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  1. bumcrackjack

    Bike v's car

    Well handled mate........you're a class act
  2. Having it clash with one of the biggest National races on the calendar in Mooloolaba ruled it out for myself and 90% of training mates. Not sure how that oversight came about
  3. You should write for The Telegraph
  4. Most of you could quit your jobs, train full time and never break 3 hours for a marathon. Running 2:21 is very classy and he is obviously quite a gifted athlete. The fact that he has time to train will only enhance an already very impressive AG athlete.
  5. This is absolutely no reflection in any way whatsoever of what will happen on the day.
  6. It's a triathlon forum and AP does triathlon. Which is more than can be said for about 80% of people here.
  7. We should just be grateful they didn't cancel the swim because it is too windy. Muppets
  8. bumcrackjack

    Triathlon history

    This bit alone sorts out 90% of the muppets on here. Love your work
  9. $150 for a Sprint! Taking the piss!
  10. Weak as piss from the Swim Coach
  11. Yep......totally agree. Pretty stupid that Sprints are over $100 and OD's over $200. Very hard to justify, and is no doubt why short course racing is pretty dead when compared to 10 - 15 years ago
  12. The last I heard Computrainer was closed down? Link here - production has ceased https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/02/computrainer-ceases-production.html
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