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  1. Pete

    I don't understand.......

    I've always wondered where the line of mental illness and culpability cross. And the other, even bigger one, when diminished responsibility due to drug usage (namely ice) comes into play. When are people responsible for their actions, when are they not responsible?
  2. Pete

    New Fenix 5

    I didn't think there were any touchscreen functions on the 935 but this protector says "Multitouch optimised" - what are they referring to?
  3. Pete

    New Fenix 5

    Well, I think they all pretty much can all my most recent garmin devices bluetooth to my phone and then upload to garmin connect via 3G and then automatically update to strava from connect. The only difference with the 935 is it doesn't need a phone it can go direct via wifi - I don't use t his as I find the phone/bluetooth the most convenient but I will try it sometime just to see if it works. Yes, that is the big benefit of the Fenix - I think it has one of those super dooper hard sapphire type glass faces - I wear my 935 everyday as a smart watch and haven't scratched it yet, but I am being careful with it Could be a good case for a Fenix if you don't mind the extra weight and bulk.
  4. Pete

    New Fenix 5

    Fenix 5 is too heavy with all that metal - why would you want 1 kilogram on your wrist in a triathlon..?!! - the 935 is lighter and smaller but has all the features and is much better value for money. Better than the 735 in a number of ways too. Best watch by a country mile - they are the ducks gutz - get on it. A note on auto upload - this means automatically uploading directly to garmin connect (and then on to strava if you are so inclined) via a wifi network i.e it does not need a telephone to do this as is the case with most other Garmin devices (and it does this too). Also, can use bluetooth peripherals which most other Garmins can't as well as the ANT+ stuff. Wrist HR is OK for running but, for some reason, completely shite when you are on the bike.
  5. Pete

    New road bike disc or not

    I have a basic (heavy) TCR with disc brakes - much better braking all round, especially in the wet and I think less force required for given brake force. And, I think, a much greater brake force available, ie you can pull up quicker with less effort. My mountain descents this year on this bike are as fast as my best ever, yet I don't feel that my cornering as fast as I used to - I can only put it down to better braking. I wouldn't have specifically chosen a bike with discs before (I simply picked a good deal) but I think I would now.
  6. Pete

    Cardinal Pell

    You may not be aware but the famous journalist Walter "Robby" Robinson is in Sydney and Melbourne to headline a series of media. He is the man accredited with most of the work of famous work by the Spot Light team from the Boston Globe regarding the catholic church, abuse and cover ups in Boston. I hadn't seen the academy award wining film "Spotlight" but it is on Netflix so I watched it last night. A real eye opener and it has changed my view on proceedings against cardinal pell, seeing him more like his Boston counterpart Cardinal Law (who was forced to resign from his Boston position but not the church and went to the Vatican). There is an incredible exchange with a psychiatrist that goes like this: We think we have 13 priests in Boston, that fits this pattern, which would be a very, very big story. Does that sound right to you? In terms of scale? No, not really, Robby. Sounds low to me. My estimate suggests 6% act out sexually with minors. 6%, of what? 6% of all priests. How many priest do we have in Boston? About 1.500, 1% is 15, 6% is... 90? - Right, 90 priests. - Is that possible? From a metric standpoint. Yes. That would certainly be amount of my findings. Hello? 90 ****ing priests? In Boston? That's what he said. If there were 90 of these bastards, people would know. - Maybe they do. - And no one said a thing? They went on to find the actual number, 87.
  7. Pete

    Road bike v Time trial bike

    A good TT bike with a steep seat angle (78+ degrees) opens up the angle of the hips (ie your knee wont hit your stomach as much as on a road bike) enabling either more comfortable position for a given aero position or more aero for a given comfort level, ie its all about comfort (being able to stay in the aero position for a long time) and speed. But, more importantly - no matter what anyone else says - you really do look like a dork if you are TT'ing on a road bike
  8. Pete

    Crossfit claiming to cure diseases

    No, it's true. In a random sample of over 1,000 cross fitters from all over the US taken by the CFAA (Cross Fit Associate of America) over 70% of the respondents believed that cross fitters are considerably fitter, stronger, healthier, happier, higher achieving and overall much better and nicer and more generous than people from other sporting groups. A further 20% said "slightly more" whilst the rest said "at least equal".
  9. Pete


    Shame they already killed off the dude with the south African accent that steals all the vibranium - he was pretty cool.
  10. Pete

    Heart Rate Straps

    The 935 does Bluetooth Smart (BLE) so you can even use the cheap and nasty ALDI heart rate strap. I bought one for other reasons but when I couldn't find by regular strap (a Majellan ANT+) I gave it a go and it seemed to work fine.
  11. Pete


    Please - no spoilers! But has anyone seen the new Avengers movie? Teens are saying "Awesome but sad", Adults are saying "Awesome but black" - what are Trannies saying?
  12. Could there be a hint of PEDs in this somewhere? Not accusing anyone of anything - but could blood doping or other things assist a marathon time?
  13. Pete


    So does this mean that an act of kindness is only done in anticipation of a reward? If so then aren't we only really doing the act, not to be kind to others, but really only to benefit ourselves? To make ourselves feel good? Sorry to get a bit Albert Camus on you but maybe people need to reassess their motivation for RAK - maybe we are just gluttons for praise and recognition? Surely not... not triathletes?!
  14. Pete

    Garmin HR Monitor battery dying quick

    I was thinking this only the other day as I looked at the pile of Garmin HR straps I had accumulated over the years. I suppose they just die after a while. Last two have been the Majellan ANT+ HRM straps (they use the coin slot/screw battery cover rather then the cr@ppylittle screws in the Garmin - much easier to replace) but the cheap and sh1tty ALDI bluetoothSmart works with the 935 (not with all Garmins!) and it tells you when the battery needs replacing (which it does quite regularly)
  15. Pete


    Anyone seen "death of Stalin"?