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  1. Trannies Strava Page

    For some more fun with the Trannies Strava group you can also distinguish best segment performances. Do you have a Trannies KOM?

    Black Panther. Great movie, for so many reasons. Check it out!
  3. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    Noticed it's come back pretty fast in the last couple of days - AUD $13,000+ and looks like it's on the rise. Might be a good time to drop some coin on bitcoin - but then again might be a good time to stay right away from it - it depends on one thing - Do you feel lucky?
  4. Vietnam - worth going?

    Been for work a couple of times. Good food, great place, nice people - overall a very positive experience!
  5. Getting wifi into shed???

    I have one of the powerline ethernet extenders that is connected via a cat5 cable at the home end and wifi/cat5 at one of the GPOs in my garage. Works well but I don't know what the actual bandwidth is as the things connected to it don't upload/download much data but they are connected 24/7 and they never lose connection. Can be a bit of a pain to set up (they are encrypted so you have to set all that up) but would OK for me - I will try a speed test tonight from the garage and another from the house and see if there is any difference and get back to you on it.
  6. The last of the V8 interceptors, Max!
  7. There is a sign on the dashboard "Dont panic!" and a towel in the glovebox.
  8. complete newb - needs advice

    platform pedals got it. I checked out the specs on the Talon - if I have it right it has 27.5" wheels but everyone seems to be talking 29er - is there any difference or advantage for the bigger wheels? (read "advantage for a fat slow hack with no ability whatsoever")
  9. complete newb - needs advice

    Thanks guys - really valuable information. I will start looking at the Talon and use that as my go-no-lower benchmark and see what I can find on the 2nd hand market. It's a whole 'nuther world (for both the teck and the actual riding) but I am really looking forward to it!
  10. So I rode a couple of easy tracks at Bright with the kids on a borrowed 29er hard tail. the kids loved it so I want to get into some riding with them locally at the YouYangs. So, if I am not into it in a big way and need to watch my dollars what is a "minimum spec" bike to get me around the tracks. I will never compete or be competitive, just want to spend time with Mr 11YO and Mr 13YO who both have Trek hard tails but am completely clueless when it comes to MTBs!
  11. Marathon times

    Reported time gains seems to track the very same increase in atmospheric CO2 levels combined with a rise in average global temperature. There is a lot more to this...
  12. First the darts ... now F1!!!!

    I think it is probably more the sexualisation of women and the context (when and where) that it is done that matters as to whether it is appropriate or not.
  13. Marathon times

    This is the kind of stupidity you get when non-athletes get involved in sports related matters:- As we can see there isn't much change in the percentage of people, who finished for bellow 7 hours. There is a slight rise in % of people who finished for more than 6 hours. The biggest change is in the people who finish for between 5 and 6 hours. In our opinion, we can't call them particularly slow and they are definitely not just walking the race. This is EXACTLY where I would have predicted the bulge in new slow-down-the-average participants to be and not below 7 hours. It is this participation group that is bringing the average down. This guy can take his opinion and put it back where it belongs!
  14. Robson racing again...

    Not defending the classification of clubs to commercial coaching groups - I am definitely an old school club is a club is a club kinda guy - nor the administration of same - simply clarifying a point made earlier in that context. The "clubs" part could be whole 'nuther thread and something that I am particular sensitive to at the moment - there were people from two victorian coaching organisations "participating" in the recent (completely volunteer run and not-for-profit Audax Alpine Classic in full regalia however they had obviously not entered the event (no timing sticker). Can't say if they were using the aid stations or other facilities but even if they weren't (yes, i know the roads belong to everyone) it just came across, to me at least, as arrogant and disrespectful.
  15. Robson racing again...

    Not exactly - I spoke to the head of his club - he was banned due to another matter prior to it all hitting the fan (at which time they had no knowledge), however I understand that he would have been kicked out ASAP if he was still there when they become aware of it.