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  1. I continue to join TA every year (automatically) because I have too much money and don't know what to do with it I probably should have used pink font.....
  2. -H-

    Garmin VO2max

    Is that a polite way of saying I bludge when nobody is looking? You may have a point....
  3. You mean like the old Normanville half? It was held at a resort so accommodation sorted (plus plenty nearby), swim in a marina, hilly bike and run. All within an hour of Adelaide.
  4. The warrant was actually issued by a local court registrar, interestingly (to me, at least)
  5. Can you please edit the title to remove the apostrophe?
  6. -H-

    Julian Assange

    That means he is more likely to be extradited to the US, as the Brits don't have to decide which country wins
  7. -H-

    Time management

    We have "curriculum days" which are usually the first day after school holidays finish or after a long weekend. They annoy me even though I don't have kids, because the people in the office who do have kids all have to take the day off to look after their kids. School holiday programs don't cover curriculum days so it falls to the parents, and their colleagues.
  8. -H-

    VO2 Max

    There's a thread about it somewhere, I remember posting my Garmin estimate and my test results. But I'm running late so I can't look for it now, sorry!
  9. -H-

    Android v iPhone

    Ah that explains it, I've never had a Samsung.
  10. -H-

    Android v iPhone

    The problem was that his phone was a "trusted device" so she couldn't remove him and if she tried to change the password, it went to him. She tried everything. I've used a passcode (but I've never had to hit ok, just the 4 digits and you're in), swipe pattern and thumb recognition at various times, never had an issue.
  11. -H-

    Android v iPhone

    A friend of mine has an iPhone and when she separated from her ex, she could not remove him from her account. He's been using it to track her movements ever since. She's spent hours on the phone and in-store with Apple, spoken to police etc and apparently there is nothing she can do apart from set up another account and buy all her apps again. I have an iPhone for work but I prefer my cheapo android that I bought outright for about $200. At one stage I lost my personal phone and only had the work phone for a week, awful.
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