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  1. Pete

    Alan Jones

    Good on Alan, sticking up for the poor Racing industry. Alan Jones has long been involved in the racing industry as an owner, and says the story is just another example of the ABC “trying to ruin the lives of others”. Bad ABC! Bad, bad ABC!!
  2. This is my doggie, Lexie on the night she got hit by a car a few weeks ago. Happy to report no bones broken and was let out with a few stitches and a lovely plastic cone to wear!
  3. Pete

    Alan Jones

    I think you're cherry picking - this is the rest of the statement: Many popular climate myths share the trait of vagueness. For example, consider the argument that climate has changed naturally in the past. Well of course it has, but what does that tell us? It's akin to telling a fire investigator that fires have always happened naturally in the past. That would doubtless earn you a puzzled look from the investigator. Is the implication that because they have occurred naturally in the past, humans can't cause fires or climate change? The same problem applies to the 'pause' (or 'hiatus' or better yet, 'speed bump') assertion. It's true that the warming of average global surface temperatures has slowed over the past 15 years, but what does that mean? One key piece of information that's usually omitted when discussing this subject is that the overall warming of the entire climate system has continued rapidly over the past 15 years, even faster than the 15 years before that. The speed bump only applies to surface temperatures, which only represent about 2 percent of the overall warming of the global climate. . As the IPCC figure indicates, over 90 percent of global warming goes into heating the oceans, and it continues at a rapid pace, equivalent to 4 Hiroshima atomic bomb detonations per second. Not that I wanted to get in on an argument about climate change, but please provide the whole data (and a reference)
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about who is driving the rebellion - there are nutters in every change group however these are usually taken care of in the second round of purges when the moderates take over again. In any case I think you may be worrying too much about the messenger and not on the message. Now I don't really know how seriously we should take climate change, I mean if a really big asteroid was about to hit the planet we would stop everything and put all resources into saving the planet right now. Is this how serious we should take it or can it wait for a hundred years or so? Obviously Extinction rebellion are of the "asteroid approaching" mentality as does little Greta who will probably go down as a great icon for climate change as well as one of the greatest sources of funny internet memes. What do you lot all reckon - asteroid approaching or a 100 year thing - serious question.
  5. I think you are onto something there - even our man Dan, the progressive "Mister. safe injection rooms dying with dignity legislation", is adamantly opposed to it. I apologies to Gladys and her fans - but it's still not good news for the fish!
  6. Pete

    Sub 2hr marathon attempt

    The final pacer on Eliud's right was local lad Jack Rayner. Jack's quite a handy half/full marathoner. His mum runs at our local park run!
  7. Pete

    Hip replacement

    I don't want to give bad advice on something that I know nothing about but then again, it's never stopped me before.... There is has been a lot of talk about running post hip operation as a complete No- No. But there is a bloke at our tri club that seems to cope with it quite well so I reached out for him and his opinion on the subject - and I quote: Hi XXX - there is some talk among us older folk about hip replacement and running on artificial hips - It is supposed to be a real no-no but I know you do it. How is it working out? Would you recommend it?" Hi Pete, with the correct rehab, there is no problem. I have had both mine done . The first is about 16 years old the other is about 7 years old. I took out the Trail Series this year and am training for New Zealand in March. I helped a lady here, after her hip replacement 12 months ago, and she just did the 10k on the weekend. If you need advice on how to rehab, let me know. So it looks like that for some people at least, bionic hips don't hold you back! Happy to connect you to XXX if you would like some advice - he is a great bloke and loves to help people.
  8. What's with the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian? Being a "mexican" I don't know much about her except for the occasional 10 second news grab - but it appears she doesn't care about the lives fish in the Darling or Kids at festivals..... ?!
  9. I think they wanted climate change in the news - and they certainly got it! They embarked upon an exercise in civil disobedience knowing full well they were breaking the law and they were quite prepared for the legal consequences. And I wouldn't read "wealth distribution" into their policies, so much as "financial assistance for the sinking lands of Tuvalu " (the island that is sinking) Maybe I'm just an old lefty but, noting that today's nutcases and loony left almost always turn out to be yesterday's heroes, I'm on their side. Whether it's climate change or other environmental issues, big business and government need to step up and be aware of their social responsibilities. In the words of the biggest and loudest lefty I know "If the sugar refining company won't save me - Who's gonna save me?"
  10. I like SLIK tripods - the 500 for general stuff and the 700 for taller bigger stuff. They seem to be lighter and easier to set than manfrottos and probably a lot cheaper.
  11. Pete


    Ha ha yes, that's it - I just picked it from my apple TV last night assuming it was a new movie. I thought Brad and Kevin looked a bit young, but Morgan Freeman has always looked old!! I'd probably better read the movie description a bit better next time!! ☺️
  12. Pete


    Anyone seen Se7en yet? Great pic but pretty disturbing. Love to hear your comments on this one.
  13. I am only a hobby photographer hack, but IMO one of the things to look at for a DSLR - or any camera for that matter - is the ISO range of the camera. My old 60D is pretty poor in this department - it gets a bit shabby above about 1600 but I understand something like a 5D mark III can go to many thousands without any degradation at all. (I cant back this up as I have never been able to afford such a camera!). With so much more sensitivity you can shoot with higher shutter speeds, or with a much higher F-stop (or both!) for a given lighting condition. In any language more light (which is effectively what a more sensitive sensor is.. kind of...) means better photos.
  14. Another, equally tragic, story an inadvertent doorstep shooting in America is the celebrated case of Yoshi Hattori who was a Japanese student on an exchange program to the United States who was shot to death in Baton Rouge. There is a common link here - both incidents involved people from different nationalities who I am sure could not even begin to imagine the crazy-stupid environment. The same could also be said for the fatal shooting of Justine Diamond, an Australian that would never have thought approaching a police car at night would have such terrible consequences. But what is even more f&*ed is the castle law that was deliberately invoked to create a killing - i.e. someone deliberately enticed a burglar onto their property BECAUSE they wanted to shoot someone in the tragic case of the Death of Diren Dede that at least resulted in (lots of) jail time for the perpetrator.
  15. Wow, when you take the time to read the constitutional basis for "the right to bear arms" it's a pretty big ask they have ahead of them. The whole thing is based on government mistrust that dates back to England where King James II, a Roman Catholic, who had forced the disarming of Protestants, while arming and deploying armed Catholics contrary to Law (among other alleged violations of individual rights). The disarmament of american colonists by the British actually precipitated the fighting in the the war of independence. The upshot of all that, as I see it, is that the political and historical significance of gun control, to an American, is something that we don't understand and thus we underestimate the enormity of the task. It would appear that the best chance they have is to revoke ownership privileges for felons and people with mental illness and possibly some gun types. Still, a noble pursuit - limiting semi-automatic, center-fire rifles and high capacity magazines (loosely categorized as "assault rifles") would be a great step in the right direction that my get some traction in some states. Very unlikely that handguns could be controlled, however but maybe some strong regulation of some type might help.
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