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  1. Saw Wings incl. Linda Mac in about 1975 or 1976 at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne. Did all the songs from the albums "Band on the Run" and "Venus and Mars" but prior to the release of "Speed of Sound". Ripper rendition of "LIve and Let Die" with lotsa smoke and explosions :). I think this may have been my first ever concert and one of the best ever.
  2. About this time the Australian music industry had a really annoying habit of substituting OS artists with Australia ones. The atrocious Silver Studs and "Happy Days" was one. "Peaches" doing a cover "Substitute" from South Africa's "Clout" was another. If you do happen to see the second link Clout you may just appreciate why the the 70s/80s should remain buried, marked - "Never to be opened!"
  3. I think Yes. As you get older your aerobic ability declines. A must have for time-trialling and running. One thing that doesn't have to (if you work it) is your muscle mass/strength and one thing that potentially gets better is your wisdom/experience. I think that is why so many over 40s men turn to cycle racing instead as they can use their brains and strength to make up for a lack of fitness.
  4. Here's an odd one that most people don't know about, but after filming thousands of dismounts I can tell you that it causes more crashes than any other mistake in Triathlon. (and I have dozens of videos to prove it) What they intended to do: Remove right foot from tri shoe and place right foot on top of right shoe. Remove left foot from tri shoe and place left foot on top of left shoe. Come screaming towards the dismount line braking down to a running pace. Swing the right foot over the back of the bike and jump off the left foot to seamlessly end up at a brisk run in your bare feet with your bike beside you. Perfect, you nailed it! What actually happens: Triathlete has some kind of brain snap. Instead of removing foot from shoe, simply un-clips right shoe from cleat and sits it on top of the pedal. Does not un-clip left foot. Approaches dismount line at high speed and swings right leg over the back of the bike (as above but with bike shoe still on). Attempts to jump off the bike with the left foot but, surprise! surprise! - still clipped in so the bike jumps up and falls sideways - athlete completely loses balance and smashes head first into the road in a heap with the bike on top. And all this in front of the lines of spectators gathered. Not sure why this happens as often as it does (fatigue and/or low oxygen to the brain) but believe me it happens pretty frequently. I will dig up some videos and show you when I get around to it. Given that I don't think I've seen any serious injuries other than big gravel rash, lotsa blood and some pretty severe bruising, can I say that overall it's pretty entertaining to watch... edit - I just spent a few minutes watching them and most are not very serious at all - but they are bloody funny. I'll put them up on a youtube channel some time this week so you can see them. PS - there is another version of the above - that is where everything goes to plan but the athlete swivels a bit too much with the left foot so the shoe flies off the pedal and they hit the deck like a sack of spuds. Another lesson in this one.
  5. Pete


    .... oh, and say what you want about Elizabeth - Sam was just plain mean. I really felt sorry for her... I mean, I would have, if I ever watched it..
  6. Pete


    I never watch this, but if I did I would tell Billy to man up to Susie a bit and stop being treated like a doormat.
  7. I noticed that if I spray my garden hose on the panels in the peak of a sunny and (very) hot day i see a about a 20% increase in PV current - not sure for how long etc but I was wondering if anyone else has tried this? I know that (obviously) if the panels have dirt or dust on them this maybe the reason, but I also understand that the panel's performance decreases with temperature so maybe it is the cooling effect? Is it worth putting a little sprinkler system up there?
  8. Do you think he spent all the cash - and if so, what could he possible have spent it on?! And, if not, where is it?
  9. Didn't Midnight Oil do a song about Julie? Blue Sky Mines?
  10. I've got a bit of a problem with L-R power balance. Why does everyone assume a 50-50 split is correct and everything else is wrong? I mean, have there ever been any studies, research papers, test, trials? - anything other than a misinformed "It just is, OK?!!" Say your left leg is more powerful than your right (mine is) - why wouldn't it be doing its fair share with a 55-45 or a 60-40 to get the best results? Why make the right leg work harder than the left if it is weaker leg? And from what I've seen on L-R power splits it appears that the split might be different for different types of riding - hard, easy, off-the seat etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that 50-50 isn't right I just want someone to prove it.
  11. Pete

    How to improve the run?

    I know I am stating the bleeding obvious but the difference in performance (bike and running, speed and endurance) from losing a couple (or more) of kilos is really incredible. Of course the weight loss goes hand in hand with the increased fitness. Combining these gems with yet another - to be a better runner do more running. Interesting comment about injury - Most of the running injuries I have seen over the years are people doing their long runs at race pace! - 6 minute ks never killed anyone... And use lots of sunscreen..
  12. Pete

    Improved race times

    To improve race times (especially on shorter races) just keep asking yourself these 2 questions, over and over: Am I hurting? and Can I hurt more? (and answering Yes to each)
  13. Pete

    Nuke bomb story

    I am sure that's possible - the USAF inadvertently dropped 4 hydrogen bombs in Europe in 1966 three on Spain and one in the Mediterranean. Whilst they didn't detonate (ie nuclear explosion) they did explode (conventional explosive detonator) sending radioactive stuff over a wide area. it was the result of a mid-air refueling accident
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