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  1. truck

    Cycling kits. What's yours and why

    I’ve got Rapha, black sheep, assos and a fair bit of castelli stuff. In terms of comfort and long lasting nothing comes close to assos I’ve found (style though is questionable though with some of their stuff 😂). Black sheep looks good but pretty average on long rides and starts to lose its shape. Rapha bibs just don’t come close to assos for comfort with the exception of their shadow stuff - used the water repellant ones for Norseman and they were first class. Castelli tops have been pretty good and have their top end jacket which again is 1st rate when it’s raining hard (bought in a sale - no way I’m paying $400+ for a jacket!).
  2. truck


    From Brisbane it's probably just as quick to get to Geelong as it is to HOTW. Just saying. But yes, Port would be more interesting
  3. truck

    The Expat weather thread

    Yep you have no chance of riding over it and you'll be off your bike before you know it. Driving over it is the same - if you're lucky you'll hit some clear road before you hit something a bit more painful.
  4. truck

    Trannies Strava Page

    You can just do a manual entry each time if you don't have a gps. If you have a garmin gps you can link it directly to strava so it will show up on both your garmin page and your strava account including any clubs that you are a member of.
  5. truck

    The Expat weather thread

    As the Norwegians say, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. Much easier to train/race in the cold and wet than it is in the heat. Whilst Brisbane isn't the middle east I've got to say I'm totally over the summers here - regularly trained twice a day when we were in Melbourne but coming up here that second training session just becomes a survival one to the point I've stopped doing them. We ski a fair bit and have regularly been out there when it's -20c or a bit colder without too many problems.
  6. truck

    Trannies Strava Page

    14hrs going around a ~1.2km circuit and averaging 35k/hr, especially in the heat after 9am is pretty impressive. The other brisbane guy on there who's ridden 30,000km+ this year including a ride just after midnight this morning isn't going so badly either
  7. truck

    Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Do you also jump in the car and not put the seat belt on cos you're only going down the milk bar and it's not very far?
  8. No one that's commented on here has actually done IM Austria but they're recommending all these other races. The 70.3 WC held at Zell am See is ~200k's away from where IM Austria held so not necessarily representative either. Go with the race that appeals the most - Austria as a holiday destination I can comment on having been there lots of times in summer and winter and I think it's great.
  9. truck

    The Politics Thread

    And I also hear we're moving the State Capital from Brisbane to Mt Isa to keep those North QLD folks happy.
  10. truck

    The Politics Thread

    But were they all born in QLD and, if not, renounced their allegiance to other States (especially NSW)??
  11. truck

    Ultraman WC

  12. truck

    The Politics Thread

    So how long does it take to count a bunch of votes in QLD?? How hard can it really be? If ALP doesn't get a clear majority in its own right will it decline government? And it's only 2yrs 10 months until the next election here so whoever gets in will spend that time just trying to ensure they get elected again rather than doing something.
  13. truck

    Rugby Union, what's happened to Oz?

    I'd guess that league wouldn't be far off numbers wise to union in England - it's just that it's seen as the working class game and played in the Northern part of the country. In that sense you don't read of too many ex league players going into stockbroking at the end of their careers but would think they can make a living out of it. As someone who literally hasn't played a minute of any kind of rugby (grew up in a football school) I like watching the good league matches but can't stand union for the level of disjointedness and playing advantage for a ridiculous amount of time.
  14. truck

    Rugby Union, what's happened to Oz?

    Truly global though compared with AFL
  15. truck

    Ultraman WC

    Looks like a really tough third day but got there in the end. Well done IP!