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  1. bumcrackjack

    Husky Weekend

    $150 for a Sprint! Taking the piss!
  2. bumcrackjack

    Robson racing again...

    Weak as piss from the Swim Coach
  3. bumcrackjack

    Cost of events

    Yep......totally agree. Pretty stupid that Sprints are over $100 and OD's over $200. Very hard to justify, and is no doubt why short course racing is pretty dead when compared to 10 - 15 years ago
  4. bumcrackjack

    Computrainer Flywheel recall

    The last I heard Computrainer was closed down? Link here - production has ceased https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/02/computrainer-ceases-production.html
  5. bumcrackjack

    Are you doing 70.3 worlds in Sth Africa. Think again.

    You should write for New Idea, Peter. Sensational headline followed up by fark all
  6. bumcrackjack

    Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Fark.......so many DNF's.
  7. bumcrackjack

    Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Expect massive drafting.........just watching all of those athletes funnel out of T1 together is crazy
  8. bumcrackjack

    WS 70.3

    That's because those guys don't have time to be on forums. Too busy ticking the boxes
  9. bumcrackjack

    Race wheels hire

    Happy Wheels http://www.happywheels.com.au/
  10. bumcrackjack

    Kona Counts

    I am interested to hear people's thoughts on why Cervelo more than doubles the bike count of other brands. The aerodynamics are negligible, and the advertising of the major brands is on par with Formula 1, yet this brand advantage is quite incredible when you consider the road riding market is alot closer.
  11. bumcrackjack


    Twice per week = NO For 3 weeks = NO Increase your swimming mileage if you want greater aerobic capacity between now and Sunny Coast
  12. bumcrackjack

    Sour Grapes or worth calling the Champ out?

    Sutto's reply http://trisutto.com/professionalism-in-triathlon/
  13. bumcrackjack

    IMOZ Pro list (short and sweet)

    Tim Reed by 20 minutes...... Laura Siddall by 20 minutes Dave Dellow is the only one that will push him in that group if he is in shape. Clayton to do the usual go till you blow, then pull a hammie somewhere between 140km on the bike and 10km on the run. Hope I am wrong though. Be good to see Foxy improve on his Busso result
  14. bumcrackjack

    Xterra Swim skin - appalling quality

    I found in swim skins that the HUUB and the Blue Seventy are the best quality. Haven't tried Roka but would rate them also based on others. No association with any of these brands.
  15. bumcrackjack

    Lionel Sanders training day vlog

    Great to see him doing that bike workout on the rollers........would be interested to hear why he does that.