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  1. What training did you do today?

    You'd know if you spoke to a triathlete (they'd tell you)
  2. 40% off Everything Running Warehouse

    What's your credit card number, Bored@?
  3. What training did you do today?

    Stunning day here today, so I rode 70km in the hills, then did a run/walk with my friend's dog, then had a nice bay swim followed by a lie on the beach (which I never do, but I didn't want to leave the beach). It's Pimms o'clock.
  4. What training did you do today?

    Did you do that as a group workout? I just did the same
  5. Knee clicking

    Maybe this thread should be merged with the getting old thread
  6. Knee clicking

    I nearly fell asleep during my last MRI too, but then again I have dropped off on the waxing table before. Root canal snooze is hard core!
  7. ageing- from serious stick insect to mammil

    Oh Parky, you are a physio....'s dream. You're too crippled to play soccer so you're going skiing instead. I'm sure you have people that will be able to put you back together again afterwards!
  8. The Politics Thread

    What else do you think it could be? They actually have a procedure in place, which is clearly more than the other lot do. I would call that good management. It's not like the constitution is a new thing.
  9. ageing- from serious stick insect to mammil

    Yep, get used to it, it's better than the alternative etc
  10. The Politics Thread

  11. Knee clicking

    As someone else said, a knee MRI will be bulk-billed, they just have to write "?meniscal tear" on the referral
  12. New Wetsuit Time

    Your dog will turn into a turmeric latte drinking wanker if you don't come home
  13. Knee clicking

    Just make sure it's set for 3am
  14. New Wetsuit Time

    Just goes to show how fit is an individual thing, I've gone from a Helix to a Roka and feel much more comfortable in the Roka, but IP says the Helix fits him better. Best to try before you buy!* * I didn't, but got lucky