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  1. 50min Sufferfest 'Powerstation' with the Mrs on the deck.
  2. Found some more WW2 info of the old mans in a bunch of documents my mother gave me lurking in a pouch of his old doctors bag.
  3. Sit near the top of Mathew Flinders Drive and watch people trying to ride it 😁 I'm not telling you where my special flathead fishing spot is.......though compared to SW Rocks, it's pretty ordinary anyway.
  4. Sorry to hear Andrew, that is really shit. If it were me, I'd not be rocking the boat until you have alternative work lined up & try not to let on that you are seeking info to support your case (which might be tricky). Look after yourself first. cos these dicks have not. Once that is secure, I'd be burying the prick via Fair Work, the ATO etc.
  5. Mt Mee? Could have been worse, could have been a Yo Yo loaf wot stuck to you !
  6. Scratch that. I may be the one with the hangover issues 😆
  7. An easy hour on the MTB at Sawtell, scouting out a route for the muppets to ride tomorrow......if they are not too hungover.
  8. How f*@#ing sandflies can bite you when you're doing 20kmh thru the forest on your MTB 🤬
  9. The one I've borrowed for Byron is an old Aleeda, must be 15yrs old, works just fine.
  10. 1500m swim in the local dam to try out a wetsuit (sleeveless) I was able to borrow from a mate (who has about 20kgs on me) in case Byron allows wetsuits. The fact that it fits me pretty well is a concern Wetsuit was great, dam was bloody freezing. First 200m, I didn't think I'd be able to swim as my head was aching & I was struggling to get my breath. Slowed down, relaxed and after about 10mins, it was OK. No way I could have swum without the wettie. Dam is the lowest I've ever seen it and they've put up no swimming/fishing/paddling signs which I've never seen in 25yrs, even though the algae alert level is zero????? Probably wasn't supposed to be in there, but with the only pool in town closed for Easter, no other option & I've confirmed the wettie will be good.
  11. Yeah, you're right it is good he's got the kids out doing something. I really notice it now as I lost a good mate in Canberra a few years back who's handlebars failed, he hit his head on the kerb and never woke up. And he DID have a helmet on, so it makes me think how easy you can die without one.
  12. Bloke out riding y'day with his 2 young daughters aged abut 5 & 7. Not a helmet in sight, heading off the bike path and onto the road. Felt like saying 'FFS mate, at least put a helmet on the kids'.....but I just natural selection take it's course these days.
  13. Full story will be on The Project tonight.
  14. Just like Hokas, only they look better.
  15. Fark yes! https://www.yellowoctopus.com.au/collections/mens-novelty/products/shark-slippers
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