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  1. Sorry for the thread hijack folks but I just gots to know....! You know Alex, that is the most interesting thing I've heard in ages. Is there a low RR alternative to the classic Conti GPS 4000s tyre with bog standard garden variety tubes? Are latex tubes still a thing? Also, my understanding is that super high pressure (say 120?) always means lower RR than lower pressure (say, 90?). Love to hear your thoughts on this!
  2. a quote from the above link: "If we take in more energy (calories) than we expend, we gain weight. If we expend more energy than we take in, we lose weight. This is an unbreakable law of physics and isn't even debatable." ..which kind of kills their whole premise! Thus the only thing you can debate is the efficiency, or how much more energy we expend overall for a given effort. Typically, leg-based exercise is around 25% efficient - so if we take the average watts (joules/second) and multiply this by the time we get the total energy in joules - and there's just over 4 joules per calorie. Another "fun" energy fact - you can calculate the energy required for vertical ascent by the simple formula energy (in joules) = m.g.h. where m is the mass in kgs, g = 9.81 m/s**2 and h is the height in meters. This formula is kinda cool for working out how many watts you need to expend to do a climb in a certain time and how the effort is directly proportional to weight... something I know only too well
  3. FYI - Redkite is an Australian cancer charity providing essential support to children and young people (0–24 years) with cancer, and the family and support network who care for them. Good stuff! Go Kite Man!!
  4. This thread would make a great podcast
  5. Pete

    Seattle US of A

    Lovely part of the world - I was in Victoria once when someone asked me the directions to Sydney but I couldn't help them as I was from Melbourne..?!
  6. I think we well and truly have a bubble now, when will it burst..?!
  7. Pete

    TV Shows

    Mad as Hell returns to the ABC tomorrow night but maybe not everyone's cup of tea given that it (and virtually everything else on the ABC) is accused of being a bit left. Shaun Micallef (a good Williamstown boy) was called upon by David Dale of the SMH to defend his show: Don't you think it's necessary for the reporting in Mad as Hell to be right-wing, in order to balance ABC news, 7.30 and Q&A? Just what are suggesting, David? I'm not going to fall into your trap, no sir. But I will say that in order to balance the effect of ABC news, 7.30 and Q&A, all I have to do is be vaguely professional. Have you seen these other shows? Amateurs. Leigh Sales never sings at the end of 7.30 and Tony Jones can't dance to save his life. (Juanita, however, can tell a pretty good dirty limerick.)
  8. Pete

    Seattle US of A

    Speaking of politics, I gatecrashed a democrat function in Seattle once. In 1996 Gary Locke was elected governor of the state of Washington and they had a big party with some pretty serious looking gatekeepers. We dared ourselves to walk in and have a free beer at the bar, which we did. The trick was to acknowledge an imaginary someone, wave and make it look like you knew people. Pretty sure Bill Clinton was there in the lead-up to his second term election. I don't think you could do that now in the post-9/11 world!!
  9. Pete

    Seattle US of A

    There's one in Darwin!
  10. Pete

    Seattle US of A

    Maybe you're thinking of the Space Needle - it's never flown....
  11. Pete

    Seattle US of A

    They have an SR71 there... and a Concord, and a B52 and lots of other cool stuff!
  12. Yowsers! and just a few moments later.... feels like the control room of reactor 4 on 26 April 1986!
  13. As Jerry Harrison said in "Man with a Gun" - A pretty girl, a pretty girl can walk anywhere!
  14. Can we talk international politics here? Given the US' close relationship to Israel and Saudi, and their respective hatred of Iran, the tightening of the oil export embargo by the US on Iran, the recent escalation of tensions in the Gulf and the increased US military presence there etc etc... Does The Donald want to start a war in the Middle East?
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