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  1. tortoise

    The good news thread

    Best news this week after 7 months of tricky stuff. Short version: mid September in small town rural France Mr T had a week in hospital after sudden haematurea. Stabilised, camera for a look, cauterise, biopsy. The French medical system is awesome: competent, thorough and cheap. We finished our holiday, urologist emailed the pathology the day we left Singapore to come home (good medicine to hold it back while we enjoyed ourselves and tried to stay unstressed). Muscle invasive bladder cancer, no previous symptoms. Bugger. Fast track GP, the best urologist in Sydney for this surgery, pre-op physio, surgery mid November, 2 weeks in hospital. Came home with a new bladder made out of a bit of small intestine. Lots of work still to be done on pelvic floor but no bag. Chemo finished before Easter. First post op scan this week is CLEAR Still a long way to go to the final all-clear, but this was a big hurdle. Now he can start to plan retirement activities, at least medium term. I nearly put this in the mental health thread a while ago, but it belongs here, not there. We’ve been so well supported that mentally we’ve both been very aware but not deeply troubled.
  2. tortoise

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Mens 4*400 relay. We're gutted at the AUS technical DQ in the heats. A friend was the runner who passed the baton to the idiot who stood in the wrong lane. He's being really gracious about it.
  3. tortoise

    Holy crap I feel old!

    YOU feel old! Many years from now has reduced to weeks from now. Arrghh!
  4. tortoise

    Work place politics and millennials

    Our place does on-line training. Normally with sound attached, often unnecessary. Totally useless.
  5. tortoise

    Work place politics and millennials

    TC, this young woman needs putting in her place. Being peeved by not being consulted before a coaching session. Sheesh!
  6. tortoise

    What's the technical name for this

    Thank you so much. BPT.
  7. tortoise

    What's the technical name for this

    I recycle silk scarves as they become too wee-loved (read tatty) to wear to work.
  8. tortoise


    Mr T, the photographic judge, agrees. So do I. The portraiture is the least consistent in the portfolio, but that’s often driven by client taste not photographic merit
  9. tortoise

    Who is in the wrong?

    Cyclist does nothing wrong. Pedestrian is foolish.
  10. tortoise

    Scicon 2.0 bike bag

    Bump. This will go on the big interweb over the weekend.
  11. tortoise

    Everyone's entitled to a shocker

    I’m disappointed. Was expecting a big reveal.
  12. tortoise

    Massage oils

    Emu oil. Or if you can cope with eucalyptus smell, Elmore Oil.
  13. tortoise

    Husky Weekend

  14. tortoise

    Scicon 2.0 bike bag

    Oops should have said. $350
  15. tortoise

    Scicon 2.0 bike bag

    I'm not going to fly with the bike again, so the Scicon 2.0 has to go. This one: https://au.sciconbags.com/aerocomfort-2-0-tsa-bike-travel-bag Suits road bike, minimal disassembly. Loosen clip on tribars and drop, remove wheels, end of story. I don't know about integrated cockpits. Used thrice, once to MEL, once to London, once to Chicago. TSA or someone cut off the original lock, replacement version. Otherwise in really good condition, no missing bits, in its storage bag at present. I can throw in a box full of neoprene pipe lagging and velcro ties for frame protection, my patented egg carton derailleur box and floaties for the brake hoods. In northern Sydney. Life's too complicated right now to pack it for shipping, so pick up only. I'll put it on Bike Exchange or eBay next weekend.