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  1. -H-

    Israel Folau

    *according to the Daily Telegraph
  2. -H-

    TV Shows

    I thought it went downhill earlier than that, I loved the first few eps but from memory I didn't even finish the first season it got so bad. Great premise but they ran out of storyline very quickly.
  3. Those are the highlights, that says a lot!
  4. It does mean having to go to the western suburbs though
  5. -H-

    WS 70.3 - 24 November

    Yes there is, it is quoted above by Cape Horn
  6. Circles Life have 20GB for $18 per month (discounted for 12 months)
  7. Don't forget you can also head south, there are squads around Tweed Heads/Kingscliff/Murwillumbah that might suit your purposes and will be quicker and easier to get to than heading north.
  8. -H-

    Swimming World Champs

    Sorry I didn't even notice the video, just read the article
  9. -H-

    Swimming World Champs

    Where does it say that?
  10. -H-

    Swimming World Champs

  11. Last week I posted in the "what are you doing today" thread about going to meet my half-sister for the first time. I can now post in this thread because it went really well, we are all very happy that we've found each other and planning to meet up again at Christmas time. Long story short, mum was pregnant when she met my dad, they got engaged but when she had the baby it was adopted out and she told dad she lost it. They were married a couple of months later and it was never spoken of again. My younger sister and I only found out about this last year and nobody could tell us whether a baby was even born or not (the few people who knew at the time have since died). But we eventually found out we have a sister, tracked her down and met her for the first time last week. She looks just like my mum and is lovely! And we now have nieces and they have aunties. I have to stop saying "my sister" in conversations, people now ask "which one?" 😂
  12. Me too, terrible news 😟
  13. -H-

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Ah yes, that's right. 2nd in 2004, walked in 2005. I was there, my ex was walking with him and they waited for each other while one spewed and the other cramped. Fun times.
  14. -H-

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Pretty sure the year he walked he was the defending champion
  15. I'm flying to Newcastle tomorrow to meet my older half-sister for the first time. Nervous, but mainly excited - we weren't sure if she knew she was adopted so we were hesitant to make contact, but so far so good 😊 Just happens that we're meeting her on our mother's birthday too - I wish she was alive to see us all together
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