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  1. What Hub & QR? I had the axle on a Shimano Hub shear at one end a couple of weeks ago and it was creaking pretty badly.
  2. ptc

    Asics GT-2000 4

    Womens US Size 10 Asics GT-2000. VGC only worn a couple of times. (Too narrow for my wife). $65.00 pick up from Caringbah South
  3. Garmin 920XT charging cradle. $20.00 pick up from Caringbah South or can post for $10
  4. ptc

    Garmin 920XT

    Garmin 920XT with charger, new black band and spare new blue band. Good condition. Pick up from Caringbah South.$160.00
  5. They seem to come and go every few years. They had a good event at Callala Bay until a couple of years ago.
  6. DC Rainmaker confirms the poor performance of the Fenix for OW swimming. A pity as the 5x plus is on special at JB Hifi!
  7. DNM seems to get very good reviews - a common comment is that you need to put a spring at the end of the cable and that mounting the release lever can be tricky if you are not running 1x. I'm thinking about putting one on my Anthem. https://www.cyclingdeal.com.au/buy/dnm-mountain-bike-dropper-seatpost-remote-lockout/HQS-R
  8. ptc

    Washing bike shoes

    Bottom rack of the dishwasher- make sure you turn off the drying cycle.
  9. Looks like Xterra could be back again, https://www.dirttri.com/news/xterra-returns-to-australia/
  10. Cross tri QLD http://trextriathlon.com.au/events/2017-qld-championships-multisport-festival/, Xterra TBA
  11. Looks like a fair bit of climbing so a 27.5 hard tail is probably the go unles your dually is super light.
  12. Some type of pvr is probably the best option, go for one that has all the Netcast apps - iview, stan, Netflix etc. if you have got a good internet plan then Apple TV or Chromecast, don't bother recording if you can watch it on the net.
  13. Early entries for the Nosh close tonight. 14ish km from East Linfield to Seaforth. http://www.bennelongnorthside.com.au/?q=nosh2016
  14. Try the dirt crit track at the SSCC bike track at Sutherland. Party's suggestion for Bottle Forest is good, a couple of fire trails and an open dirt area with a good variety of little drops & fool downs. Dropped pin near Royal National Park NSW 2232 https://goo.gl/maps/JiZCQYfXjGp
  15. Roxii, what width are your handlebars? The current fashion is for wider bars. One of the first things I did when I bought my Giant Anthem was to put narrower bars on - I wouldn't like to do Kentlyn or parts of Loftus/Heathcote with the stock bars.
  16. Kentlyn is well worth the trip, much better than Mt Annan and only a few minutes further, plenty of variety but apart from the Rocky Trail it's not well marked. I usually start in Sirius St. Probably best to do it with someone who knows their way around or check out Strava. Appin is also pretty good & I hear that there is some new stuff there. Menai is getting better as more work gets done and there is also the stuff between the Ansto car park and the baseball field at Barden Ridge.
  17. Have a look at the Polygon Collosus as well. https://www.bicyclesonline.com.au/polygon-collosus-n6-enduro-mountain-bike
  18. Giant Trance, although there may not be many of this years model left.
  19. For the Upper Murray a Hardtail ,but, what else are you going to use it for & what is your budget? My Giant Anthem is about the same weight as my 29" Hardtail and much more versatile .Also the 27.5" Anthem feels quicker in twisty stuff but I think that has as much to do with frame geometry as wheel size.
  20. Plenty of stuff on YouTube . Get low and back behind the seat and use both brakes.
  21. +1 for the upgraded Ay-Ups, they still seem to be good enough for me. I'm waiting for the Go-Pro mount to be available. The Gloworm lights look pretty good ,http://www.glowormlites.co.nz/products
  22. Bars on my 3 MTB's are 650, 650 & 660mm. The Giant Anthem (27.5) came with 730mm bars and they just felt too wide and seemed to barely fit through some sections of track, also the steering felt a bit too light. Changed to 650mm and the steering felt much better and I stopped worrying about clipping the bars. I had 620mm bars on the 29" Hardtail for a while but they never felt quite right. I reckon 650 - 680 would be fine for the 29".
  23. Tubeless tyres are a bit like computers, even if you do everything right every now and then they just don't want to work. On the whole after running tubeless on 3 MTB's for the last 6 or so years I'd say go for it. One thing different about the Giants is that the valves have an O ring that fits against the rim so keep a couple of spares. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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