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    I am not a NEWS network and do not work for a NEWS network.  So some things I type are not backed up with an investigation into the story at all. in other words if you don't like what I type, you can basically just eat sh1t.  I don't care.

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  1. Peter


    LOL 😂. Hilarious. next you’ll tell me that Kerry stokes is in quarantine. He’s been in and out of WA almost weekly since March.
  2. Peter


    But can you fly into NZ if you aren’t an NZ local? things change pretty fast
  3. I thought the way it works is there are half the slots for me and half for men. And then they roll thru the women’s and then into men. well there you go. Learn something new
  4. Well every woman that finished got a spot. you could work it out pretty easy just looking at the results given there 1 in 4 guys got a spot.
  5. So every woman that finished would have got a spot. they would have just kept rolling between age groups until all were taken and then would have rolled into the men’s. what a day. Kona will probably be cooler for them next October.
  6. If you were taking the piss, you’d have stuff like, sleep with a teacher. Not a dad. or. Jump of the harbor bridge.
  7. Excellent women’s race. some great results for a few of them.
  8. Trying to track the women. Can’t work it out but they have had a few dnf. Down to 7 still going
  9. Hot AF apparently. 31c and humid obviously.
  10. Plenty of signs but watching the video people were missing or seeing at the last second.
  11. Just watching Luke McKenzies insta story and there are going to be so many that miss the turn to go back out and just ride straight back to town. If he wasn’t there yelling at people, they would have missed the u turn for sure and just headed back to the finish. its a disaster waiting to happen for sure. seems no officials there.
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