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  1. That's tough, not much consolation but at least there's another day and lots of runs to choose from around the UK. Hey at least you managed to do another ultra even though you didn't make the full 100km! I even tripped and fell going uphill the other day - at least it was a bit more of a slow motion crash 😂
  2. truck

    Cheddar Gorge climb

    There's also a clip where there's a long line of cars behind them as they chat riding side by side in the middle of the road
  3. Yep the bike course is fine for a TT bike (I used a roadie because we were travelling and it’s more user friendly). Only thing to watch is the headwind on the last 40-50k which with it being 202k all up gets pretty soul destroying. I wasn’t bothered by midges at all as a competitor but the support crew needs the nets. Once you’re on the run course though they’re non existent. For a good portion of the run there aren’t clear paths, just boulders....
  4. A good (if not a bit long) video on Fraser Cartmell's Celtman race this year. Some good shots across the course especially the run - 42k's with two peaks and 2000m climbing/descending to do. https://gtn.io/CeltmanAdventure
  5. Most of the trail shoes I've used have a join between the tongue and the body of the shoe - doesn't eliminate that from happening but does reduce it. I do see some of these around though which go a step further and give a bit of snake protection Just on getting hot feet I looked at getting some goretex based shoes but was advised (esp in Brisbane) my feet would just cook with the material just too thick to let the heat/sweat out.
  6. When I first started doing IMs it was all about complete, then compete then eventually race. THe way I'm looking at ultras is much the same - at the moment I'm in the 'complete' stage and learning as I go along. Paul - I'd argue most ultra runners would struggle to come into IM with just a running background and do well at first. Not sure too many of them have done 180k on the bike before their long run - two very different sports linked by endurance.
  7. Agree. It was colder last week at Celtman (10c I think) and they still managed to get around https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/age-group/becky-hoare-celtman-winner-2019
  8. Excellent result especially when you're carrying injuries going in. They even calculated VO2 max for you which seems especially odd when it's an ultra so would include any times that you'd stop along route!
  9. It's a dilemma I'd agree. I've done some solid kms on the bike this year building to Cairns and was comfortable holding 190w for 5 1/2 hrs there so really don't want that to disappear. However, I know it's way easier to get swim fit than bike fit than run fit so will prioritise running and recovery but will hang onto the bike stuff as much as I can. As for swimming? Have already canceled my membership😂
  10. Sulphur dioxide plus water in the atmosphere can lead to sulphuric acid (H2SO4). The roses around Sheffield in the UK (steel works plus coal fired power going back a while) were spotless due to the acid rain killing the aphids. Useless fact!
  11. Sulphur dioxide is released which is a gas
  12. CCC looks good.... . Btw, how easy is it training for just one sport??? Run focused for the next few months with a couple of easy weekly rides thrown in. I have so much time on my hands and no longer start each run with quad aches for the first couple of k's 😂
  13. Any power numbers from the ride for a bit better comparison? I rode a Giant Propel with clip ons and mavic 45mm wheels for a 5.28 in the full which included a short stop at special needs. Av power of 182, NP of 190w which was steady across the ride. Not sure weight would come into it on that course with only 900m of climbing but if it does I was at 70kgs. My best guess is I gave up 15mins+ by not having my old P5 with trispoke front and rear disc.
  14. 70.3 well underway. Conditions a fair bit better than yesterday.
  15. Despite the modeling there will be sufficient ‘buyer beware’ statements to ensure that the risk is passed to the purchaser of shares. However, they can’t just make it up and/or fail to include facts now which they are aware of which would have a negative outcome.
  16. The $500m they get back can be used however they want. It could be used to pay down debt (previous reports indicated their debt level across the group was very high) or they could invest it in a new opportunity which gives a higher return than they see coming in from IM.
  17. Pretty rough out there today with much the same for tomorrow. Looks like a solid head wind on the bike as well.
  18. Some pics from the kids tri this morning. Very popular and great to see. The latest in tri bikes through to the finish line.
  19. Financial projections (so forward looking estimates) are what sells the IPO so will be included. It isn’t necessarily a view of how they have performed to date
  20. The capital raised goes back to the old owners and not the new ones. If there’s a spending commitment to IT upgrades it would be spelt out in the IPO (haven’t looked to see what their cash flow and capex projections are).
  21. So basically Wanda is selling it and they’ve had no private bids they’ll accept so are offloading it into the public space. If we want we can now at least buy into it if we think it is priced right and will continue to grow. Looks like a number of other fitness based companies will also end up in the public space as well.
  22. Apparently the run aid stations are being stocked with doughnuts as we speak...
  23. Driving around in it I can just feel the envy of all the Ute drivers up here 😂
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