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  1. Hopefully this will stop people blaming race directors and water safety people for not doing a good enough job.
  2. And we thought the man/woman that was dropping tacks on the roads were bad in Kew Boulevard
  3. nice. BTW happy 70th Birthday
  4. Peter

    Collins Cup

  5. Peter

    Collins Cup

    Yeah as in who will blow their entire season up to do the Ironman when someone like Jan will use his power and go, nup. I'll do the 70.3 They will all want to do the 70.3 or Olympic. Well the smart one will. Only the dumb ones will pick the Ironman race. So yeah, Tactics
  6. Peter

    Collins Cup

    Okay. So apparently the backer is some rich billionaire triathlete tech guru. And the 2 million is appearance money. There is no prize money.
  7. Peter


    Some generous people. only caught the last one. edit. There was one more after the melbourne one. Oops.
  8. Peter

    More Kenyan Doping

    Plenty of rich white kids don’t race marathons professionally for cash and glory. the amount of guys and several girls at my last gym that aren’t natural was mind blowing. But they do drugs to look good and be ripped and strong.
  9. Peter

    Iron deficiency

    My wife gets the injections every 6 months now. She's like supergirl the week after getting it.
  10. Its the same with the loans and health insurance companies. Iselect etc...
  11. Peter

    Collins Cup

    2 years tops. So 1 million each sex. Break it down top 10. Not much money. and where is the money coming from. And the format has to be spot on like superleague is. Not one sided.
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