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    Pranks sometimes go wrong. Oh well. All you can do is say sorry and not do it again.

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  1. Peter

    Hello Fresh.....

    The meals are awesome. But if you do the calorie count on the food, you’ll realise why it tastes so good. Fyi. You won’t lose weight on the meals. But gee if you are busy they make life super easy.
  2. Peter

    Up and coming athletes...

    Mitchell robins http://www.imtalk.me/blog/2018/4/30/imtalk-episode-615-mitch-robins
  3. Peter

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    My advice. Get a coach you actually see and can see you running or riding and swim. You might have flaws or issues etc.. they can pick up. Something an online coach won’t. Brett Sutton once said, you need to see athletes. To see if they are tired or fresh. Something an online coach can’t see. Avoid online
  4. Peter

    Fastest Ironman branded race

    Busso. Kalmar Arizona austria land the Spain race. Top 5 fast ironman races. Few others close
  5. Peter

    fuel prices

    I just paid $1.31 BP and less than 700mtrs away at seven 11 it was 1.59 the guy at BP said he was about to change it to 1.58. Winning.
  6. Peter

    Royal Wedding

    Posh spice dressed for a funeral. Joss stone was chewing on gum like it was oxygen. Trash.
  7. Peter

    Win a trip to London Triathlon (all inclusive)

    Don't give it to Bored@ this time. Mind you, it's not an Ironman on an easy course in the united yanks of merica, so maybe he wouldn't take it.
  8. Peter

    Former triathletes doing well as runners

    I was watching. Im retired.
  9. Peter

    Former triathletes doing well as runners

    I was down the GOR and it was shocking conditions. Cold and drizzly and into a slight headwind the whole way. Not to mention the hills. Makes Kerr's time even more impressive.
  10. Peter

    Royal Wedding

    I wish this wedding was pay per view. Then the tv stations in Australia would realise 2% of the population care. Not the 100% they believe do. Ffs. I’d rather watch guys play netball.
  11. Peter

    FOXTEL via appletv

    Apparently. But I can see anything on it
  12. Peter

    Crossfit claiming to cure diseases

    Speaking from Experience?
  13. Peter

    fuel prices

    Just ride your bike more. Or get a scooter ie Vespa. I ride mine to and from the city and it costs me $5-$6 a week on fuel. And heaps faster than train or driving
  14. Peter

    Ironman AUS - Trannie Order of Merit.

    I actually think ironman should give everyone a spot to Kona ever 15 Ironmans you do. That’s a shit load of cash and commitment for athletes. And time. Fyi. I’ve only done 10.
  15. Peter

    Bikester online shop in the UK

    I thought you retired.