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  1. Someone just said McNamee is out
  2. 2 aussies and 2 husbands of aussies in the top 5 (maybe not any more, I'm still catching up) 😀
  3. I followed trump on Twitter for the car crash value, but I never actually open twitter or read his tweets. I wonder how many of his followers really "follow" him
  4. 25 year old shirt for your 25th wedding anniversary, I think you can get away with that - call it a romantic gesture 😉
  5. Not a review but a how-to, and not dumb but pretty funny. Did they really have to get a kiwi to do this video? "I'm going to show you how to clean your dick" 😂
  6. I had no idea either, even when I finished school. If pressed I would probably have said lawyer, and that's what I ended up doing - eventually. Now can't see myself doing anything else.
  7. -H-

    Amy Gran Fondo 2019

    Or even if I do see you .... I ran into Blobby on the bike this morning and completely forgot he's doing Kona in a couple of weeks. Oh yeah, have a good one mate!
  8. Maybe they don't moan about it to you, but some guys don't cope well with it and will go to great lengths to prevent it from happening.
  9. $513,400 and counting....
  10. Smallish sample, but I find men in their 30s and 40s prefer older women
  11. Most of them were started within a few minutes of the show ending, so they probably thought they were first. Many of them have been cancelled, there is only one that has substantial donations and most have zero.
  12. The GoFundMe page for Luke has raised over $440,000 so far, he will probably end up with more than Pia
  13. https://people.com/human-interest/sarah-thomas-english-channel-swimming-record/
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