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  1. Any power numbers from the ride for a bit better comparison? I rode a Giant Propel with clip ons and mavic 45mm wheels for a 5.28 in the full which included a short stop at special needs. Av power of 182, NP of 190w which was steady across the ride. Not sure weight would come into it on that course with only 900m of climbing but if it does I was at 70kgs. My best guess is I gave up 15mins+ by not having my old P5 with trispoke front and rear disc.
  2. 70.3 well underway. Conditions a fair bit better than yesterday.
  3. Despite the modeling there will be sufficient ‘buyer beware’ statements to ensure that the risk is passed to the purchaser of shares. However, they can’t just make it up and/or fail to include facts now which they are aware of which would have a negative outcome.
  4. The $500m they get back can be used however they want. It could be used to pay down debt (previous reports indicated their debt level across the group was very high) or they could invest it in a new opportunity which gives a higher return than they see coming in from IM.
  5. Pretty rough out there today with much the same for tomorrow. Looks like a solid head wind on the bike as well.
  6. Some pics from the kids tri this morning. Very popular and great to see. The latest in tri bikes through to the finish line.
  7. Financial projections (so forward looking estimates) are what sells the IPO so will be included. It isn’t necessarily a view of how they have performed to date
  8. The capital raised goes back to the old owners and not the new ones. If there’s a spending commitment to IT upgrades it would be spelt out in the IPO (haven’t looked to see what their cash flow and capex projections are).
  9. So basically Wanda is selling it and they’ve had no private bids they’ll accept so are offloading it into the public space. If we want we can now at least buy into it if we think it is priced right and will continue to grow. Looks like a number of other fitness based companies will also end up in the public space as well.
  10. Apparently the run aid stations are being stocked with doughnuts as we speak...
  11. Driving around in it I can just feel the envy of all the Ute drivers up here 😂
  12. Should have added that got upgraded from the cheapest Toyota to a hyundai Kona - maybe a message in that?? Did wonder if Bored@ would have turned it down on principle? Nice car btw.
  13. Little love for the race? Got off the plane yesterday and it was cold! Ride this morning with a couple of tops on - forecast of 27 for Sunday so that’s better but could be a bit wet. Nice set up here with the expo and where everything is right in the middle of town, big queue to register last night so left it to this morning. 300 athletes from Japan here, Jetstar has 190 employees also racing (they’re a major sponsor).
  14. Anyone flying up to Cairns and more generally with Qantas, they now have an approval system in place for up to 4x25g CO2 canisters which can be carried either in carry on or in checked in baggage. You need to request authorisation prior to travel and then show that authorisation each time you check in. Easy enough to do and response was quick - authorisation is valid until end 2019. https://www.qantas.com/travel/airlines/dangerous-goods/global/en#co2-non-flammable-gas-cartridges
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