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  1. H3 were fully researched and designed to be fully efficient with 19mm tires,, if you use anything else wider then you are not getting the benefit... (they still look sexy even if not efficient) If you want to run 19mm tires on the cobbles of Paris Roubaix.. 'Happy Days' but from the HED website. 'New for 2014, we now offer the GT3 – a new take on an old favorite. With a super wide rim, it works best with modern 21-25mm tires. The standard H3 is still available (recommended 19mm tires) in a huge array of options, with clincher, tubular, multiple wheel diameters, and the lust-worthy H3 Deep'
  2. Certainly is.. been fighting it for a few years now,, but issues concerned with the breaks have really deteriorated
  3. Spinal surgery is planned,, informed no more aero position riding. I even have to cancel my family room accommodation at HOTW 2017. So if anyone wants a family room for next years race
  4. With very much regret I have to leave Triathlon. Selling my loved Scott Plasma that I bought off Luke McKenzie on January 2012. Luke received this 2012 model just prior to Kona 2011, and then raced it at IMWA 2011 Components are all highly serviced SRAM Red (Black edition).. (when purchased from Luke it was with Zipp 404's) The bike had a 'Platinum' full service prior to HOTW this year. Comes with Zipp 1080 front (obtained late 2013) , and Pro-lite Disc Rear (obtained in 2014) with new (as at Feb 2016) Conti Clincher tires, fitted with latex tubes Pro-lite Disc upgraded with Ceramic Bearings (Boca) prior to HOTW 2015. Also comers with. Xlab Torpedo mount Xlab frame mounted Aero bottle and carbon holder Hydro-Foil carbon rear seat hydration mount Lyzene stainless steel track/floor pump with disc wheel 2x Disc wheel adapters Look Keo Titanium pedal purchased in late 2012 Spare tubes. Orca Triathlon Bag.. (purchased May 2015 used twice) Bike has done Hell of the West; 2012 to 2016 8x Olympic Distance races, and 3 x sprint. The Scott has Not Been used in training No Damage to Frame or equipment, never a crash or fall. ++ There is a small piece of paint missing from when a Pit Stop bottle was taped to top tube,, ++ newbie error by me $5800 more than happy to send heaps of photos I will take the bike to a Bike store for boxing,, but buyer to pay Call 0428221334 if you wish
  5. I am in, this will be numo-five for me.. (major floods in 2010-11 stopped us leaving Roma to get all in a row) .. I still get nervous as sheit prior to the race start, but this part of the high.. In 2015 my wife was well enough to tag along for her first look at HOTW weekend and she loved it... and now we make it a long weekend out of it. (including some fishing leading up, and the party at the Vic Hotel on Sunday arvo). I hope to 'encourage' a new member from our tri club to rock along... So simply put.. great event, great people, great town.. (and the result don't matter)
  6. Aust Post is cool, surface mail. If I know a store has it near the event, I get it there. Or as I have a few cans at home, I surface mail it to the Hotel I am staying. At the end of the event, I ask the locals who would like it and usually get a few beers for the unused can.. I just build it into the event expenses.
  7. Airport management and triathlete, ya gotta be all over it
  8. The down fall of 'Pit Stop' is the container utilises Propane.. as per previous articles.. 'If there is a draw back to Pit Stop it is that the propellant and compressed gas is propane making it extremely flammable. You can not put Vittoria Pit Stop in any baggage taken onto an aircraft. It is both pressurized and explosive. Pit Stop is safe to carry on a bike but should never be exposed to excessive heat and the canister should never be punctured'. As for CO2 Non-flammable gas cartridges. Operator (airline) approval is REQUIRED.. (so you declare them early at check in) CARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS AS OF 1JAN15 :- Up to 4 per passenger no exceeding 28gm (50ml) each in good condition/securely packed carried as checked or carry on baggage. IATA DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS - TABLE 2.3.A also spells out aviation requirements. (please do not get confused with requirements pertaining to CO2 as fitted to Life-jacket (Self inflating) as there is a further regulatory requirements)
  9. Hi.. Just got me a Zipp 1080 clincher (front),, any recommendations on inner tube and valve length and best valve extender (and length). The thing spins like a demon. Thanks Cheers
  10. Pity not my size or they would be 'gonski' Tried to PM you,, but coming up blank..
  11. a fantastic event,, as always, Gundy and your crew are just the 'bomb'. It was the first time my wife was well enough to travel to the HOTW and she loved it.. and she made me ensure we are back next year.. The Sunday post event party was great,, to catch up with NSF and other great mates was marvelous .. A point that was mentioned earlier... I have a towel I place over my racked bike, where my front drink bottle is on the aero bars.. just to keep the sun off my first drink bottle. On arrival I and other 'elder age group' gents (we discussed this on collecting our bikes) in my rack noted towels were taken off bikes and folded up and placed on the ground. On gent next to me,, stated he had his towel over his disc wheel just to keep out of direct sunlight.. I just think this is a bit weird. apart form this strange occurrence by a TO.. (and please I am a TO).. the event, the people ,, the activities were excellent. See ya next year..
  12. This is 5th HOTW for me .. bike and fishing rods as usual. No excuses....done my longest swims ever, great bike program, and running the house down over Xmas.. so I am really looking forward to the Sunday party .. slow drive back on Monday . Still clutching a laminated copy of AP's ol Endura advise,, all is great.. See ya (train hard, race harder, party hardest)
  13. Cheers Yo .. they're easy,,, give me Gundy HOTW on a good day. Stop peddling you stop. Then head wind. no hot mix, no bull sheit
  14. Fair call... a great race,, great people... with this event and HOTW, great times
  15. No you are right ,, Yep there is no issue at all in having an assisted swim with buoyancy. Oh and of course to that no issue at all in wearing an illegal suit. Whilst every one else did the swim legal,, and combated the conditions (quote 'It's not an easy course and there was no bunch to ride with') . Yes he did a quick bike.. BUT to get to the bike, he CHEATED... .. What next???,, hey next time, I will give him a lend of my 'tinny ' with my ol Mercury on the back... that way at the end of the swim, he will be REALLY fast on the bike.
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