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  1. Generally never had a home loan long enough to make changing worthwhile. I think the longest up till now was only 5 years. We've looked into changing loans a few times but more often than not, the expenses and break fees were more than the interest we would have saved from moving to a different loan with a smaller interest rate. Might be different on the current one because we're not likely to rush into to paying it quickly. We have it in a position where it's cashflow positive and so we can just let it pay for itself and redirect our cash to other financial pursuits aimed at making our retirement a little more comfortable. ☺️
  2. I would assume they did. But I don't recall it being mentioned. Maybe for a change, the journo decided they didn't need to state the blinking obvious.
  3. According to news.com.au, 1 Close contact was notified to self-isolate
  4. I don't watch the news on TV anymore. Too many of them are going for the sensationalist angle than a simple telling of the facts. Which probably explains why it now goes for an hour instead of 30 minutes but somehow manages to produce less content of interest. Realistically, News.com.au is no better than click bait opinions but occasionally provides material of interest
  5. For those playing along at home, Apple released their API last night so I'd expect a new version of the app to be released shortly to utilise the new API. Also noticed this morning that the app had its first "real" use. Although for some strange reason the story was buried in the Technology section of News.com.au and not the main news or Health. I would have thought that the Government would have been announcing this long and loud.
  6. Word is that they're not as good as the original but will probably still outlast the 3G network in Australia
  7. They don't make them like this anymore. Best phone I've ever owned.
  8. Because he's a arrogant sod who want to show everybody that he's more important than they are, he knows more than they do, that he's smarter than they are and therefore righter than they are.
  9. I reckon its a smart move. He's stupid enough to do exactly the opposite of what she says. So she says "get off the pills or you'll die you idiot" and he replies "Hold my beer"
  10. Apparently just a bit smaller than the size of his hands
  11. Be interesting to see how long it is before he denies ever being on it
  12. Except the one I went to apparently. No name and number required. But considering the girl on the counter needed a calculator to work out how much 2 coffees cost and then struggled to give me the right change from $50, writing down names and numbers may have been a bit beyond her abilities.
  13. 1. Yes thats what the app should be for but No its not going successfully manage to achieve that because of numerous reasons that have all been covered in the past 330+ posts. 2. Most people have absolutely no concept of the real functionality of a loyalty scheme and the value of the data that is produced from them. 3. If you're a drug dealer you'd avoid suspicion and simply give somebody elses name and number. Just pick one from your hundreds of fake ids.
  14. Seriously? Realistically, its straight from the IT Project Delivery 101 textbook. The tracking functionality API promised by both Google and Apple wasn't scheduled for delivery till sometime this month (announcement) at the absolute earliest. Apple beta version was made available to a limited number of testers on the 29th April but I can't find any details about whether its been officially released yet nor can I find whether Google has followed suite. Add 3-4 weeks for build, QA, security testing and user test (well sensible IT developers would allow that sort of timeframe) of the covidsafe app itself which would mean that the app wouldn't have been available till sometime late May or early June. And even that is assuming that Joe Public has updated their phone to the new operating system version that has the API. So that the covidsafe app can use it. Which in real terms means this weekend you'd be still sitting on your couch watching reruns of Friends instead of enjoying the relaxation of restrictions with friends. Bottom line is that they put out what they could, when they could, with the tools they had available at the time so that you could have a little more freedom. This means that they can now develop the next version with the API without the excess pressure from ScoMo (who is being pressured by Joe Public ) to push it out ASAP. Which in turn means they have a better chance of getting it right....first time....hopefully.
  15. For now. The security review for a similar app in the UK raised the point that the app was asking for location services permission (that its not using) but once granted could be utilised in a subsequent update without the user knowing. Not saying it'll happen here but without constant reviews of the code, you can't know for sure what its doing. Living in Queensland you tend to get suspicious of a government that goes "Don't you worry about that"
  16. Anybody who is keen for a look the "released" source code for the CovidSafe app can be found here https://github.com/AU-COVIDSafe/mobile-android Of course there is absolutely no guarantee that the code that was dumped here and the code that is on your phone are in any way similar.
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    Same at Capalaba. Son was advised there was a 30 minute wait to get into Big W. He went and spent his money elsewhere. Went down later to get some prescriptions fill and it wasn't any better then. Wasn't a lot of social distancing happening either from what I could see.
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    Disclaimer for many news/Opinion sites I reckon
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    All things NRL

    This is just an absolute beat up. Considering that they havn't had a flu shot any other year, there shouldn't be any issue with them playing this year. The covid vaccine isn't available yet and so that shouldn't even come into the current discussion. When its available, then that discussion can be had at that time.
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    All things NRL

    pretty good shape from the pictures I saw this morning.
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    Where I am its called Work From Home
  22. From what I was reading this morning, the app itself is working (unless you've got an iphone in which case it might be working) and collecting contact information but the back end server systems and processes havn't been officially switched on. So its collecting but you can't do anything with it. Or in other words "working but useless" I also notice the mention that theres been at least 1 update to the app since it was first released with another scheduled for next week.
  23. If you know who to talk to you can find the AWS Datacentres in secret locations in and around Sydney I'd suggest trying the following... SYD1: Equinix SYD3 in Alexandria. SYD4: Global Switch Ultimo. SYD5: Fujitsu Western Sydney Datacentre. SYD6: Iseek-KDC Gore Hill, Artarmon. SYD7: Fujitsu Sydney Datacentre, Homebush. SYD61: NextDC S1, Macquarie Park. But don't tell anybody....its a secret 🤡
  24. Strange they're finalising the rules around privacy after they've spent the last 2 weeks telling us exactly what they are
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    Gees theres no satisfying some people. If they did nothing, you'd probably be complaining about that too. Considering they probably had to have them built, I'd say thats been a fairly quick turnaround.
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