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  1. Simone, you couldn't love him more than he loves him... Despite that, I know he will go out, hurt himself and smash it up. So at least he walks the walk! He is my triathlon hero. GO BIG HAIR BEAR
  2. I hate that guy. I'll be booing him online
  3. AndrewT

    First positive for HGH

    Were you disappointed not to be pinged after that run???
  4. AndrewT

    Parlee Z4

    Parlee Z4, black with red Size L (57.5 tt) Bought new November 2008, serviced regularly by the distributor Campy Chorus 11 Speed full groupset (175mm cranks) Campy Record seatpost 3T Arx Team stem, 3T Rotunda Team carbon bars Fizik Arione Saddle Campy Zonda wheels (clinchers) $5000 ono Prefer pickup in Melbourne but would post at buyers cost
  5. I guess the issue is that a very large percentage of those people didn't "do" a half, they drafted round the bike leg, so the ones that "did" a half can't really tell if they did well, or not so well in comparison. And that just doesn't seem fair, whether they are at the pointy end or just trying to improve each race.
  6. Maybe that's the overall problem. But that doesn't wash, for example, where a faster rider (say, a slower swimmer with a good bike leg, or a team rider) goes past a group and the group makes a conscious decision to jump on the wheel. Thats just cheating
  7. The drafting yesterday turned the bike leg into a farce. Its the first time I've really noticed the drafting, since I was coming from behind riding for a team. At one point I turned round and would have had a group of at least 40 behind me, I doubt more than 3 or 4 of them had a 7m gap. I didn't really care, the only guys I was racing against were either up the road or trying to chase me down, and none of us would have got that much help in the teams race by drafting, since the groups we were catching were not riding the kind of times I personally was looking for. But its interesting to see how many people out there were happy to sit in and take the easy ride. Most frustrating is when the guys sitting behind ride over the top when they see the motorbike coming and then pull in a metre ahead, you have to sit up to try and get a legal gap and then they slow down because they can't hold the pace. What a joke. Of the 40 people in and around me yesterday, I can tell you by bike brand which guys (and one girl) were strong enough to have held that pace, or close to it, on their own and which guys were sitting in and putting on the odd 30 second effort for the benefit of the TOs. I saw ONE guy getting pinged - he was drafting clearly but then still had a big sook at the TO. In some ways, I can understand him complaining that EVERYONE else is doing it and only he gets pinged. There was NO consistency at all. I don't think anyone can expect people to give a 7m gap up through the Botanic Gardens, or up the climb out of transition, since its such a bottleneck - maybe that bit of the course needs to be looked at because there were times when guys that were clearly faster were being held up through there, then once it got out to the open road the bunch was just sitting behind the faster guys in the "group". It must be frustrating as an AGer trying to race within the rules to turn round and see other guys saving their energy for the run and/or getting a faster bike time than they could ever do solo. I think a lot of people need to take a hard look at themselves and ask if they REALLY didn't draft yesterday. Its not like anyone was racing for a Hawaii spot, or money, other than the pros. So if you're only cheating yourself, why bother?
  8. I heard you were only racing the bike these days?
  9. No, I'm talking about someone who is actually "wise and has USEFUL ADVICE and EXPERIENCE. More like a runner.
  10. He's gone to Spain. I understood that Michael Klein is doing the bike leg for that team There's a couple of other decent teams racing too. Maybe one with a Transitions wise head and (allegedly)retired triathlete in it.... At least two very strong female teams.
  11. They are tubs. Zipp Tangente tyres fitted. I'm sure those dimples made them even faster still.... Don't know if it is possible to switch to Shimano, I don't think so but you would have to check (with Powertap, not Zipp, because its a Powertap hub) Hard to give a price, people always come back and say "I can get it cheaper in the US, blah blah" So, I'm open to offers, but only realistic ones. If someone makes an offer that sounds attractive I'll sell them, if not I'll just keep them
  12. Selling a set of Zipp 808s with Powertap rear. Campy compatible. Less than one year old, used for GCHIM, Geelong HIM, NZIM and a couple of longer bike races. Perfect condition, not selling with cassette but with skewers, Powertap head unit, HRM strap etc. Reason for sale - only racing the bike now, so am using other, lighter wheels. These are not really getting the use they deserve. Open to offers - PM me.
  13. Number 701 Swim 1:00 T1: 10 Bike 5:15 T2: 5 Run: 3:45 Total 10.15 Would be great
  14. AndrewT

    Geelong 70.3

    Well done. I came into T2 seconds behind you. I know the bike pack you are talking about.
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