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  1. Its prob Not even him suggesting. Probably one of his kids.
  2. Its actually A great business idea. I doubt illegal. Play on.
  3. Peter

    Wurf watch

    Kona race report https://cameronwurf.blogspot.com/2019/10/kona.html?m=1
  4. I was a TO at Forster in 2004. I raced nz that year. I also did as a To Forster half. Callala half and Canberra half as a to as well. Shep twice Geelong once I was a TO at port IM several time and once at melb. The second year 2013. i was also a To at busso but not on a bike there. I was a time keeper in the bin. I was going to race but broke my toe airfare paid so I volunteered the super hot year I even ran the beer mile . Do I need to produce photos? Ffs My side is solid cotteneyes.
  5. Peter

    taren in kona

    Yeah Greg made heaps of mistakes too. He needs to be replaced or party less.
  6. Well I’m guessing my comments are completely wrong and I will make a full apology as soon as his DQ is changed to his finish time on the results page given the evidence he claims and you support. Also once we see the Strava file reposted. Until then.
  7. Peter

    Wurf watch

    Is that where all his money comes from? I did wonder.
  8. I was a TO at 5 Ironmans and about 10 half Ironmans. Writing done bike brands was never done by anyone. Also its not part Of the process. Also the race referee does not wait at the finish line with a list of people who are dq Ed. There is a race ref booth at all races. Also why would someone upload their Strava data so people that see and when questions get asked then delete the file? His story stinks in my opinion. But as I said, he has heaps of talent and will most likely go back and probably win his age group.
  9. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/ronan-farrow-on-his-new-book-catch-and-kill-and-efforts-to-shut-down-his-reporting-on-sexual-misconduct/ An interesting guy and book
  10. Peter

    Stikman for Pres!

    He will only need about 3 votes to get on the committee
  11. Peter

    Wurf watch

    Then there's this
  12. The Video Highlights from 2019 race Kona
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