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  1. Lab too busy testing covid cases? 6 Months seems a long time to hold onto that result.
  2. If you took the amount of spray tan thats been used on Donald Trump in the past 4 years, you'd have enough to paint an aircraft carrier several times over.
  3. Theres far too much Monty Python going on here
  4. Unfortunately my PC place of choice just went out of business so I'll be looking for another at some stage. Before that I was buying parts from MSY at Morningside but I've never bought a whole PC from them. Somebody once told me Computer Alliance were OK but I've never used them.
  5. Considering that the tone of politics worldwide (including Australia) has moved to become more of a popularity contest than any real display of skill or abilities required to become a leader, its no surprise that the world is full of politicians who would seriously struggle in a battle of wits with an Iguana. Like him or hate him, for all his political faults (and he has many) Donald Trump seems to be the one person who has worked the system out better than anybody else. Realistically he has a decent chance of getting a 2nd term purely on the basis that people have a massive distrust of politicians and they've worked out that he most definitely isn't one.
  6. -- AJ --


    I think Roxii was talking about the initial process which was simply to indicate whether your company was going to take part in the JobKeeper program. and then subsequently businesses had to 1. Register, 2. Nominate.... etc Having gone through it, the initial process of indicating whether your company was to take part in the jobkeeper scheme was a total and complete ballsup and I'm not surprised that companies and particularly sole-traders got it wrong. Eventually, we ended up phoning the appropriate mob to sort it all out for us. And from the comments of the poor girl on the other end of the phone, we wern't the only ones who were completely baffled. In comparison, the monthly process is an absolute breeze.
  7. You don't find out whats happening in your town by watching the mainstream media which seems more fixated on a national/global perspective than a local one. With more and more regional media being closed and regional newsrooms being shifted to and controlled from major centres, it's a situation that is only going to get worse.
  8. More if you're Donald Trump
  9. -- AJ --

    SMS spam?

    Sorry. Missed that. In my socially deprived world, I just read and then ignore. I'm so socially deprived, I've even taken to talking to telemarketers. To be fair, any resemblance between the truth and what I say is purely coincidental but I still talk to them.
  10. What he said First you have update IOS on the phone, then you have to have a new version of the app that uses the API, then you have to update the app on the phone and then it will work. Given the number of people who don't apply updates to their phones and/or don't update their apps, I'd suggest your mate probably won't see too many in the future either. But that doesn't mean its not working.
  11. -- AJ --

    SMS spam?

    Don't answer any number you can't identify. If its legit they'll leave a message and you can ring them back
  12. Generally never had a home loan long enough to make changing worthwhile. I think the longest up till now was only 5 years. We've looked into changing loans a few times but more often than not, the expenses and break fees were more than the interest we would have saved from moving to a different loan with a smaller interest rate. Might be different on the current one because we're not likely to rush into to paying it quickly. We have it in a position where it's cashflow positive and so we can just let it pay for itself and redirect our cash to other financial pursuits aimed at making our retirement a little more comfortable. ☺️
  13. I would assume they did. But I don't recall it being mentioned. Maybe for a change, the journo decided they didn't need to state the blinking obvious.
  14. According to news.com.au, 1 Close contact was notified to self-isolate
  15. I don't watch the news on TV anymore. Too many of them are going for the sensationalist angle than a simple telling of the facts. Which probably explains why it now goes for an hour instead of 30 minutes but somehow manages to produce less content of interest. Realistically, News.com.au is no better than click bait opinions but occasionally provides material of interest
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