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  1. Anyhow, climate change should be sorted once all this is over 😉 Seriously though, I wonder if there will be any noticeable drop in CO2 levels?
  2. Us too. In the late 80s early 90s.
  3. Yes, the only time our council got anything done smoothly in recent times was when we had an administrator in charge. He is now a councilor, probably the best, but can't make up for the other muppets. The worst is an ex-lawyer. Why am I not surprised. She thinks she is so clever, but really has NFI, so her fall-back position is always to question the 'legal basis' of everything.
  4. How does the Bello Council go Alex? Got to be better than up the hill here in Armidale? Seriously, the in-fighting up here has held the city back for decades. Currently votes of no confidence in train against the mayor and CEO, so progress stalls again.
  5. That's the crux of it. Even though the checkout girls are wearing gloves, who knows who else touched your grocery boxes, so we wash our hands after unpacking. Yup. It's so much easier to distance yourself out here. Better than Tescos? Can't believe they ran council elections. If there was ever a tier of govt that could wait, this is it. Our local council just lurches from one bunch of farked up old men & women with personal axes to grind, to another. The staff do their best to keep these muppets out of the daily workings & make something happen, but then the councilors try to sack them for not involving them.....despite the councilors all having signed off on numerous community/operational/delivery/blah blah blah plans. I watched a 3 hour recording of our recent council meeting. My God, what an incompetent rabble. They did not even understand the basic meeting rules. One clown even voted against a motion he had brought to the table 😆
  6. Pulled over for doing 120 in Sydney. Says she's going for a Corona test. So spits on the officer who pulled her over. Filth.
  7. A message to the PM during the COVID 19 crisis.mp3.mp4
  8. What is this boredom of which you speak Flanny? Y'day, 3 hours of driving & 5 hours of fly-fishing for carp on the Gwydir River near Bingara. Just beautiful...apart from the flies. Today an MTB ride when it warms up a bit more, mow the lawn, then many hours of building my 1/48 scale Frank Frazatta diorama (anyone remember Frank's SciFi art from the 80s?). Probably a road ride with my wife tomorrow (she's just gone for a run). Back in the office Monday, we picked up a new contract last week which hopefully will keep us solvent and me in a job! Our office is such that we can basically still self-isolate. Only 3 of us in there anyway. Self Isolating Again.mp4
  9. Yeah, fair call. Western economics has a role to play. On the other hand, our coal has elevated them greatly, but caused other problems. Back in the day, the spread was much slower because no planes, trains & automobiles.....which ironically are often made in China (or at least the bits for them - a genuine VW Jetta door lock costs $300, but I got one out of China which works just as well for $43!).
  10. My Masters was actually about the Australian meat inspection system for pigs. You are right TC, they do carry a lot of things potentially harmful to humans, but not in developed countries where the production and inspection systems virtually eliminate those risks (though may introduce other problems such as anti-biotic resistance). The problem in China (and other less developed countries) is that those safeguards are often not in place, especially not for the illegal consumption of wild animals. Added to that you have cultural practices that aid the spread of any zoonosis. No PC virtue signalling from me on this one sorry folks. Call me a @#$%* if you like. My family won't go here either. To me this one is about race/culture - the 3rd world cultural practices of the Chinese combined with their huge numbers in close proximity & 1st world capacity to travel the globe and spread a highly infectious virus. I'm always been alarmed at the number of people who want to visit China? I know many who have either traveled there for business or holiday and nearly all seem to come back with something nasty, many requiring a stint in hospital.
  11. Correct. And then where are these poor creatures killed and cut up? Not in an abattoir but in someones backyard or kitchen (even Chinese abattoirs would be a big step up). And then how well are they cooked? And then when someone gets sick, how many people do they gob near in a crowded situation?
  12. Unlikely given our abattoir meat inspection system & hygiene rules & that roos are not kept in cages in crowded markets where it is 'cultural' to gob on the ground (I did my Masters thesis on meat inspection - found out 10yrs later it resulted in the system being changed because the procedures they were using actually increased the spread of zoonotic microbes around the carcass ).
  13. My bosses mate is a pharmacist and he's saying the same thing - he judges the severity by the number of people who end up in ICU. He also has stocks on the anti-malarial drug which supposedly knocks the illness off quickly. Apparently medicos are coming in and self-prescribing.
  14. Well, it'll probably run a close 2nd behind the Sharks winning their first, and now likely only premiership in 2016. Now we're getting to the pointy end of things. But don't mention the war and have the racist card drop out of the pack 😉 Exactly. But see point 2 above! True. Will the Chinese Govt be magnanimous enough to do something for the greater good, or will they continue the Chinese tradition of being all about them?
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