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  1. Bought a DSLR many years ago for the luxury of having the different lens. Problem is that I never bothered how to use it in manual mode properly. Apparently its a common problem with DSLR users. Going on a trip later this year and didn't want to lug the DSLR around so went looking for something smaller. Ended up getting the Canon M100 mirrorless. Pretty much a point and shoot camera but I've been really impressed with the quality of the images. Max of 24Megapixels and apparently it has the same size sensor as the Canon DSLRs which helps the picture quality. Can't remember exactly what I paid but I got it through Amazon. AJ
  2. Disclaimer: I'm not an accountant and I don't play one on TV Think you're asking the wrong people My Best Advice: Get yourself a great financial wizard/genius Accountant that you trust implicitly. From my (very) limited understanding of the tax implications around investment properties, its very easy to make very expensive mistakes. And worse still, the rules around them seem to change yearly. And as a side note, I believe this year the tax man is concentrating on dodgy deduction claims on investment properties regarding renovations called repairs, inspections etc etc etc. AJ
  3. Don't have a lot of motivation to travel overseas. There's too much to see and do here in Australia that I doubt I'll get to see/do even 10% of whats on my bucket list. Problem is my bucket list involves more than just being there but rather spending time there and having a good look around. So the bucket list (in part) consists of: Kakadu and Litchfield National parks in depth. Was there briefly in 2014 but barely scratched the surface. Kings Canyon West and East MacDonnell Ranges Arnham Land Kimberleys Western Australia (yeah all of it) Channel Country of Western Queensland Cape York (but not necessarily the OTT) SA/NSW/QLD border region including Oodnadatta Track, Birdsville track, Coopers Creek, Camerons Corner etc Broken Hill and Silverton (so I can appreciate it more this time) Victorian High Country (in Summer) Flinders Ranges Tasmania (yeah all of it) Murray River (if theres any water in it) AJ
  4. No. Brain just wired differently to others. And its nothing special. Mrs AJ remembers everything....and will drag it out at any time during any argument to prove her point.
  5. Just as a matter of interest, Anybody know if you can get booked for having the viewing screen on when you're driving? Theres been a recent spate of bookings when the front seat passenger has been using a phone/tablet and its been deemed as distracting to the driver. AJ
  6. Yeah I once had a Boss who hurt himself jumping to the wrong conclusion
  7. Personally don't agree with it. Don't have a problem with anybody who does. The way I figure it, its none of my business whether you do or don't. Reckon there are too many people in the world trying to make too many mountains out of too few molehills and in the process only showing that all they really should have done is just shut up.
  8. According to Donald Trump, Donald Trump will show us the light and tell us what is the truth and what is fake news
  9. Maybe its a new Deconstructed Filtered Coffee variety
  10. Apparently, at least 8 or 9 generations if a story I was told a few years ago about a person claiming indigenous descent rights had any truth to it. AJ
  11. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Reckon they missed a massive marketing opportunity here. Think of the crowds that would come to every game he played. Half to support him and half to abuse him. For a footy code that is generally suffering from a distinct lack of Bums on Seats at games, this would have been a welcome boost to coffers for at least one game a week. And at the risk of going to Hell myself...is anybody else completely disinterested about Origin this year? AJ
  12. I reckon some of you will need to go onto a 2nd or 3rd page just to list all the accounts here 😁
  13. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Apparently the RA CEO didn't even speak to Folau directly to tell him the result. Now there's real courage in leadership...not.
  14. Actually they do. Admittedly, the return is almost useless but its there. My 120watt solar panel will return up to 7.5amp@13v in bright sunshine and somewhere between 0.05 and 0.1 amps in bright moonshine. This fact was brought to you by Bundaberg Rum which is entirely to blame for the antics of that particular night
  15. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Can't remember if I was attracted to both 30 years ago or not. Actually theres a lot about the late 80's and early 90's that I don't remember. I'm blaming the alcohol. AJ
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