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  1. Never have I thought that reverse parking was hard but yet they have cars that reverse park by themselves
  2. Obviously you don't work in marketing otherwise you'd know that there is a whole demographic who won't buy a hatchback because they think the hatch is too hard to close. I certainly was surprised just how many people didn't want to buy my lancer hatchback because they though the hatch was too hard to close.
  3. I'm only a Senior Grunt (aka Tech Lead) but I'm responsible for the work that comes out of my team. Personally I'm over people bringing their bloody coughs and colds to work and sharing their bugs around the office. My guys know that if you're sick but you feel you have to work then work from home. We're in IT so we've got the technology to do this and a flexible work arrangement that permits it. And having a good team helps. Nobody abuses the privilege. As for breakfast at your desk, I don't have a problem with it provided it isn't smelly, you don't disturb people and you don't leave a mess. I usually have breakfast at my desk while I'm trolling through the overnight email backlog.
  4. Sad state of affairs but not entirely unexpected given some of the arrogant, "F@#$ you" driving that goes on up here. Combine that with the extremely poor levels of driving skill being displayed daily and you wonder why this sort of incident hasn't happened before. Sydney used to be bad but these days I think Brisbane is worse that Sydney ever was.
  5. I think our current nanny state is an extreme case of overpaid desk jockeys coming up with completely half arsed solutions to problems that probably doesn't exist so they justify their expansive salaries and positions.
  6. -- AJ --

    AFL 2015

    Probably would have more chance. People would have forgiven him for his dancing on the footy field
  7. -- AJ --

    AFL 2015

    No your right. He was acting like a complete tosser and people took offence at that.
  8. -- AJ --

    AFL 2015

    So I think we've concluded the following points 1. Its OK to rush at people in an aggressive (but culturally based) manner when you're behind the safety of a fence and a bunch security guards. 2. If the people at which this act of hostility was focused feel offended then they must be racist 3. If other people retaliate because they feel that the individual is point one is a tosser then they must be racist and also protecting the other racists. The real irony is that had he acted the same way at a pub on a Saturday night, he'd have been tossed out on his face by a large group of bouncers and would now be plastered all over the papers lamenting yet another footballer having an alcohol fuelled incident.
  9. -- AJ --

    AFL 2015

    In this case its a distinct possibility. By continuing to react to mindless morons in the crowd, he (so far) appears to have only added fuel to the fire. Whether you like it or not - Perception is reality. In reality, he's probably a top bloke, a humble bloke who does wonderful things for his people. Unfortunately, the perception at the moment is that he's just another bloke with a huge chip on his shoulder and an agenda to push. Which brings us to the obvious question: Do people hate Mundine because he's black or do people hate Mundine because he's an arrogant loudmouth with a huge chip on his shoulder?
  10. -- AJ --

    AFL 2015

    Probably the most intelligent thing I've heard stated in this whole circus. I reckon they're only booing to get a reaction and Adam Goodes has always been ready to react. The more he reacts the more they'll boo. Its not racism. Bullying is probably a more accurate term.
  11. I've found swags are very much a personal choice. Some prefer the high dome type swags, some prefer the hoop swags and some prefer the traditional swags. Good news is that theres plenty of swags on the market. Bad news is that Quality and price varies ... a lot. Based purely on heresay - I've heard good things about Darche and Oztrail swags. My brother has the ARB Air Domes and they are supposed to be pretty good but don't buy second hand as they had a bad batch of poles a couple of years ago (apparently rectified now). Personally I've got a Down Under Swag http://www.swag.com.au/index.php/swags/product/11-down-under-jumbuck because its long (215cm), all canvas, decent quality, reasonably small, light and doesn't have those stupid metal pegs to hook the hoops into. My only issue is that its a bit low for a big bloke but when you're asleep you don't notice I've got a single swag because I reckon that the doubles are just too large and take up too much space when you've got to carry 3 or 4 of them. The kids have the same swags and absolutely love them. Even when we take the camper trailer, they still prefer to sleep in the swags. AJ
  12. Definately a sport for Grunts. Once you've got the basics there little or no extra skillset required.
  13. Hi all, One for the longer term members of this site. Had an American friend of mine contact me today trying to track down Mike Bundy (former OzChat and Transitions member and original site creator of this wonderful forum). Last email address I had for him is about 8 years old and is no longer valid. Anybody got some recent contact info for him. Thanks
  14. Yep based on evidence I'd say thats a fair call.. ALP created the mess we were in 18 month ago and now are now actively preventing anything getting done to fix the problems by blocking it all in the Senate. In fact, I'll go as far as to suggest that if the ALP wants to be a meaningful political force in the future at any level of Government, it needs to have a good long hard look at itself. And in the case of the Queensland branch it needs to happen sooner than later.
  15. -- AJ --


    Overheard a conversation in an elevator this week where the general topic of conversation was along the lines of Ironman racing going soft followed by that well worn phrase "they just don't respect for the race". Then there were the usual comments about qualification, lower time limits, running the entire marathon etc. Considering that it was the day after IMH, it was an interesting and completely elitist perspective from somebody who obviously wasn't in Kona but rather a suit and tie in a CBD elevator. "Respect" for a race is one thing but disrespecting other competitors who don't measure up to your level of "Respect" is another thing entirely. Respect - Some people just don't get it and probably never will. Vent over. I'll now return to my comfortable position on the couch.
  16. Great read except for the last paragraph which was entirely too narrow in its focus To single out religion completely ignores the fact that exactly the same the same sentiment could could equally have been applied to other non-religious areas e.g. Teachers, Politicians, Scoutmasters, Coaches. So let me rewrite it for you: All Hillsong serves to demonstrate is that leadership does provide an opportunity to take advantage of trust and faith unwisely placed into the hands of the wrong people.
  17. Yeah. Its called the IOS 8.0.2 update. Apparently it renders your iPhone completely useless.
  18. Gees RS. With generalisations like that you should join the Palmer United Party.
  19. Mate GIC and MDC are the "new" big names on the market. Seem to be reasonably solid but I don't know anybody who actually has one. Prices for the base models seem reasonable too. Cub have had a great reputation for years. Saw a single mum put one of the hard floor camper jobs up by herself in less time than it took me to drain my beer and offer to help. Mine is an imported trailer and local canvas tent. Trailer build is crap but the tent is pretty good. From memory its 14oz on the sides and 16oz on the roof. I've got an 18 foot tent on mine which (now that the kids are growing up) is too big for us. Great if we're going somewhere and staying in the same place for a few days but a pain in the arse if you have to pack up every day and move on. I'm keen to replace it with a hard floor camper. Mrs AJ is keen to replace it with an off-road caravan. Don't have the money for either option. And get a stone guard. Its not to protect the trailer. Its to protect the back of your car from the rocks that are kicked up by your wheels, bounce off the front of the trailer and hit the back of the car. Stone guards will deflect the rocks down.
  20. Gees. I thought it was common knowledge that Police regularly used phone tower logs for various reasons.
  21. Now that I'm no longer an active triathlete, I can afford to buy such technological marvels...but choose not to so I can spend all my money on the 4WD.
  22. The media was wrong. Today is the darkest day in sport.
  23. Couple of things: 1. Every Web server (the vast majority of which are not Australian) you access stores metadata of your visit as part of their system logging. What can actually be retrieved and stored might surprise you. 2. Every piece of data, every document, every video, every picture (and every word you type in this forum) stored on a server owned by a US company (regardless of where that server is physically located in the world) is considered (as ruled recently by the US courts) to be US property and must be made available to the US law enforcement agencies when requested and without having to notify you.. Now just think for a second the implication of the above 2 statements when considering that Australian institutions are actively moving to the cloud and running their systems in data centres hosted by companies like Amazon, Oracle, and IBM. Personally, I think there are bigger things to worry about than the Australian Governments metadata grab.
  24. Planning to give a theoretical or experiential perception?
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