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  1. Peter

    Froome GONE

    Fark. Not good.
  2. This is extremely impressive Ironman allow this. Sometimes you just aren’t ready. Allowing this is a good thing.
  3. What’s with the footstool? I also saw in the tour of lance armstrongs house, he had them in his bathroom too.
  4. Peter

    Froome GONE

    He was taking the piss. He is never awake after 7pm. Got to get up at 4:30am for hill repeats in the rain.
  5. You didnt really need to mention the 15c water temps. Its also not in Australia or Hawaii, so we all knew you wouldnt do it.
  6. Well. There is always injuries. I was impressed that he wasn’t trying to do them fast. I was also impressed that he had a background. Ffs. The guy did 10 back-to back he isn’t like the chick that had never done one. He had a team. He was prepared. So yeah I’m surprised he failed so early on. Maybe around 30mmaybe not.
  7. Shows how good iron cowboy really was. 48 in a row with 2 indoors.
  8. Peter

    TV Shows

    I've seen its rated super high, but was it Interesting or Grim? I'm not into depressing grim tv
  9. Peter

    Froome GONE

    Try here https://www.sbs.com.au/cyclingcentral/video/1535990851783/Brailsford-confirms-Froomes-suspected-broken-femur?fbclid=IwAR12PBe5kRqb4kLmUpyXfhpfKsyr4gVydKtIiPwlCjg4PrLdrqexmjrz4Do
  10. Tried both cold brew and the other today. Both shit.
  11. Peter

    Froome GONE

    hmm. Sorry. Didnt know. I'm on a USA VPN always
  12. okay then add in the 1800 doing Ironman melb too But the 70.3 on the same day is a different race. If the 70.3 was run a month later or early the numbers would be the same. Anyway, we arent going to agree. so I'll just let you win.
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