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  1. I don’t agree. I have changed my mind on religion. I have also changed my vote or should I say who I will vote for compared to how I did in the last election.
  2. Joe is 76 years old. Will be 77 in 2020. Why would America want to elect a great grand father? Don’t they have anyone that isn’t one 32 tables a day that wants to be the American President?
  3. Peter

    Garmin 945

  4. Peter


    He was never going to miss it.
  5. This has happened to both shoes. Never had it happen to brooks or asics
  6. You should buy your own timing gear. Our club did. Youd payit off that that fee in a couple of years
  7. Yet some triathlons are run cheap and make profits with a $50 entry.
  8. Strava does it for you. You just select the shoe from your list. I realised I’ve spend more on shoes than the bike I’ve had since 2010.
  9. Yeah I used to run in brooks and could get 800k out of them. But after I broke my big to every run was ending in pain. Moved to the hoka after advice from a pod and run pain free. So im stuck with them now if I want to walk the following day after a run.
  10. What do you weigh? im 82kg
  11. Interesting. Just looking at Strava, its saying I have done; - Bondi 5 (440k) still okay but the sole only has about another 30k in them I think. - Bondi 6 (510K) have completely torn on both shoes on the outer edge. They said in the show shop they think my orthotics are doing that to the outer edge.
  12. I’m now running in the hoka Bondi. Best feeling shoe I’ve ever run in. However I feel I’m wearing them out too fast. How many kms do you feel a shoe should last for?
  13. Peter

    Spring Classics

    On the lance Armstrong podcast he is saying it is the best one day classic EVER. Yep EVER. Mathieu Van Der Poel from a no name team on hardly any cash will be fighting off offers now. Sagan is done. Not the man he was 3 years ago.
  14. Firstly I volunteer at at least 5 races a year and also did 3 years for TriNSW. ALL unpaid. However your so called 27yrs is all paid for by athletes. So you are not in any way volunteering and totally deluded if you think you are.
  15. I was actually chaffing badly from new run shorts. A good reminder that you shouldn't race in new never tried kit. Still a good weekend of training all up for me.
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