to get chicked, he went 4.02 on debut and won his age group. Perfect weather in the end, always risky at this time of year but they jagged a good one.
  2. -H-

    Tim Minchen tour

    I've seen him previously at the Adelaide Fringe, very talented and hilarious. I'll definitely go and see him again when he comes here
  3. That was then, this is now
  4. -H-

    National Titles Prizes

    All of which is fair enough for any old event, but a national championship medal should have details of the race, year, category etc.
  5. -H-

    Barkely Marathons

    I wouldn't even make one lap 😂
  6. -H-

    Barkely Marathons

    I watched it tonight, so good!
  7. -H-

    10yrs ago today

    It's also the anniversary of my mum's death and splitting up with my partner (in different years) - something in the stars
  8. To avoid being tested for drugs and alcohol would be the main reason - he would have to know they will identify him from his vehicle but he would have been hoping to hide out for a couple of days. To me it shows the opposite of panic, it is calculated and callous. Reminiscent of Eugene McGee. Mere speculation of course...
  9. They did get him quickly, hopefully in time to detect any illicit substances in his system. Dangerous driving causing death PLUS failing to stop and render assistance, I hope you're wrong about the penalty (but probably not)
  10. A woman in my triathlon club was hit by a ute at Chelsea the day before yesterday. She was in an induced coma in the Alfred but has now passed away. The ute was found nearby but the driver was found at Broadmeadows (on the other side of Melbourne). 28 year old guy. How can someone not even stop and call an ambulance? RIP Michelle 😥
  11. On the 26th he did 968km at 128km/hr - that's pretty fast even in a car
  12. -H-

    Cardinal Pell

    The verdict was last year, but it was only (officially) reported a couple of weeks ago when the suppression order was lifted. His knee operation was after the conviction but before it was made public.
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