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  1. Yes, then its OK. Eating trumps drafting.
  2. Rarely touch the stuff (c. 3 times a year), but on race day 6 neurofen and 6 panadol over 15 hours takes the edge off.
  3. I swim in a pair of speedos purchased in 83, I like to run in Roman sandals and I ride a Peugot six speed. I also like long walks in the park and believing that I'm better than you.
  4. A few things... Yes - I will accept a Baker's Delight sponsorship (can you think of any other triathlete that will do more than I will for the brand?) - friend me... No, Tim was not, I repeat, not on a Gios, he has some bulls&it fast cash for comment deal with trek... Yes I will train for Roth, a bit... Yo2 - everyone is Pete Jacob's mate - that doesnt really narrow it down much. If you're going to name drop can you please restrict it to "Macca and I were naked in the hot tub when..." I will return to Cairns in 2012 (the last year of the Mayan calander) and I shall have my veng
  5. Prologue: It’s amazing what two beers can achieve. Never underestimate the power of two foaming pitchers of ale on an empty stomach blended with some bravado and spiced with a dash of stupidity. Right about now, men are nodding sagely (insert your foolish moment here) while women tisk and exhale, simultaneously rolling their eyes. There was more to the Cairns Challenge than just the Challemge Cairns, a chain of events preceded what was to become a memorable day. Remember, it’s not the surface of the water that you need to be afraid of, but what lies beneath. It was under these conditi
  6. Shortest Race Report Ever (for the time poor) Glorious three and a bit hours of training for my impending victory over BillDB at Cairns. Swam in the jewel of the Garden state (that's Port Phillip Bay for you unfortunates to the north that are currently busy building arks), enjoyed the roll along Beach Road (prominade of Kings), stopped in at Velo Chino midway through the bike for a coffee (Blair doesnt start until 9am?) and then soaked up the fresh salty air while stepping out for the 'run' as its called. Zipped up and looked aero down the finish chute. Great day had by all.
  7. You sure about that? I eat my entry fee in gu from the aid stations. I'm a rolling scorched earth policy. Last long race I did I gained 5kgs, 5!!!!!!! Fully catered nature walks people, get on it.
  8. I make no promisies as to my future race program. Jester (The Cam) has just departed to Europe for two years of waffles, a smoke unt fat Belgium beer halls. Jester, despite the illegal drugs you will no doubt consume, your penchant for the deep fried shoe leather will continue to be your undoing, remember "day four" you miserable saddle sore. I might consider training for Busso (although this goes against my principles).
  9. Otter

    Ironman Melbourne

    True dat. I'm shitt&ng myself about Port...
  10. Otter


    Yes. This is a race report. People might commiserate with you or say that you'll learn more from this than you will from a successful race. Personally I think that's all crap. What I take away from your words is that you suffered horribly. Your suffering and the fact that you had enough pride, stupidity and stones to gut it out and get a finish means that this is the race that makes you far more interesting. A DNF would still have hurt more. What did the other accountants do on their weekend? Great report. So much more interseting than a Kona qualifier or a PB. Out of intere
  11. Peter, some people think that the ultimate one day endurance challenge is an ironman. Sure, Ironman - it has a nice ring to it, but some people choose to do more in one day. Some people choose to complete the ironman, get the girl AND consume a pounder from filthy ronalds (yes you heard me right, a pounder damit). I'm just saying is all. Parkside, its all about the chafing but I was trying to be motivational and everyone just laughes at me. Next time I'm sticking with the turkey basting gags. Fishboy - step up. You know you will, I know you will, its just a matter of time. Put yo
  12. Are you new to this long course caper? Are you fat, slow, un-trained, un-motivated or maybe you only have a single digit VO2 max? Remember, half the population has above average genetics and physiology for long course racing, the other half could be you. Got a tough race coming up in just a few days time? If any of this sounds like you, then maybe you could benefit from Otter's tips for tough days. You wont read any HTFU Bullshot here, just our patented "Slow but Steady' finish techniques from Otter's Institute for BOP'ers or OIFBOPer's for short. The following is a brief summary and a f
  13. Post cancer I struggle with moderate to severe anxiety. There is no cure. I self medicate with really strong coffee (it's a desensitisation agent), red wine, tri training and hanging out with my friends. When this fails I can always turn on who ever happens to be the most annoying customer of the day. You know who you are...
  14. Otter

    Game On

    Race Report posted.
  15. Otter

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    Silver (Titanium).
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