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  1. truck

    Garmin 530/830

    On my second 520 after the first was replaced under warranty. Unfortunately this one is just out of warranty and it; registers 2100m of climbing per ride every time despite factory resets, turns itself off when it wants at random times, regularly freezes at the start up screen due to corrupt files. Always bugged me that you couldn’t have the backlight on during a ride as well (just assumed that) so likely to be looking elsewhere.
  2. I’d have put you as lighter than that - must be heavy bones 😂. 183cm and finished Sunday’s 30k trail run @ 67kgs. That’ll come back up a bit but pre-race weight will be around 69kgs.
  3. Interesting also that the points system to qualify for these races is based simply on completion within the maximum allowed time which, assuming nothing has gone wrong and you're reasonably well prepared, seems doable. In that sense they're a bit like the extreme triathlon series that's now come together - no qualifying but just a lottery to get in so the field on the day is much more mixed in terms of capability than, for example, Kona would be. Luckily i have all the gear already with Celtman being extremely strict on the survival gear that needed to be carried by both the competitor and their support runner. Biggest change to the way I've approached trail runs this year is to learn that walking/hiking up the steep/long climbs is ok whereas I'd always thought it was a failure not to run it in the past. That has seen my overall pace materially quicken up across the whole run.
  4. Rode to Redcliffe today and instead of riding the usual route up Sandgate road, joined the bike path at Nundah crit circuit and then went along the new section up to the Sandgate turnoff. Virtually no one on it and clearly safe with no cars so has some appeal. Have to say though whoever chose to build it using concrete slab construction can't ride much/at all. It's better than the Port roads but it's like being on a old train where you felt every join in the rail track so let some pressure out of your tyres first! That plus the constant traffic noise from the freeway and the block head wind on the way back didn't really sell it to me. I guess if you needed to get to Sandgate/Redcliffe on a regular basis then it would be a good improvement. Last week did 75k on the crit circuit and found that easier on the head 😂
  5. Following on from FP's comment in the training today post, anyone done UTMB or the other races associated with it like the CCC on here? Been looking at these for a while - being naive as to how hard it must be is probably part of the ongoing interest. Did wonder if its a case of being a sprint triathlete having done nothing longer than 500/20/5 deciding to enter IM🙄. So any comments/advice? Do have some experience from Celtman (2000m climbing/descending mostly offroad) and Norseman (1800m of climbing but mainly on-road) so not a complete newbie. Have 2x50km trail races coming up but looking at the 100k Alpine challenge in Vic in Nov which gives 4pts so would need to do another one of them to get the 8pts required.
  6. I think so but, for example, includes Coot-Tha which is open all the time anyway.
  7. You could always pay $220 for a 110km ride in Brisbane this week https://www.tourdebrisbane.org/rides/uci-gran-fondo how do they get away with that??
  8. Nice run. The trail run fall is an inevitability especially towards the end when the legs are tired - those small insignificant pebbles/twigs become boulders and tree trunks!
  9. My fastest 5k is off the bike - only thing I can put it down to is not warming up properly ahead of a run race due to the fear of somehow getting tired. And it's not a small difference - 17.30 in a tri vs 18.30 just running. Going to the longer distances there's a bit of a reversal - 21k running 1.24 vs 1.27 off a hard bike.
  10. Out on a long trail run, doing the section around Enogerra dam, this guy is running towards me, bare chest, swim hat on, paddles on his hands, swim buoy clipped to his waist, looks like a viking (big beard). So after the initial wtf, thought he could be training for this https://otilloswimrun.com/races/hvar/ It was hot out there today so no idea how he could run with a swim hat on 😂
  11. I simply cannot comprehend that (the 6hrs on the turbo, not the tv watching 😂). Raining today or another reason?? 4hrs @ 200W here enjoying a balmy autumn day in Brissie.
  12. truck

    10yrs ago today

    I remember that post - and was a bit stunned it was 10 years ago!! As you say, how time flies. To come back from that and be posting solid run and ride times is a real credit.
  13. You're forgetting the infamous Brighton Alps 😂 https://www.strava.com/segments/640017 But yes, training for Norseman a couple of years ago and looking around here for a 40km hill was a non starter.
  14. Has also been everested
  15. Road quality is first class hot melt, recently resurfaced. It’s a 9km loop or you can do repeats of the hill. Remember it’s light here at 4.30 during the summer and coolest time to ride so no big deal.
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