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  1. Quitting lots of aerobic exercise has slowly been getting easier over the years, but I keep getting glimmers of false hope, then having it dashed as I try to ramp training up even a little. I'll still swim (though a lot of pull & band now) and do gym work (maybe no legs though for a while). And I have fishing, fly-tying & building model aircraft to keep me busy. The biggest downer will not being able to cycle with my wife & the losing the endorphins of cycling/running. But 7yrs of chronic pain is too much. I'm setting myself up for permanent inflammation & pain, so need to get on top of it now. It can be reduced/cured if I'm sensible. Will try to do it drug free initially, but if that fails, will get back on the Celebrex for a few months.
  2. Triathlon. I'm done. 7yrs of trying to come back. I need to step right away from cycling & running to see if I can get these knees entirely pain-free.
  3. Think I'll have to follow the Bunnies from here....then Raiders, then Roosters.
  4. An hour of MTB single track dodging a few vagrants wandering about. Still can't consistently nail the downhill jump, but thankfully after having my forks fixed under warranty, they absorb the nose-dives, thus catering for my advanced muppetry. Left a little water for the poor magpies.
  5. Is there anything better in NRL than seeing Manly lose?
  6. Was just pondering with our youngest who works in media why TF the ref would need to go the video ref for that last Bunnies try, which was so obviously a try. I mean, WTF was possibly wrong with it? She said because they would have a deal with KFC that they have to give them at least 4 exposures via the video ref per match. Fark me ☹️
  7. One lit in town by the kids y'day, out now. The others near Glen Innes and Wards Mistake. And a huge one further north near Ebor.
  8. 1.5mm here only. Another 298.5mm over the next 2 months and we'll be sweet 😯 Smoke has gone though. The biggest problem we have in town is the black kids purposely lighting fires. 74 so far this year, and every one uses up our scarce water to put it out 🤬
  9. Watching from my office window, through a blue smoke haze, as all your Sydney fire trucks pass through town. Hope you don't get a bad fire down there, cos they are all up here! - Campbelltown, Menai.....
  10. ComfortablyNumb

    Magpies ?

    And what do we see on the 10 News coverage. A triathlete riding his bike past the magpie while looking at his phone, just to add to our loved persona 🙄
  11. More inconvenient blackfella truth. This is why they're still so far behind the 8-ball.
  12. I know how that goes. Also my appetite didn't shrink, even though I was forced to cut my exercise levels by at least 50%. And swimming is not a great weight reducer. Part of my approach was to get back into the weights (mostly upper body & core) to build muscle, which is supposed to increase your resting metabolism. Still 2-3kgs over where I'd like to be.
  13. Eels 58, Bronocs 0. Nearly makes up for it!
  14. Goodbye 2019 season already 😥
  15. Storm robbed by the touchy. What a tragedy 🤣
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