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  1. Most races have a pole-free zone (assuming they are allowed to start with) for the first xkms otherwise it's just too crowded and inuring someone else is likely. So you need to practice taking them out from where you have stored them and also putting them back - most packs have some kind of top and bottom loop to secure them, just don't stop to do it. As for using them? I find them a massive help going up hills but will depend on your upper body strength. There's also a risk that by going faster you can strain a calf muscle (managed that!) so take it easy. For descents I find they're more a positioning/balancing aid a bit like downhill skiing. Overall, if you can use them then a definite help. From what I can see, in Europe they're used extensively but over here it's rare - remember it's proper hard here 😂
  2. Just on this, renewables are forcing coal out and not the other way around (which I have no issue with btw) - it's why all this chatter about building a new SCC fired power station is just a waste of time. Coal needs to operate in baseload to be efficient and it can't do that if large chunks of the market disappear through renewable generation at zero or close to zero short run marginal cost. However, to ensure we as consumers have the 24/7 reliable cost effective power supply that we demand, there needs to be a bigger solution and, unfortunately, in the short to medium term it's not batteries or pumped hydro backing up wind/solar. The only viable solution right now is fast start gas generation to provide that back up which opens up another can of worms. Ultimately on solar, it can be as cheap as you want but it will never be the full solution.
  3. Thought you guys might like this. Snapshot of pricing in the national electricity market in mid July - clear skies and wind. Good luck exporting your power and receiving income at a forecasted rate to pay it off. It’s great renewables are continuing to come into the market but I’d question the assumption you’ll be able to export it into the grid on a long term basis. I’d also ask whether or not you might be penalised for exporting when the grid becomes full and could be causing destabilisation issues - big (as in bigger than you need) isn’t always better. The lack of a clear and coherent energy policy Federally and on a state by state basis needs resolving sooner rather than later.
  4. truck

    Wanda Sports Group

    But what exactly are you buying? I had a quick look at the prospectus they put out and was confused. They acquired Insight plus WTC for ~$1.8BN USD and have raised just over $200M USD by this share issue and say they're still headquartered in China. Looks like they've done a partial sell down and there's also talk of class A and B shares with class B having the voting rights whereas it's the class A that were offloaded. I may well have missed the screamingly obvious here so welcome a better explanation as to what's going on.
  5. truck


    Won it in a 'sprint' in the last 200m 😂. Did see a scottish report saying that it was a scorching 25c on part of the bike course! No rain and no wind this year which is probably the first time in its history.
  6. Thanks mate - at the 10k point I was on track for just over 6hrs, forgetting that the second half was a fair bit tougher than the first. They did a gear check at about 21k specifically to see was carrying the mandatory snake bite bandage - guessing the UK ones are more focused on cold weather gear??
  7. 😂 always like to have a bit of room for improvement!
  8. truck

    Swimming World Champs

    I'm not sure this is true - it's all over the media today. The issue is that the media keep saying 'those in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones' which is completely missing the point. It would be hypocritical if she gets a ban, returns to swimming and the other Aussie clean swimmers are happy to get on the podium with her. On Ledecky she was sick, pulled out of a couple of other races so may well have been a contributing factor.
  9. Done in 8.11 for my first 50k (ended up measuring 51.5). Pretty sore towards the end with hip flexor issues probably coming out of the glute problem and over compensating but good to get it done. Hot conditions for the middle of winter and a really good course although haven't got too much to compare it with - would even say one worth traveling to compete in. Worked out I am nowhere near strong enough so lots of work to do.
  10. Cheers, think I’ll be a bit sore Sunday! The 100k version has 4600m of ascending 😬
  11. Got the Guzzler half full (50km) trail race coming up on Sat. 2100m of climbing and descending so should be fun especially as I've barely run for 3 weeks with a glute/hamstring issue. Could be a long day.....
  12. That's tough, not much consolation but at least there's another day and lots of runs to choose from around the UK. Hey at least you managed to do another ultra even though you didn't make the full 100km! I even tripped and fell going uphill the other day - at least it was a bit more of a slow motion crash 😂
  13. truck

    Cheddar Gorge climb

    There's also a clip where there's a long line of cars behind them as they chat riding side by side in the middle of the road
  14. Yep the bike course is fine for a TT bike (I used a roadie because we were travelling and it’s more user friendly). Only thing to watch is the headwind on the last 40-50k which with it being 202k all up gets pretty soul destroying. I wasn’t bothered by midges at all as a competitor but the support crew needs the nets. Once you’re on the run course though they’re non existent. For a good portion of the run there aren’t clear paths, just boulders....
  15. A good (if not a bit long) video on Fraser Cartmell's Celtman race this year. Some good shots across the course especially the run - 42k's with two peaks and 2000m climbing/descending to do. https://gtn.io/CeltmanAdventure
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