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  1. 30kms+ from my place so I might get shot if I travel that far. i could swim in the Yarra at pound bend
  2. Swimming in Melbourne is so 2019.
  3. Given how Melbourne is travelling at the moment, if it did go ahead, Victorians couldn't enter, there would be a field limit of 5 and they would still need a rolling start.
  4. POT

    Cycling in Victoria

    I ride up Mt Dandenong and the 1in 20 at least 3 times a week as part of my lockdown faux commute. At least now I can point to Strava to tell them I’m a local.
  5. Tell them their dreaming. Have they recruited Trump for their promos ? With Melbourne in lockdown until at least 19 August based on the current schedule, I can't see anyone from Melbourne competing. I doubt the Queensland government will let any Victorians into the state by September. A lot can happen with other states before then as well. After having my first set of flights cancelled, it's not worth risking another flight cancellation.There are just too many uncertainties to plan a trip up north at the moment and by the time we might have certainty it will be too late to organise. By then it will also be over 5 months since lots of Victorian's have had access to a pool and I don't think they will be opening up again on the first day after lockdown. I'm not keen on doing an ironman with my first swim in 6 months being a day or two before the race. I suspect Cairns will not happen until June 2021, at least not for any Victorians.
  6. 80kms on the bike out to Mt Dandenong for my almost daily faux commute. It's my only escape from home under lockdown as I've been WFH since March. The roads are so quiet out there early morning. I rode from the Basin up to the top of Mt Dandenong one day last week and had only 1 car pass me for the 9.4kms to Olinda. Just damn cold, wet and foggy at times.
  7. I doubt that Cairns will happen. If it does it might be a Queenslander only event as there is no talk of opening the borders to other states. In Melbourne we still don't have any pools open in the east even though they are able to open but none of them have reopened and don't have a reopen date as yet. It might be because all the pools I have access to also have a gym.
  8. Will they add a bike handling test to registration, given all these people who never ride a bike off a trainer or will they be forced to have training wheels on their TT bikes ?
  9. I went for a 137km ride down to Frankston and back up beach rd with a stop at a bottle shop at 85kms to grab 2 beers so I could ride past a mates place, drop a beer on his nature strip and have a rideby beer for his 50th birthday. My first time along beach rd for a few months and I really don't understand why people ride along there. So much traffic, traffic lights/pedestrian lights every km and people all over the road on bikes. That bike path/running track along the beach has boxing day sale type of crowds moving along it.
  10. I ride a 2017 Domane SL5 disc for as my commute/training bike now and although it's probably not quite as fast as my old Cannondale Super 6, it is great on crappy surface roads/bike tracks and with the 32mm tryes it is comfortable for riding the gravel parts of the main yarra trail. It allows me to ride the Warburton rail trail out to Warburton, ride up Mt Donna Buang, then go down the north side to Healesville with the 10km downhill gravel section. That's not something I would recommend on a Madone. It really depends on what you intend to use your bike for.
  11. I have been doing my faux commutes and this morning took a spin out to Mt Dandenong.. It is the best time to be up there with no tourists and very little traffic in general. It's like being out there early on a Sunday morning everyday. As per rule 6 above, it just frees my mind and is an escape from WFH everyday.
  12. POT

    Cairns IM 2020

    They haven't given that as an option but I might email and ask that question. Maybe a spot in the soon to be announced Aus/NZ competitors only Half Ironman World Championships in Taupo in November.
  13. POT

    Cairns IM 2020

    Yeah, I can do that but my jetstar voucher for my cancelled flights runs out before next year and I have two sets of vouchers which I need to use by April.
  14. POT

    Cairns IM 2020

    Has anyone responded to their Cairns Event Selection email and picked their replacement race ? I still have strong doubts that a race will go ahead in September and wonder what their policy will be when they postpone the race again. Can we be sure there will even be flights to Cairns by then and would they still hold it for a field of around 150 locals if there are no flights or the borders aren't open ?
  15. Given the current lockdown and no reopening of pools in sight within the next few months, many athletes would also have to race on possibly a few weeks of swim training.
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