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  1. POT

    What training did you do today...

    Buffalo is such an enjoyable climb, consistent and great views. Was Bright Brewery, Sweetwater or Beechworth Brewery your refreshment venue of choice ?
  2. POT

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    Swim - 131.5km Bike - 15,073km (177,835m altitude climbed) Run - 1,316km IM NZ and IM Mont-Tremblant were my only 2 races in 2018.. 2019 : I'd like to complete the 7 peaks again after not having ridden Hotham, Falls and Buffalo for a while.
  3. POT

    Cycling. Forget cars. Animals.

    I had 3 kangaroos hop along next to me on my bike this morning in Park Orchards. I slowed down so I wouldn't pass them until then turned off the road and into someones block. I've had them decide to turn in the past and nearly take me out. I've run over and almost run over tiger snakes and red-bellied brown snakes in the past month. I've also had deer cross the road just in front of me on the road in Warrandyte. Makes you wary when riding in the dark mornings. I think I need to get myself to Fly12.
  4. POT

    Trannies Strava Page

    I went for a gentle 15km run around Ottawa this morning.
  5. POT

    What training did you do today...

    2.5km swim on the Ironman swim course in Lac Tremblant. Looking forward to good conditions for Sunday.
  6. POT

    Free Ironman Entry to a North American Race

    I've already entered IM Mont-Tremblant otherwise I'd definitely be up for it. Hopefully there will be another trannie to catch up with for a post race beer.
  7. POT

    IMNZ 2018

    Thanks Peter, This will be number 20. A bit unsure how this one will go as I'm still struggling for speed and confidence in the water after coming back from a broken scapula and collarbone.
  8. POT

    IMNZ 2018

    Arrived in Taupo this afternoon and the lake was calm. Went for a 1600m swim in the lake around 5:30 without wetsuit. Ok for the first 500 but the water is too cold for a long swim without a wettie. Forecast looks good for Saturday.
  9. POT

    Trannies Strava Page

  10. I raced Ironman Austria in Klagenfurt in 2009 and rate it very highly. A fanstastic swim in a clean clear lake of around 21 degrees when I did it. The last 600m of the swim is in a canal with people all along it cheering you on. Training in the lake in the days before the race was just really enjoyable. The bike course is not flat and has two decent climbs in it on each lap but it has a lot of smooth fast road surface so I would rate it faster than Port Macquarie or Taupo. The scenery is beautiful if you get a chance to look around. The run is two flat laps part of it along the side of the lake and part along the canal and up into the old town with lots of shade for most of it. There are lots of people in the old town at bars and cafe's in the town square so it has a good atmosphere. The pre race carbo was great with a group of Austrian folk dancers in lederhosen performing the Schuhplattler. The post race party was one of the best I've been to with an Australian rock band playing afterwards although I did end up drinking with a bunch of Germans and didn't get home until after 3 in the morning. There is heaps to do and see around the area and Vienna is only about a 3 hour drive away. I would have no hesitation in going back to race there again but are planning on other different races. Cheers POT
  11. POT


    I've bought off them a couple of times with no problems and pretty quick delivery to Aus. I asked them a few questions via their chat and found them helpful. No complaints here and the prices were great.
  12. POT

    Best place to buy garmin

    Japay, If you are still looking, check out Slane Cycles. They are doing the 920XT with running HRM for $445 at the moment for the next two weeks.
  13. POT

    Cairns 2016 Roll Call

    I was told of a couple of stings at Port later in the day on Sunday, not competitors according to the woman at checkin at my hotel at Palm Cove. Her husband had raced on Sunday and is doing the half this week. They had only taken the stinger net in last week at Port and took it in at Palm Cove yesterday but haven't seen any stingers here for 2 weeks.
  14. POT

    Cairns 2016 Roll Call

    POT #1335 - Full Had a beautiful 3km swim off Palm Cove this morning sans wetsuit in the 26 degree water and the talk here was it will be a non wetsuit swim. No stingers here but apparently some people were stung up at Port after the Coral Coast last weekend.
  15. POT

    Ironman Cairns 2016

    Beautiful morning in Palm Cove today and the water is like a mirror. Water temp is 26 degrees and they have just pulled the stinger nets out of the water. Apparently they haven't seen any stingers for around 2 weeks. There were a few people out swimming this morning and they all survived. Pity it isn't going to be like that on Sunday with 25-30km winds predicted. I might go out for a swim later today as I can't really remember last time I had a decent swim in the ocean. I'm hoping I can shake this cold and cough in the warm weather by Sunday or you will definitely know who I am when passing on the run.