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  1. Bike lights

    Thank you very much. That gives me a couple of options. I'll check them both out
  2. Bike lights

    Does anyone have suggestions for good bike lights that fit the wider bars and stem post of tt bikes? Most of the lights I have seen only fit road bikes.
  3. Recommended tt bikes

    Thank you!! Looks like the starting place is bike fit and take it from there. Sounds like a few trips to Melbourne but that is ok
  4. Recommended tt bikes

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the feedback
  5. Recommended tt bikes

    Thanks Zed. I've heard Cervelo are good.
  6. Recommended tt bikes

    I am looking at buying a time trial bike for ironman distance and after suggestions of what I should buy? I know very little about bikes. What brands/components should I look for, avoid etc? Does anyone know anything about Wizz bikes? I have been riding a road bike with clip on bars for the past two years and think it might be time for an upgrade!! Any recommendations of great bike shops/dealers in Victoria or South Australia who do a comprehensive bike fit?
  7. Do you need to know you can do a time ...

    I think anything is possible if you really set your mind to it. I have the lung capacity of a 75year old (I'm 34) so technically I should never have completed an Ironman let alone qualify for one. The only thing that got me there was pure mental strength. I believed I could do it and proved to myself and others that anything is possible if you really put your mind to it and have believe in yourself (within reason of course!!!)
  8. I feel lost.

    Hi Ronnie, I too have felt like you and MoM. After I completed the IM I got the blues. I put on over 10kg, had no energy, was close to tears and just questioned why I was still out there running and cycling. I even went to the doctor I felt that tired and lacking in energy. He just told me I needed to set another goal which at the time felt the last thing I wanted to do!!!! I guess when you focus so much time and effort into something and then get disappointed you wonder whehther it is all worthwhile. For me the best thing to do was to change focus. I got back into running by myself for the sake of enjoyment with no pressure to go fast. For a while I just ran for as long or short as I liked and as fast or slow as I felt. I now have my energy back and love what I am doing for me!!!! Keep smiling
  9. How many IM races are enough?

    I only ever intended to complete one Ironman which I did in 2003. After doing most of the training by myself I found the last two months training a real grind and couldn't wait until I could be normal again (not that I am). I loved competing in the Ironamn and am totally stoked I completed one but to do another one just seems too hard. I achieved so much more than I had ever hoped that I don't feel I need to do anymore to achieve my goals. Every so often there is an urge that maybe I could do another one but then I wake up in a nice cosy warm bed and think NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  10. Did Santa come for you?

    Ronnie, the truth is we actually live in town. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. The farm is 20km out of town which means hubby has to leave 30mins earlier to get to work and arrives home 30mins after finishing. From what I have heard about cities that is actually not to bad a travel time. I can also run under street lighting at 5am rather than in pitch black amongst the sheep and possums. But also by travelling to work he has to make sure everything is done before he comes home. He can't just save a job for after dinner and he tends to be a person who will just add a job or twenty on before coming home. And Slowman, as for helping out on the farm that would work well in theory but not practice. See the thing is that if you have time to finish all of your jobs that means you can do more work. I.e. He finishes his harvest so he goes to help the poor buggers who have been taking it easy over Christmas. YOu know the ones that ACTUALLY do have thier priorities right and have spent time with their family, gone on holidays for 2 weeks during the year, come home and have tea with their family etc. So not only is he such an efficient worker that he gets most of his jobs done, he goes and helps everyone else do theirs as well. And if he still has time to spare that means he doesn't have enough land so he will spend his spare time looking for more land to do more work to spend less time with the family, to make more money in fifty years time when you have actually paid the farm off. It is just a vicious cycle that snowballs in the direction of worse rahter than better. I was so pleased when my youngest said the other day he wasn't going to be a farmer, he was going to be a Brisbane Lions Footballer nad my eldest said he was going to live in Forster and compete in Ironman events. I said great I'm going to live half way inbetween by myself somewhere oin the beach where there are NO FARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. McTwisties New Years Poll

    OTHER!!!! Be more assertive and start pushing everyone else around rather than be trodden on by everyone else. I am sick of doing what everyone else wants me to do and putting everyone elses wants first. So BUGGER em I'm going to put myself first and follow my dreams!!!
  12. Did Santa come for you?

    Good POint. If I did marry a Triathlete I wouldn't be much better off. The good news would be that at least we would go away for races for weekends and we could train together.
  13. Did Santa come for you?

    No life is not that bad in the country; we do have fresh air and beautiful sunrises etc so it is not all that bad. It would just be great if I could appreciate them with my Husband!! And yes I have told him how I feel and he does care in theory but not in practice. He thinks there is nothing he can do about it. The problem is that his Dad is even worse. He doesn't take holidays at all or even a day off. Christmas Day is his day off for the year!!!!! I am not joking either.
  14. Did Santa come for you?

    No presents from Husband or Kids. Husband is a Farmer and has no time to buy presents either from him or from the kids. He knocked off work 9pm Christmas eve, walked in the door and asked what we'd got everyone for Christmas, took the day off yesterday and was out the door at 8am this morning. I was left with the grumpy kids who got spoilt rotten compliaing about how it was a terrible Christmas because they didn't get a Terrain Twister. I said that at least they got presents!!!!!!!!!! The same goes for New Years. Haven't done anything for New Years since we were married because he is always on the *&^&%&**()( Header harvesting. It's good to know what the important things in life are isn't it!!!! This has happened every year for the last 10 years. Every year I think it will be different but NO!!!! That is why I took up Tri's to keep me sane. Only problem is I have to do all my training before 7am before he leaves for work. I am totally stuffed at midnight when he gets home so no hope of training then. My advice; if you are female stay well clear of FArmers unless you want to be completely tied down in one spot for the rest of your life having no holidays, no weekends away and no possibility of pursuing your career ambitions to the max unless you want to be an old fashioned farmers wife who has 10 million kids and spends the day milking cows and churning butter!!!! Sorry; just a little peeved at the moment!!!!!
  15. tri weights??

    I am no expert but if you are going for strength not size I would be going medium weight for about 10-15 reps *2-3 sets. Because in Tri's you use most muscle groups I would be going for a basic all over workout using most muscle groups. You may be able to do some of the following. Squats Lunges Chest Press Dead Rows Bicep Curls Tricep kickbacks Shoulder Press Core work is probably the most important though. If you have a Fitball they are great. Hovers, Ball Passes, Planks, even just balancing on the ball Just a guide of a few ideas!!!!