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  1. Pete

    Help for the direction challenged

    Turns out to be pretty easy with the 510 - on the 510 user interface simply choose courses, new and then find a file of an old ride you want to be a course, name it and save it. When that is done start your ride with "navigate, courses and choose the saved course. It starts the first time you cross the course and gives you lots of good advice like "turn left" but it gets confused if you leave it and come back and stops the instructions. Nevertheless it still shows the track and where you are on it so it is pretty easy to see if you should turn right, left or straight through as it shows the track you should follow. It's also pretty handy to see how sharp the next bends are when you are descending. Big ride today and felt good knowing that if I got dropped I could find my way no problem and if I was off the front then I didn't need to wait for someone because I was unsure of the direction to take. Didn't get it working on the 935 - seemed to want waypoints rather than a course but I think it might be a terminology issue....
  2. Pete

    Help for the direction challenged

    Thanks everyone - I have seen the courses thing before but never really knew how to use it - I'll do a bit of googling and see if I can work it out - I'll let you know how I go.
  3. Hi, not sure if anyone else has this problem or whether I am uniquely geographically challenged but.... Say you do a ride through the burbs - over hill and dale, left here, right here, up there, down there.... and lets' say you want to do this again on your own, or you get dropped mid ride. What's the best way to get back on track? Note this is NOT the standard route a GPS would take so while GPS would get you home, it won't be route that you want. I have the correct garmin/strava track from a previous ride - is there any way to use this as a route indicator somehow during the ride? I have a garmin watch, an Edge 510 (but up for an upgrade if I have a good excuse!) and an IPhone - any ideas?
  4. I remember the year they couldn't use the roads due to access for fire vehicles so the 250 become 3 laps of an extended Bright-Buffalo return. To this day I still reckon it's the hardest thing I've done - going out for lap three of same old same old in the heat was very mentally challenging. Training OK'ish - tested the 32 out on some 10%+ gradients on Mt Macedon yesterday, racking up 1,700 vertical meters in only 72km - the 32 helps but it's not a panacea for all my climbing problems. it's going to be a long day....
  5. Pete

    All things IM NZ

    ... and in 2006 we got the craziest wild and windy weather in 800 years - resulting in the now infamous 2/3 of a half ironman thing with the stupid scheduled bike start and the most dumb-arse piece of race directing I have ever seen. Even worse, at the awards night we had to listen to the RD crap on about their day as if they were some kind of hero when all it was was a litany of indecision and poor planning.
  6. So, the doorbell rang and the funny Australia Post man gave me my much awaited package..... It wasn't long and I found my answer - Yes it does (admittedly it wasn't a short cage as I first thought but a medium or long (65 mm jockey wheel centers) And no mods to the chain or the derailleur - even on the Big Front sprocket (50 tooth) and the new Big Rear Cog (32) - and even though it changes up OK it looks decidedly uncomfortable and I will try and avoid doing this! Thanks for your help everyone! I thought I was being a cheapskate by "downgrading" to a 105 cassette until I realized the original 11-28 was 105 too...
  7. Pete

    The Politics Thread

    The handouts were part of a two pronged attack on the effects of the GFC, one being financial stability measures (lowering interest rates and supporting the banks) and the second being a 2 part financial stimulus package. The first of these was $10.4 billion (which for Australia is around 1 per cent of GDP.) comprised of $8.7 billion that would flow to pensioners and low-income families in the form of cash bonuses, $1.5 billion to support housing construction, and $187 million for new training places. The second was a $42 billion stimulus package titled the Nation Building and Jobs Plan predominantly centered on fast tracking infrastructure projects. Australia's handling of the GFC was considered to be very good financial management (not some loony left free-for-all hand-out) and we got through it far better than the major players UK and USA.
  8. If the subtext to that is "You're a complete woos and if you can't do it on a 28 you should be ashamed of yourself and shouldn't even be there!!" then I have to plead "guilty as charged" .... I measured my jockey to jockey distance on my derailleur and it looked about 65mm whereas all my other bikes seemed to have about 50mm jockey to jockey - so I am assuming that the Ultegra is either the "medium" or the "long" cage but not the short. On the strength of that I have ordered a new 32 cassette (albeit a 105) and will fit it next week. Now, if only I could stop eating junk food.....
  9. 320?! That's impressive! I am doing the 250 and it is the thought of the back'o'falls grind (and maybe that last climb on Hotham before the village) that has got me thinking 32 for the back.
  10. Thanks for that Will - all starting to make sense now. Before I get too carried away I will double check the cage on my existing derailleur (jockey wheel center to center) to see if I don't already have a medium. If I don't I might invest in some ultegra/105 stuff and see if I can get it delivered and fitted before the big ride. Most of the big on-line stores are showing "out of stock" Otherwise I'll have no alternative than to just drop weight and get fitter....
  11. Hey everyone, a pretty specific group set question - I hope you can help me. Currently running 11 speed ultegra (mechanical not DI2) on a Giant TCR with a standard compact crank (50/34) and a 11-28 cassette. I have been told that I can go up to the 11-32 cassette without having to change the rear derailleur - is this correct? Otherwise I have been told that I would need a long-cage derailleur. I have also been told that with Ultegra you can, and with DuraAce you can't. Also, is there any practical reason why I wouldn't choose the 105 cassette over the Ultegra (they both come in 11-32). I only want to use it for one (big) ride that has lotsa steep climbs. Also, what's the chance of it all being done without having to change the chain length? If all of the above comes out as "No you can't" can I repeat it all again with the 11-30 teeth cassette (these are also available in 105).
  12. Pete

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Same here but brought up the bar code on my phone and it went through OK - they were using the phone app, to scan bar codes and it all good.
  13. Pete

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Just had a crack at the Echuca Moama park run. Just the thing to do before a paddle steamer cruise lunch up the Murray
  14. Pete

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Park runs are lotsa fun. When I we were in Darwin earlier this year I rocked up to the local park run and had a crack. They were all very welcoming of visitors and it is a great way to meet local people - and get a view of the city that you might not normally see.
  15. Pete

    Cardinal Pell

    Ask GSP - I think he is some kind of relative....