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    WTB clip-on aerobars

    Look what I found - http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/vision-tt-clip-on-bar-shims/rp-prod36423 Hope my mate has not sold those aerobars I tried before that did not work?
  2. ComfortablyNumb

    WTB clip-on aerobars

    Want to put a set on the old SubZero roadie I'm using. Problem is the handlebars seem to be narrower (around 27mm at a rough measure?) than on other bikes I've had. Does anyone have an unused set lying around they want to sell (and probably post to Armidale NSW) that will fit these narrower bars? Just looking for something basic that will do the job, not top of the line stuff. Cheers
  3. ComfortablyNumb

    What training did you do today...

    Sadly, we've both decided this is probably a better session than doing a TT on the local roads given what we are aiming for (me the local sprint season, Mrs the Noosa Tri bike leg in Nov), so will be doing it more regularly . Can you believe in the middle of it, she starts asking me did I cook fish on the Webber while she was away, because the Webber (which is nearest her bike) stinks. If there was ever stronger grounds for divorce......
  4. ComfortablyNumb

    Sharks vs Broncos

    Christ, you're not betrothed to a Manly supporter or something like that are you
  5. ComfortablyNumb

    What training did you do today...

    Don't usually post here as my training is wussy these days, but y'day the Mrs & I did the Sufferfest 30min TT on the windtrainers. It hurt quite a lot. HR only got to 152 max, but holding over 148 for that long was tough, and I was mostly using gears which limited my cadence to 72-90 (i.e. trying the Sutton school of TT, not matching the cadence of the cyclists on the screen which was 100+). There are some nice politically-incorrect sexist moments in that Sufferfest vid too
  6. ComfortablyNumb

    Sharks vs Broncos

    Still, my life would be complete if the Sharkies beat the Silver Tails in a GF.....preferably by 1 point in Golden Point Extra Time after Manly finished minor premiers & the Sharks in 8th. I was all set to tell my St George supporting mate to take Josh Dugan back at half time y'day till he redeemed himself with a 2nd half try. Aaron Woods looks a bit cooked too. Valentine Holmes is a legend, what a natural & exciting player. Feki & Erdic Lee also so v talented. And even if Gallen shits non-Sharkie fans and they boo him relentlessly, you can't deny the bloke is a brick in the middle (and fcuk em anyway cos I like him ).
  7. ComfortablyNumb

    Sharks vs Broncos

    I think beating Melbourne has become more satisfying than beating Manly (not that we seem to ever achieve the later). The ref did his best to penalise the Sharkies into oblivion, but you gotta expect that playing Melb in Melb The skills & athleticism in NRL has gone thru the roof in the last decade, some of the tries down the touchlines are simply amazing. Makes RU look like sumo jelly wrestling in leg irons.
  8. ComfortablyNumb

    The Photo Thread

    Hogwarts? Seriously though, it is a bloody good...and somewhat creepy pic.
  9. ComfortablyNumb

    Do as i say, Dont do as I do.

    Looks like mould coming through the paint? Watched a very interesting episode of Forensic Files on Netflix y'day where an American family got very sick (some permanent damage) from 11 !!!! leaking pipes (fcking subbies ) in their mansion causing mycoplasma toxicity (from mould) poisoning. Their insurance company kept stalling their attempts to rectify, eventually they had to abandon the property. They sued insurance company for $6M (the value of their property) but were awarded $32M due to permanent health damage! Got told at work this week by another contractor I was "going into too much depth" in trying to validate his figures - fcuk off you lazy @#$%^@%. Do it properly or don't bother.
  10. ComfortablyNumb

    XC or trail for beginner?

    I can't lock out either shock on the Norco. Could lock out the front suspension on the Mrs hardtail though....and that could end in tears on the single track if you forgot to unlock it.
  11. ComfortablyNumb

    XC or trail for beginner?

    It's too much fun Ian, you'll probably never go back to IM I started on my wife's Giant hardtail, but then bought an entry-level dually, and a dually is WAY WAY better and more comfy for the chronologically challenged. And more forgiving re likelihood of crashing (I've not crashed the dually yet, but had plenty on the hardtail). 100% my experience too Willie. I was worried about lack of power to the ground on a dually but meh, that is really only an issue on the bitumen riding home from the tracks. $2,200 for my basic Norco dually from the LBS. 27.5 inch wheels, a boost front axle (whatever that is - can someone explain?), no dropper post though. When I fix my body enough to run a bit more, I'm aiming for some off-road tris (e.g. T-rex).
  12. ComfortablyNumb

    swimming video on GTN. Help me out here

    Lol, check out his arm in the recovery phase from 1:22. That is exactly what the local expert told me was wrong with my stroke, Bollocks to him, it works for me.
  13. ComfortablyNumb

    swimming video on GTN. Help me out here

    Brett Sutton got Daniela Ryf to forget about her 'perfect pool technique' (even though she misses doing it), says it does not apply to triathlon. The local swim coach was always into me like a rat up a drainy whenever he saw me swim, said I had too much arm crossover under my body on the pull-through, and elbows not high enough. I decided the Sutton school of stroke will do me. I still seem to swim faster than most whenever I hop in the pool (only 2x/week), even with pull & band.
  14. ComfortablyNumb


    One went me last week on the MTB. Told the stupid f*cker "it's July, which is winter! WTF are you doing". He didn't care, just kept doing stall dives at me & calling me a @#$%^& in screeching magpie lingo. Two dogs chased me on the same ride. Took up MTB cos I thought it would be safer than riding on the road
  15. ComfortablyNumb

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Was aiming to complete the local tri series next season, but I've said that the past 2 seasons and not got there. Whenever I approach something mildly resembling bike & piddling run consistency, the ole knees start going south and I can't return to the constant knee Hell of the past. Would also like to do that Fingal off-road tri in Sept, but we'll see. On the plus side, I've discovered mountain biking which I enjoy way more than road cycling, and despite only doing 2 swims/week, I'm quite happy with how it's going in prep for the Noosa team tri. Also want to catch a 100cm+ cod on fly!
  16. ComfortablyNumb


    Yes, that one that was a goodie. I'm watching an 18hr doco on the Vietnam War. It's excellent, the best I've seen on the war & I've watched many. One telling fact was a memo from a senior pollie (or could have been LBJ) which assessed their involvement as: 70% to maintain American pride (i.e. that the US could not be defeated - a telling insight into the US psyche) - FAIL 20% to stop communism - FAIL 10% to help the people of South Korea - FAIL LBJ knew it was a complete clusterf*ck, the Viet Cong & North Vietnamese Army would just go on and on absorbing huge losses, they were losing, should not be there, but could not find a way to extract themselves. Sound familiar (Middle East)?
  17. ComfortablyNumb

    Appeal for information in case of hit and run cyclist death

    So what will happen to this @#$% https://www.armidaleexpress.com.au/story/5529764/police-allege-man-was-driving-in-a-menacing-manner-before-crash/ I hate driving that road. Despite the fact that the traffic volume on a Sunday would be 1 car every 5 mins tops, there are more cyclist-hating @#$%s per km on that road than on all our other local roads combined. Shame because there is a really good TT loop out there.
  18. ComfortablyNumb

    Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Are there any Hokas that have the cushioning level of the old Stinson ATRs, but don't look like Crusty The Clowns shoes?
  19. ComfortablyNumb

    What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Finally got my nephew up here for a couple of days fly-fishing. Trout season is closed, so we did Murray Cod. Check out that brace on his leg. Big crash skiing in Italy, quack over there told him if he could walk into his office on it, there was nothing serious wrong. So he kept skiing on it (as 19yos do!), but not good. Got back to Canberra, saw the top othopod who did a reco & said it was probably in the top 3 worst he'd ever seen. 3 ligaments torn off bone (= screws), meniscus needed a trim. Didn't seem to hinder him much fishing though, but I do wonder how his future skiing will go (he competes). We both got busted off by HUGE cod - mine all my own fault as I did not realise how big it was and went too easy on it until it was too late & swam me under a big log.
  20. ComfortablyNumb

    Gold Coast Marathon

    We also noticed that in the full mara, many of the pacers had actually lost the flag off the pole, so it looked like they were running with a WW2 radio pack on. But in the half mara, the flags seemed to stay put. Different flags? Or perhaps 21.1kms was their jolting limit and sometime after that they broke off?
  21. ComfortablyNumb

    Gold Coast Marathon

    Slumming it at a penthouse in Labrador. Most of our crew smashed it. Mrs CN (I'm just going to run easy, oh shit my dodgy hammy has cramped walking to the start line) 1st in her AG (55-59) out of 129 in the 5.7km. Miss CN (23, 2nd HM) and her "I Fn hate cardio & I hate Fn running" boyfriend (25, 1st ever running race, does an HM) asked me to write them a training program, and went 1:50 (6min PB) & 1:43 (I just want to break 2hrs) respectively. Our mate James who has never competed in anything in his life and never done any formal exercise until the last year when he started cycling with us (and kicks our arses) busted out the 5.7km, 19th in his AG.. Miss CNs friend from school did the full mara in 4:24 and is not even hobbling (oh to be 23 again) Me - not a single fish landed yet, but still 2 days to avoid getting skunked. However, the highlight for me was these muppets in the carp hats. And GC motorists are far more tolerant of cyclists than the @#$%s where I live who have NO TRAFFIC AT ALL TO DEAL WITH! Had a very pleasant ride y'day.
  22. ComfortablyNumb

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    Motley Crue, Kick Start My Heart - (crank to 11) Guns n Roses, Night Train - Killing Joke, Love Like Blood - (note AP on lead vocals) The Angels, Fashion & Fame - Ian Hunter, Once Bitten Twice Shy - (had forgotten all about this one till I tuned into the best radio station on the planet at Gundi) Golden Earring, Radar Love -
  23. ComfortablyNumb

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Stress fractures, tendonitis, patella femoral pain syndrome, plantar fasciitis, osteitis pubis, swimmers shoulder, meniscus tears, calf tears/strains, bulging disc.....just about any overuse injury you can think of. Recovery of biomechanical system means expanding the envelope of function (through rest, and strength training) to reduce the chance of those injuries. Like Matt said - " Injury prevention by improving resilience and load bearing capacity of the muscle and tendon itself but also by improving protective effect muscle has on bones and joints".
  24. ComfortablyNumb

    What training did you do today...

    In Sydney, a fab weekend visiting the kids...and crapping myself driving Sydney traffic. We all did an 80min walk Coogee-Bondi on Sat, then various walks & runs around Bay Run today. Managed 30mins of 2min walk-2min run today with no knee pain. Happy dayz. Our youngest & her boyfriend are following a program I put together for the Goldie Half Mara & seem to be going well....shit will hit the fan if Georgie beats him up there in July though
  25. ComfortablyNumb

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Pre-existing cond. yes. Quite obvious patella chondromalacia (but everyone over 40 has it to varying degrees ).Poor bike fit possibly as I always felt better on a 51cm but bike shops wanted to sell me 54s and even a 57 once! Re submaximal I think submaximal but thousands of reps can do just as much damage as near maximal but 30 reps. In fact I'd guess more damage. But it varies with the exercise. E.g. Seated leg extensions terrible. Deadlifts = minimal knee loading if done properly but really built all the balancing muscles which helps take load off the knees. Too much too quickly. Quite likely which leads down the murky path of the risks of online coaching and not being able to eyeball the person. Anyway n=1 again, back in the day hard windtrainer sets with big gear intervals always seemed to make the knees sorer than running? But I think I'm well down the recovery path thanks to strength and balance work for past 3yrs.