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  1. -- AJ --


    Easy to talk the talk when you know you'll never have to walk the walk
  2. -- AJ --


    Strangely enough, in my case the answer was C. Had knee problems which 2 physios couldn't sort out. Friend on a triathlon related email list (not this one) suggested I look at the way my feet land and suggested I might need to change shoes. That sorted out my knee problems.
  3. But its the best orange in the world. Nobody has better orange. Its the best
  4. -- AJ --


    I seriously doubt that being PM is worth the money they're paying. Look at Scomo - working stupid hours, 7 days a week, can't go on holidays or the footy without some moron journalist making it a public issue. Have people complaining everytime you go anywhere. Do anything really good and people say thats expected, a minor stuff up and its a ton of brick dropped by people who have absolutely no idea whats going on. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But you're missing the perfect opportunity to make yourself rich and famous without all that baggage. Just write an "expert opinion piece" (or do a podcast if thats your thing) about how the Governments have it all wrong and you know all the answers. Make sure you use all the click-bait buzz phrases. e.g. "Amazing", "You won't believe this", "80% of people don't know this" and "Game Changer" Then publish it, do a little bit of "advertising" by bulk sharing it using fake accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets. And then sit back and wait for the requests for an interview from the Project, ACA, Sunrise and Today where you can rake in the appearance fees.
  5. -- AJ --


    Realistically its less than 2hrs drive from the virus hotspots of Sydney to Canberra. I know people who actually commute that regularly because the house prices (at the time) where significantly cheaper than Sydney and the their commute was about the same time..
  6. -- AJ --


    And your world-saving strategy is????
  7. -- AJ --


    If this is true, then all the department heads should lose their jobs. They should have already been planning for a Stage 4 shutdown the day Stage 3 was announced (because a Stage 3 plan should already have been finished)
  8. -- AJ --


    But lots of deaths. Remember we were reasonably isolated by distance in 1919. No superfast jets that could carry you and your virus across the world in 24 hours.
  9. -- AJ --


    The way I see it...today... Universally, Plan 'B' is hoping that a working vaccine arrives sooner than later. Or at least soon enough to prevent to total meltdown of society. To date, nobody seems to have come up with a working alternative strategy that allows normality of life without lots of deaths and avoiding lock down. As such, in a worse case scenario of the non-arrival of a working vaccine occur, it can only lead to the public admission that we're completely screwed regardless of what we do.
  10. -- AJ --


    Wait till someone works out that Tinder dates might be considered to be an "intimate relationship"
  11. -- AJ --


    So far I havn't seen anybody put forward an alternative strategy. Seen plenty of people criticising those that are making the decisions but none are coming up with a viable working alternative.
  12. -- AJ --


    One should always be suspicious of any opinion critical of a government decision that has the potential to cause a negative financial impact to the speaker. Its a bit like petrochemical companies having a opinion against renewable energy. Real easy to be critical, how about the good doctor stop outlining the problems (which blind freddy has already outlined numerous times) and come up with a workable solution.
  13. We cancelled our US/Canada trip sometime ago. best offer we got was $600 in credit for future travel and $200 refunded out of $1600. Chased it up this time last month and got an automated BS email said that there was a 12-14 week wait for refunds. 🤬 My guess is that they'll be bankrupt before we see any money.
  14. That might have been what originally happened but it still doesn't rebut my comment. No using every tool available is like a triathlete forgetting to take their cycling shoes. Yeah you'll get there (maybe) but it'll be a hell of a lot easier if you had them.
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