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  1. ComfortablyNumb

    TV Shows

    The girls bought me GOT season 7 for Xmas. I'm not really a blondes man, but a blonde with 3 Dragons (who is really a brunette).....
  2. ComfortablyNumb

    Work place politics and millennials

    The workplace denizens thread reminded me of this, but more relevant here. We had a millennial female who got on FB at work and put up posts about how shit our organisation was, how she had nothing to do..... One of our colleagues alerted the boss. You probably won't be surprised to learn a few years later she ran as a mainstream party candidate in the State Election
  3. ComfortablyNumb

    Work place politics and millennials

    I think you've got a Bunny Boiler on your hands TC.
  4. ComfortablyNumb

    Hip Flexor issue

    Roxxi, how did you go with this in the end? Our youngest is training for the GC half mara & is getting sore hip flexors.
  5. ComfortablyNumb

    Commonwealth games chat.

    How good was that womens rugby 7's match
  6. ComfortablyNumb

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I still think 29 deg is not 'brutal'. More likely got hydration or fueling wrong or something else going on.
  7. ComfortablyNumb

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I was thinking the same. They kept carrying on about the brutal conditions, but HTFU. It's 29 on the GC now, not that hot when you consider muppets like us go around Gundi for 4-6+hrs in 33+?
  8. ComfortablyNumb

    Commonwealth games chat.

    6 fractured vertebrae 7 weeks ago they said on the news here.
  9. ComfortablyNumb

    Work place politics and millennials

    And they all start off so innocent-like.......though in hindsight my two seemed to be giving the daycare photographer a WTF look
  10. ComfortablyNumb

    What do you love to do? What makes you feel normal?

    What is this 'normal' to which you refer?
  11. ComfortablyNumb

    What training did you do today?

    An hour on the MTB on the bone-buster track. Over a minute slower now, but still trying to get the Mojo back. Gotta face the fear . Then a 1500m swim set. Only one pool in town over winter now at one of the private schools & you have to have contacts to become a member. The UNE pool is out of action indefinitely, needs a complete rebuild apparently....but my annual m'ship cost has not dropped!
  12. ComfortablyNumb

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    A few girls
  13. ComfortablyNumb

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Dropped the F-bomb on live telly. Love it Well done Chloe.
  14. ComfortablyNumb

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    My unstated plan was to do most of the races in the local sprint series (400/20/4) in 17/18. Didn't get one done. Though swimming & cycling are on the up, running still seems to be a problem. Will try running again shortly with the walk/run method. I'll aim for the 18/19 season now.....though TBH, just happy I can ride up to 40kms again and the constant pain is gone.
  15. ComfortablyNumb

    What training did you do today?

    6hrs of fly-fishing on Lake Diamond, the first 2.5hrs in pissing, freezing rain @ 3 deg. Retired to the cafe in Glenorchy at mid-day for a coffee & to get the core body temp back to normal, then the sun came out.....ish, so got back into it. The poor little Nissan Tiida hire car is trashed, but at least I didn't have to find the farmer to tow me out of his paddock.