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  1. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    Lol. Shouldn't have opened my big mouth...................last .
  2. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    I'm aiming for " Top Ten". Where are the Larsens? Giving us a chance this time around.
  3. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    Thanks mate. I'm in and currently sitting on top of the leader board. Can't see it staying that way for long.
  4. Tour de France Commentary

    TrollDJ strikes again: Warren Zevon's " Werewolves of London " "Aruuuuuuuuuuu,( dum dum dum dummm) Aruuuuuuuuuu" Love it.
  5. Tour de France Commentary

    Agreed. When I saw the neck brace come out I thought, "Oh no...head injury." Granite is not very forgiving.Fabio Casartelli springs to mind.
  6. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Have lost Porte and Sagan, but at least some of my "Others" have come out to play. Great having Fulgsang and Barquil out in the main bunch.
  7. Tour de France Commentary

    Spectacular night of cycling. The Bad: Richie's crash. Hitting that stone embankment going full gas would be everyone's worst nightmare. Hope he recovers mentally as well as physically. The Good: Barguil.Fully deserving of the KOM jersey. Gutted he didn't win the sprint. Beaten by Uran who had a broken derailleur and could only ride in 53/38-11. Aru attacking Froome after he has signalled he had a mechanical, and the look of panic on Froome's face as everyone rides away from him. Bardet's insane descent down the Mont du Chat. It had everything.
  8. Sagan at Fault?

    And being bloody bureaucrats, once they'd made the decision they were never going to lose face and change their minds. Plus, re-instating him once he'd missed a Stage would have drawn complaints from all and sundry. No win situation for all concerned.
  9. 2017 Tour de France

    Well there goes that theory.
  10. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Porte must have been taking it very cautiously. After one stage he already has 35 seconds to make up on Froome. Not an auspicious start.
  11. 2017 Tour de France

    Yeah agreed. That's my point. Richie needs to wise up.He's not Froome's domestique any more. Call him through.Make him take a turn. Don't just give him a free tow up the mountain. No more mister nice guy.
  12. 2017 Tour de France

    Richie just needs to race smarter. In the Dauphine he towed Froome up every hill. Froome abused the friendship and then attacked on the descent after doing no work the whole time. If Richie can copy that tactic, let Sky do all the work, just sit on Froome's wheel, I believe Porte is currently the stronger of the two. Well my Team hopes so.
  13. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    In. Harder to get a team together under budget than it was for the Giro. Mind you my Giro team was very budget.
  14. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Thanks Ex, I was hoping you'd have time to do this. Should be a cracker.
  15. Le Tour - sherwen liggett out. Robbie Keenan IN

    And they're all easy compared to Sean Kelly on Eurosport.