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  1. Dave T

    Health & Wellbeing

    Tick to all the above, and my recent decision to take 9 months Long Service Leave should account for any stress 😁 Unless the list of "projects " gets too long, then I might have to go back to work. Flannie should have it covered too. Aren't you "retiring "?
  2. Yeah, but you're still well ahead of me. 😁😁 And I had Dumoulin too, so won't be getting any higher up the ladder.
  3. "In" ......for another spanking.😲
  4. Yes please Ex, the wife & I enjoy a bit of in-house rivalry ( ie she loves beating me every year in the Tranny comp). Seem to be more out of touch with Pro cycling than ever before, so better start with the research.
  5. Dave T

    Port - Race Day

    So with only 3 finishers in the F60-64, 12:18/ 16:34 / 16:35 , I reckon 11-time finisher-Legend ( Jenny from Coffs Harbour) would never have known how important 1 minute can be. Love it.
  6. Dave T

    Port 2019

    I applaud the council for trying to make the roads as safe as possible, but I rode the course on MONDAY and they were pouring hot tar and gravel into some of the patchwork that comprises the road in Bonny Hills. Nearly destroyed my bike with all the wet gravel sticking to my tyres,getting caught in the frame,etc. Should they have done this 2 weeks ago? Don't know because it looks like the repairs they've done in town ( especially descending into Flynn's beach shops) is breaking up already from the rain over past 24hrs. All I can say is , if it's wet , be VERY careful entering Davis st which leads into MFD on the way out of town. Good luck to all.
  7. Dave T

    Port 2019

    You turn up with it on your head ON RACE MORNING. Pump up your tyres, put your bidon(s) on your bike and leave the helmet with the bike as you head off for swim start. 5 minutes tops.😁
  8. Dave T

    Port 2019

    Yep, but the training has been decidedly lacking. Only swum about 20k for the year!!!!!, so I hope you're right about the wetsuit.🤣🤣
  9. Dave T

    Port 2019

    You heading up mate?
  10. And Luke won Port in 2013.😊
  11. And they used to charge by the megabyte.😃
  12. With the greatest respect, I honestly believe people should train their weakness. Over 19 IM races my swim time has been 1:00hr +/- 2mins. I tried swimming 15km/wk. No difference to my finish time. I've swum 3 x 2km swims since Xmas.( all O/W) This week I did a 4k swim with the first, second and last km exactly the same split TO THE SECOND. (must have stopped to do some sightseeing for the 15secs difference in the 3rd km 😁). MY time is better spent ( now that I'm entering the 60-64 AG) trying to build SE on the bike. Based on this thread, the average training week for most people ( including me) looks like it's around 12hrs, with a few peak weeks thrown in. 4 swims per week in the context of a 12 hr week is excessive . YMMV.😁
  13. Great news mate. OMG Strava is going to go off over winter. 😁😁 Don't worry about running. It's overrated. 😆 3 peaks should set up your bike training, and then you just need to keep it up for the next 7 months. Excited for all you lot.
  14. Dave T

    Port 2019

    What if you drink as well as do IM?😨😳😳
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