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  1. Watching TV maybe? https://www.sbs.com.au/cyclingcentral/video/1592462403848/La-Vuelta-2019-Euskadi-Murias-team-car-crashes-dra?fbclid=IwAR1PKy7QMKmRpXr1vZrEyyGcIW5H7cQOoU9mTfrShLVGVP9MgF5WnBiGjps
  2. All previous professional champions get a start when they want. She was the itu champion twice.
  3. Peter


    Is anyone else watching the cricket having audio issues? I can’t hear any crowd noise coming through the mics So we’re 40 minutes away from a result
  4. Peter

    Wurf watch

    Fascinating the hours he is putting in. 27hr not including stretching and all the other stuff pros do.
  5. They made a bed for me when I had my sleep. White towels. Very comfy. That’s almost every sport. Ffs. World championships of poker is 10k. Most qualify but you can pay the 10k if you want. And yes its on ESPN so its a Sport.
  6. But what if you actually try and finish looking not that fresh.
  7. I thought once you had to be a ceo. Now I just think its 10k entry fee. Edit I was close
  8. Peter

    Tokyo Test Event

    Yeah and this @Triatx
  9. Peter

    Tokyo Test Event

    Hang on whilst I make a tin foil hat for you. Why would 2 other women allow someone else get a spot they also wanted. Now if it was fellow athletes from the same training group from another country than Vicky holland then maybe. But there is no way those two purposely got a dq so holland got a spot.
  10. Peter

    Tokyo Test Event

    Yeah I can see how all the big bookies of the world think this is a cashcow for them compared to say, the melbourne cup.
  11. Peter

    Alan Jones

    hmm I'm only seeing 12 blocked. hmm
  12. Peter

    Tokyo Test Event

    Yep. Here's a screenshot. Initially they had photo and then after review they gave the win to learmonth.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DcoVr2-AcQ
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