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  1. THanks so much Hoover for the update. It is such a relief to hear there are improvements and the doctors are pleased. Was particularly concerned of possible spinal cord damage and was waiting to hear if there was any update on the situation, so I am so relieved to hear she is responding and can initiate movement in her hand which indicates her cervical spine region may be ok? Is there any more update on her lower back and movement in her legs at all? all my love to Gabbs and the family once again. THoughts are with you all every day. Steph
  2. Thanks once again for the update Mick. For those of us that know Gabby and feeling for her and your family right now, it is kind of you to keep us in the loop and things are sounding a bit more positive. I used to work with Gabby and there is thoughts and concern and well wishes coming from her old colleagues at CGU. Steph
  3. Thanks for the update Mick, I have just found out and my prayers are definitely with Gabby and the family. I know Gabby and this is just terrible terrible news. She is a fighter so I am sure she will pull through. Steph
  4. trimonkey


    No-one will see me if I tuck in here?....
  5. [Would love to see a couple TO's in race gear go undercover Great minds think alike....I was actually thinking of trialling that this Sunday at Kurnell, however unable to race now due to bronchitis/conjunctivits....bit hard to see clearly...bugger! Would be interesting
  6. trimonkey

    Malaysian IM

    Well...good luck to all those traniies racing I unfortuntately will not be going now due to my little run in with the De-salination plant site at Kurnell in October and the broken bones that resulted! Still trying to sort out a roll over of my entry..they are not the quickest in customer service....been 2 months since my query and so far I have received an email about a month ago advising they will look into and get back to me shortly!!! Look forward to hearing some race reports!
  7. trimonkey


    yep....was a great morning I thought. From the tech team.....sorry we couldnt get the serial cheaters (sorry drafters) but unfortunately the promised motorbikes did a no show. Even more amazing is the excuses they come up with as to why they were not there until race start!!!.......wonder how the other 500+ competitors managed to get there in time!
  8. I would have offered as was going to do it myself ....loved watching The Amazing Race so thought it'd be fun to do something like that But due to crashing yesterday will be out of action for a bit ....ask Froggo
  9. Stop making me laugh you guys!!! It hurts so much Thanks 4 all your thoughts and kind words. Really appreciated when you feeling a bit sorry 4 yourself Hard work this typing with 1 hand! Ride safe. Keep away from that *#!@# Desal plant!! P.S. Anyone got any DVDs??...or a bit of home cooked food or just bored let me know!
  10. trimonkey

    Malaysian IM

    I understand that IM Malaysia is in Feb/March on Langkawi?? Apparently at that time of year the western coast (i.e. Langkawi) is the pick of the coastlines for weather. This is a shame because I went to the Perhentian Islands on the east coast this year in August and they are simply gorgeous. A shame to miss them but apparently they're not much fun in the middle of the monsoon. I wouldn't worry about going to Penang unless you're a person that enjoys either 1. Package holidays where you alternate between your room and the resort pool and you can hang out at Batu Ferringhi 2. You really have a thing for learning about the colonisation of malaysia and are dying to sample some of the admittedly excellent food in Chinatown. KL is ok as a city and lots of people rave about it's shopping but I only found it mildly interesting. Internal flights are very cheap and Malaysian airlines operate a low cost subsidiary called Fireflyz that are pretty good. You will also be very close to Thailand and you may want to take a short trip up and check out some of their islands as well. 315399[/snapback] Thanks for the advice Gundy, will look into options! Yeah, I'm not one for shopping so prob give KL a miss...think the legs will be pretty stuffed so lying around a pool might actually be ok
  11. trimonkey

    Malaysian IM

    Hey Hornet Thanks heaps for the tip! Yep I'm getting a real feel for the race now! Gonna be blimmin hot and hard!!!! Experiences are what I love so sounds like this one will be one for the memory book I'll pass the tips onto my coach and then I can blame him if I die out there!!! (Just kidding coach ) Hopefully will see you there as well!...Would be good to have some other trannies there
  12. trimonkey

    Malaysian IM

    Thanks for your advice.....yeah the heat gonna be the killer! better make sure I dont forget my sunnies Excellent..so you reckon if I do Nepean then I'll be set!
  13. Havent checked results yet, but by my watch I finished about the same time Well done one mile beach!.....I'm not quite in your age category yet! so does that mean I should have been in front (do I get a handicap for being a female though ) Where was everyone at City Extra Gizmo and I ended up dining with a group we didnt even know But they didnt click on!!
  14. trimonkey

    Malaysian IM

    bump bump Okay...I know at least one of you went this year as I'm sure I read it on here! Any help and tips would be great .....what course like? Anyone? Has anyone done this race? or are heading there for 2008? Thought I'd better get organised for some accom! Not sure the best place to stay for the race? Any help would be appreciated. Looks like I'll be a solo traveller so would be good if anyone going to catch up with Also if know any recommended other nice places to relax for a few days after!
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