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  1. And they used to charge by the megabyte.😃
  2. With the greatest respect, I honestly believe people should train their weakness. Over 19 IM races my swim time has been 1:00hr +/- 2mins. I tried swimming 15km/wk. No difference to my finish time. I've swum 3 x 2km swims since Xmas.( all O/W) This week I did a 4k swim with the first, second and last km exactly the same split TO THE SECOND. (must have stopped to do some sightseeing for the 15secs difference in the 3rd km 😁). MY time is better spent ( now that I'm entering the 60-64 AG) trying to build SE on the bike. Based on this thread, the average training week for most people ( including me) looks like it's around 12hrs, with a few peak weeks thrown in. 4 swims per week in the context of a 12 hr week is excessive . YMMV.😁
  3. Great news mate. OMG Strava is going to go off over winter. 😁😁 Don't worry about running. It's overrated. 😆 3 peaks should set up your bike training, and then you just need to keep it up for the next 7 months. Excited for all you lot.
  4. Dave T

    Port 2019

    What if you drink as well as do IM?😨😳😳
  5. The link I had to Luis' archives that had all results from 1985 to current no longer works. Nealo ' s link only has results up to 2010. Anybody know what happened? Did IM shut him down?
  6. Beat me by 10 minutes. Don't forget that run split includes transition. 😊 Only time I ever ran under 4hrs ( watch said 3:57). Very disappointed when the official results showed a 4:01. 😠 Nowadays I struggle to get through the second half of the marathon in that time. 😄😄😄
  7. Will be the same reason they don't publish the "Lottery" winners, and the T&C's want a self addressed pre-paid envelope.
  8. Dave T

    Port 2019

    It was a privilege to be up on stage with you last year. ( Even if the Awards were for being "stubborn" rather than any good.)
  9. Dave T

    Port 2019

    Hey, they gave me a free entry after #15. Why wouldn't I go around again. Note to self ...better start doing something.
  10. Sorry Alex, my mobile didn't show the smillie. Now I feel stupid.
  11. With all due respect, this has zero application for IM aerodynamics. Pro-cycling definitely, but for IM you'd need to be literally sitting on the front guys wheel to get a 20% reduction in power assistance. Mind you I did see one guy doing that at Port this year. His wheel was almost touching the front guy.
  12. 15 entries already. Looking good.
  13. To avoid controversy, maybe Trannie's could "ban" Froome from being picked in their Velogames Teams. Level playing field and all that.
  14. Dave T

    Ironman IVs

    Reading Baggsy's book, a lot of the Euros and Yanks used to turn up to Forster fully expecting to be able to get an IV post-race "on demand". They were pretty shocked when he told 'em, " It just doesn't work that way here". I must confess, I had one after a race in Korea where it was 40C+ and high humidity. But I didn't even ask for it. Probably 75% of the field had one. At the end of the day, it's a medical procedure, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Needlestick injuries and all that OHS stuff. Plus I'd sure want to know that the people sticking a needle into me had the appropriate level of training and were competent to do so.
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