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  1. I have no doubts that you're all mental...I mean it's all mental. Physically I was in much better shape in 1997 and 1998 than I was in 2001 when I did IMNZ but mentally I just wasn't ready for the long hours of training or for a 14-15 hour event. I was always too negative about doing it. Mid 2000 and I knew I was mentally strong enough and mentally positive enough to have a go at IM. Went 14 hours at IMNZ and despite having a few low patches, I was always postive I was going to finish.
  2. Hey I'm looking on the bright side. Plenty of time to spend with the kids and wife, the golf course is beckoning and my virus finally seems to be getting sorted out. I actually feel somewhat close to human today. As for whether being an IM to more likely to lead you towards be terminated or not, I suspect that all some employers see is the training hours that could be converted into profitable (for them) work time. What they should be seeing is somebody who is healthy, goal orientated, and has great time management skills. All of which are highly sought skills ina worker (or so I'm led to believe)
  3. Hey Monty, I used to work for Royal and Sun till they shifted my office (Connelly Temple) from Wollongong to Sydney. Now we have 2 things in common. BTW: After getting sacked on Monday, I smashed the car on Friday. Its wasn't a good week.
  4. Stuff this virtual stuff. I was out playing the real thing yesterday. Went 44 for 9 which isn't too bad considering I havn't touched a club for 4 months. PB is 40.
  5. -- AJ --

    IM recovery time

    I'd say 2 years and the immune system is still stying to recover
  6. Hey wheres the "who cares" option?
  7. Personal preference: Monday Night: Enough Rop with Andrew Denton Tuesday Night: Rove Live Wednesday Night: The Panel (Preceded by The Guardian) Thursday Night: Normally Getaway but tonight I'll be watching "Walking with Caveman" on ABC Friday Night: Footy Saturday: This week its the Rugby Test followed by Parkinson Sunday Night: Usually some documentry on SBS Recommended by others: Dr Phil on Operah on Tuesdays
  8. -- AJ --

    How much is too much

    How much is too much? I was prepared to spend $3000 to do IMNZ next year which included entry, airfares, accom, car hire, food, and incidentals for me and Mrs AJ(support crew).
  9. -- AJ --

    Fav GELS

    PolyJoule Buy it at the Chemist for $14 a tin and makes the equilivant of about 21 gu's. Add some flavouring if I want but I actually like the taste Sorry but price does matter
  10. Like Power Bars but I can' afford to buy them (except whe they're on special at the supermarket) Like Gels but can't afford them. (Never seen them on special anywhere)
  11. Oh good. I was number 2 for ages. Hopefully I'll quietly drop out of the top 10
  12. Definately Sprint distence or less. Its not about tactics, its not about fitness, its all about speed - fastest guy usually wins (which explains why I've never won). Its also the tri for the common people. Any mug should be able to do a sprint Tri. For the record I've done 1 OD (Noosa 98) and I've done 1 IM (IMNZ 2001) - Never done a HIM.
  13. MoM, I've sent an email with the details. Let me know if it doesn't arrive
  14. -- AJ --


    Well my goals have changed somewhat in the last couple of days. Now they are: 1. Get a Job 2. Get Healthy 3. Get Race Fit 4. Decide which races to do 5. Race
  15. Thanks Guys. At the moment its a case of find a job and then move to the location. Basically because theres no point in moving and then discovering that I can't get work in the new location. I'm looking at anything in Wollongong/Brisbane/Canberra and surrounds for a location move and also considering Sydney CBD and south as a commuting option. (although to be honest commuting isn't a favoured option and I can't afford to move to Sydney). I'll let you all know how it goes. Jemmo - I sent you an email.
  16. 1996(I think): Meeting Ched Towns at Forster as he stood waiting for his race partner (who I think was his wife that day) take a break 1999 (The year Illawarra unleashed the Yellow race singlets): NSW Club Champs Nelson Bay. Absolutely magic day 2000: Canberra Sri Chinmoy Sprint. PB Swim, PB Bike, Blew up big time and left a crater in the road. Got outsprinted to the finish by a 9 year old 2001: IMNZ - Just the whole day was a special experience from the pre-dawn prep, the freshwater swim and me thinking the last 600m were a bloody long way, the bike through the NZ countryside, the run where I lapped John and Judy Collins (and had a chat as I went past), the finish and the pizza and beer at the house afterwards. Actually it was a really good week.
  17. Or you may end up like me...unemployed But seriously, I don't think that was the reason. I think I ruffled a few too many management feathers with some ill advised comments about the direction of their IT program and payed the price. Still anybody looking for an IT person, please let me know.
  18. Hey its SOO. Queensland has produced more miracles than I care to remember
  19. Darren Lockyer, Brent Tate, Justin Hodges, Matt Sing, Ben Ikin, Shaun Berrigan, Petero Civoniceva, PJ Marsh, Shane Webcke, Gorden Tallis ©, Dane Carlaw, Tonie Carroll. Reserves: Steven Price, Chris Flannery, Andrew Gee, Paul Bowman + 1 after O'Davis was ruled out through injury Lacks a seriously competant goal kicker, hopefully whoever they get to replace O'Davis can kick because we'll need it.
  20. I didn't think they were doing laps. I got the impression they were stationary swimming while harnessed in to prevent them being "washed" over the side.
  21. I dunno about the lack of quality in the halves. Berrigan and Ikin had a bit of an off day yesterday (OK they had a lot of an off day yesterday) but Berrigan has been in great form so far this season. And they'll have the advantage of having played together so much which is something the blues don't have the luxury of.
  22. Group plan to swim across Oz June 1, 2003 TWENTY West Australians are planning to swim to Sydney in a pool on the back of a truck. The team from Geraldton, on Western Australia's mid-north coast, is confident that when it sets off in September it will be the first ever to swim across a country in a mobile pool, heralded by a calypso band. Organiser Colin Hassell, of Geraldton Aquarena Aquatic Centre, said the idea to swim 5,929km around the southern coast to Sydney, at 80kph, was the brainchild of city councillor Chris Gabelish. "Local legend has it the idea came to him at 3 o'clock one morning, and when we discussed the idea we decided to do it to raise funds for the Royal Life Saving Society," Mr Hassell said. "Some people don't think it's going to work, but it will - I hope it will." The project is already taking shape with organisers getting permits to allow swimmers on the tray-back truck, and construction is underway for a seven-metre pool that will not slop water over the truck cabin. "One person will be swimming at any one time anchored in full-body climbing harness to prevent them catapulting out of the pool." The team of up to 20 hopes to leave Geraldton on September 20 and make it to the annual launch of the national Royal Life Saving Society's `Keep Watch' campaign, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge on October 20. They hope to lure celebrities into joining them in half-hour stints of swimming in the pool - which will have a fence around it and a life guard in a tower to promote the Keep Watch pool safety message. Heralding the swimmers into every town will be a 30-member calypso band, made up of year 10, 11 and 12 high school students, who will travel in a bus and begin playing in towns before the truck arrives. Mr Hassell, who with Mr Gabelish, plans to swim, said pool safety was a vital message to get across. The charity swim spectacular will pass through Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie before heading across the vast Nullarbor plain to South Australia and around the coast to Sydney via Melbourne and Canberra. The Associated Press
  23. Bet Craig Wing gets to play about the last 20 minutes of each half. Blues must be a little short on form 5/8's. Reckon Gus might be trying to talk Freddy into a comeback if it gets to 1 all. The team: Anthony Minichiello, Timana Tahu, Matt Gidley, Jamie Lyon, Michael De Vere, Shaun Timmins, Andrew Johns ©, Robbie Kearns, Danny Buderus, Jason Ryles, Ben Kennedy, Craig Fitzgibbon, Luke Ricketson. Res: Craig Wing, Josh Perry, Phil Bailey, Luke Bailey
  24. Hmmmmmm Chocolate I'm definately in the "All of the Above" category which includes (but isn't limited to) TimTams, choc chip cookies, Cadbury chocolate topping, Milo, Any/All chocolate bars. Hell I'm not even a decerning chocolate eater...I even eat the cheap easter eggs Thank God I'm not training for anything
  25. Ok now I havn't got my boss over my shoulder. I was born and bred in Brisvegas in a suburb called Morningside and lived there for 21 years till I moved to Wollongong in 1990 for work. Even with the steelworks, Wollongong's a great place to live. Surf in the morning, MTB in the arvo and still not be any more than 10km from home. Although I am considering a move back to Brisbane/Gold Coast because the work situation here is absolute crap.
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