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  1. Kona heat is back

    Nice post AP.
  2. Strava doesn't lie. The worst thing is he took Langes crowns.
  3. Respecting the Race

    And furthermore Jan didnt quit after laying down for a while sue to his back but still got up and finished. Was it due to the work he put in for the race and maybe nothing to do with the responsibilities to their sponsors as I previously said?
  4. Respecting the Race

    Using his words can we assume due to all the work he did was the reason he didnt just quit? And those that didnt put in the work, make the decision of quitting easy??
  5. Respecting the Race

    Now jesse is a professional. Fark he didnt quit when he had valid reasons. And this So clearly, despite the result, I’m proud of finishing. I thought A LOT about dropping out. I mean A LOT, like basically every 5 minutes for about 80 minutes straight. The pain was overwhelming and coming to terms with the “failure” emotionally after all the work and sacrifices I listed above was also brutal. There was definitely some crying. Read more at http://www.triathlete.com/2017/10/ironman/jesse-thomas-kona-race-report-hard_307597#qwbIq3gdb0P9MURt.99
  6. Where's Macca?

    The fact is Macca still hasn't stepped onto USA soil since the claim he raped the senators daughter in Kona a few years ago. Im not saying he did it like sunny Garcia is, but for a guy that was there several times a year it certainly looks strange.
  7. Respecting the Race

    You just want to fark the stats up again.
  8. Respecting the Race

    yeah what he said. [all good. 73% of info on the internet is true. 44% isn't]
  9. 60-64 age group 9:46. Wow

    Found this
  10. 60-64 age group 9:46. Wow

    I remember at the 2000 olympics he didnt even use bike shoes. He rode in his runners.
  11. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    Was God driving the van? 😝