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  1. -H-

    Geelong 70.3

    You know me too well
  2. -H-

    Geelong 70.3

    Seeya there Whitey and Jez, I'm doing the swim for a team and then performing cheersquad duties
  3. -H-


    If you've been with the same bank for a while and usually pay on time, just ring them up if you miss a payment and they should reverse the interest charges. I've been with CBA for years and I've forgotten to pay a couple of times, but never had to pay interest.
  4. -H-

    Canberra "Dryathlon" and other races this weekend

    I love the name, even though I hate duathlons. Re qualifying for worlds without doing a swim, there's been a lot of that about - including for Gold Coast last year. However, I think they should reduce the distance of the second run to be fair. Adding 50% extra running distance is not equivalent to a swim. If they need to start with a run to break things up, make it 5/40/5
  5. -H-

    Bike Hire - Nice, France

    I was planning to do sprint distance and 70.3 and use the roadie for both. Best laid plans....
  6. -H-

    Must follows on Instagram

  7. -H-

    Training Camp - 3h from Sydney

    Will do! Now that my dickhead ex-BIL is no longer there, I might be a more regular visitor 🤐
  8. -H-

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    I rode 10,002km, swam 500km and ran 702km It's a good year when I run further than I swim, doesn't always work out like that Happy New Year everyone
  9. -H-

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    How can you not round off those figures? Swim and bike at least.
  10. -H-

    Training Camp - 3h from Sydney

    I'm staying with my sister on Lake Budgewoi, it's a shame that's not so good for swimming because it's right outside the back door! She swims at Merewether baths whenever she's up that way and also at The Entrance baths, but she needs to do more open water because she's signed up for the Cole Classic. We swam at Hargraves Beach this morning but there was a lot of seaweed and it was pretty rough. Wimberley lagoon did look good when we drove past it yesterday but we weren't sure if people swim there or not. Thanks TNG
  11. -H-

    Training Camp - 3h from Sydney

    Hey The New Guy, where do you do your open water swims? I still haven't found anywhere great, my sister lives here and she doesn't know either
  12. -H-

    Christmas gifts - what did you get?

    Do you mean soju? Or are you Portuguese.... I kinda want it to be the latter 😁
  13. -H-

    Training Camp - 3h from Sydney

    I'm on the Central Coast at the moment and riding and running would be no issue. So far I've swum at merewether ocean baths (on the way from the airport) and Toowoon Bay but I'm still searching for a good swimming spot.
  14. -H-

    FulGaz online CYCLING

    Is it any good with a dumb trainer? I've been using Zwift but I like the idea of riding "real" courses (plus it looks better on strava haha)
  15. -H-

    The Politics Thread

    OMG I just read the g'day mate "sexts" - hilarious 😂