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    Pranks sometimes go wrong. Oh well. All you can do is say sorry and not do it again.

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  1. Peter


    The trouble is, some people wouldn’t stay home. I think China did 76 days like your suggestion Barry. I agree with what you say 100%. its what I’d prefer to do.
  2. I’m currently paid and entered for 2 races. I’m just wondering has anyone tried to get a refund?
  3. It was a twitter account. and it was just repeating exact wording from here. he didn’t like it. Haha
  4. Peter

    Last Drinks...

    Haha. I don’t even have a beard.
  5. I see mitch is advertising coaching on Instagram lately. I think he may give a rats tossbag now.
  6. Peter

    Last Drinks...

    Yep I blocked people. zero chance on 30,000
  7. Peter

    Last Drinks...

    Around that time. I can’t remember exactly.
  8. Peter


    You just want to argue with everyone. its time you had a break.
  9. Peter

    Last Drinks...

    Basically his ex wife wants 50% of the sale or more. willie want 10k for it and operating cost about $160 a month. he can’t give it away. So its either 10k or its shut down. there is an alternative site ready to go. Keep an eye out on Facebook transitions page for the link. I didn’t set it up. Someone else did.
  10. Peter


    Its what The data out of Spain is saying.
  11. Omg. That thread was a great read.
  12. That was said back a few pages.
  13. Peter

    Cardinal Pell

    He will leave australia and never come back at the first opportunity. And then die fast.
  14. Peter

    Cardinal Pell

    at least he served some time.
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