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  1. Honestly didn't know it even existed.
  2. The police every 30mtrs in a Chinese ironman 703
  3. Had a weird one this arvo. Pre agreed on 5% deposit and 60 days settlement. Contracts all signed up and the the vendor/seller changes her mind and wants 90 days. Too late. All signed up.
  4. Fark me. What a few weeks. today ive seen records at 3 auctions. one left to go. Sadly in chadstone where the asians have unlimited money. but the 3 auctions have all set records for the areas they are in. And good 20% over records. lets hope i get the next one. I have 158,000 over the top quote and it will be a record if i win. crazy day. (fyi. I’m a buyers advocate)
  5. Peter

    Bucket list races

    Whats woodstock? Never heard of it.
  6. Peter

    Training and Smoke

    I have the heater on currently
  7. Peter

    Bucket list races

    I was listening to a podcast recently and the host said that Laguna Phuket Triathlon was an absolute bucket race. Got me thinking. What others are on the average triathlete bucket list? kona noosa escape from Alcatraz ?
  8. Peter

    Busso 2019

    When guys did races in speedos only. None of this trisuit stuff. So soft
  9. Peter

    Israel Folau

    He will move to NZ with his wife. Then there is that...
  10. Peter

    Israel Folau

    I wouldnt be surprised if paying his legals and a public apology was all he got in the end. Saves face despite it being a BS apology from RA. But he can walk away with his head held high. The settlement will leak. If he did get 8 million, his people will leak it. If it was basically nothing RA will leak it. But be assured. It will be leaked.
  11. Peter

    Israel Folau

    Yeah saw NZ papers are also reporting 8 mill but local radio SEN, Maq and MMM are saying 2 million.
  12. Peter

    Busso 2019

    What did you eat for the main meal?
  13. Peter

    Busso 2019

    Busso highlights video p
  14. Peter

    Israel Folau

    Like I said rugby are broke. I’d be surprised if he got more than a million. It would be better of rugby going broke fighting 14 million than give him 14 million.
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