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  1. Does world cross fit championship equal worlds fittest person

    A team of scrawny triathletes would probably do better against the All Blacks though.....had to turn it off, too hard to watch.
  2. Does world cross fit championship equal worlds fittest person

    An article on this by our youngest. http://corporate.olympics.com.au/news/rio-olympian-toomey-crowned-fittest-woman-in-the-world
  3. Utopia

    My work has me dealing with the public sector all the time, when I lived in England I worked for the British Govt. Utopia is so good, and so close to reality it is uncanny. Gotta be the best show on telly by miles. They must have someone on the inside feeding them script ideas. How good was last nights episode - asking the 20 something App developers what could the government do to help them. Answer "um, get out of our way" Over the years, I've put up with the nauseating buzz words/phrases thrown around by bureaucrats & PS's. Some current ones are: 'Counterfactual' 'Going forward' 'Brave new world' (there's an episode in that alone Mr Sitch). Any other doozies you've heard over the years? '
  4. The good news thread

    And if you see a woman on a red & white EMC smashing it up the hills, but with an annoying tendency to not stick to the left.....that will be my Mrs I may have fun too - using up my last birthday gift voucher diving with the sharks at Manly aquarium
  5. The good news thread

    We're bringing a group of 5 riders down to this (no TT bikes though, I'm not riding, Mrs & friends are). My understanding is it is very casual and controlled with several stops and marshals controlling the speed on downhill sections to minimise risks.
  6. Uber v Cabbies

    The taxi game is fooked - had a monopoly and acted like it with too much shit service. Half of em acted like Gods in Sydney, not a service provider. Melb cabbies seemed to be better though. Still remember a ride from Syd airport to city with this scruffy-arsed Fijian cabbie who drove like a tool, and every 5 mins blew his nose on a rag wrapped around his neck. Real sorry to see the likes ofhim go. My girls only get Ubers in Sydney these days and rate the experience very highly, and much cheaper.
  7. The good news thread

    This is good news. Love to see people come back from chronic injury, esp after such a long time out. Self-coached too. http://www.smh.com.au/sport/athletics/sally-pearson-roars-back-to-win-world-championships-100m-hurdles-gold-20170812-gxv0gf.html
  8. Lifesavers are being sued

    Rolled Gold C*ckhead. Never let him race again.
  9. Sharks vs Broncos

    The number of Sharks number plates which have appeared around Armidale is incredible. People finally have something to crow about! I have this feeling that the Sharks have switched from being small game winners - big game chokers, to the opposite. I hope so anyway, as their recent form has been pretty dismal. Mind you, the bunker did screw up the NRL try of the decade last weekend Sharks v Canberra with that obstruction ruling on a Sharks player. Freddy Fitler said he was so incensed with such an entertaining try being negated by a crap decision he hurled his sons Leggo creation at the wall
  10. City Joggers are Rude

    Yeah, I don't know. It looked very deliberate, he moved off his line and rather than just a shoulder her, pushed her with both hands. And I note he also skipped the much bigger guy who passed just before her. She was an easier target. If he'd done that to me, I'd have ripped him a new one - like the arse-hat who did similar to me while I was out running.
  11. Wage Increases

    Them's the tricks !
  12. City Joggers are Rude

    Latest terrorist tactic?
  13. Movie Icarus 9/10

    It was OK. TBH I was more interested in the first part where the weekend warrior (cyclist) was on a doping program designed by the Russian guy and how that went, than when it moved onto the Russian Olympics doping scandal....though the way the KGB were involved was interesting.
  14. Gentle beats Duffy to win at Montreal

    Noice! Gee she runs well, great form.
  15. What training did you do today?

    An hour on the UNE MTB track at lunch. Last time there I saw a bloke taking his young fella (age 10?) up one of the intermediate sections called 'Cognition' (and later 'High Cognition' ) I'd never tried, so figured if he could do it, I should try. Went ok apart from dropping the chain on an ugly downshift when I got caught out on a steep section - will know to downshift sooner next time. Starting again and getting clipped in fast on a slope like that without coming to grief is a challenge. Doubt I'll ever tackle any of the black (advanced) sections - not keen to break something. They have green (=muppet, hence signed 'Kermit'), blue (intermediate) and black (advanced) sections all very well marked. Also 'A' and 'B' lines at specific obstacles (I always take the easier B line). It's a great training resource. Your HR is spiking often, good for short-course race training.