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  • Year of first Tri race?

    Atomic Blonde: Intrigue- sex-scratch-kick-punch-stab-punch- kick- brains-blown-out, limp to next scene, start all over. Awesome!
  2. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    To give you an idea of the volatility of the market - bitcoin went just shy of $6,000 yesterday but dropped to $5,070 overnight and is now siting up around $5,500. I had a buy order in at 5,000 so I missed the dip by seventy bucks - Doh!!! This is much more fun than sports bet!! lol
  3. This news just in from planet AAA (Abbot/Abetz/Andrews) Former minister Kevin Andrews likens same-sex couples to cycling mates "Former cabinet minister Kevin Andrews has said same-sex relationships were simply “affectionate relationships”, the kind he might have with the members of his cycling group. In contrast, marriage was a completely different institution that should remain between a man and a woman."
  4. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    I just sold out at 4,800 as I thought it had peaked - but it's still climbing - got to over $5,500 this evening - Darn?! Doesn't explain bitcoin, but, like Kenny says, you gotta know when to hold'em know when to fold'em.
  5. Photography philosophy

    Sometimes you have to use "trick"photography or photo editing (or both) to overcome the inherent limitations of the camera compared to the human eye - this is one of my faves - can you guess what's unusual about this one? This photo is a construct of about 40 different photos all taken at a different focus point using an automated camera control software and stitched together using photo editing software. Why? Because it is impossible for a normal photo to have all that in focus but your eye changes focus dynamically over time so you never notice. This is also a great technique to overcome the limited depth of field in macro photography. like this: or this but what I really like is the surrealism of HDR - multiple pics at different exposures stitched together to make something a little bit different...
  6. BitCoin - future or fad?

    Great post - I just learnt some wonderful, and very entertaining history
  7. BitCoin - future or fad?

    I bought a couple of hundred dollars worth of Etherium a while back at $370 but it dropped like a stone and stayed there for a while - only now has put be back in the black at $410 - would have been better putting it into bitcoin. Etherium hasn't got the volatility of bitcoin but there are some good reasons why demand for it may ultimately surpass it.
  8. BitCoin - future or fad?

    Bitcoin now trading at $4,420 AUD. If you had've bought back then and held them (I didn't ) you would have made a 1,000 % return on your investment!!! (But I did purchase a small amount a month ago at 3,500 ) I wonder if the "bitcoin accepted only" in the ransomware virus transactions have made all the difference!
  9. The Politics Thread

    Too right - I saw him saying this on the news this morning and was disgusted - just as predicted now the plebiscite is announced the crap starts to fly, and VERY disappointingly Tony is showing his true colors . I used to avail him some respect but now I wouldn't give him the time of day. Imagine you were an LGBTI and some twat was discussing your right to a legalised union as being an issue of "religious freedom" or simply "political correctness".
  10. Movie Icarus 9/10

    I had a look on my Netflix and couldn't find it - am I doing something wrong? On a positive note, I did find the Pantani documentary - not a complete waste of time!!
  11. The Politics Thread

    I think it is mostly because the debate and marketing in the lead-up to the plebiscite will be divisive and degenerate into a hate campaign. The LGBT community can be pretty fragile at the best of times, so this won't help at all. There is another school of thought that asks the question - Why should someone's basic right be up for debate anyway? What right has the general public got to debate this?
  12. Gelatin

    Hey Allan, do you regularly take Vegemite, other yeast spreads, Vitamin B supplements or any other concentrated source of vitamin B? This isn't prompted by the recent "happiness" studies, by the way, but more a general health question possibly leaning in the direction of nerves, stress, heart rate etc maybe?
  13. You programmers and your assignment versus equality operator!! LOL (I must confess to falling foul of this more than once myself :)) There are some pretty cool laptops on Amazon at the moment with some pretty awesome graphics cards (by laptop standards) and all the right go-fast gear.
  14. Gelatin

    So how does a thread on Gelatin degrade into an AP celebrity roast...? He's not the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy. Now, back on topic, I've only found one study done so far and, inexplicably they combined the Gelatin with Vitamin C to which it was concluded that, despite the positive results, it was unclear if it was the C or the G that contributed most. Wiki calls BS on it however I want to believe that something so simple could really provide a tangible benefit. One nutritionist friend points out that this may even be the reason for the lack of extensive research or study - no money could be gained from the pharmaceutical industry from attributing any benefits to a ubiquitous substance, so why bother?
  15. People often notice a big difference in "performance" after installing a SSD - putting the OS (and other important stuff) on it and using the old HDDs for just storage. There are some great specials on SSDs now so might be worth a look. And if it doesn't work out and you wan to upgrade you can still use the drive/OS for your new computer.