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  1. -- AJ --

    Work place politics and millennials

    I once applied for an IT position for a large well known company and they went down the track of insisting that all applicants do an online profiling test that had absolutely nothing to do with IT and everything to do with determining how many little blocks were in a picture. Got about 15 minutes into this test before I pulled the plug. Rang up their HR dept and told them I was withdrawing my application because I refuse to work for any company that felt the need to put their applicants through that before they would even interview them. For some reason they seemed seriously disappointed
  2. -- AJ --

    Password Managers

    So the way I'm reading it Lastpass will automatically enter the password and/or other details into the webpage for you? Is that correct?
  3. -- AJ --

    Password Managers

  4. -- AJ --


    I'd be sorry too if I lost a couple of million $$$ because I didn't have the balls to stand up for what I knew was right. And another thing - "Error of Judgement" my arse. The only Error of Judgement here was a complete underestimation of the outrage of the Australian public to a blatant and premeditated attempt to cheat and what that outrage would achieve. They thought they'd only get a slap on the wrist if they got caught and were prepared to accept that. Suddenly they realise its cost them everything they once held dear. I figure we'll only see them in Australian Teams in the future is if we can't win games in their absence. In which case it should then beg the question..."Did we really learn anything from this?"
  5. -- AJ --


    Heres a thought How about if the Aussie cricketers did some hard manual labour in the hot sun and pouring rain for stuff all pay and got a few rough callus's on their hands. Serves 2 purposes. They might appreciate the position and benefits that they've got a little bit more and they wouldn't need the sandpaper to rough up the ball.
  6. -- AJ --


    Smiths DRS call on the LBW in the last game was an error of judgement. This was a deliberate and planned action to cheat. Pretty amateurish attempt at it too. Boiled lolly anybody?
  7. -- AJ --


    I'd suggest this is the 2nd attempt at ball tampering this game by the Aussies so a life ban for Smith, 2 years for the senior leadership team and 2 years for Bancroft + big fines all round would be suitable punishments. Then never select them for any cricket team ever again.
  8. -- AJ --

    Journalism and Media is shit

    The days of just telling the facts is long gone. Everything has to be sensationalised and all the media outlets have an agenda. And news.com.au should be fined for false advertising because there ain't a lot of news on there. opinionpiece.com.au would probably be a more appropriate URL.
  9. -- AJ --

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Bloke I know is on a drip feed share purchase scheme at Suncorp and reckons he's actually lost money over the past 5 years because they always seem to buy at the high point of the cycle. He reckon right now is a perfect example of whats happening. Suncorp share price has been lowish for the past week and shares are usually issued on the 16th but he's betting they won't be issued till the 20th or 21st when the price has had time to rise by another $1.00-$1.20. Then again, considering the problems they've had today, the share price might drop too. AJ
  10. -- AJ --

    Darwin peeps

    Crocosaurus Cove. Apparently there has never been a complaint about the food.
  11. -- AJ --

    Car fuel. When empty isn't empty

    In a diesel...no. Apparently its around $20K to fix a Landcruiser 200 series engine after you suck crap and water through the injectors
  12. -- AJ --

    Clothing... or lack of!

    My thoughts...Let the kids go. I'm sure our parents were horrified by some of the stuff we used to wear. There are photos of me out there from the 80's and 90's that I hope will never see the light of day again. But...if you can tell what colour undies (or lack thereof) the girls are wearing then I reckon the short shorts might be a bit too short.
  13. -- AJ --

    First car for daughter

    My eldest got a manual 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara as a first car. The sticker he put on the back sums ups its performance "0-60...eventually". Top speed is about 110km/h (downhill with a tail wind). No electronic driving aids but considering that some of his learner driver time was spent on muddy and Sandy tracks he learnt how to drive in conditions that he's not going to get on the blacktop too often. He's upgraded now so we bought the Vitara back and now my youngest will learn to drive in it. But in the meantime I'm using it as my daily commuter and having a lot of fun in it.
  14. -- AJ --

    Jobs you never knew existed.

    Hmmm Probably not one for you fit healthy athletic types but for us ex-triathletes...Professional "Drunk Uncle" at the reception.
  15. -- AJ --

    Jobs you never knew existed.

    Yep still trying to work out the point of this job. Seems to me that it only adds another layer of stupidity to the process.