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  1. Dave T

    Ironman IVs

    Reading Baggsy's book, a lot of the Euros and Yanks used to turn up to Forster fully expecting to be able to get an IV post-race "on demand". They were pretty shocked when he told 'em, " It just doesn't work that way here". I must confess, I had one after a race in Korea where it was 40C+ and high humidity. But I didn't even ask for it. Probably 75% of the field had one. At the end of the day, it's a medical procedure, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Needlestick injuries and all that OHS stuff. Plus I'd sure want to know that the people sticking a needle into me had the appropriate level of training and were competent to do so.
  2. Dave T

    70.3 Switzerland - Bergs

    Or more importantly, that the Pro males 7-10 should hand in their cards .😈
  3. Dave T

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Hold on a minute. There's no "art" to that. Just sounds too simple. What...JFT ??? Then where would all that snake oil go???😃
  4. Dave T

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Must confess I agree ( probably no surprise ). The Performance Manager Chart is worth the price of admission that TP charge. Being able to watch the CTL line climb ( as long as you are consistent with sessions ) gives you confidence that something is working. Conversely, seeing that if you miss a couple of sessions hasn't ruined your whole preparation because the CTL HASN'T fallen through the floor is also reassuring. I'm still just scratching the surface of what it can do, but think it will help me improve for next year. 😆 Ah, science. 😃😃
  5. Dave T

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Thanks Alex. This post should be pinned somewhere. My take on this would be : The "Art" of creating a good training plan is to build something that an athlete will be motivated to stick to. If the athlete is "motivated" by seeing their works uploaded to Training Peaks, and tracking their performance improvements in a measured "Scientific" approach, then that may be one method. There you go AP. Balance between "Art" and "Science". 😀
  6. Dave T

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    :-) Hope you don't mix up your paying clients as easily as you mix up posters on Trannies. I'm the Scientist. No idea what Barry Bevan's profession is. BB is the one with the 300Watt FTP, sub 40min 10k Mine is closer to 220watts and 50minutes would be a stretch these days. Having re-read a lot of my posts over the last 24 hours, I'd probably also slot myself in alongside BOW as a "flea". Maybe the right side of my brain IS a bit underdeveloped. :-)
  7. Dave T

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    The point I'm trying to make is that from 2000 - 2005 ( when my daughter was 1 -6 yo and I saw her on alternate weekends) qualifying for Kona was EVERYTHING to me. ( I remember getting in touch with you [AP], and you said"It sounds like you got what it takes"). (Sorry) I got a local coach. (Vic) { Maybe that was my big mistake after all} 🙂 We had a program. When I wasn't working, and I wasn't with my daughter........I was training. I'm a Scientist by trade, so everything I did was planned and methodical. To paraphrase Thomas Hellreigel..." I 'worked' hard....real hard ". On Race Day, I gave myself a good hard talking to, and said, "Today is your Day" At no stage in any Race I have ever said " Ah, F#$k it.....I'm just gonna walk it in now. I'll walk two abreast and have a 2hr chat with the guy walking next to me". Most of the people that make up this forum are the reason I still frequent here. We are still the "everyman". Everyone is out there giving it the best they can. Port Mac this year was my worst time by a considerable margin. But despite that, and the fact that I thought I'd trained really well, I'm really proud of the fact that I "shuffled " along at an unbelievably slow pace without walking anything but the Aid Stations. You know , when you watch those Olympic marathon runners staggering all over the road, cause they're running on fumes. That was me. So...tell me again AP about improving my "life habits" !
  8. Dave T

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    Train solo. Hate bunch riding. It's me and one other ...max. Don't have the luxury of lunchtime training. But, do have the advantage of being in control of my staff's roster. 9-5 / 8 -4 / 2 -10 / 11- 7 / variable with 1:4 weekend work and 72hr on-call. Swimming is irrelevant ( sorry Ex-) I swim 1:01 to 1:02 regardless of whether I do 1 swim/wk or 4/wk. Bike: my best times were 2004 - 2005 when I averaged 300km from qualifying races in August right through to race time in April/May. Run: my best times ( 10:45....30mins off Kona Q ) was when I was doing 60k/wk in August and was periodising my training to maintain that for the next 6mths till IM Race Day. Here's a screen cap of one of my 30k hill runs in 2008 at aerobic pace.
  9. Dave T

    Best AG IM coaches - QLD or Online

    See this is where I have always had a major philosphical disagreement with you AP. I remember getting into a massive argument back-in-the-day with Jimmy C ( a disciple of yours I believe). He would always bang on about how anybody under 50yo could break 10hrs if "they wanted it enough". The implication being , if they didn't break 10hrs they either didn't want it enough, or they were "weak" ( physically or mentally, you take your pick). Of course when I reminded him of the time in 2005 when he went 10:08 at IMNZ he was none too pleased. Called me a "flea", and has now taken his toys and gone to play elsewhere. What I was trying to get across to him was that not everyone is #blessed with the same genetics . If you work at it , you can get exponentially closer TO YOUR OWN GENETIC POTENTIAL. That may be 10hrs, but it may also be 11,12,13 or heaven forbid, 14hrs. People that can qualify for Kona anytime they so choose think that anybody can do it. They don't accept that maybe they might have a slight genetic advantage over the "everyman". I know it's good for business to say, "Trust my teachings, and I'll get you there. Just believe" ( Very christian approach. LOL). I think what a lot of people ( me in particular) find offensive, is the implication that if you don't podium / Kona qualify / break xhrs, it's because you're mentally weak, or if you change a few "life habits" everything will just miraculously turn you into a gun. I call BS ! I will be doing my 20th IM next year, having started in 1999. I will be ageing up to the 60-64 AG. I averaged 15hrs per week training since Xmas 2017 , and none of it was "fluff". If I sign up to the Cycos program, do you reckon I'll be able to steal John Hill's Kona spot?
  10. Dave T

    Giro - Grand Tour Tipping Contest

    I had a dream on Friday night that Froome had seen the furore his 80k solo ride had caused and decided to "Tank" Saturday's stage to save his credibilty, and not bringing cycling into disrepute. Of course it was only a dream. Of course he continues to sprout his innocence. Sorry...what was that Tyler ,...er,...Floyd, er.... Lance. We've heard it all before. #saddayforcycling
  11. Dave T

    Giro - Grand Tour Tipping Contest

    Ummm. HER team. 😃
  12. Dave T

    Fastest Ironman branded race

    Are you taking the piss out of me?😁
  13. Dave T

    Major fault in 100 runs in 100 days

    I presume the guy you are talking about in the first quote is me.LOL. Whilst I generally agree with a lot of what you write, unfortunately, in this case, not so much. I race with the gadgets, but mostly just to record the data. I use the power meter on the bike to make sure I don't go out too hard over the first lap. Unfortunately, my power meter didn't work for the entire ride this year, so I was left with "Perceived Effort". So I tried to be conservative, didn't look at speed all day. Only checked my time at 90k and 180k. Probably went 20mins slower than I "felt " I'd gone, but certainly didn't "focus on the outcome". Again, unfortunately, what I discovered was that my training this year wasn't as good as I thought it had been. On the run, I didn't look at my watch the whole time. Just shuffled "aid station to aid station", and tried not to walk in-between. My Garmin ( recording the data) died before the finish, so when I asked my wife what time it was and she said " Ten to ten", I couldn't believe it. A full 1 1/2 hours after I'd expected it to be. So Perceived Effort can be 'out' by a far bit sometimes . LOL. It's ok. I can accept I was crap on the day. I'm still proud that I staggered my way around 42k. I wasn't walking 2-abreast , having a little chap to while away the time. I was going as hard as I could, which was unfortunately incredibly slow. LOL. Maybe I need to do some of those hill repeats. Doesn't have to be in the rain. Just have to do 'em.
  14. Dave T

    Ironman AUS - Trannie Order of Merit.

    Be careful. If you do #21, you know you'll need to do #22,#23,#24 so you can get to the 25-times Finishers club. As an aside, I received King Ken's book in the mail yesterday. In the photo section there's a photo of Dick Quinn, Bob Scammell and Dave Ross on stage receiving their 15-Times finishers trophies. (a) The trophies were better "back in the day" ( Not by much, I still think the one I got is pretty bloody good. Just sayin') (b) They were given a free entry to KONA !!!! WTC sure have tightened the purse strings over the years.😂
  15. Dave T

    Ironman AUS - Trannie Order of Merit.

    Amen to that. A personal worst for me by over an hour. But I did have the privilege of "running" with my good mate IronmanFoz for a little while ( he was a lap ahead by this stage). Having got through my #15, I received my complimentary entry into IMOz 2019 yesterday. So now I've got 50 weeks to figure out why I can get through a 180k training ride in good shape, but the same distance and power profile on race day absolutely slays me. I can't use age as an excuse because AP is 10+ years older than me and he smashed me on the bike( and run.LOL). Well done all, and a special congrats to IronmanFoz for finishing his 20th with a dodgy hammie.