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  1. Kona race day thread

    I gotta drop 3kgs get back down to Lange form
  2. Kona race day thread

    Hard to watch..... sort a like a Sharks GF
  3. Kona race day thread

    Sanders, right leg looks bad , hope he makes it! Langer looks fab.
  4. Kona race day thread

    Annabel Luxford for the win?
  5. Kona race day thread

    Had to go to Chrome to get the Redbull coverage to work. Firefox has become rubbish lately. Wish I was in Kona today - supposed to do 60kms and it is arctic here, blowing a gale with drizzle, feels like 6 deg. Would happily do windtrainer, but rest of the Gong Ride training group are saying suck it up
  6. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    I can't Nath. It won't hold the date/time (internal battery must be dodgy, but for $25, you can't expect much). But I reckon it'd still be good enough evidence in a bad prang.
  7. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Got myself a dodgy little dashcam ($25) on Ebay to capture the increasing amount of muppetry driving I see (ignore date/time - the camera can't hold it). Captured this today on the way back from Lismore. Got a good look at the Subaru drivers face as he passed - I'd say a change of undies was in order for the poor bloke, he looked terrified!
  8. Facebook, I dont like it!

    I was at a work training session y'day and was told several times I'm a 'people person'. I could have laughed out loud! Guess I can be when I have to be, and when guiding due to shared interest, but really never happier than when out in the middle of nowhere on a stream alone, with fly-rod in hand.
  9. Forster Ultimate

    Yeah, it was supposed to be in 2011, but haven't they dropped it back to a normal 90kms as per a 70.3 now?
  10. Forster Ultimate

    Ride was long when I did it in 2011 - 30kms long ! Was the most enjoyable 120kms I've ever ridden though. Ended badly when I glanced at my watch for the first time all race 200m from the finish and realised I had to sprint to break my goal of 6hrs. Got there with 15secs to spare. Great event. Some old bloke won outright that year beating all the young guns.
  11. KOM Arguments

    My 100 Kilo+ mate decided he had to ride all the downhills and flats like a cat with metho rubbed into its arse y'day to keep his Strava average speed up. The rest of us just pegged him back on the uphills.
  12. Your best concert memorabilia........

    My favourite Oils song 'No Time for Games'', pretty much sums up my High School years. not on the playlist unfortunately. We're off to see them in Coffs shortly.
  13. Official proof. There is nothing to do in Perth.

    The media have done an awesome job convincing Aussies that electricity, gas and petrol prices are the most critical issues in their financial lives, when in fact most simply fark themselves by borrowing too much.
  14. What training did you do today?

    Swim, 8x200m with about 30 secs rest between. Local swim coach stood at end of my lane and told me how shit my stroke was during every 30sec rest (arms going too deep, not enough stretch, too far across body, fishtailing). Reckons I'm going 25% slower than I could if I corrected those things. He tells me this every time our paths cross, but I'm buggered if I can change it much.
  15. KOM Arguments

    We clearly need a Strava for fly-fishing. 'Flava' sounds legit. I'd have a shitload of KOFs (King of the Fishes), and be a deadset legend in my own lunchbox. Fighting the chicks off I tell ya. You think lyrca looks good, try a set of Simms Waders