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    Pranks sometimes go wrong. Oh well. All you can do is say sorry and not do it again.

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  1. Peter

    New Ironman swim start

    Who the fark jumps in feet first when others are diving and even more are right behind you that will most likely jump on your head as you come up. Fark that. I’d love to be in that mass start
  2. Peter

    AFL 2018

    I can’t see Melbourne winning from here either.
  3. Peter

    Sharks vs Broncos

    It’s going to be interesting to watch. I’d expect the powers that be make sure he plays. The storm will take it to the high court. If it in theory was so bad, he should have been sin binned. He wasn’t and they will probably argue that. I hope he gets off still think the rooster will win GF.
  4. Peter

    Friday Funny

    RichmondFC MelbourneFC both jokes
  5. Peter

    Hoka Bondi 5

    Girls feet?
  6. Peter

    When cassette installs...... go bad!

    As if his wife would rubber stamp that. Hes doing an Ironman next weekend and doesn’t even own a TT bike. (seriously)
  7. Peter

    Kona Run Course Changed

    It’s not windy on the run. But ive already heard it was the windiest on the bike ever this year.
  8. Peter

    Kona Run Course Changed

    It will still be hot I assume?
  9. Peter


    The shiv is easily the worst looking bike ever. The bulky front end looks crap. And i own 4 specialized bikes.
  10. Okay for bragging rights and you can put it in your signature if you win Who will run the fastest Run Split? Name one male. One female. Nb callium Milford isn’t a female. If anyone can find the start list can you drop the link here for others. Mine Anne Haug Cameron Brown.
  11. Peter

    Whats the deal with AP

    I thought this year. Pare they still running it next year?
  12. Peter

    Home Security Cameras

  13. Peter

    Housing Bubble thread.

    I just bought a townhouse tonight. 720k. Renting for $650. Positive geared. The market will stall for 18 months and then take off. There has been no crash in Melbourne. Just a stall.
  14. Peter


    Wait until November. There will be a few cheap. I know a guy who bought a 56cm / Large that will be sold post Kona. And umm pretty sure he isn’t even using it in Kona.