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  1. There won't be many of us competing for the swim title! Especially this weekend 💩
  2. Probably because you half-arsed the bike instead of cooking yourself...
  3. Husky Long Course 2010 for me. Led from the first turning buoy in the swim and had a lead kayak, which was nice. Running out of the water at the end of the swim, I looked over my shoulder to see how many chicks were on my feet and there was Nobody. There. I remember riding past so many guys on the bike and feeling like it was a dream. I was half expecting Lush (remember her?) to run me down after she had beaten me at the long course worlds in Perth a few months earlier, but I ended up putting time into her on the run. I've had other good races but this was the one day when everything just clicked and felt easy.
  4. I'm still swimming in the bay, August 2020
  5. Only if I have an injury caused by an incident. My current injuries are all wear and tear aka old age. As previously stated.
  6. Not sure what you mean by "this time" - I haven't been in any accidents or incidents.
  7. Actually the last time I claimed it, there was no accident or anything but because I could pinpoint the time and place it first came on, that was enough. That was a tip given to me by the claims guy, believe it or not! As I said, it was a while ago (5+ years)
  8. I've done it before but it was a while ago. All my current injuries are due to old age, rather than an "incident" 😟
  9. -H-


    Yep, I'm happy to forgo my hour of outdoor exercise today!
  10. TAC only covers accidents involving vehicles.
  11. TA insurance pays 80% of the gap for non-medicare expenses after you claim on private health - and also after your private health runs out for the year. I've already used all of my physio cover for this year so if each visit from now on costs me $80, TA insurance would reimburse me $64.
  12. -H-


    I thought it was odd that you could only go by street, not your actual address. There are other apps out there that are more accurate (unless you want to do Oliver's, in which case stick with the Age one).
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