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  1. Insurance is a choice....except where its not. By that I mean that there are some people who just can't get insurance. Not that its too expensive, they just can't get a policy issued by an insurance company. Those people we should help. Everybody else is on their own. AJ
  2. My answer is "Don't know" but.... Some thing we found out earlier this year was that (according to QANTAS) if you have "connecting" flights and you miss the first one then all the other legs are cancelled by defaul based on the assumption that if you wen't on the first leg then you probably wern't going to make subsequent legs.. We had booked a series of flights to/from the US but decided to change the date of the first leg (Bris-Syd) to fly down a day earlier and catch up with Mrs AJs family. We were told that any changes to the itinerary was going to cost us around $650. So we just booked new flights for < $300 (another carrier) and didn't bother to change the existing bookings. At Brisbane airport we had some time and just decided to drop into QANTAS and explain that we wern't getting on the flight the next day and thats when we were told that, had we not notified them then all our connecting flights would have been cancelled. AJ
  3. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Have you ever seen a photo of Izzy and Trump together? They might be the same person
  4. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Agreed. Reckon it could go either way. Regardless, he's finished as a cardinal....or should be AJ
  5. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Heres something you can agree with. In my opinion, Folau is a complete and absolute tosser who has done extreme damage to everything that he has represented and doesn't deserve the media attention that he's been getting. While I don't disagree with the theology (it is Biblically based), the post itself was arrogant, clumsy, ill considered and hurtful. It wasn't necessary and there are far better ways of getting the Christian message across. Subsequent events have shown that Izzy is a very slow learner. Some have suggested that social media has become the new window to people souls. Make of that what you will. AJ
  6. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    The tribunal was there to allow for "due process". Which they did by upholding the original decision. Realistically, considering there was no new information, this decision shouldn't have come as a surprise to anybody. So it was always going to go to a real court where the arguments could be decided based on legal aspects and not based on the high strung emotions that had been a major part of the process up till then. On the surface, looking at the prospect of a truly independent arbitrator, RA appears to have effectively folded. Although I suspect there might be more to it than that. If the media is anywhere near the truth, RA is nearly broke and can't afford to fight the case and so may have taken the least worst case option of settling. AJ
  7. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Could depend on whether they were legitimately representing Falou or taking into account the wishes of their entire membership (the most influential of those would be getting paid by RA). Tough position for the RUPA to be in. Should have gone straight to the Court of Arbitration and all this could have been avoided. AJ
  8. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Because in a Court system the judge is independently appointed and "should" excuse themselves from the case if there is a perceived conflict of interest or Bias. Doesn't always happen but happens often enough to provide some faith that the system works. From memory, the panel was picked by RA and the Rugby Union Players association. Makes it hard to describe the panel as "independently" appointed and leaves them open to the suggestion they made their choices to get the result they wanted. (e.g Kate Eastman) AJ
  9. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    Lets not forget that "independent" does not mean "unbiased". The way I've seen it, the whole thing has been over peoples interpretation of the post and whether it supports "non-inclusiveness" (or to be more specific is homophobic). Without guessing I'd suggest you'd be hard pressed to find 3 people who don't have fairly strong opinions over this one way or the other. AJ (Bring on the beige)
  10. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    She also said they had a solid legal case that would win the court case. If so, why settle? Hard to believe anything she says at the moment. AJ
  11. -- AJ --

    Israel Folau

    From everything I've seen, it appears to be win for Falau and a complete and absolute back down by Rugby Australia. One wonders why after all this time RA have caved. Coming up after the break.... Raelene Castle to be shown the door in the not too distant future because of her pathetic handling of this whole thing AJ (Disclaimer: Crystal Ball broke years ago.)
  12. Apparently if you suck on a Cane Toad you can have an hallucinogenic episode....and then die. AJ (Don't try this at home kids)
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