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  1. Microsoft Excel help

  2. Microsoft Excel help

    Skel I think you are over thinking this. I assume that any suburb can only feed only one school, but one school might be fed by one or more suburbs. Correct? This is called a one to-many relationship, perfect for excel lookups. Then you need a very simple lookup reference table. I’d put it on its own tab within your spreadsheet. The lookup needs just two columns A a list of every suburb, one line each (ie, they are unique) B the school that is fed by that suburb. The same school could appear in more than one line. If one suburb feeds more than one school this won’t work. This is a many-to-many relationship that won’t work using lookup. You would need to split the suburb up somehow (usually by street address) which is not a simple spreadsheet application.
  3. Microsoft Excel help

    Not so. Use the False flag within vlookup and it only returns a precise match. Regardless of table order. I can recollect the one application (in 20+ years of being a serious excel user) where I needed to omit the false.
  4. Microsoft Excel help

    Is there not a designated catchment area for each school. Dept of School Education should be able to supply it. If it’s not a neat division, that is if one suburb feeds several schools, then you need more address information than just a suburb name. Indeed, it goes beyond a simple spreadsheet problem and moves into the world of GIS and mapping.
  5. Microsoft Excel help

    Vlookup up for sure
  6. Evernote for note taking and storing all sorts of stuff off the web and emails. Perfect photo option is a WIP. iPhoto is limited. Lightroom is being tested.
  7. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Detailed crash data includes a great deal of information about the circumstances of the crash. Any crash that has a police form codes the form in its entirety including a code for the actions of each vehicle, eg right turn across straight through, and severity of injury for occupants of each vehicle. It doesn’t allocate blame as that isn’t fully known until well after the initial reporting, but it’s not too hard to impute. I spent a uni vacation working in the traffic accident research centre. One of the jobs was to code motor bike crashes for a detailed study - so they removed them from the normal process to ensure quality and consistency. We did the fatals right at the end of the process. Sobering stuff.
  8. TA time gap between races

    I don't recollect any such in the TA or ITU rules.
  9. How do I approach my manager

    Well played sir.
  10. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    That sounds like a Ponzi. Except the commodity is an autologous waste of electricity in order to create nothing.
  11. Taupo 70.3 swim cancelled

  12. Points required for world age group team

    That might have been all who could afford Rotterdam. Play the statistics. Do the double point race and chose your other qualifiers from courses and timing that gives you the best chance of putting in your best performance. You can’t deliver A races week in week out.
  13. How do I approach my manager

    I totally agree. Meet him socially, chat purposefully so that when you approach him later re the training you’ve already made a good impression.
  14. Cars, built in satnav or not?

    We have a crappy satnav in our Hyundai, badly angled, sunflare magnet, clunky interface. Works sort of OK on the navigation front, but every time they do a firmware or map upgrade, all our pre-stored locations get lost. We have just had two hire/lease cars. WOUldn't have a clue what brand they had: Skoda in Iceland, pretty easy to set up, not too bad at predictive place ID (just as well, because by the time I typed in some names we would have been there already). Citroen in France, very good set up. But google maps beat both of them hands down. And probably would on the home car, but I can't drive and google, whereas overseas I was the full time navigator.
  15. Your best concert memorabilia........

    A friend went to uni with Martin Rothsey's wife. We see them from time to time at things like big birthdays and the odd Sunday general get together. One classic neighbourhood BBQ the chap down the road brought his guitar and started playing (fairly). Martin joined in and a delightful hour ensued, no one-upmanship, just fitting in. I still think half the neighbours didn't know who he was. My favourite concert memorabilia is just a memory. Master T has impeccable taste in classical music and we took him (aged about 15) to hear his favourite singer in an orchestral concert. At interval, after she had done her bit, he said wistfully "do you think I'll ever meet Yvonne Kenny?", so after the concert we headed to the stage door and asked for her, thinking she would have gone home already. Not so, and one be-smitten boy got about five minutes of very gracious reception. He wore a silly goofy smile for days.