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  1. Could there be a hint of PEDs in this somewhere? Not accusing anyone of anything - but could blood doping or other things assist a marathon time?
  2. Pete


    So does this mean that an act of kindness is only done in anticipation of a reward? If so then aren't we only really doing the act, not to be kind to others, but really only to benefit ourselves? To make ourselves feel good? Sorry to get a bit Albert Camus on you but maybe people need to reassess their motivation for RAK - maybe we are just gluttons for praise and recognition? Surely not... not triathletes?!
  3. Pete

    Garmin HR Monitor battery dying quick

    I was thinking this only the other day as I looked at the pile of Garmin HR straps I had accumulated over the years. I suppose they just die after a while. Last two have been the Majellan ANT+ HRM straps (they use the coin slot/screw battery cover rather then the cr@ppylittle screws in the Garmin - much easier to replace) but the cheap and sh1tty ALDI bluetoothSmart works with the 935 (not with all Garmins!) and it tells you when the battery needs replacing (which it does quite regularly)
  4. Pete


    Anyone seen "death of Stalin"?
  5. Pete

    Hair Loss

    In the "old days" no one with approaching baldness would elect to shave their head like they do now so people clung on to whatever hair they had for as long as they could. This led to the immense popularity of the "cross comber" whereby the side patch was kept long so it could be combed over the bald patch. It was a great look - one day it will make a comeback....
  6. Pete

    Solar power, cost, installation etc etc

    I am not completely up on that but I was under the impression that you cannot use your inverter to power during a blackout. Grid tie inverters synch to the mains and are designed to switch off in the event of a power failure. 2 reasons for this - if an electrician disconnects the mains power he needs to know that there is not a 240 volt source still there waiting to kill him and secondly, if the inverter is still on when the mains is back on it may have lost synch, in which case it could be completely out phase when the mains comes back and lots of smoke and crackling noises could result. *edit - I also think that grid tie inverters aren't built to cover the kinds of surge current that would be experienced in a back-up power situation, eg motors turning on, where currents 2 or even 3 times need to be catered for. Could be wrong, but if it is done interesting to hear how it is done. I have an off grid inverter which for all intents and purposes is like a back up generator but I have to make my own "extension cable network" to run power to the items that need it and NOT use the house wiring.
  7. Pete

    Heart checks, stress test etc

    Don't forget blood pressure (hypertension) and the potential for strokes and aneurysms - another common cardiovascular killer. Being reasonably fit tends to make the stress test a little too mild to bring out things, but I did the halter thing and gave myself a good pounding over 10ks and managed to bring on some things that would most likely not have come out from a stress test ( a brisk walk on the treadmmill). There is even a little button on the monitor to press if/when issues arise so they can zero in on it when analyzing later.
  8. Pete

    Tricks for getting wetsuit off feet/ankles?

    When I was a young triathlete, I got the advice from an old triathlete. Cover your calves with some hair conditioner. A great lubricant and does not affect the neoprene or the lining. Works really well. Your legs will pop out with ease and, as a bonus, the hair on your shins will become silky smooth - not overnight, though....
  9. Pete

    DC Rainmaker in Perth

    Police seem to have two distinct faces - the "upholding the law face" which is stern, suspicious, mistrusting and accusative - and the "helping out in a crisis" face which is friendly reassuring and above-and-beyond helpful. Probably understandable that police have to develop a strong skin given the level of bad, REALLY bad people they encounter but if you have experienced the "helping out in a crisis" face they get more than enough kudos to cover the first.
  10. Pete


    I think you are right, however I've found that knowing the horrible stuff is coming at the 30 - 32 km mark means I can start mentally preparing for it - in my mind I imagine a big challenge coming up - kind of like climbing a mountain - so I get into a bit of a "I can do this!" or "I am tougher than this is - bring it on!!" kind of mantra to get me over it. Sort of, like actively fighting the pain rather than simply enduring it?
  11. Pete

    DC Rainmaker in Perth

    At first I was a bit embarrassed by how stoopid our cops are - but as I read on I actually become quite proud of our Mr. Plods with DC pointing out: "As an American, I thought the entire conversation was about as polite as ordering afternoon tea and crumpets" and "I’d bet the vast majority of people out there (police or otherwise) would never have bothered e-mailing back a stranger they were unlikely to ever meet again saying they screwed up." Well done WAPOL
  12. Pete


    I grudgingly went to see Ed Sheeran at Etihad and was all ready to be bored shirtless by a folksy ballad singer... Bug -ger me if it wasn't one the best and most entertaining performances I've even seen. This guy is awesome. Loved Bliss and Eso the opening act but second act Missy Higgins did fulfill my original expectations many times over....
  13. Pete


    I've never watched this show, but if I did I'd reckon Deano got set up. Sure he messed up, but Tracey should have let him go then and there. Instead she keeps going, being as nice as pie and leading him on so Deano falls in love with her and, when she has him right when she wants him, -BAMMM!!! it's revenge time. What a nasty pastie - Davina's shenanigans were very lightweight in comparison.
  14. Pete

    Movie Icarus 9/10

    Interesting flick and a real eye opener in so many ways - funny how Bryan Fogel started a movie about himself but through a strange twist of fate turned it into much, much more - ultimately netting him the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Very timely too in the wake of the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury as you would think Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov would be high on Putin's hit list.
  15. Pete

    Garmin Edge and bluetooth sensors

    Happy to be proved wrong but I think you will find the Kickr, Wahoo cadence and heart rate are ANT+ while only the phone connection is bluetooth. From Ironnerd's link I found DC Rainmaker lists the devices as Bluetooth SMART (the older name for BLE) - and according to him the 500, 510, 520, 800, 820 and the 1000 all can't do it. In fact, the only one I could find that does is the new Edge 1030 which I think is the current top-o- the-wazza Edge? ANT+ is actually better in one respect - from my limited playing with it BLE devices can only send data to one device whereas ANT+ can be two or more (so you ANT+ HR strap could be used by your watch and your bike computer at the same time, but not your BLE HR sensor)