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  1. Darwin peeps

    Crocosaurus Cove. Apparently there has never been a complaint about the food.
  2. Car fuel. When empty isn't empty

    In a diesel...no. Apparently its around $20K to fix a Landcruiser 200 series engine after you suck crap and water through the injectors
  3. Clothing... or lack of!

    My thoughts...Let the kids go. I'm sure our parents were horrified by some of the stuff we used to wear. There are photos of me out there from the 80's and 90's that I hope will never see the light of day again. But...if you can tell what colour undies (or lack thereof) the girls are wearing then I reckon the short shorts might be a bit too short.
  4. First car for daughter

    My eldest got a manual 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara as a first car. The sticker he put on the back sums ups its performance "0-60...eventually". Top speed is about 110km/h (downhill with a tail wind). No electronic driving aids but considering that some of his learner driver time was spent on muddy and Sandy tracks he learnt how to drive in conditions that he's not going to get on the blacktop too often. He's upgraded now so we bought the Vitara back and now my youngest will learn to drive in it. But in the meantime I'm using it as my daily commuter and having a lot of fun in it.
  5. Jobs you never knew existed.

    Hmmm Probably not one for you fit healthy athletic types but for us ex-triathletes...Professional "Drunk Uncle" at the reception.
  6. Jobs you never knew existed.

    Yep still trying to work out the point of this job. Seems to me that it only adds another layer of stupidity to the process.
  7. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Seriously? I'd suggest that the Government is giving this issue a lot more attention that it seriously deserves*. Considering that the Government (and to a certain degree the Opposition) is currently trundling down the well worn political highway of being seen to do something without actually doing anything one must come to the obvious conclusion that this is all a compete smokescreen to divert attention away from something else which the government deems to be more important and/or damaging. I'll bet the next step is to send it to a all parties Parliamentary Committee to draft up the legislation which will hold up the entire process for a significant period of time while the minor parties attempt to screw over the major parties. *I said that the Government is giving this issue more attention than it deserves because quite frankly, I think it deserves absolutely no attention at all. This is one of those issues that could have and should have been sorted out in one of those late night sessions with zero fuss and zero bother and a small mention in the daily papers. Instead its become a media and political circus that benefits nobody...expect the politicians
  8. Sharks vs Broncos

    Any truth to the rumor that the porch light has now been replaced and it burning brightly again?
  9. conor mcgregor vs floyd mayweather

    What are the odds of a simultaneous KO caused by one headbutting the other?
  10. In 50 years time .....

    We have to wait 50 years?????
  11. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Because apparently our elected members of parliament arn't Australian either.
  12. Pacquaio vs Horn

    Realistically, was there likely to be any other result?
  13. Pacquaio vs Horn

    I've noticed that theres been plenty of sour grapes since then resulting in the WBO announcing they were going to rescore the fight. Obviously stroking the ego of an aging fighter is more important than supporting those officials the WBO appointed to officiate the fight in the first place. Nothing like setting a precedent for future controversy.
  14. Addictions. What do you have?

    Is "Getting away from it all" an addiction? If I don't get out of phone range and spend time around a camp fire I get withdrawal symptoms.
  15. BLK goes under

    I'd suspect: Lowering the price to unsustainable levels in order to get the contract and then relying on the "added" business generated by being associated with top level teams to make money.