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  1. POT

    2019 totals

    Don't remember swimming for 35 hours.
  2. POT

    Festive 500

    I'm in again and still have 256 kms to go with 3 days left. Should cover over half of that tomorrow with a ride in the Yarra Valley/Kinglake.
  3. I raced Ironman Mont Tremblant in 2018 and stayed at Le Grand Lodge Mont Tremblant on Lake Ouimet about 6kms from the race village and halfway between the race village and Mont Tremblant township. I found it on booking.com. We stayed there as it had more self catering facilities than the hotels in the race village and was nice and quiet. The lake across the road from our room was great for swimming without the logistics of getting to the swim course and finding parking. They run a shuttle service on race weekend from the hotel to the race village although we mostly drove to the village and parked in the ski carparks about 500m from the race village. The Mont Tremblant township has a large supermarket (think Coles, Woolworths size) which has everything you need for supplies and is much cheaper than the ski village. There are also quite a few restaurants around the township. We flew into Toronto and had driven up via Quebec City and Montreal. It is an easy 1.5hr mostly highway drive from Montreal. The race itself was fantastic, a great clear fresh water swim, smooth roads with plenty of hills on the bike and the run course along the bike path (with more hills) through the forest with plenty of shade. The crowd support and the finish in the ski village had a awesome atmosphere. I'm definitely thinking of going back, it's just a long way to go and expensive as i won't travel to the northern hemisphere for a race unless I spend at least a month up there.
  4. Cows with cow bells ringing as you climb the hills off lake Zurich in Ironman Switzerland. There are also people playing the alphorns in one of the villages further up the hill The post race stein of beer in the hot tubs.
  5. I did my first ever parkrun in Cornwall Park in Auckland this morning. I ran there from near Auckland Hospital in pouring rain. The apple maps said it was 5.2km to get there but it ended up being 8.5km and my phone was so wet I couldn't get it to work to check directions so I got there over 15 minutes late. Still I had ran far enough that I thought I better do it and ended up with 37:19. Gives me an easy PB when I get around to racing my local parkrun. Seemed like a good event and would have been good to hang around for a coffee in the park but it was too cold and wet. Ended up with an 18.7km run and back at hotel by 9:30 for a day of wet sightseeing.
  6. POT

    All things IM NZ

    I believe there were 2 athletes taken to hospital after they crossed paths on the turn into private road on the way out on the second lap. I don't know the details but a mate who was providing the on course bike support told me about it. I can only imagine one of them would have been moving at around 50km/hr on that stretch of road.
  7. POT

    All things IM NZ

    21st Taupo. Not sure how this one will pan out. Been crook with flu + bronchitis so have had over 2 weeks off training until I arrived here on Wednesday. Conditions are looking good still.
  8. POT

    All things IM NZ

    Weather is looking good in Taupo for Saturday. The water was beautiful today. Are there any other trannies around town ?
  9. Buffalo is such an enjoyable climb, consistent and great views. Was Bright Brewery, Sweetwater or Beechworth Brewery your refreshment venue of choice ?
  10. Swim - 131.5km Bike - 15,073km (177,835m altitude climbed) Run - 1,316km IM NZ and IM Mont-Tremblant were my only 2 races in 2018.. 2019 : I'd like to complete the 7 peaks again after not having ridden Hotham, Falls and Buffalo for a while.
  11. I had 3 kangaroos hop along next to me on my bike this morning in Park Orchards. I slowed down so I wouldn't pass them until then turned off the road and into someones block. I've had them decide to turn in the past and nearly take me out. I've run over and almost run over tiger snakes and red-bellied brown snakes in the past month. I've also had deer cross the road just in front of me on the road in Warrandyte. Makes you wary when riding in the dark mornings. I think I need to get myself to Fly12.
  12. POT

    Trannies Strava Page

    I went for a gentle 15km run around Ottawa this morning.
  13. 2.5km swim on the Ironman swim course in Lac Tremblant. Looking forward to good conditions for Sunday.
  14. I've already entered IM Mont-Tremblant otherwise I'd definitely be up for it. Hopefully there will be another trannie to catch up with for a post race beer.
  15. POT

    IMNZ 2018

    Thanks Peter, This will be number 20. A bit unsure how this one will go as I'm still struggling for speed and confidence in the water after coming back from a broken scapula and collarbone.
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