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  1. Midnight Oil when they were well past their best and before Peter Garrett became a stooge for the ALP. AJ
  2. Tell that to a well known Queensland Bank who did exactly this last year. Due to contractual obligations, they couldn't reduce the contract workforce so it was the permanents that got the chop when the operational budgets were slashed. And just to rub the salt into the wound, my understanding is at least one manager who wielded the axe was promoted shortly after. AJ
  3. Understand what you're saying. I too, know people who had been molested at an early age by a person in a position of trust and didn't report it because they didn't think they would be believed. In cases like this my sympathies are very much with the victims. But my concern is not for cases like that. Its when there are vindictive liars who want to destroy somebody by claiming that things happened which never did happen. In this era of "me too", its become a distinct possibility that an innocent person will be jailed for a crime that never happened based on the word of a vindictive individual with an axe to grind. And that is something we all need to be concerned about. BTW IMHO If Pell is guilty of the crimes that he has been accused of, then may he receive all the punishment that those crimes demand. AJ
  4. Thats why I asked the question and its left me wondering on what grounds he was convicted. Because on the surface it appears to me that we might have reached the stage where the unsubstantiated and unsupported testimony of an individual is enough to send another individual to jail and ruin their lives. Not good. AJ
  5. I havn't particularly followed the case. Was there any scientific evidence or was it all hearsay?
  6. Hmmm. Lately, I've been thinking along similar lines myself. Mostly because I see the amount of alcohol my sons friends put away and wonder how much damage its doing to them. As a father, you can only hope they see sense before its too late. Yes I think its an issue in our society. Yes, I think we're scared to talk about it. Just like we're scared to talk about a whole range of issues. (e.g. mental health, mens health, loneliness) Yes, I think as a society that we've lost the ability to actually talk about an issue without it turning into an absolute shitfight of misinformation and personal attacks. (e.g. Party drugs, asylum seekers, Banks, Climate Change) AJ
  7. -- AJ --


    You do realise this happens around this time of the year, every year. Its because big investors are buying the shares in preparation for reporting period and the sizable dividends that will be (hopefully) forthcoming. Prices will drop again in early-mid April. AJ
  8. Carpet Python is the least of our problems. I'd be more concerned about the morons who think that road rules don't apply to them. They're worse than the crocs, sharks, deadly snakes, jellyfish, blue ringed octopus', sting rays, stone fish, suicidal emus and roos, casawaries, magpies, cane toads and politicans.
  9. -- AJ --

    Big issue

    Seriously, Does it really matter? Just order it and enjoy it with a cold beverage or 3 and your favourite sport on the TV. But if its keeping you awake at night and destroying your social circle, its called "Steak".😁
  10. I didn't see the news tonight. Did I miss anything?
  11. Time to turn the porch light back on?
  12. As far as I'm concerned they're for Emergency use only. I carry a similar (but more comprehensive) kit in the 4WD when I'm offroading but will always go to the professionals to get a tire plugged if I get the option. I believe the difference is that the professionals (should) take the tire off and plug from the inside whereas these kits will only plug from the outside. Costs me nothing to get them professionally done because when I bought my tires I got the free Yokohama Geolander replacement package where they will repair for free or pro-rata replace any damaged tire. 😀 AJ
  13. I'd suggest that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a significant margin. Just make sure that you get a tradie one that allows access to all parts of the tub from outside. Apparently, Its a pain trying to get to the rear of the tub of you've got those sliding windows. AJ
  14. Solar panel in Battery packs. Now theres a gimmick for the "save-the-planet" generation which has absolutely no practical real-world benefit. I've just looked into this for myself so heres some numbers. From memory the standard solar panel on a battery pack is one watt or less which translates to 0.2amp charge loading into the battery pack at 5v (at peek performance). According to the very very small print in the instruction manual for my 20000mAh power pack, the estimated time to full charge using solar is approximately 47 hours. Which in real terms is approximately 7 days assuming that you get 7 days of full sunshine and the solar panel is continually optimally tilted to the sun. Personally, I just put my battery pack on charge over night if I'm home or if I'm out bush, I just charge via the 12v socket which is directly connected to the second battery in the 4WD. 😁 AJ
  15. Did you notice that the barriers don't have a gap at the bottom. Its to stop the cyclists who can't stay on 2 wheels from sliding off the road and over the edge. Apparently an event that happens more often than you'd appreciate according to the locals. AJ
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