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  1. All you single blokes should be hanging around with the Sharkies. You should do well with the women because we all know the Sharkies won't score.
  2. I was once like this Till the Boss decided that his current position was more important than our friendship by allowing the details of private "closed door" discussions to became public. Now when it comes to people I work with, my life is on a "need to know basis" and pretty much none of them need to know.
  3. Nope. Won't do it. Been caught before. Too many absolute tossers who'll take any comment out of context and complain to the HR department just to score a political point or to get ahead. For the same reasons, I will rarely "friend" ex work colleagues either because comments they make sometimes mean my posts are seen by "work people".
  4. Interesting thoughts http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/money/planning/ask-not-what-the-treasurer-can-do-for-you-20140525-38x1n.html
  5. I must have missed it. Have we overtaken the Poms as the biggest bunch of whingers in the world?. Sure seems like it to me. Don't think I've ever heard so much misinformed bulls#$t as I have over the past 5 days or so. If you don't like it then stop f#$kin whinging, get off your arse and do something about it. If you think you can do a better job then run for parliament. As much as I'm not a huge fan of Clive Palmer, I do admire the fact that he at least got off his fat arse and said "I can do a better job...vote for me" Bottom line is that if you want to put more money into hospitals, schools, roads then it has to come from welfare. If you want to put more money into welfare then it has to come from hospitals, schools, and roads. If you want both then the money has to come from elsewhere. Either the government has to raise taxes or cut spending or both. Scholars of politics will tell you that this is a classic first term government budget. All the unpopular decisions have been made early. I suspect the 3 budget of this government will be far more generous. (Unless the opposition plays hardball on this, in which case you can expect 3 tough budgets) No correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Maybe he got more than 1 bottle of '59 grange and couldn't remember where they all came from
  7. -- AJ --


    Check out the Samsung Galaxy Express. Smaller than the S4 but seems to do everything. Mine is running Android 4.1.2 (might be updatable but I just havn't bothered). I generally get 1-2 days out of a battery but I'm by no means a heavy user. More data than talk usually.
  8. Hmmm So if I give you a list of names and a firmware issue you'll take care of both?
  9. Speaking about the 1m (or 1.5m rule) rule. Has anybody actually mentioned how they are going to police/enforce this one. As far as I can see, the only way they are going to "prove" (i.e to get a conviction) that it was less than the prescribed distance is if the cyclist actually gets hit. (which is covered by existing laws anyway). Anything else will subjectively come down to the cyclists word against the motorists word. I like the idea of the law - just can't figure out how its going to be enforced on a day to day basis.
  10. Think you'll find its for everybody (including cars and trucks) and only at specifically signed intersections. NSW has had it for years.
  11. I think I've got lots of friends (some of whom I've never met) but know I have no real mates. Or at least nobody I'd feel comfortable enough with to ring up at 3am on a Sunday morning and ask for help. Partly because I've tended to leave the past behind me when I've moved to a new phase of life and (I suspect) partially because I'm sometimes not the easiest bloke to be around. Does it bother me? Not at the moment but maybe that'll change. We've lived in Brisvegas now for 3 1/2 years, the kids are growing up and becoming more and more independent and Mrs Aj and I are both feeling the pull to move in a new direction and a new phase of life
  12. I don't think they're becoming incompetant. I just think they don't give a damn anymore.
  13. From past experience with my 2 kids I know that there are great teachers, good teachers and teachers who quite frankly should be sacked for the common good because they are detrimental to the education of the children and hindering the efforts of those teachers who should be applauded for the great work that they do. Only thing I can suggest from here is keeping a diary of everything that happens. Once you have a record showing continuous harassment. If necessary, you can then go down the "official complaint" path and have all the evidence including dates and times.
  14. So after 12+ months of looking at seriously overpriced rubbish, we've finally bought an investment property. One of those ones where the price is listed as "Offers over $X". Agent (who'd we'd spoken to at a couple of other open houses), rang at dinner time and said that this house came on the market that afternoon and would we be interested in looking at it. (along with about a dozen other semi-interested parties) It was just around the corner so we trundled around for a look. Liked what we saw and asked the agent how much the vendor really wanted. (significantly more than the $X quoted). Then offered a touch under that. Bought the house the same night. It had been on the market for 6 hours.
  15. What are your goals? (Need to find out what they want to get out of this. I may not fit into that) Qualifications? (theoritical and/or real life experience) Do you think I'm kidding myself? (I want a coach to be honest with me)
  16. Timely discussion for me. After 3 years out of the sport, I started to get itchy feet again over Christmas/New Year (a couple of training session with ITC might have had something to do with it) but after looking at what gear I've still got and therefore what gear I would need to replace (i.e most of it) I quickly realised that I'd need to outlay a fair wad of cash just to get to the start line.The short list of it is: Rebuild the bike - Frame is OK but at 12 years old the rest has seen better days. Don't think I can still get 8 speed clusters to replace whats on there. Training fees - not much is free around here. Race Suit - don't think too many people want to see through the holes in my old ones . TA costs Race fees Ignored the question of a wetsuit but eventually I'd need a new one Need new runners too. And that's completely ignoring the time question. With the kids fast growing up, I decided that I'd rather spend the time and money on something we can do as a family.
  17. All of the above I think that some people have been brought up in an age where they're never had to take responsibility for their actions and the ability to determine risk and mitigate appropriately is therefore sadly lacking.
  18. Nope definately not the charity mob. They always had a support vehicle in attendence.
  19. Thanks. I'd forgotten about this and I actually know a few more details. Although according to the article there was supposed to be support vehicles. These idiots were on their own. Regardless, I think I might have a quiet word with a few people who mentioned it at work during the week and see if this was the same group.
  20. Just remember to pick your feet up a bit more when you're running on wooden boardwalks. Splinters in the face can be painful to remove.
  21. If you were that absolute dropkick who was riding up Mt Cootha without lights around 9pm last night, I recommend pay for your funeral insurance now because you'e gonna need it. Consider yourself lucky to be alive. And if you were his mate riding up Mt Cootha last night around 9pm lit up like a lighthouse, give yourself an uppercut as well for riding with a moron who was shielding your lights from the motorists behind. Morons giving cyclists a bad name.
  22. The only thing I've ever regretted was not patenting a design purely because it was one of those concepts that just made complete and absolute sense. Couldn't believe that nobody had ever thought of it before. Could potentially have made a lot of money from it. Still got the original one I built slightly modified for another purpose.
  23. I'm interested in how the AFL/NRL can come to any conclusions regarding guilt before the main ASADA investigation has even completed (which is.my understanding)
  24. Does the ALP intend to do/support a conscious vote amongst its own members? Actually I can't even recall any serious intention from the ALP to even have a vote when they were in power. Just asking
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