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    And people think cyclists are the bane of their existence!

    This bloke thinks cyclists are the bane of his existence - justice! 😂 We used to have wars with Roman Candles as kids, amazing no one lost an eye. Bike Cannon.mp4
  2. ComfortablyNumb

    Utes / Pickups

    Hey Gundy, how did this all turn out? Been thinking about replacing the old 93 Hilux with a 2nd hand Triton (maybe 2013 model, the MN series). Reading very mixed info. My research so far suggests the ML models (up to 2009) where pretty reliable, then the MNs (up to 2015) had a few issues, then the latest (MQ - 2015 onwards) had a whole lot of serious problems (like yours by the sounds?). Fixing these problems under warranty seems to rely very much on which Mitsubishi dealer you take it to. Dangerous turbo lag from takeoff is also mentioned a lot.
  3. ComfortablyNumb


    Yeah, most of our insurance has been like burning 50's out in the back yard, and that includes private health insurance. I've had all my surgeries done free in the public system, except one in the private which cost me $800! I think you can still have a good retirement in a small place on the pension if you stay fit & have some hobbies. I'd be quite happy to retire into a small unit in Port Mac, Coffs or SW Rocks, keep up my swimming/gyming/MTBing into my 80s and longer, keep on fishing & guiding, fly-tying and building models. Just run an old 4WD and a half-decent sedan. But have a feeling the Mrs will want a house...which may break the bank 😣
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    Goughy I'm covered for $4.5K/mth and it costs me about $3K/year through OnePath. Of course the cost goes up every year. I found out recently I could have got similar cover through UniSuper for just $300/yr!, but they declined me because of my knees - not that my knees have ever put me out of work for even a day. I argued that, but they still declined.
  5. ComfortablyNumb

    And people think cyclists are the bane of their existence!

    Last year, I came across an accident on the Ebor-Armidale road where a bloke in a Hilux had gone off the wrong side of the road into an embankment, rolled, done himself terrible damage....but thankfully no-one else involved. Turns out he was doing 150+ (on a road where 100 is pushing it in places), taking pics of his speedo, and texting them to his girlfriend. My ambo mate reckons the insurance companies will still cover him....probably for life. Incredible.
  6. ComfortablyNumb

    Any other trannies in Wanaka?

    Nope, but wish I was. Love Wanaka....and NZ in general.
  7. ComfortablyNumb


    Lol, same happened to me. We do exactly the same with our Westpac CC & also have AMEX which earns more QFF points. My wife is the Queen of getting QFF points. We use them a lot to fly the girls home or to join us somewhere on hols (e.g. the Byron Bay Tri in May).
  8. ComfortablyNumb


    Us too, but we were childless & saved all my wife's wage, which happily sat in the Civic Bank earning heaps of interest for 4yrs while we lived in Europe & spent all our disposable on holidays. Had a decent house deposit when we returned in '92 with our first daughter on the way and interest rates were back down to 8%. Decided to buy our first house (a dump, which we fixed up a little, but made no money on), Civic Bank wouldn't give us a mortgage despite having a 25% deposit because my wife looked 'so pregnant'. Westpac would lend to us, hence we have been with them ever since. Always overpaid our mortgages to get rid of them fast. Always bought 2nd hand cars (25yo Hilux still going & is my fishing guiding rig....though I'm getting weary of it). Always had a buffer growing in the bank for emergencies, and lately (now the girls are self-sufficient) started really upping the Super (salary sacrifice) & investment in shares/share funds. No get rich quick schemes. No letting the banks screw us.
  9. ComfortablyNumb


    Yes I agree, shit happens (why I also took out income protection insurance once I became self-employed to cover some of that shit). But I think your No.1 is a bigger problem for a lot of people....and the desire to keep up with the Jones's. Cars are a biggie I notice, e.g. the hairdresser earning three fifths of FA who buys a new Audi when a Camry would be fine.
  10. ComfortablyNumb

    This week in Lance Armstrong

    No I've now decided he's a legend. The first thing he mentioned you can do in Aspen is fly-fishing 😁
  11. ComfortablyNumb


    Yeah, fully agree CE. That's how we've rolled too. Always built a safety margin into our borrowings (e.g. interest rates hitting 12% back in the day). The banks will happily take mug punters to the edge of disaster....if you rely on what they say you can borrow & borrow their max, prepare for a stressed life.
  12. ComfortablyNumb

    Advice for first 70.3

    Yeah me too (HoW in 2007). Nutrition was my biggest error - not enough carbs on bike and run. I really hadn't tested it at all, just had half a Power Bar squashed onto my top-tube. Only race where I've ever resorted to Coke on the run. Also tried the gummie bear things on the run, but I was too goooorne, couldn't chew/swallow them. Later races I worked out which gels I liked & how many etc. And to take them with sips of water.
  13. ComfortablyNumb


    And just now to reinforce my view that you've got to be on top of stuff and stand your ground, just back from the SWR Triathlon & Elders Real Estate (via Booking.com) tried to saddle us with an extra fee for a stain on the couch in the place we rented which we did not do (and it looks like v old stain). My guess - the owners do the cleaning & are looking to lump some sucker with the couch cleaning fee. SWR Triathlon has shrunk a bit by the looks, but it is far more relaxing & fun than Noosa. Had a bit of kangaroo trouble in the bike transition, big male roo stuck in there at one stage. New bike course which all say is harder.
  14. ComfortablyNumb


    Yeah mate. I think they said if you are financially illiterate, you'll just have to wait 10+ yrs until someone calls a Royal Commission to get justice. TBH, I've known some people who I would not call entirely financially illiterate who got screwed. One, they put in a budget for a loan to buy a farm to Westpac, the loans officer changed their budget to make it more favourable so head office would accept it. Loan approved, they ran into trouble (which is not surprising given the shit country they bought and their past track record in business). It went to the High Court and the bank was found in error (this was in the 90s). Recently, a family building business. They asked NAB to pay some suppliers, the local f-wit banker instead of pressing the 'pay once' button hit the 'pay daily' button, sent them screaming into the red. The banks solution - to charge them a fee for being overdrawn & making them set up an overdraft which incurred setup fees. I'd have gone straight to the ombudsman & then media if they didn't refund everything.
  15. ComfortablyNumb


    Managers of the estates &/or beneficiaries were lazy and/or useless, and did not keep an eye on the accounts, and did not notice that the banks were charging fees to a dead person. Like I said - keep an eye on your financials or some prick will bend you over, esp big faceless corporations like banks. Just like electricity retailers will quietly slide you off your discount plans unless you notice, and call them up and tell them to reinstate it or f-off, or insurance companies will increase you premium 20% automatically, even though the value of your car has dropped 20%, unless you call them up & tell them to drop it or f-off. Bottom line - stay switched on, stay sharp, or all these pricks will screw you.
  16. ComfortablyNumb


    They only screw over financially illiterate people....just like car dealers screw over people who don't do their homework.....or medicos who tell you half-baked lazy shit if you don't inform yourself. What More & IFoz say is right.
  17. ComfortablyNumb


    Exactly right XCOM. If you want to win, buy bank shares (which you'd all have anyway if you have Super....unless you have a self-managed super fund with no Aussie bank shares...and then you're stuffed 😉). Have your own household cash-flow budget so you don't borrow more than you can service. And hit the buggers up for a better interest rate on your savings, or switch to an online bank like ING.
  18. ComfortablyNumb

    Could it please stop raining in North Quensland please?

    Send some down to the New England you greedy fockers. I've got some important bass guiding trips coming up early March & our streams need some flow
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    Damn right, I was LMAO, the inquiry wrapped up and our CBA shares went up. I feel dirty 😁 BTW our youngest switched from CBA a/c to ING because it was a much better deal interest wise - and the CBA teller who closed her a/c agreed 😆
  20. ComfortablyNumb


    I beat the banks....by having bank shares. The buggers could be hit by an A-bomb and their shares go up, dividends are still ok. CBA shares have been brilliant. Too many Aussies are financial babes in the woods, so get screwed over by the banks. You owe it to yourself to become more educated about basic financial issues so they don't bend you over. Like medicos, they are not Gods, so play hardball with the fookers. If they don't give you a good deal, walk away. And always check your accounts/charges/interest payments etc. to make sure they are correct. If not, raise Hell. Back in the 90's, I discovered Westpacs formula for calculating the penalty for breaking a fixed interest rate loan early was wrong. I emailed them and they agreed !!!! Wish I'd kept that email for the Royal Commission.
  21. ComfortablyNumb

    Experience with Prostrate Cancer

    I've been dealing with prostate problems since my mid-30s, it is very enlarged but 2 biopsies, ultrasounds and a special MRI say no cancer. I now take medication (Tamulosin) for the waterworks issues it causes & have a PSA test every 6mths. I have an excellent urologist in Port Macquarie, Dr Nader Awad, one of those rare specialists who takes the time to explain everything to you properly. Re the PSA test, it is not so much the absolute level, but a significant change that they look for. Mine went up over 10 or so years from about 3 to 7. To put that in perspective, my mates brother who was younger than me died of prostate cancer last week & his PSA was in the 100's. They now think an enlarged prostate (the benign type I seem to have - not the cancerous type) is due to one of the breakdown products of Testosterone. There is medication (Duodart) to stop that breakdown product which I tried for a while, but it tends to put more estrogen in your system which I did not like, so I stopped that drug & just went back to Tamulosin which assists with peeing issues. Also, Duodart will halve your PSA level so re-set the baseline which they track.
  22. ComfortablyNumb

    Going Vegan

    All I could think of when I read this was "Calm ya farm" (which is what our daughters used to say if we cracked the shits with them), and imagined a farm with lots of animals roaming about 😋
  23. ComfortablyNumb

    Motivating People - Who's yours?

    Me too. I've done 30-odd years with the turbo stuck on boost trying to achieve stuff. Just finished 6 weeks holiday, longest holiday since school & the last week, I actually started to relax for the first time since I was a kid, reminded me of the days when I wasn't constantly thinking "what do I need to achieve today". It was really, really, REALLY good.
  24. ComfortablyNumb

    Looks like I’ll never pay rego for a pushbike.

    And don't get me started on f-wits at roundabouts in Armidale who have licenses & rego. NFI on the indicating & lane rules. Which way do you reckon this muppet in the gold Camry is going? You can't see in the vid, but old mate in the little red Suzuki nearly got his nose shaved off as she indicates right when going straight thru, then indicates left & carves into his lane. Roundabout Indicating Fail.mp4
  25. ComfortablyNumb

    Looks like I’ll never pay rego for a pushbike.

    Like this one I saw just now, all over the footpath & road like wild women's shit before he decided to hang a right & go through the roundabout, with a just a cap on his moron head, no helmet. But no-one has a hissy fit about these ones? Cyclist No Helmet.mp4