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  1. Local sprint (400/20/4.4) back in about Feb. Got 2nd, 8 secs behind a 20-something (gotta love that at 56, with sore knees & patchy training for years). We traded positions 4 times on the bike & twice on the run, was a great old time, we had a good laugh after about how entertaining it was. The bloke who would have beaten us both by 10mins got a flat ๐Ÿ˜‹
  2. It was more like AP hiding from a 63kg dude behind trees around the Botanical Gardens lake after a week of Tranny spanking trash-talk, then planning to death-roll me once we hit the water. He didn't count on me swimming 4mins faster, so he never got a grab, but I didn't count on him getting that all back on the bike. So we were eyeball to eyeball at the start of the run. Thankfully, I'd got the race winning strategy from the Yo the week before.
  3. 67-68, down to 65.....on our 40yo set of mechanical scales.
  4. What are you snacking on Oompa? I've been getting beef jerky & pork crackling from Woolies. I think pork crackling might be more addictive than Harry the Horse! TBH I'm getting a bit sick of meat & eggs after 2 weeks. But going to stick to a more keto diet for a bit longer. Will introduce more seafood I think.....but with lactose-free cream! Want to see if it helps my sore joints over the longer term by reducing gluten & fructose intake. I think my days of huge veges with lunch & dinner are over, not really missing them at all, though had a little steamed potato last night with my sizzle steaks (can get a pack of 8 from Woolies for $11). Re gluten-free beer. O'Briens is pretty decent, Wileys not so much. Hahn do one too, not tried that.
  5. I don't know WhoTF those @#$%s are ๐Ÿ˜‰ IBS-type symptoms basically. I started getting those all of a sudden in my mid 20's. Had them on and off since, though better as I've aged (less stress probably). Just wanted to try a brief experiment going a lot more keto & Oompas post was the impetus. Training did not suffer at all, until today. Last night I had a big creamy seafood marinara (no pasta). Tasted ok, felt like shit today (too much lactose methinks).
  6. Often gassy, painful, volatile, a bit like you have a mild case of the trots.
  7. The sinking At about 1.00 pm HMAS Armidale was attacked by five Japanese bombers. Requesting air cover from Darwin, LCDR Richards was told fighters would be there at 3.45 pm. CDRE Pope famously signalled that โ€˜air attack is to be accepted as ordinary, routine, secondary warfareโ€™. This type of warfare was undertaken exceptionally well by the Japanese air crews and Pope was later criticised for his apparent dismissal of aerial attack as being a significant element of warfare. At 3.00 pm nine Japanese bombers, three Zero fighters and a float plane began attacking the single corvette. The fighters strafed the ship from low levels while the bombers attacked from different directions loosing their torpedoes at the gallant ship. I had watched our gunner, Lou Lyndon, fire at the Zeros as they flew in low to machine-gun the ship. He seemed to be spot on, the tracers seemed to penetrate the planesโ€™ windscreens and sides as they flashed over us, but the Japs didnโ€™t hesitate. They just kept coming. Ordinary Seaman Rex Pullen Manoeuvring desperately in an attempt to avoid the torpedoes, Armidale was struck by two and heeled sharply to port. Most of the soldiers crowded into the mess deck were killed in that first blast. [They] would have felt this black, hopeless anguish before the sea rushed in. Ordinary Seaman Col Madigan The order to abandon ship was given; rafts were cut loose and a motor boat freed before the men took to the water and Armidale sank. Ratings were trying to get out lifesaving appliances as Jap planes roared just above us, blazing away with cannon and machine guns. Seven or eight of us were on the quarterdeck when we saw another bomber coming from the starboard quarter. It hit us with another torpedo and we were thrown in a heap among the depth charges and racks. We could feel Armidale going beneath us, so we dived over the side and swam about 50 yards astern as fast as we could. Then we stopped swimming and looked back at our old ship. She was sliding under, the stern high in the air, the propellers still turning. Leading Seaman Leigh Bool In this time of terror one manโ€™s actions stand out. Eighteen-year-old Edward โ€˜Teddyโ€™ Sheean went down with the ship as a hero. Seeing his shipmates under attack, he strapped himself to his Oerlikon gun and fired continuously, sending one Zero into the sea. He was shot in the chest and back but still he kept firing, even as the ship sank. Sheean was posthumously Mentioned in Despatches but not recommended for the Victoria Cross as many believed he deserved (and are fighting for today). Teddy Sheean (right) and his brother Mick. Courtesy Australian War Memorial.
  8. About bloody time! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-10/scott-morrison-teddy-sheean-victoria-cross-recommendation/12540708
  9. Been trying a keto (was going to be carnivore but nah) diet for the last 2 weeks. Mostly meat/fish/eggs/avocado/olives/gluten free beer/wine/water... (except I have gluten-free wheatbix + psylium husk + low sugar muesli for breky). Lost 1-2kgs, guts feel much much less 'inflammed', joints still simliar. Cracked tonight, had to have some peanuts & cashews. System seems to be craving them? Seems to be my system does not like too much plant based food too?
  10. Heard this on the local radio station in Gundi while up there for the race. Had entirely forgotten about it.
  11. 1:39/100m in open water - solid pace ๐Ÿ‘ I'm happy if I can hold 1:45 in the pool these days.
  12. I ride a girls bike. Originally bought for my wife in about 2010, then passed on to our daughter, then I sold my Soloist as I thought I'd not be able to ride again, but then dug this one out of the shed a year or so ago. I think it's been serviced once in those 10yrs, and is still running smooth.
  13. No one is that old๐Ÿ˜ I might have been....15yrs younger.....but he heckled me so fair is fair ๐Ÿ˜†
  14. The Mrs is off to Sydney in an hour ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ ....though with this rain & low cloud, maybe not! No tower at our airport, plane can't land if cloud below 500ft.
  15. Spanking AP at Gundi 2012 ๐Ÿ˜„ All downhill since then.
  16. Christ the internet is fun isn't it? Maybe I type in Chinese? I don't think we should ditch democracy? Though the current democratic processes (instant policy by Twitter interpretation) is a worry. Fully agree with your view of China's goals and their espionage.
  17. Hers are def not aches. They are severe debilitating cramps, but usually not when exercising, rather when just sitting about. If she stands up from sitting in a certain way, one hammie cramps badly, but that is probably more to do with tearing it v badly many yrs ago, not statins. She had surgery for a blocked external illiac artery years ago & the vascular surgeon said "I've seen inside your arteries - you need statins pronto"! Bad family history of blockages for her, despite doing large amounts of strenuous exercise & eating well.
  18. My wife does, 20mg, for 5yrs. No side effects that she can pinpoint - cramping in leg & stomach muscles perhaps but the jury is out.
  19. Yeah, fair call. I also try not to tar races with the same brush, but negative experience often make it hard to do. More broadly, I worry we are selling our country to the lowest bidder, and a regime that would happily bury us given the chance.
  20. Again, PR is not my issue (though you pulled a politician 101 and say it was ๐Ÿ˜) - the immoral and exploitative behaviour of the Chinese and Indian business owners is. And God they thought we were dim - financial statements saying they have 4 FT staff, yet a wage bill of <$100K. Still, our guy says 100% of people applying for these visas were doing so as a path to PR, and he's done over 1000 of them. Not staying in a regional area is far more of a problem on the 491 (this used to be the 489 - a NSW sponsored visa) than on the 494 (this used to be the 187 - an employer sponsored visa). On the 494 (187), you were sponsored by a regional employer - it's bit hard to work on a farm in Narrabri if you are in Sydney. On the 491 (489), as long as you met the occupation & other criteria (e.g. a nurse) you could work in any occupation (e.g. a cook), and for many it was much easier to do that from a capital city. Our guy had numerous 491s who stayed in Melbourne, even though they were sponsored out here and despite the intention & moral obligation to be out here. The 494 is not stopped, it replaced the 187 at the end of 2019. He does not deal with 475 and 492 visas.
  21. It is correct, though it is now after 3 yrs you can apply for PR (it used to be 2yrs) - all here in black & white https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-employer-sponsored-regional-494 http://www.rdani.org.au/skilled-migration/rsms-employer-nomination.php I didn't say it was an easy back door, but it is a first step to PR. Where did I say it is an easy back door to PR? That was never the issue? But regardless, you've entirely missed the point. My beef is not about a backdoor to PR. It is about Chinese & Indian employers in Australia abusing the system and taking bribes from migrants to be here, then treating them like shit. We have a guy who has worked on this for years, he's seen it all. And the only instances have been from Chinese and Indian employers. Edit to say, it is the old 491 which is more open to this abuse - people on the occupation list, but working as kitchen hands & stacking shelves as Woolies.
  22. MTB 100mins. Effin chain came off 4 times, each time while shifting to a higher gear, 3 of those times were on the bitumen ๐Ÿ˜•
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