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  1. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    With apologies to Darryl Kerrigan "How's the volatility?" Note that this is not over 10 years, 5 years or even 1 year - this is the movement over 6 months! Note the scale, no funny business here - half the height means half the price! There's some money to be made on them thar hills...!
  2. Learning another language online/app

    Si Si Paulo hai ragione - la lingua Italiano e' molto facile imperare! Yes, I think Italian is a good one to learn - my first, and probably best second language - it seems to work well in italy (obviously) but also in France and Spain too. In fact, in France I tend to get further speaking reasonable Italian as opposed to my woeful French (possibly my worst second language!).
  3. Learning another language online/app

    I've done a couple of languages and it's all good, but a really great (and even entertaining) way to learn contemporary, present tense dialog and vocab (as opposed to narrative) in a variety of contexts is to read comic books in the language of your choosing. Fair dinkum, really works! Learning the lyrics to pop songs also helps.
  4. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    I converted my bitcoin* into cash on a market trade within 10 or 15 seconds. The transaction verified withing the hour and I transferred the AUD result into my bank account via direct debit within 48 hours. Easier than a share transaction. I made the princely sum of $250 profit on my modest $460 investment over a period of only 2 or 3 months. That equates to something like a 200% annual return - try and get that from a term deposit!! LOL *bitcoin - technically not exactly bitcoin as the exchange held it for me in an account as opposed to setting up my own bitcoin wallet which I have still yet to do (for no other reason than to learn how). Even so, I think the exchange accepts direct transfers of bitcoin so I would think it would still be a fairly straightforward process.
  5. AFL 2017

    We hang on to Dusty - all is right in the world...
  6. Balance

    EVERYONE in this sport has trouble finding balance without getting obsessed. LOL There is a trajectory spanning 2 - 3 years that tends to start out at Corporate Triathlon, Sprint distance, Olly Distance, Half IM, and IM-1 and IM -2 or 3. It is about this point when family and friend start to write you off as a completely self obsessed asshole and a good time to reflect on what's important in life.
  7. In 50 years time .....

    Well, around 50 years ago as an innocent young boy I enjoyed eating "Nigger boy" licorice and the coolest person on TV, who I most aspired to be was the Marlborough Man - later supplanted by our very own Winfield man (Paul Hogan). No one batted an eye when Debbie, the little aboriginal girl, just turned up one day and started living on our white-only street - we always thought she must have been an orphan.... As a teenager you could walk into any house, light up a cigarette and ask for an ashtray. If the response was a very apologetic (and very rare) "I'm sorry you can't smoke here" you had a right to be offended and label the homeowner as some kind of weirdo. And drink driving was an accepted part of having fun. I bet that in 50 years times the norms of today will shock you, as much as the norms of 50 years ago do me - in the main, with the possibly exception of music :), things change for the better,.
  8. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    Kind of - it hovered down around USD 3800 (~5000AUD) for a while but now on the move - around 4400 (5600AUD ) and climbing. Must be a big demand on wannacry ransom payments I think I will put in a sell order just shy of 6,000 AUD and hope to catch it with a buy order when it comes down the other side. Who knows? $500 dollar day trader today, tomorrow the Wolf of Wall Street....!
  9. The Politics Thread

    On a slightly different note - if you haven't see The House with Annabel Crabb on ABC get on to IVIEW and check it out. A different perspective on Pollies and the Parliament that is quite revealing at times and quite entertaining.
  10. The Batchelor

    Well they would except I think it's a foregone conclusion. Pretty clear who Matty is going to end up with so the rest of it is just a distraction now to try and keep the entertainment value up.
  11. The Politics Thread

    I have heard a rumor that our head of state has not relinquished her British citizenship...
  12. AFL 2017

    Did the Tigers win on the weekend?
  13. Dick Smith fair go.

    Met dick a few year's ago and I was stunned to see how such a bright man could be so stoopid. He really is a complete muppet.

    Atomic Blonde: Intrigue- sex-scratch-kick-punch-stab-punch- kick- brains-blown-out, limp to next scene, start all over. Awesome!
  15. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    To give you an idea of the volatility of the market - bitcoin went just shy of $6,000 yesterday but dropped to $5,070 overnight and is now siting up around $5,500. I had a buy order in at 5,000 so I missed the dip by seventy bucks - Doh!!! This is much more fun than sports bet!! lol