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  1. Dave T

    Hoka One One

    Apparently they are releasing a new colour range for the Rincon in " early January ", so will wait and see then.
  2. Dave T

    Hoka One One

    Hadn't heard of them, so I thought I'd have a look on JH's site. They're now at $199&$239 respectively, so I'm gonna pass. Having said that, I really want to try the Hoka Rincon but the One One site only has them in two sizes(not mine). Port's Athletes Foot store would order some so I could compare to the Clifton 6, but the wholesaler has none. How can you release a new shoe and have NO stock. Sigh.
  3. Dave T

    Training and Smoke

    To put it in context. Port Macquarie had an index of 3700( !!!!!!!) for over a week. Visibilty was down to 200metres. The PM10 rolling average today was 175, and whilst you could see smoke haze, after the last few weeks it was "like" clean air. Mind you, I have only had one ride , and than the occasional surf since the bushfires started a month ago.
  4. He may have put on a kg or two since 2011.
  5. And you still went better than me. "Ruin away".
  6. Wore that t-shirt to race start at Port this year. Retired in the shirt that started it all. 20yo t-shirts can still come in handy. 😎
  7. Sorry mate. Went away for the weekend and forgot about it. Otherwise you'd be in front of somebody. 😆
  8. @ComfortablyNumb, You'd need to contact the guy that runs the app ( Mike Clucas ) to find out what is required. Sure it's kinda cool to have a ride on the app that is close to home and that you ride regularly ( Two Bays climb is pretty much at the end of my street, so comparing the virtual experience with the real thing was fun), but the beauty of the app is being able to ride in locations you will never to able to get to without spending $1000's. Rode in the Italian Alps last week on a beautiful sunny day with snow capped mountains all around. Bought the Kickr and a Fulgaz subscription ( if you get a 12 month sub. you can have a "Family" membership which allows your partner to have their own account. They can customise the app to their weight, FTP, bike weight,etc), that way my wife can also maintain motivation over winter when the weather is crap. She has no interest in TrainerRoad or Zwift, but loves Fulgaz.
  9. "Fulgaz" is a great app to use on a Smart Trainer. People record Go Pro footage ( 4k mostly) and supply the Garmin files ( .tcx, .gpx , .fit files) of a ride they complete. App changes the power requirements as you ride uphill. Camera mounted on the handlebars makes for a very realistic view. Displays the gradient and your "speed". You ride against the person that created the ride, and the latest update has now introduced a Virtual Partner called "Bernard". You can customise bernard to, say, have a base flat road power average of 200 watts. There are a great selection of rides from 45mins on Beach rd Melbourne or Akuna Bay, to rides in the French Alps, Canada, Italy, or the full 5hr IM Kona ride. Highly recommended.
  10. Thanks ex-. My performance reflects how much attention I pay to Pro cycling.🤣🤣 Having said that I love Velogames and will be back for Le Tour, even if it's just so that others can laugh at me.
  11. You are correct. And one of the guys we met that had qualified for Kona in 2012 was one of the 10 random slots. To the crowd's amazement he knocked it back because he only did the IMOz 2015 race to get his Legend status and then he was going to retire. Someone was lucky.
  12. Dave T

    Health & Wellbeing

    Tick to all the above, and my recent decision to take 9 months Long Service Leave should account for any stress 😁 Unless the list of "projects " gets too long, then I might have to go back to work. Flannie should have it covered too. Aren't you "retiring "?
  13. Yeah, but you're still well ahead of me. 😁😁 And I had Dumoulin too, so won't be getting any higher up the ladder.
  14. "In" ......for another spanking.😲
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