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    I am not a NEWS network and do not work for a NEWS network.  So some things I type are not backed up with an investigation into the story at all. in other words if you don't like what I type, you can basically just eat sh1t.  I don't care.

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  1. Peter


    Had to drive north for a few hours this morning for work. In Bendigo now. A lot of caravans and packed cars with bikes on the roads. Vic plates on them. people are heading north before the border is closed for sure. I’ll include the pic of my location as I’m sure some won’t believe I’m here.
  2. Peter

    Formula One 2020

    WE would all love to see them in the same car. I guess we did with the online racing and some of the guys in the crap cars did best. And in the best cars not so good. so andrew has a point.
  3. Peter

    All things NRL

    Agree. Fark manly.
  4. Peter


    Not available in oz oh brother
  5. Peter


    I sent this to a mate earlier. I was just thinking that we have more cases in Victoria now than we did in March when we got locked down. So I wonder if we will get locked down again? pools open. Gyms open. Can eat at cafes. Can go to the office. Still have friends over. parks open. Can play golf. Odds on we were Shutting down this weekend but now I’m thinking maybe not.
  6. Assuming Queensland doesn’t get new cases.
  7. No pros for sunny coast and Sydney.
  8. Peter


    I hear rumors today they are going to lockdown the cbd. Thought it was weird as next to no cases outside of return travelers. but as you said, things can change in hours.
  9. Peter

    Formula One 2020

    McLaren did much better than I expected. Definitely the right direction and dan must be happy with his decision for next season. going to be interesting to see them on the same track with a slight change for next weekend.
  10. Google her video. Its a 10/10 compared to Kim’s 1/10
  11. Peter


    I know f several people doing this. And to be honest I was toying with a trip to Byron for a month but I physically do something for work Thursday night, so I’m staying. If you need me to pick up the Ute and then you come to my place and get it, let me know. I could even drive it to Seymour and meet you there and ride home.
  12. Peter


    I am happy he backed up his statement. honestly. I don’t agree that’s huge. But still good to get data.
  13. Peter


    Well done. You could do it. That’s all I was asking. so 1000 people. No I said it could be 25. It could be 10000. I was asking what was the huge number. it turns out after me asking 6 times that the huge number was 1000 people. Do we really consider 1000 out of 300,000 huge? Maybe. Maybe not if all 1000 were infected. Absolutely an issue.
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