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  1. Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    New bike day, woohoo!
  2. Mool meetup

    I just a burger and a couple of G &Ts at goodbar, not bad
  3. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    The 40-44 women were one of the last waves (maybe the last) and quite a few of them had absolute blinders. They had a bit more wind but a dry road, swings and roundabouts
  4. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I have a mate who lives in south east qld and still went to SA for today's race. Good move for him too, he came 7th there but would have missed out on points here at moobah
  5. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Bit of bling
  6. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    4th again for me, but 1st place is Canadian and 3rd is aging up. Haven't looked at the age group below yet but should get some decent points
  7. Mool meetup

    If I actually make it up there I'd be happy to have a meet up after the race on Sunday, I'm going to be too busy/knackered tomorrow.
  8. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    Better not be another effing duathlon or I'll be a bit cross
  9. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Yes, they would rather have people do more races to try and qualify rather than taking someone faster who only does one race $$
  10. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    4th for me today in the stinking hot duathlon, happy with that considering I'm a swimmer from Victoria. Pro tip: if you don't shower before flying home, you get a row to yourself
  11. Mornington/Frankston Cycle

    MPTC schedule this week, FYC is Frankston Yacht Club. I have no idea where they go, how fast etc because I don't ride with them any more. Team Barefoot (Steve Foster's) group meet at Mornington Park on Saturday mornings and Tuesday afternoons usually as well. Trispecify guys ride Wednesday mornings and Sunday mornings from Mornington
  12. Mornington/Frankston Cycle

    Are you in Frankston or Mornington? If Morno you would never need to ride on that road because you would always head south 😂 but from Frankston you do have fewer options. I've just moved from Morno to Frankston South and initially I was trying to avoid nepean highway too, but it's actually fine. There's a good bike lane and lots of other cyclists. Coming back to Frankston from the south I sometimes go Derril Rd and then up Two Bays and down Humphreys for a bit of a change. Or turn at Mt Eliza Way and follow that through until it rejoins the highway, but that has a couple of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings so best in the early morning. Happy to join you for some rides and show you around if you like :-)
  13. IvP will he make a comeback ?

    Yes he did Geelong, 4.47 and 8th in his age group. Rosie had a win. I assumed Bored@ meant a comeback to Trannies!
  14. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Jetstar has a sale on at the moment which includes race week in September. $65 Melbourne to the Gold Coast (plus baggage etc but still, not bad)
  15. Height & weight

    174cm and 60kg, sometimes up to 62 but never below unless I'm crook. Heaviest ever was 67 and lightest was 54 after spending 3 weeks in hospital with a Crohns flareup, I looked like skeletor. Both of those extremes were around 20 years ago and since then I've stayed in the range pretty consistently.