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  1. Pete

    Asics Nimbus - Is it time for a change?

    I reckon it's like the used-car dude said "You don't pick the car, the car picks you" (but for shoes) so when I retired my Nimbus recently I simply tried on every shoe I could find until I found one that just fitted so well and felt so good I just knew it was the right choice... ...and saved a sh1tload of $$$
  2. Pete

    $1000 fine for this

    Don't worry you are safe from stalking.I profess my obsession - not for you but for aeroplanes. My aeronautical virginity was taken many years ago by PA28 161 Warrior 2. I messed around with a few pretty 172 and 182 RGs for a while and ended up in a long term relationship with a Saratoga - until an A36 came along and stole my heart forever....
  3. Pete

    $1000 fine for this

    Is that your Jabiru? 🤩
  4. Pete

    Serious medical question

    There's been a bit of negative press about Aspirin recently. Along the lines of any good you think it might do re thinning blood (prevention of strokes) is outweighed by the damage it does. I am no expert but I don't think "blood thinners" actually change the viscosity of your blood (as you believe in the OP) but reduces the incidence of blood clotting - similar but not the same. Happy to be proved wrong, but taking 6 aspirins prior to a long run is probably not the smartest thing you did that day....
  5. Pete

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    Probably, I can't keep up! I remember when Casio calculator watches were a really big deal..... PS - had this up once before. Using a bit of home-grown technology and the 935's BLE HRM interface I can turn my knob and get a change in heart rate... But I guess some of you blokes don't need a gadget do to that.....
  6. Pete

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    Yes, technically it's the Apple Watch Series 3 with watchOS 4 - opitionally built-in eSIM that is over one-hundredth the size of a traditional SIM card - look for this in the new Garmin Fenix 6 - imagine, in-race group tracking of athletes!!
  7. Pete

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    Compared to other Garmins yes, but compared to an Apple Watch it is crap. There is a race between Apple and Garmin- the former from moving from consumer to sports watch and the latter to from sports watch to consumer. The next big thing (at least IMO) is the introduction of micro embedded SIMs that obviate the need for another communications device for upload and will give the ability to make calls, SMS, email, everything right from the watch. Kinda like this guy Who anyone over the age of 40 might remember from the classic (albeit somewhat racist and stereotypical) cartoon series "Dick Tracy"
  8. Pete

    Replacing a spoke?

    This is purely anecdotal, but I seem to see many people changing one spoke only to find many other different spokes breaking not long the broken one is replaced. My take is that maybe when the first one breaks the others get stressed and pushing them further to the edge so they tend to break prematurely. Or maybe it has something to do with a mismatch of new/old spokes? Of course I could be completely wrong, but if I had a broken spoke I would seriously consider getting all the spokes changed.
  9. Pete

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    If you have a 910XT you can illuminate the screen by tapping it twice with your finger - it will illuminate for the configured illumination time and brightness (ie the same time as when you push the button). It takes a bit of practice as you need to have the right time between taps. I wish my 935 had this - when I hit the top left hand button to light up the screen on the 935 I invariably push another button with another finger and change the lap or hit the pause or something and it's really annoying! Of course, this only matters if you are in the dark....
  10. Pete

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    Yes, ANT+ And BLE/BluetoothSmart Ripper watch and yes, it does everything* a the 910 and 920 do - and then some. eg gives you run cadence without a sensor * except for the double tap illumination trick that nobody knows about anyway...
  11. Pete

    The Politics Thread

    I think it had less to do with the technology and more to do with uncertainty and lack of decision making - halting investment in either coal or renewables. Big biz doesn't spend big bucks without a concrete and stable political and commercial enviro. I don't think the Victorian Labour Govt actively got rid of anything. Bracksie had Hazelwood green lighted until 2030 but Engle closed in it on the basis it was no longer eco. viable. It was over 50 freak'n years old FFS - it was tech/OHS nightmare. Shame, it was a good triathlon...
  12. Pete

    The Photo Thread

    Love it - brings to mind Wheatfield with Crows (Painting by Vincent van Gogh). Very powerful - it was the last painting he ever did.
  13. Pete

    The Politics Thread

    Turning on the TV I thought the libs had won as they were celebrating, telling the world how good they were with riotous chants of "Scomo! Scomo! Scomo!" and it was only when Sharma says "if this is how we celebrate in defeat, imagine winning" (or some such) that I realised they had actually lost. What a pack of complete wallies! Like, pretending you won somehow makes it better...?! I suppose Scomo can relent with the Jerusalem thing now with something like "I said I'd consider it, I have considered it, and we won't do it", What a complete d1ckhead.
  14. Pete

    The Photo Thread

    Ha Ha you just brought back an old memory - my uncle and aunt had one of these in their kitchen. I tried this on something slightly bigger - and something a bit more cliche'.. as you can see, all the tech but absolutely no artistic talent.
  15. Pete

    Melbourne Marathon 2018

    I am more concerned by the words "and just jogged" 3:08 sheesh!! Did the half and resigned myself to a real world "just jogged" but happened to run across a blind runner, Andrew, who's guides were working pretty hard so I "hung back" and lent a hand - helping to guide, clear the path, get drinks from the drink stations etc. It turns out Andrew has a pretty strong finish which had us, quite literally "at the end of our tether" so I ended up going pretty much flat out for the last k. (so much for "hanging back" :)) I had a little bit of experience as I had done this before for an athlete on one of our WSTC races. But what a rewarding experience, especially guiding up through the tunnel and into the 'G - taking it all in - especially in the context of Andrew, who was doing it for the first time.