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  1. If you know who to talk to you can find the AWS Datacentres in secret locations in and around Sydney I'd suggest trying the following... SYD1: Equinix SYD3 in Alexandria. SYD4: Global Switch Ultimo. SYD5: Fujitsu Western Sydney Datacentre. SYD6: Iseek-KDC Gore Hill, Artarmon. SYD7: Fujitsu Sydney Datacentre, Homebush. SYD61: NextDC S1, Macquarie Park. But don't tell anybody....its a secret 🤡
  2. Strange they're finalising the rules around privacy after they've spent the last 2 weeks telling us exactly what they are
  3. -- AJ --


    Gees theres no satisfying some people. If they did nothing, you'd probably be complaining about that too. Considering they probably had to have them built, I'd say thats been a fairly quick turnaround.
  4. Race? I havn't raced in over 10 years so thats not likely to be an issue. Motels (certainly the big chain ones) have a privacy policy and codes of practice which states their legal obligations. I doubt too many little corner places have such policies or fully understand their obligations.
  5. Supposed to makes sure you're over 21. Used to be the same here. (except the age is18) Didn't work back when I was 18. Went into a club in Brisvegas late one night and saw a friend of my sisters in there who I knew for a fact was only 15 at the time.
  6. I'm never that organised. If I walk in and they don't have space I go elsewhere
  7. Can't remember the last time I entered either a pub or a club. Might have been the last Tri Club championships at Nelson bay
  8. Not that I've noticed. I go to a restaurant and I can sit down and order dinner and a beer without having to produce ID I guess they can work out from the grey hair on my head that over 18.
  9. Gees if you baulked at installing the app due to privacy concerns, I can hardly see you handing over details to a restaurant which has absolutely no concept of privacy and generally no policies on how to do it.
  10. Just from a technical perspective, you'd be surprised what information could determined from just the information on that app and from other publicly available sources. Thee a whole industry springing up that matches together various small pieces of information and builds a big picture of who your are and what you do. Banks, Insurance, Retailers, etc have been doing this for years. Those loyalty schemes arn't for your benefit.
  11. Legally it depends on the licencing agreement that came with your professional 2016 version. Some you can transfer between machines and some you can't.. If you can transfer Office between machines, then you'll need to uninstall Office 365 and then install Professional 2016.
  12. Interesting number when Roy Morgan reckons that 90% of Australian over the age of 14 own a smart phone (22.5m)
  13. False advertising if you ask me. Just having the app is not going to keep you safe. You can still get it, If you're lucky, you might just find out a bit sooner that your risk levels were heightened for a specific period of time and you should get tested. If you're not lucky, you'll find out much later.
  14. 40% of some arbitrary number that they've decided constitutes the majority of Australians but which has absolutely no relevance to anything in reality. From a marketing perspective, when considering download numbers, don't forget that every update is also counted as a download.
  15. Just because you can run it in parallel doesn't mean you should. Sometimes you just want to make sure that everything is working as it's supposed to before you launch it to world + dog. Gives you the opportunity to fix up any major issues before they become front page news. Having worked for an organisation that made a habit of doing it, I can tell you that rushing stuff out just to meet some self-imposed deadline is generally a recipe for disaster. As it is right now, theres probably a group of people out there thinking (rightly or wrongly) "Why do I need to install the app if the bloody thing isn't even working yet?" purely based on what they're seeing in the media. Which means that besides a perceived lack of trust, the government is now fighting the perception that the app doesn't work.
  16. -- AJ --

    Fad diet

    I'm on the rum and chocolate diet. Not sure I'm losing any weight but I've been told that I usually give up these things too early so I'm going stick with this for some time to see if it works. 😋
  17. An excellent question which I'm sure the Government will neglect to answer sometime in the future. My guess is (based on 30 years in the IT industry where this happens far more often that you'd suspect) was that ScoMo and Co. wanted it launched regardless of whether it was ready for use or not so that he could say that they've successfully launched the app and pat himself on the back. The typical follow on from this is that they'll then discover that the app won't deliver what was required and they'll make changes which (as you've already granted permissions) you won't know anything about unless you're monitoring the updates on your phone (which I suspect >95% of people don't).
  18. And time for a laugh. God knows we all need one. https://www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/mobile-phones/coronavirus-app-why-you-should-download-covidsafe-now/news-story/e07d6bf3a974cd0e5c166d6cb889baad So according to this opinionated, propagandist tirade, I must be "selfish","lazy" or "ignorant" because I havn't installed the app. Apparently she was too selfish, too lazy or too ignorant to do a little research into why people may not be installing the app because she didn't consider there may be technical or other reasons. The sad thing is that she probably got paid for this crap.
  19. Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave
  20. -- AJ --


    Still working from home (for now and possibly another 21 Days) and no directive from the company about whether we're returning to of Brisvegas palace anytime soon. I figure it'll be mid-end june at the earliest
  21. -- AJ --

    All things NRL

    Because he did exactly what he did when he played centre. Drifted in and out of the game and only injected himself when he wanted to not when his team needed him. You can do that at Centre but not at fullback.
  22. -- AJ --

    All things NRL

    Nah. But it'll be interesting to see how/if Benny lays down the law over this and whether Mitchell accepts it. My guess is the chip of his shoulder will deflect any criticism from reaching his ears.
  23. I rarely use it but Mrs AJ likes the one that we have. Got a better results with the sound bar than we ever did with a 5.1 surround sound. But... we found to get the best effects its needs a audio source that's specifically designed for a soundbar (just like you need 5.1 surround audio to power your 5.1 system for the best results). We paid the extra to get the BT back speakers as well and then ended up getting a new BluRay player too..
  24. Still a great phone even if it is 3 or 4 years old. Will probably end up buying one of the kids phones next time they upgrade to the latest and greatest
  25. -- AJ --


    Gees. No Logies, no horse racing, no flights. How are those US B grade celebrities going to get their junket to Australia for summer?
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