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  1. Just don't mention the lack of Indigenous awareness in the current school curriculum. You may raise his hackles a bit
  2. This would never happen. I'm a white middle class male. The Government only takes money from me. ☹️
  3. For a multitude of reasons(mostly work related), its been a crap 6 months so I'm planning to travel more and work less. Hopefully WFH more often. Get off some of the medication that I'm on.
  4. -- AJ --

    All things NRL

    The "bubble" is the space between the ears of the brainaic that thought up this concept and missed this rather obvious flaw in the concept.
  5. -- AJ --

    Floor tiling

    Vinyl floorboards. These are my study but we also laid them down in the Garage to turn it into a rumpus. Glued straight to the concrete slab. Looks just like a wood floor. And considering the amount of office chair movement that happens in here, pretty hard wearing. .
  6. I think theres more to that case than simple unpaid fines.
  7. I wonder what would happen if a NRL/AFL/Rugby player chose not to partake in the symbolic taking a knee protest before the game?
  8. -- AJ --


    I think they do but its starting to become obvious that either: 1. 14 days in quarantine isn't enough 2. These people are contracting the virus while in quarantine Who (not WHO) knows what the solution is for this one?
  9. One would like to assume this is true 100% of the time. Unfortunately, theres been too much evidence to suggest that some places being "non-white" is a suspicious act in itself.
  10. Not acceptable for whom? The PC thugs of society who demand that she must accept the new norm of "inclusiveness"? Seems to me that a lot of these people preaching about inclusiveness and bagging those that don't toe the PC line, seem to conveniently forget that inclusiveness means including everybody...even if they don't think like you, look like you, talk like you, or agree with you. Till we get rid of this "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude that infests our species, we will never have true inclusiveness. Margaret Court may not be right but she's got plenty of company from both sides sitting on that high horse with her.
  11. Well that surprises me. Who would have thought that somebody who believed that rules regarding gathering didn't apply to him, wouldn't have the app on his phone? Didn't see that one coming🙄 Damn wheres the sarcasm emoji?😁
  12. Surely they'll keep Flying High and the Naked Gun movies Although I'm a bit surprised the PC fun police havn't banned some James bond movies
  13. Looks like a statue of John Wayne.
  14. -- AJ --


    Yeah but the borders still arn't opening till 10 days after Queensland opens theirs.😁
  15. No. Never. They can always blur out the confederate flag like they do with cigeratte advertising in old sporting clips
  16. I think its possible to separate the works from the individual. Why should I be deprived of (for example) the musical genius of somebody like Michael Jackson just because he (allegedly) abused children. If I did stop listening, the only person who would be affected would be me. (I have most of his back catalog on CD so no money would go to his estate). Nobody is perfect and if you dig deep enough you'll eventually find something to tarnish their reputation. And where do you stop ? If Leonardo De Vinci was a slave trader, would the Mona Lisa be any less of a painting.
  17. I wonder if Glenrowen will pull down any statues of Ned Kelly...convicted murderer
  18. ABC article Hmm. Having read this version I'll ponder aloud again seems to me that somebody is going out of their way to be a trouble maker
  19. From News.Com.au For me, this sort of stuff is the reason why I'm a bit skeptical about the politics behind Black deaths in custody thing. In my mind, the questions (in this specific case) are being asked of the wrong people. Why didn't the childs family or those indigenous leaders organise for somebody to look after the child? I can't believe that the Police should have to look after a child because they've had to hold the mother is custody. The police in Katherine have plenty to do without being a daycare centre. I've been through Katherine and from an indigenous perspective, its got plenty of very obvious issues that need to be resolved. The only way moving forward is for the authorities and the indigenous leaders to work together. Obviously somebody doesn't want that to happen and you can only ask why?
  20. Just out of interest. Does anybody still show Hoges or Benny Hill
  21. I'm not disagreeing with you because you're right. It should never have even been made. Still smells of hypocrisy that its being done now. Its all about money and reputation.
  22. No but I'm sure you could get a 7 digit grant to do a study on it
  23. Certainly. For the past 10-15 years a fair percentage of the population (include the Netflix people) have decided that while some may be offended by it, its "funny", its "art" and so OK to leave for impressionable mind to digest and mimic. Welcome to 2020, where its just as "funny", its just as "arty", and as it hasn't changed, its no more offensive than it was but now its deemed to be so offensive that it needs to be removed from circulation immediately. Don't get me wrong. I am certainly no fan of Chris Lilley or anything that he's ever produced and I think its just poor-taste TV. But to remove it right now just smells of hypocrisy and pandering to the vocal masses.
  24. -- AJ --


    Obvious he was talking about the Greens party room and not the protests
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