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  1. After espousing my newfound knowledge on all things boiling in the office I engaged in a kettle vs microwave efficiency debate and though I confidently struck first with my pro-kettle spiel I was soon torn to shreds by the microwave lovers. You see, a microwaver will only just fill the cup prior to the big heat whereas a kettle aficionado will almost always go "the first line" on the water level - ie the microwaver is heating around 200 - 250 ml and the kettle user something like 400 or 500. Thus, no matter how efficient the device, the microwave tea drinker could rest easy knowing they expended far less energy than their kettle counterparts. My ass was kicked
  2. Gareth Evans recalled his most memorable Bob Hawke moment was at the CHOGM in Malaysia when Bob was at loggerheads with Maggie Thatcher over apartheid in South Africa where he told her to wisen up and get on the right side of history. Bob was pretty passionate about racism and sexism and Maggie copped it for her leniency on South Africa How cool is that..?!
  3. ... and allow more time to boil eggs on Mt Hotham
  4. With electric coils all the energy gets delivered to the source so the most efficient is the one the loses the less heat to the surroundings. If an electric kettle had REALLY good insulation (eg if the coils were in a sealed thermos flask) it would win hands down but boiling water in sealed glass containers is considered a bit "Darwin awards" (see post above re boiling petrol :)) I don't know enough about microwaves' efficiency (50? see below) to comment but induction cooktops really are the bomb, ie they directly heat the thing you want heated (ie the pot) not the air around it. From the good doctor G - A microwave is about 50 percent efficient. Most of the energy is lost in the process of converting electricity to microwaves (which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum). An electric stovetop is about 70 percent efficient, although that varies widely depending on the type of pot or kettle you use.
  5. According to the science if you put a liter of petrol in your kettle it should boil a lot quicker than water as its boiling point is a lot lower (35 degC) and its thermal mass is a lot lower at around 1.6 (less than half that of water). Maybe one of you blokes can have a crack at this and let me know how it goes?
  6. Yes, the energy requires to boil a kettle is proportional to the mass/volume of water in it - you can calculate it quite easily with the formula Q=MC(t1-t2) giving the joules required. given M is mass in grams C is about 4.2 per cm3 for water, to heat up a liter from 20 degC to boiling would need around 336,00 joules. Now given that the average kettle is about 1 kilowatt (or 1,000 joules per second) and assuming there is no heat loss (there actually is quite a bit) and forgetting we are heating up the kettle as well heating, it will take around 5 to 6 minutes. In actual fact the heat loss that occurs is actually proportional to the temperature which itself is increasing, meaning the process is covered by a single order linear differential equation, but I will leave that as an exercise for the reader. The fridge is a little more complex but is essentially covered under the same formula, except you are working with negative temperature changes and the (lack of) efficiency of thermodynamics and heat transfer. Is it just me, or is this stuff really interesting..!?
  7. I got an inkling that the Chinese currency will take a pasting on the eve of the US trade wars, hence a lot of movement into bitcoin en mass by the Chinese. But then again, I could be wrong....
  8. Had a google alert on this guy so have been following (stalking?) this thing since the original whacky post . It is fascinating what part 'Triathlon' plays in his psyche. Also seen for Hamish ( you know "who the hell he is"!) and a few others. Some kind of delusional belief in the importance of their training and (MOP age group) racing, like they are an Olympic swimmer or something and they have a "duty" to lose themselves in their preparation. Is there a name for this condition?
  9. that was then, this is now DAMNN!!! 😆 Shoulda held!!
  10. I sold - I took my $100 and ran. 10% return on investment is not too bad for less than a month's effort. It still owes me bit time LOL
  11. Now edging towards 9000 so I’ve made $ 100 since tho OP. Hold or fold?!
  12. Was this one that one that was driving the BMW and parked up the road and sat there leaving the cyclist she just hit to die while she complained to a friend how it had "ruined her day"? Or is this yet another one
  13. Surely true art transcends the physical boundaries of age, gender or even species (as in the case of sensational primate art) and provides a link to something greater. The Soul? Yeah, nah, I'm probably with you on this one!
  14. I don't really understand what 4th spot on the LNP ticket means - I thought you either got preselection or you didn't and the ticket was the how to vote for preference of other candidates?
  15. Personally I am not a big fan of Mick's portrayal of women (with the exception of la pieta in St Peter's) - they all have arms like professional wrestlers - and it probably says more about him than it does about the subject. Titian portrayed woman in far more feminine way, but ironically was criticized by Mick for not having enough training in anatomy. Unlike Michelangelo, Titian was married (several times) and had a number of children, just sayin.... I actually don't mind the pre-school one - step back and ask yourself not how it looks but how does it make you feel - and (maybe) you will see a delightful expression of chaotic, but joyful exuberance in a way that a more photographic representation cannot? (or maybe I am doing my best to impersonate an art snob )
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