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  1. I have a GoPro, but not a Garmin. However my wife has a Garmin VivoActive watch with GPS. So maybe we could ride a local course and upload to Fulgaz from her watch & my GoPro?
  2. Sorry to hear, but as per above, I'm not surprised. In-laws can be a ****in nightmare! Once you get married, you've got to keep them at arms length.
  3. Our local club has just added a 3 race winter duathlon series to the 7 race summer triathlon series, much to the Mrs delight as she does not swim. I'd like to see a local off-road tri. There used to be one at Lake Keepit near Gunnedah several yrs ago & I know the bloke who is the driving force in our tri club is keen for one.
  4. I'm way over-due, must be 5yrs since last check.
  5. Changing the resistance with the terrain would be great. Also, is there any way you can upload local rides (maybe from Strava?) and have Zwift simulate those? Would be great to simulate the local tri courses indoors. Oh & now she's saying the KickR might be an early combined Xmas pressy, so that has forked the first good idea I've had in decades for a birthday present
  6. We already have two standard trainers (magturbo and the Aldi one), but it would be good to have power (I did buy a 2nd hand JetBlack trainer with power off someone on here years ago, but it was rubbish, just too hard to pedal something wrong with it?). Would also be good to link it to Zwift or something as my wife does most of her riding on the trainer, so would keep her more motivated. She does have a few Sufferfests, but needs something new. Not sure I'd ever put the MTB on it, riding that puppy outdoors is way too much fun!
  7. Mate 173 is not short (he says trying to convince himself). I'm 173 and 67-8kgs, but still look fat around the middle these days. Can't seem to shift it. My food self-discipline is an issue too, esp when I drink grog. And I get so hungry after swimming....like now
  8. So the least you would do is download the Kickr app (which comes with it) so you can see your power, speed, time etc? And if you want to get fancy you subscribe to Zwift or TrainerRoad or similar? Sorry, dumb questions, but I'm not really into all this stuff. I have to get my wife to set up all technology!
  9. Thanks Willie. I'll confer with the Mrs. When you say " There's no need for a smart trainer unless you're using the software to go with it", what does that mean? Isn't the Kickr Snap a 'smart trainer'? It look like the Snap does not do cadence, but her bike computer can do that.
  10. So the Kickr just talks to your android phone (we don't have iphones) or your laptop through bluetooth then? And then you can pay for interactive software (would probably go for Zwift) to make rides more interesting. I think the Mrs would love doing rides/races with a virtual group. Wasn't Willie offering a special on Kickrs a while back?
  11. Thanks mate, that is a good link for a numpty like me.
  12. How does all this stuff work? Been thinking of getting the Mrs a Kickr or similar for her birthday. I assume they all come with power? What other data do you get off them - speed/cadence/AVS? Do you need to buy a computer to go on the bike to read the power? Or do you have to buy some additional software to put on a laptop to see the power? Or does it come with software you can load onto a laptop? What if you want to use TrainerRoad or Zwift or whatever those things are? Do you need to pay for those in addition?
  13. Repeated without the rain, but with the worst hangover I've had in years. Now three out of three completed, bagged a nice flattie on fly & christened my new 8 weight outfit. Mineral water tonight
  14. Yes, excellent performance.
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