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  1. That was really bad coverage. How hard is it to position a finish line camera? And looks like Brownlee is off to Kona!
  2. Clyde

    Port - Race Day

    Thanks Peter. Switched browsers and found it again!
  3. Clyde

    Port - Race Day

    Is there somewhere to watch the finish line at Port live? The link on Facebook Live was excellent but they have now switched over to IM Arizona, so I was wondering if there was another way of watching it.
  4. Staying near Hyde Park. But happy to travel. Am just looking for somewhere to swim where it's not going to be 10 to a lane and sharing with walkers.
  5. Can anyone recommend the best place to do some laps in the morning in Sydney CBD? (as a one-off)
  6. Have just started a new triathlon club in the Southern Highlands, and we are really keen to grow the number of juniors that take up the sport. I love seeing other clubs at races (like Shellharbour and Illawarra) who have large numbers of junior triathletes all decked out with the good gear. The biggest impediment we are facing from parents is the cost of buying a racing bike just for triathlons or bike races. So my question is - is there an affordable way to buy tri bikes for juniors? Any websites or bike shops that you would recommend? What do the bigger clubs do?
  7. Hi Mike, We have a new triathlon club that has started up in Bowral this year - Highlands Triathlon Club. We have already got a good range of abilities in the club, and have a relationship with AP10 coaching, based in Wollongong. We have a couple of kids that have ability - they have the opportunity to try out and join the Illawarra Academy of Sport and receive elite level training through that system. I'd be happy to chat about it further with your friend.
  8. Thanks for all your responses. Greatly appreciated. I'm not trying to Dr shop - I just want a second opinion. Being in the medical field myself I appreciate that just because someone has medical qualifications doesnt mean they are a God and all-knowing. I just want a second opinion. My main problem is all the tests have come up okay so far, apart from the enlarged heart, which I suspect I have always had. Happy to take the advice of specialists but just want to verify it. Thanks for the feedback regarding VQ scan, Trinube. This was discussed as a possibility if they can't find anything
  9. So I finally got around to seeing a Cardiologist for screening before I do my first Ironman in a few months. I've done numerous 70.3s and marathons and 6-foot track, but I was mindful of the full day nature of ironman so thought I should be careful. Never had any problems, apart from slightly elevated BP which I take meds for. Resting HR, like most of you, is usually 40. ECGs, cholesterol etc etc all normal. I've always been told I had a big heart on chest xrays, or cardiomegaly, which was first picked up when I joined the RAAF, but was always told that this was because I was running 80-100ks
  10. It was a great event and well-organised. Congratulations to those involved! It was quite ironic that the Premier, Nathan Rees, couldn't get there in time to start the event because of traffic!
  11. Very informative!!

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