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  1. USA shootings and gun laws

    You can't be pro effectiveness by doing nothing at all. They have to try something because what they are doing currently isn't working. Its the old story. Don't go to your boss with a problem. Go with a solution. But you won't even put up a solution. Anyway ive had enough of you and your sick theories allowing innocent kids and people getting killed. Putting you on block. So no need to respond. I won't see it.
  2. USA shootings and gun laws

    I agree with you here. Are you coming around to our side now?
  3. USA shootings and gun laws

    You are anti doing anything and make excuses like the NRA. Therefore by default are happy to see people killed including kids. What that says about me is I don't want to see people killed
  4. Cape epic Seb and hoff

    Is Ben hoff from Queensland or Western Australia?
  5. USA shootings and gun laws

    Yep. Well we all don't want to see kids get killed like you are happy to see whilst blaming it on "excuses".
  6. Thank God for race directors like EMO

    As in walking around for the 20 minutes?
  7. Cape epic Seb and hoff

    Gee they are smashing themselves and are so far behind already. After prologue and stage one. And we know they can both bloody ride well
  8. Thank God for race directors like EMO

    I think in theory it will be easier (if that's possible) due to you can spend 20minutes each hour feeding and rehydrate. And that's gotta help towards the end. But getting started each time would be hard.
  9. Stages Power Meter

    Oh I get you. Thx
  10. GMAIL question

    Ive searched but someone will know. I have 3500 emails stored within my INBOX. I just want to move them all in one hit to a backup folder so there is nothing within my INBOX is there a quick way to do this or do I have to do 50 at a time? P
  11. Movie Icarus 9/10

    In 500 tests he never tested positive.
  12. Stages Power Meter

    I don't understand what you mean about the brake. Can you post a pic?
  13. Movie Icarus 9/10

    Listen to the interview that Lance Armstrong does with Brian. It's an excellent 2 part podcast. more is told. And Lance goes into his drug taking. First time I've heard that from him in all of his podcasts. ( I haven't listened to all of them but still, interesting)
  14. USA shootings and gun laws

    Yep. This is a case where only the parents are to blame. If they had gun laws like us where you need to have guns locked up in gun safes, this would NEVER have happened. The yanks can't even do the simple things to protect people.