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  1. Bloody hell, I pay $18 per week for my gym membership which includes swimming (indoor 50/25m pool), unlimited classes including spin classes, pilates etc, and the actual gym plus extras like spa, sauna, hydrotherapy pool etc I could do all my training there if I wanted to, between swim, ride, run, rehab, strength work and recovery - but I like training outdoors too much
  2. Yes, that's how I confirmed it was the same bloke I met. Otherwise couldn't be sure because it's a fairly common name even though the age group seemed about right.
  3. I met him in Budapest in 2010, he was mates with one of my training buddies at the time. He's a lawyer at one of the Big 6 law firms in Melbourne, I seem to remember him being Irish. He seems to have disappeared from facebook and even Linked In.
  4. I was at Kingscliff so really south, but did some rides around Tomewin and out Springbrook way. If you end up somewhere like Coolangatta, there are heaps of options around Murwillumbah and Chillingham or down towards Mullum. I always avoided going too far north because of traffic, the riding is heaps better if you head south and inland. I did most of my open water swimming in the creek at Kingscliff or in Jack Evans boat harbour at Tweed Heads, so I can't help with anything further north, sorry
  5. Ah okay, I'm not much help then. I lived at the southern end for a while.
  6. -H-

    Israel Folau

    From my reading of that article I don't think the Folau's "church" is part of AOG, they were previously involved in an AOG church but then started their own. They say AOG peeps are going to hell because they believe in the trinity rather than just following JC. Basically everyone except for them (30 of them) is going to hell.
  7. Where on the Goldie will you be?
  8. -H-

    Israel Folau

    They really don't like him, do they https://m.betootaadvocate.com/headlines/homeless-christian-who-has-no-issue-with-gay-people-still-sleeping-rough-tonight/
  9. -H-

    Israel Folau

    https://www.betootaadvocate.com/headlines/mormon-church-glad-they-let-this-one-go-through-to-the-keeper/ More from BA
  10. Especially when he actually swerved to avoid her, but she swerved too - it's not like he just slammed into her regardless
  11. I continue to join TA every year (automatically) because I have too much money and don't know what to do with it I probably should have used pink font.....
  12. -H-

    Garmin VO2max

    Is that a polite way of saying I bludge when nobody is looking? You may have a point....
  13. You mean like the old Normanville half? It was held at a resort so accommodation sorted (plus plenty nearby), swim in a marina, hilly bike and run. All within an hour of Adelaide.
  14. The warrant was actually issued by a local court registrar, interestingly (to me, at least)
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