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  1. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    Would you get DQed for this at Rotto?
  2. Boot mounted carrier?

    Have a Graecross one I got in the late 80s. Absolutely bulletproof. Ocky strap and a bit of rope to hold bikes on. Rubber feet can mark car paint a little though.
  3. The Politics Thread

    Put an offer on that apartment about 4yrs ago - at $175K less than asking - all it was worth....maybe wanted to shitstir a little. Backdoor = pertinent but nothing to do with Mr Depp
  4. Plaster cast

    When I had a plate and screws in my collarbone 6 weeks ago, the day or two after surgery hurt way way WAY more than initially breaking it. I'm talking 11 on a scale from 1-10, while breaking it only rated a 2-3. I honestly thought the surgeon had done something drastically wrong. Endone did nothing. but ice was a huge relief. Within 2 days, it settled right down. But you are many days after, maybe a screw or two moved so get it checked? I was told to do nothing that would risk sudden force on my collarbone for 6 weeks.
  5. Who lives Near Wonthaggi ?

    And don't let the public health system tell him ''it'll heal on its own with 6 weeks in a sling". Insist on having it plated = much better and faster result.
  6. If those were their actual words to her "you're not worth developing for Tokyo 2020" it seems a bit harsh on the kid? Hopefully it will give her the motivation to shove it up their arses. I've seen her race locally against Rebecca and she's not far off her, has beaten her a few times I believe. Got to wonder why with the Cwlth games in Aust they would not take 2 male and 2 female riders as a lead up to Tokyo. Not like they have to pay to send them OS?
  7. Starting Again

    Just did my first road-ride (15kms) since crashing. Have lost a bit of fitness in 6wks, but not too drastic, and over 6yrs, I'd lost a lot of tri-specific fitness anyway. Made it up the steep hill near home though, but saw 9kmh on the computer. Shoulder ok, except when out of the saddle. Will stick to the road for a few weeks before getting back on the MTB. National MTB Champs here this weekend which will be good to watch. https://www.mtba.asn.au/xcchamps/ Also did my first swim for 20mins on Tues (50m repeats with 30 secs rest between), shoulder was ok during but can't quite extend L arm as much as before & a bit sore next day. But I'm not interested in anything structured now, will just do what I feel like.
  8. Starting Again

    Thanks EG, that post was most enlightening for me. I don't need to do that stuff, cos just reading it, I know I'm done. Don't have the interest anymore to do that much boring repetitive training. I've realised I'm more in the groove of FBs exercise rather than training post now, and other interests (fly-fishing) have taken over. MTBing also now has more appeal for me in a 'racing'' sense, but I've got to get over my concern of falling off and breaking something again!
  9. USA shootings and gun laws

    Are Yanks really as dumb as they seem, or are we getting a bias sample? My brother has been in the US skiing and has been asking them about toughening up their gun laws (and he is a hunter/gun owner who thinks the US situation is batshit crazy). He said the majority say it is just an attempt to take their guns away and restrict their hard-fought freedoms. He also remarked they don't seem to be the sharpest tools in the shed. Then look at the comments online, esp. regarding Aust and our gun laws. Various paranoia about needing to have guns so the govt can't come and get them, how Aust is still a slave to the Queen, that you can't compare Aust to the US..... Damn it's disturbing the most powerful nation on the planet seems to have so many unhinged conspiracy theorists....even more of an argument to take away their guns!
  10. USA shootings and gun laws

  11. Starting Again

    I'm close to Ground Zero after 6yrs out with injury, then breaking the collarbone 5 weeks ago. Been doing 2-3 30min windtrainer interval sessions per week getting the HR up to 160, and 1-2 30min run/walks (1min run/2min walk) plus a few weights since the collarbone. Kept up 2 swims/week and an intense 25min gym circuit during the 6yrs out, plus a little road & MTB riding, so not a complete blob though need to drop 3kgs. Not sure where I'll go from here - tri team swims are on - Noosa in Nov, maybe Moololaba in Aug (when I can swim again, next week hopefully) - and maybe MTB races and/or sprint tris next season. No rush now, just need to go slowly and try to stay relatively pain-free.
  12. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Here you go Kieran, this is what you can do with a decent winch & bullbar. Taking a client down to a bass fishing spot y''day when our path was blocked 600m from the farmers front gate by a 3t tree. Surprisingly, I got phone reception 2kms back up the road, and rang him. He came up in the Landcruisier and got it sorted in about 10 minutes flat! Toyota's and Stihl's - unbreakable!
  13. Utes / Pickups

    Ran into a women at the servo today who used to be the best female triathlete around here 20yrs ago, and now is a racehorse trainer. Been training too many winners, so had a tax problem looming, so traded her old Landcruiser with 600,000kms on it for a new Ford Ranger. Hates it - reckons it is tinny as Hell
  14. Internet diagnosis

    So at the top of your kneecap, not below the kneecap of the joint line? If so, the good news is that does not sound like a torn medial meniscus - which is below the kneecap. Could be the ITB rubbing & inflammed? Or it could be a chunk of patella cartilage on the top RHS of your R knee which has gone astray? Ligaments? I know nothing about.
  15. The Sharemarket Thread

    The imputation credit does not count as income (as the company has already paid the tax on that bit) BUT, is it correct to add it back to the total dividend as extra income? I can't see how it is because everyones tax position is different. If you are someone who arranges their affairs so they don't pay tax, there is no tax benefit in the imputation credit. I've emailed our financial adviser to ask the question because I can't get the % return they say we are getting, but they have a cryptic footnote about imputation credits. Should add, though we have bought a few of our own shares, we now get a local accounting firm with an investment advisory division to do it for us. Tracking shares bores me stupid & I'm crap at it. I'm just hoping they are better, but after the first 6mths with our $'s, the total value of the portfolio is down by 3% - largely due to them buying TLS and VOC. They have invested for us in 13 Aus shares, 4 fixed interest funds (all major banks - e.g. CBAPD), and 2 Exchange Traded funds.