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  1. Norseman

    Cracking day out and completely smashed by the end. Goal was the black t shirt and managed that. This was the climb that started 25km into the run, 1800m of ascent with the last 5k over a boulder field. Will add some more later when the traveling slows down ?
  2. Norseman

    Thanks guys. Interesting that they use live tracking for all athletes on the bike and run (use the quarq quollector) - not sure of the investment cost but if Norseman can do it why can't IM? Mentioned at the briefing they had 3600 applicants and have 245 racing tomorrow.
  3. Norseman

    Race is on tomorrow morning. Stunning scenery around here weather forecast changes every 4 hours and is different across the whole course. Looks like 12c here and then 6c up on the plateau after the first (40km) climb. There's still snow up there and a good view of a glacier as you ride along... T1 is a complicated setup. You swim up the fjord to this point We drove the bike course in reverse. 5 climbs with two being big and around 7-8%. Plus side is a 50km descent after the first climb and around 30km descent into T2. Out of T1 I think there are 4 tunnels to go through as you climb which aren't well lit and bikes are normally banned. On race day they shut the tunnels for the descending traffic so at least don't need to think about that! Looking forwards to it (I think).
  4. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    Yep another one at UQ - $700/yr for as much of everything as you want. Includes the cost of squad unlike most places.
  5. KQ questions

    As AP says, IM is 70% mental. Advice from previous posters is good, add to that getting your head in the right space and be consistent with the training. The more 'average' you are, the more consistent you need to be (at least that's what I found :)) to get there. Probably took me a couple of years to do it and I saw plenty of people who came and went during that time because they tried to do it in a very short space of time and overcooked themselves (physically and mentally).
  6. Interesting - they will need to get on the front foot re upcoming races and how they'll guarantee they'll happen. Risk is that athletes become concerned and don't register/pay until the last minute to ensure the race is going ahead and that they don't lose their money. IM is a model where they take cash early so without that money coming in and borrowing restrictions in place it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy....
  7. If anyone is looking for an entry to this year's Wild Earth Coastal High 50 let me know (currently sold out) - no longer able to compete so looking to transfer my spot. Cost is $189 less the $25 they'll charge you when you register so $164.
  8. Facebook, I dont like it!

    Im a v v later adopter to most things and would have only joined FB about 12 months or so ago I think. Just found that more organisations are using it for comms (tri, swim, old school stuff etc). I'd have maybe 30 friends on there and that's it - I look at my 20YO daughter who has (I think) 1500+ and just think it must be chaos. I also stop following anyone who just swamps it with crap (but don't tell them that!). Taking that approach it seems to work alright.
  9. Saw this fine piece of journalism on Ch7 Brisbane news last night. Apparently 160!!! cyclists were issued infringement notices last year for speeding and going through red lights so it's a major drama. (Although QLD wide, they didn't compare it to the 55,000 fines issued to car drivers for not having a valid rego in the same period). One of the solutions is to have compulsory speedometers on bikes - that way at least I won't see the potholes until it's too late as I'm studying my speedometer. Don't get me wrong, we all see cyclists doing the wrong thing but they are in a massive minority and reporting it like this just gives the rednecks more fuel for their fire. https://au.news.yahoo.com/qld/video/watch/36342236/crackdown-on-speeding-cyclists/#page1
  10. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Congrats on the finish. From crawling around on the floor to doing a marathon in 3 weeks is pretty good going!
  11. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    You don't really look as though you enjoyed that!
  12. If that doesn't deserve something significantly longer in jail I don't know what does. Hopefully the leniency of the sentence will get appealed but I won't hold my breath.
  13. Cricket

    Does anyone still watch cricket? For the players perhaps the best paying days are behind them and they're going to have to reset their expectations. Kids seem to be playing everything else but cricket at the moment which would have to be a concern.
  14. Power meter for shiv

    Yep had an SRM on my P5 and worked absolutely fine. I know you replace the battery yourself but I send mine off which was a pain when it was NZ but it's now Adelaide so should be a lot easier timewise.