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  1. -H-


    Skip to the last page if you can't be bothered reading the whole thing (even though it's not that long)
  2. -H-


    Here are the court findings from last time he accused the same person (Anthony Colpo) of assaulting him, it makes interesting reading magistrates-reasons-for-decision.pdf
  3. It was at least 17 degrees through November, I started swimming in October and I'm soft.
  4. -H-


  5. -H-


    Clarified in a later article https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/mining-magnate-andrew-forrest-announces-70-million-for-bushfire-recovery-and-long-term-resilience-20200109-p53q38.html Not that it makes a huge amount of difference whether it came from the Forrests or Minderoo
  6. -H-


    https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/mining-magnate-andrew-forrest-announces-70-million-for-bushfire-recovery-and-long-term-resilience-20200109-p53q38.html I think somebody asked about Twiggy and Gina, one of them has stepped up at least
  7. -H-


    In the meantime, Celeste Barber's fundraiser has topped $40 million, with over a million people donating so far
  8. -H-


    I donated to Red Cross and WIRES
  9. Me too, but at least I'm working from home #workingfromhomewithcats And yes that is facebook open on my screen, I'm having a little break 😂 Celeste Barber's fundraiser is about to hit $35 million
  10. -H-


    Now over $21 million and still climbing rapidly
  11. -H-


    Celeste Barber has raised over $17 million for the NSW RFS in just a couple of days
  12. -H-


    This is IP's place this morning, hopefully they are okay. Porepunkah is under Watch and Act.
  13. -H-


    I meant it was a waste of money because it hasn't worked, he still appears to have no capacity for empathy. That other guy later planted a kiss on the poor woman which she clearly did not welcome, all class!
  14. -H-


    She wasn't standing there like a stunned mullet, she was trying to talk to him and he grabbed her hand and then walked off on her while she was still talking. He wasn't there to listen to people's concerns or offer support, he was there to get photos of himself shaking people's hands. The empathy training was a waste of money! Who the **** needs empathy training anyway?
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