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    Team Building

    Daughter had a company staff development day y'day run by a former fighter pilot. They were all given an aircraft type (she got an A10 Warthog, which is a tough as nails ground-attack jet) and they had 60mins to plan an attack. I'm proud to say she was the only A10 pilot who did not get shot down 😲
  2. ComfortablyNumb

    Cycling. Forget cars. Animals.

    My contribution.
  3. ComfortablyNumb

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    This is why I ran like a Kittyhawk dealing with a Jap Zero. Get high, dive down at speed with all guns blazing & just keep heading for the deck, cos if the Zero tries to follow you at that speed, it's wings break off. But never dogfight a Zero as they can turn on a dime. i.e. stay left or I'm gonna go thru ya. Problem was, I met a brainless labrador who came screaming up out of a creek and straight into my left knee = hyperextension. I suspect that was what led to my meniscus tear and the beginning of the end.
  4. ComfortablyNumb

    Watt bike

    A Watt Bike mysteriously appeared in my gym. Gave it a whirl today, quite like the pedaling feel, even better than the new RPM bikes upstairs, but like many spin bikes, I can't get the position quite right - can't get close enough to the bars. Interestingly, my left leg which has always been the smallest/weakest is consistently doing more work than the right by about 5%.
  5. ComfortablyNumb

    What training did you do today...

    Yeah. Nah. You've completely ruined the story I was gonna tell to my wife now Katz.
  6. ComfortablyNumb

    What training did you do today...

    Makes PJ's mouth taping look tame.
  7. ComfortablyNumb


    Yes, I'd have to agree with that, though I've not read the Freddy biography. But the music got it across the line.
  8. ComfortablyNumb


    Saw Bohemian Rhapsody this morning. Just reinforces how shit 99% of today's music is.
  9. ComfortablyNumb

    Pete Jacobs was right all along.

    I'm used to offending people. But seriously, it works, it's a bit like meditation, but I'm rubbish at that and find 30secs of vagus breathing (I said it again) is quite relaxing and de-stressing (not that I stress so much anymore, reached that age where I don't give so many fooks).
  10. ComfortablyNumb

    Pete Jacobs was right all along.

    It's only a matter of time.
  11. ComfortablyNumb

    Pete Jacobs was right all along.

    Me too, had been doing it for years to assist with snoring/sleep apnea. Use a CPAP machine now for apena, but still tape my mouth as I find breathing through my nose when sleeping is better. Pete is also right about vagus breathing exercises. I find they help.
  12. ComfortablyNumb

    What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    This one was really tricky - small and fiddly with lots of rigging. Anyone whose been through the arrival hall at Mascot domestic will recognise it (which is where I got the idea to build it). In the early 70's on the 50th Anniversary of Qantas, Airfix made a special 1/72 scale limited run version of this aircraft for Qantas which was handed out free to some Qantas passengers. It is now one of the rarest model kits in the world, and sells for over $10K. But I had to use the basic 1/72 Airfix Avro 504 kit , and massively modify it using resin, plastic card & bit of old drink can, as the 1920s Qantas plane had a completely different engine & nose shape. With a 20c piece to show actual size.
  13. ComfortablyNumb

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    Interpretation Goughy I've not been physically able to do a race like that for 7yrs I was welcomed back and touted as a Sub-1hour Messiah but performed nowhere near my Days of Glory I enjoyed it more than I recall because I didn't bust a pop-off valve It also helped that it was a handicap race, I was given a 5min handicap (the fastest bloke a 15min handicap), so I had no idea who was who and where, so just stuck to my intended 90% effort and tried to have fun And no-one gave a fcuk ....except for my wife's team cos I smoked those sorry muppets by 3mins despite their swimmer putting 70secs into me over 400m
  14. ComfortablyNumb

    I'm not fit enough (Bullshit)

    The science behind it (proven yesterday), is: 0.34T x 1.17A x 0.9E x 1.3W = 1.166BP Where T = training time A = age E = effort W = wind strength BP = best performance over that course i.e. on 34% of your max past weekly training time, 17% older than when you did your best time, putting in 90% effort and with a strong outward bike headwind, you will perform 16.6% slower (1:06:59) than your best ever time (57:45). The real take home message however it that sprint triathlon is far more enjoyable at 90% than 100% (ignoring when they forget to tell the groundsmen there is a race on at 9am, so don't set the sprinklers, and you return from the bike to find all your gear soaked = the blisters you finally healed open up again like ripe melons on the run).
  15. ComfortablyNumb

    Noosa 2019

    Yeah, I know we are just soft. Years ago, triathlon made me think I was a complete hard-arse too, but then reality brought me to my knees. I was pretty well prepared (hence my swim fitness got me home in a decent time for me), but if you live well inland, you can't prepare for choppy water and it is somewhat unnerving, not helped by being in the last wave and watching those 100 people rescued through the window of the surf club
  16. ComfortablyNumb

    Noosa 2019

    My SIL (who lives in Noosa) tells us about 100 people rescued and 2 deaths on that day.
  17. ComfortablyNumb

    Trusty steeds - what do you ride?

    Upgraded from my Wife's Giant Talon to this entry level dually this year. Love it, & don't reckon with my ambitions I'll ever need more.
  18. ComfortablyNumb

    The Politics Thread

    Sort of ironic isn't it how we stress about the risk of a nuclear accident, yet ride our bikes on the road, where we know there are rational people who suddenly become psychos when they see a cyclist in their way. Even one of my most benign work colleagues says that when he sees cyclists riding 3-abreast, they become fair game!
  19. ComfortablyNumb

    Jonathan Cantwell

    Definitely & we have it on both sides of our family (worse on my wife's side), though thankfully my wife & one of our children escaped it. The other 2 of us push on with it OK though.
  20. ComfortablyNumb

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    This approach saved me on Sunday. Ok it was just a piddly 1500m OD team swim but honestly for 300m out to the first turn buoy, I thought I was a dead man (or at least a rubber duckie man). HR was through the roof, goggles fogged, struggling to get relaxed breaths, getting kicked & swum over, people swimming in all directions, people breast-stroking within 50m (never seem that before). So I just focused on several things - slow down the stroke rate, slow down the breathing, go for nice long efficient strokes with a good catch & pull getting as much water as I could, scrape thumb down hip, forget about target time, just try to get through it as easily as possible & it worked. My time was only 1min slower than my best lead-up pool time which I find amazing.
  21. ComfortablyNumb

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I've ordered a millpond from the weather Gods.
  22. ComfortablyNumb

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I've created a Monster 👹 Wife & SIL just booked accomm for the Byron Bay Tri next May for another team effort as they loved doing Noosa as a team so much (cos they didn't nearly drown like me). Team Mighty Muppets (apt) - a name they used for many years as a female team in the South West Rocks Tri & they usually won their cat. Never been to Byron so might as well.
  23. ComfortablyNumb

    Financial planners

    And the next thing to do is get the kids financially independent ASAP instead of wiping their butts into their 40's 😘. Geez it's like winning the lottery once they are paying their own way. And if they are going off to Uni: 1. If they go to a regional Uni like CSU Bathurst (our youngest did), get them to apply for every scholarship possible as often they can't give all those scholarships away. Our youngest scored 2 worth over $10k/yr! 2. If they don't go straight from school to Uni, and over 18mths between School and Uni can earn around $25K, they are classified as independent and after the 18mths is up, will qualify for Youth Allowance & possibly rent assistance if studying full-time. That is worth about $700+ per f/n to them. And the first $7K or so of a merit based scholarship does not impact on their Youth Allowance payment.
  24. ComfortablyNumb

    Financial planners

    Bummer. So that means if you have over $848K in a normal industry super fund, even when you start taking an income stream from it, you will fail the asset test for the aged pension.
  25. ComfortablyNumb

    Noosa Tri 2018

    I was in the very last wave to leave, so was watching from up in the surf club and saw quite a few people rescued by the lifesavers. And yes, I heard several say it should be moved back to the canal. Locals also told me that beach is calm as a millpond most of the time. Where we live, it is impossible to practice in those conditions (unless I can find a way to make the cod in Copeton go crazy & thrash up a chop ), but I practice head-lifting & sighting a lot in the pool which helps. And the marker buoys were huge at Noosa, very easy to see which also helped. My pool swim time for 1500m is 26:45, and y'day my actual time in the water was 27:46 so very pleased with given the chop. Was expecting well over 30 mins watching the other waves battle through. Interestingly, I noticed watching the FB live video beforehand the pros lift their heads and sight every 2-4 strokes. I was counting at least 10 strokes before sighting. There were people all around me breast-stroking too. Looks OK in this photo from the surf club, but was pretty lumpy once you got wet.