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  1. tortoise

    Travel sights - Boston to Newfoundland

    Bar Harbour. Iconic lighthouse boat tour. Can’t find photos on my phone. Found them. Lighthouses. Covered bridges. Lobster. There are great mapped websites for lighthouses and bridges.
  2. tortoise

    Microsoft Excel help

    How come they are able to freeform the data? Really!! In this digital age they should be sent the pro forma and return it completed in standard format and content.
  3. tortoise

    TA Membership time

    When I last checked, if training for a sanctioned event on a program with a coach, possibly
  4. tortoise

    TA Membership time

    Turned off auto renew. I’m retired
  5. tortoise

    Bike Bag Recommendations

    Scicon. For a roadie, no need to loosen anything. I had mine up on here, but no bights, so it went to a new home via BikeExchange a couple of weeks ago.
  6. tortoise

    The Mental Health thread

    I've never liked it, nor did my mum. Commercial opportunism gone crazy.
  7. tortoise

    Winterfish 2018

    Andrew, you started too early last year. Winter pretends to start in AUS on 1 June. Most of the civilised world measure from solstice/equinox. You’re a month early by either measure. I’ll still play with you. 50. 1.5 + 2.5 at the weekend. The ocean is a balmy 19 high.
  8. tortoise

    Any medical people here?

    Sorry to hear about your FIL. I'm not a medico, but Mr T has just done chemo. Both his surgeon and oncologist are Associate Professors at USyd, work in tandem at Macquarie University Hospital. The oncologist is head of clinical trials. Which means that, although MrT's treatment was tried and true, we know that it is still considered the best option. If he needs more, these are the guys who will have the special tricks at their disposal. So, the best option I could offer would be to find the oncologist who is head of clinical trials at whichever university hospital is the best regarded in SEQ.
  9. tortoise

    ANZAC day

    Mine did accelerated architecture after the war. My mum wanted to do medicine but her parents were reluctant for her to be in Sydney in case it was bombed. So she worked in Newcastle and did law the hard way. The characteristics that made her a good lawyer would have been a great asset has she become a doctor.
  10. tortoise

    ANZAC day

    My old man was on medium artillery on Bougainville, fairly close combat. He never talked about the war and refused to march on Anzac Day, although he would go down to Kogarah RSL for the regiment reunion in the afternoon. I think he knew there was no glory in what he had done. His last weekend when he was in a morphine induced coma, he was hallucinating about killing Japanese. So much unresolved trauma. It left me deeply sad.
  11. tortoise

    Flu shot

    I had mine yesterday, as per the last x years. I've had only one bout of genuine flu in about 15 year. And this year we certainly want to minimise the chances of bringing it into our immuno-compromised houlsehold In 1969 my Dad had a business trip to the States in January and came home with one of the early cases of Hong Kong flu. I still remember the gamma globulin injections we all had as there was no vaccine in Australia. Horse needle in the butt was a bit confronting.
  12. tortoise

    The good news thread

    Best news this week after 7 months of tricky stuff. Short version: mid September in small town rural France Mr T had a week in hospital after sudden haematurea. Stabilised, camera for a look, cauterise, biopsy. The French medical system is awesome: competent, thorough and cheap. We finished our holiday, urologist emailed the pathology the day we left Singapore to come home (good medicine to hold it back while we enjoyed ourselves and tried to stay unstressed). Muscle invasive bladder cancer, no previous symptoms. Bugger. Fast track GP, the best urologist in Sydney for this surgery, pre-op physio, surgery mid November, 2 weeks in hospital. Came home with a new bladder made out of a bit of small intestine. Lots of work still to be done on pelvic floor but no bag. Chemo finished before Easter. First post op scan this week is CLEAR Still a long way to go to the final all-clear, but this was a big hurdle. Now he can start to plan retirement activities, at least medium term. I nearly put this in the mental health thread a while ago, but it belongs here, not there. We’ve been so well supported that mentally we’ve both been very aware but not deeply troubled.
  13. tortoise

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Mens 4*400 relay. We're gutted at the AUS technical DQ in the heats. A friend was the runner who passed the baton to the idiot who stood in the wrong lane. He's being really gracious about it.
  14. tortoise

    Holy crap I feel old!

    YOU feel old! Many years from now has reduced to weeks from now. Arrghh!
  15. tortoise

    Work place politics and millennials

    Our place does on-line training. Normally with sound attached, often unnecessary. Totally useless.