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  1. moondust

    Bike Fear

    Hi Sekhmet, I bought my bike last year and I wasn't doing well at all until I did a bike skills course with Sydney Community College (no affinity, I just like their courses). The specific one I did was called "Get back on your bike", which is not on the timetable this year, but this one Bike Course Link is very similar. I was about the middle of the class in terms of skills, and I found it invaluable. I'm very careful about where I ride and am never going to break any speed records, but I can indicate, pedal and brake at the same time, and I can stop safely in just about any circumstances. No-one in the class I did had clips or cleats so we didn't cover clipping in and out (and I still need some work on that front ), but it was well worth the $70 for me anyway. md.
  2. moondust

    BL 3

    Sorry I haven't participated much in the intervening weeks as I've been away from either a computer or my regular scales. 84.4kg this morning. md
  3. Week 1 (at apex of holiday gluttony and on moonsister's scales) 89.1kg Week 2 (on own scales, possibly dehydrated from longhaul flight) 86.7kg Thanks Plaz.
  4. Count me in again please. I'm on hols in the UK practising eating as a competitive sport, and about to depart on a river cruise for a week with partner and two mums in tow, so it will only get worse. 171cm. I'm thinking it might be easier to get taller than to lose weight this month. Not back in country until 7th Sept, so will be late with first check-in. Good luck all.
  5. moondust


    Cool! That's about the best thing I could have won. I'm very happy to have won anything at all (but I have to say I'm glad it's something I'll be able to use). Congrats to all winners and thanks to everyone who set up and helped to organise a great initiative. md
  6. moondust

    Biggest Loser 2

    81.1 for me - an overall loss of 2kg. Not much, but given I've been ill for 4 weeks and unable to train, it's fine. Still trying for the sub-80. Thanks Plazbot.
  7. 80.5kg for me today. Same goal as JAH - sub 80 by next Monday.
  8. Exactly 81kg for me this morning. I missed last week, so please put me down for the same as the week before (81.3kg from memory). Slow as a wet weekend, but still in the right direction. Ta.
  9. moondust

    Jaggard Sale

    Same story as Hanging Lake here. Ordered 26/01, debited CC 31/01, and nothing since. In fairness, they do say to allow 21 days to dispatch and 3 days for post (or some such) - which is a bit lengthy when we're used to better - but they haven't actually broken their own Ts & Cs yet. That said, there'll be some follow-up activity today. I'm still smarting from my first internet scam experience last week. Edit later: Just spoke to Roma at Jaggad who told me that all online sale orders have now been despatched. Mine was 4 items which she said would have been sent by Aus post. I've asked for confirmation of the date of despatch and she's going to call me back. I'm not sure if I'm glad I phoned. Edit again: Points to Roma for calling back within 10 minutes. She confirmed that my order was despatched by Aus Post yesterday. Seems they were just not set up for the volume of orders and the process was to print out the emails, take them to the warehouse and add them to the pile already there. New orders went to the top of the pile, etc. Will not panic now until about Wednesday next week.
  10. 81.3kg for me this week. Still in the right direction but veeeeery slow. More focus required I think.
  11. 81.6kg for me this morning. Slow, but in the right direction. I smashed my car up last Thursday (thankfully no-one injured) which makes it harder to get to the gym/pool, but should mean I do more walking.
  12. 82.2kg for me this morning. Work is about to seriously interfere with my exercise schedule so I have to be careful this week. Happy with progress so far.
  13. Hi all, Am delurking to join this, so I hope I'm not too late. 02/01 - 83.1 08/01 - 82.8 (-0.3) Target is 75kg. Actually, I'll be happy with anything starting with a 7 as it would be the first time for about 25 years. Cheers. md
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