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  1. -- AJ --

    Online Assesment - Job

    Hmmm. Last few companies I've worked for seemed to have a an excess of "managers" who had little or no people skills. Maybe thats why they are made managers. Don't have the people skills to play nicely with the rest of the staff. AJ
  2. -- AJ --

    Financial planners

    Yeah similar experience with me. Wanted some basic advice but end up paying $1600 for him to tell us to invest our money in Managed Funds (managed by him). Wasn't a particularly good deal either. We are getting a better ROI off our shares than what they were offering through the managed fund. The piss poor part of all this was that we told them we wern't interested in managed funds after extremely poor experiences previously. Pretty much walked out of his office thinking that we had a better grasp of the financial world than he did. Absolutely certain that he was way out of his depth with the complexity of our financial situation. I'm sure there are some excellent financial advisers out there but you have to wade through the plethora of half baked people following a generalistic formula to find the one that can provide the right advice for your unique circumstances. AJ
  3. -- AJ --

    Housing Bubble thread.

    My call would be to wait. There are plenty of people out there who have seriously overextended themselves on their credit and if people are suffering from "mortgage stress" now then imagine what it'll be like if interest rates go up another percent or 2 and house prices drop another 5%. It will become a buyers market. Was recently looking into getting another investment property but had to bail out at the last minute due to getting my finance denied (being made redundant tends to make financial institutions reluctant to lend out money ). In the end it seems that was a good thing because the same property is now on the market at $30K less. AJ
  4. -- AJ --

    Skin checks

    Wherever you decide to go, don't delay going. I nearly cancelled an appointment last year because I just couldn't feel bothered to go. Glad I ended up going. Doc found one on my leg. A Level 1 melonoma which he cut out the next day. Another suspicious one found on my back about 3 months later but that turned out to be nothing. Checked again last week and all clear.
  5. -- AJ --

    What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Thanks for that. Simple works for me too. Off to eBay to see what I can get. AJ
  6. -- AJ --

    What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Hey Keiran. What did you use to attach the solar panel to the Rhino rack? Just a L bracket or is there some fancy Rhino attachment to do it? I want to do something similar for my next trip to Moreton Island so I can keep the aux battery charged while the fridge keeps the stuff cold in the back. In the past I've just set the panel up on the sand when we were stopped AJ
  7. -- AJ --


    Good? Seriously? Given that most punters were expecting them to win easily, to only win by 4 in Sydney would suggest that not all is as it appears.
  8. -- AJ --

    State of Origin 2018

    A old horse trainer once told me - They can look good, train good, even warmup good but if they've got no heart in them then they're no good and won't win. Could have been describing too many NSW teams If NSW don't truely believe they can win it then Queensland will cause the upset of the century -Queensland by 1. If they do believe - NSW by 30
  9. -- AJ --

    USA Shootings #2

    While there's money involved...never
  10. -- AJ --

    Royal Wedding

    Personally I don't care what shes wearing, whos walking her down the aisle, whos going to be there (or not be there) or whether Prince Phillip will nod off during the ceremony. So in other words I've just realised I should have gone camping this weekend at one of those places where phone reception is non-existent. I'm thinking a Hot Campfire, Cold drinks, good mates and a distinct lack of political correctness would be a much more interesting prospect tonight
  11. -- AJ --

    World Expo 88

    Walked past the front gates almost every day on my way to/from uni. Only walked through them a couple of times but otherwise pretty much avoided it if I could. Hated crowds then, still hate crowds now.
  12. -- AJ --

    Loan pre approval. Really? Loan

    Possibly true depending on circumstances https://www.homeloanexperts.com.au/credit-score-home-loan/can-pre-approval-affect-credit-score/ https://www.equifax.com/personal/education/credit/score/how-is-credit-score-calculated/ are a couple of good reads.
  13. -- AJ --

    Work place politics and millennials

    I once applied for an IT position for a large well known company and they went down the track of insisting that all applicants do an online profiling test that had absolutely nothing to do with IT and everything to do with determining how many little blocks were in a picture. Got about 15 minutes into this test before I pulled the plug. Rang up their HR dept and told them I was withdrawing my application because I refuse to work for any company that felt the need to put their applicants through that before they would even interview them. For some reason they seemed seriously disappointed
  14. -- AJ --

    Password Managers

    So the way I'm reading it Lastpass will automatically enter the password and/or other details into the webpage for you? Is that correct?
  15. -- AJ --

    Password Managers